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[D&D 5E] Whispered Curse, Day 60- Offshore/Abbott of the Eternal



  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    The *yawning* is from the Ancient Waterlock itself: damaged in two key spots, the steel and rock having been *eaten* through in a ten by ten foot circle by something massive on the walls about forty feet above...

    The sound of the music is *immediately* familiar, coming from the deck of one of the ships in the pool nearby. That voice: it's your partner, Eilibis, leading a mournful work song with the crew....

    The Whispered Curse is a hundred feet away, near the center of the Waterlock and hooked up to a similar sized looking ship. The Curse appears a bit banged up, but overall is in one piece. Old smoke wafts from the Main Deck. The songs the Eladrin leads sounds hopeful, and defiant

    Bern, do you holler over to your assistant aboard the Main Deck?

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Geth roll 1d20+7 for perception

    1d20+7 26 [1d20=19]

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    The *yawning* is from the Ancient Waterlock itself: damaged in two key spots, the steel and rock having been *eaten* through in a ten by ten foot circle by something massive on the walls about forty feet above...

    The sound of the music is *immediately* familiar, coming from the deck of one of the ships in the pool nearby. That voice: it's Bern's partner, Eilibis, leading a mournful work song with the crew....

    The Whispered Curse is a hundred feet away, near the center of the Waterlock and hooked up to a similar sized looking ship. The Curse appears a bit banged up, but overall is in one piece. Old smoke wafts from the Main Deck. The songs the Eladrin Bard leads sounds hopeful, and defiant...

    Something happened out here, yes...a few incursions, maybe an attack or four. But the Ship looks to be just fine, and the people on it sound've seen *much* bigger emergencies here. Arno gets the distinct feeling that the illusion they'd seen through the magical surge had been just that...

    Arno, you may call out to the ship or attempt to use the Sending Stone seems to have *lit up* once more... however, there seems to be *no immediate emergency* at the present moment...

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    Bern opens his mouth to yell, then squints.

    “Maybe we use that Sending Stone?”, he rumbles, “No need to alert…”

    He waves vaguely at the world.

    No need to alert:
    - Predatory animals.
    - Awakened palm trees.
    - Doppelgängers.
    - Ship sized mimic with illusions cast over it by the monstrous, cursed son of a queen that defied the gods.

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak freezes as the magic returns, blocking his path. Before he has a chance to say anything, he hears the Koa-toa grumbling behind them. He turns, not understanding what they were saying, but wary of them closing in. Holding up a hand, he tries to defuse the situation calmly, though he starts to resolve himself to the fact that he might not be able to.

    "Stay back. We ain't lookin' fer trouble."

    Geth, roll 1d20+1 for Persuasion

    1d20+1 19 [1d20=18]

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    Urixes postures as if to race Jack, then stops short and lets him through first. He then nods to Oak and walks back to stand next to him. "Not gonna leave you here to deal with this on your own. I can get past that barrier just fine. You first, old man." Looking at the gathered koa-toa, he thinks to them, "We must help our people, then we can come back to help you. If we don't go now there may be nothing to bring back."

    Geth, roll 1d20+4 for Persuasion Check

    Persuasion Check:
    1d20+4 19 [1d20=15]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "Arno to Capt, we're on the shore, is everyone ok? We weren't able to contact you, but we managed to meet and beat Gunn. Mitchum's group is going to use the wyvern for escape. Oh, and we managed to fix a lot, but looks from here the doors have been munched on by a worm. Please advise status."

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack leans into Arno, poking is head towards the stone, "I'm also here, contributing!"

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    edited July 2021
    The Koa-toa *halt* once more at the sound of Oak’s booming voice. Maybe twenty of them in all, now. They look on at the Barbarian curiously. Most seem impressed at your restraint; at your *calm*. None seem to have the stones to step any closer to you…they seem to recognize you by *reputation*, somehow…

    A fishman near the front, smaller and more jagged looking than the rest, finally summons the courage to *hiss* something in Oak’s direction. A few of his mates (their eyes like glossy little lights), upon hearing their friend, *glare* over towards the Shifter with a strange expression…

    ”Were *you* the one looking fer trouble, when our boy got smashed up on that beached-rock, biggun?” Arnishian Rock, where you rescued Reynard from the Koatoa who had attempted to capture him…

    As Urixes stays behind the barrier to assist his friend, one of the Koa-toa leaders (a Priest, from the look of his ornaments and age) listens carefully to the words he sends through thought, and then steps forward, and addresses the Warlock quietly but firmly in return:


    ”You must understand…this school has had a hard go of it. Many have contracted fin-rot…sewer plague...become injured, or exhausted to the point where they cannot sweem. Our food sources, once plentiful, have begun to run dry…passages once safe have been either gone worm-eaten, or been overrun by Wild Magicks. This was *once* a safe place for us, but its walls have been under attack these past months: its safety compromised…”

    “I do not ask a favor lightly, but I am afraid I must demand…can you *help* my people? Can you spare the resources to assist our cause? Would we even have safe passage, aboard this ship of yours?” The fishman leans on his staff unsteadily, searching Urixes’s face for an answer…behind him, the fishmen mutter and clack quiet thoughts as they stare at the two of you

    Urixes and Oak, the Koa-toa have asked if you can help their people, and assure their safety near or aboard the Whispered Curse. What do you tell them (and is it the truth?) In addition, one of the Koa-toa seems to recognize Oak from secondhand tales…*specifically*, from a place you know as Arnishian Rock…how do you choose to answer this “gossip”? And finally, the magic barrier is back in full effect: Urixes may Misty Step through at any time, but Oak would be rolling the dice again…will you be attempting to go through, or are you both waiting on something?

    The Sending Stone returns an answer almost *immediately*. Captain Arabella is on the other end, laughing wickedly at something someone nearby has just joked. She stifles the laughter and picks back up her professionalism “Arno! Finally…we tried to get in touch with you for bout’ an hour, til we thought you all might be caught up somehow…is everything alright?”


    Captain Arabella listens as the Changeling catches them up to speed. “…good, Fuck Gunn…the Wyverns, you say? *They* buzzed the ship, a couple hours back…started a few fires and injured Refi, but you could tell it was a half-assed effort…*minute* we rallied the guns to drive them off, they retreated *immediately*, although we *did* manage to tag one of the bastards and drop him in the drink…”

    “Anyway, right after the fog cleared and we found this abandoned ship floating about the place as we were repairing…docked up, didn’t find *anything or no one*…'cept, a bunch of empty stores, and some…half-eaten-all-to-FUCK sailors.” Captain Arabella trails off at this bit. You can tell the memory of what they found onboard isn’t a pleasant one for her. “…anyway, we’re stripping the wreck for spare parts, and then *lighting it up* come this evening. This place has been a hassle enough already, without goddamn *Ghosts* coming to life and floating over in the night…”

    “Heard from Rax and the others a while back…they checked the second-level Controls, and at the moment they’re fixing up the Eastern Pumps, but the big problem seems to be in *here*. You might’ve noticed it…a ways up the wall of the lock, something, *big fucking worm* probably, ate through the wall. The Whispered Curse is short of carpenters and technical experts as it is at the moment…*we* don’t have anyone ‘cept Aloysius who knows how to fix more than a deck chair, so until we can figure out a way to engineer a watertight plug, we’re *fucked*…”

    Current orders: please get yer asses aboard the Ship, and come take a load off and help me brainstorm a solution to this mess! If’n you need to rest, or to go see Michael for a quick bite or something, now’s the time…less you wanted to grab a hammer, and help the people on the salvage crew (I swear to *God* Arno, not a one of these little *fucks* knows what they’re doing with a hammer. Give me an eager but willing Lucky-Jack any day of the week over this lazy bag o’…” The Captain trails off, and the sending stone beings to grow cold. It sounded as though she had shoved it up quickly down a sleeve or into a pocket at the end, there…
    Arno, Bern, and Jack, the Captain has summoned you back to the Ship (a longboat is being sent out, with Killian your eager Pilot ready to row you all back aboard when you’re ready). Do you stop and wait for Oak and Urixes, or otherwise inform the Captain (or Killian) of their situation? Who wants to tell the Captain the good news about the solution to her engineering problem? And finally, what are your plans when you finally *do* get a breather back aboard the Ship…?

    mrpaku on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak tilts his head at the Koa-toa who all but accuses him. "I don't look fer trouble. But when it finds me, I don't back down. I protect them who I promise to protect."

    The Shifter lets the words hang a moment before continuing. "If you and yours needs help, I'll help. Ain't making no promises, Captain is in charge, but I'll do my part and stand fer ya. My mates here are sharp minds, I'm sure they can find some way to help ya along."

    Oak steps forward and extends his hand out. "Promise you won't do harm to my crew, and I'll promise to help ya how I can."

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    "Oak, I'll wait here with the koa-toa. You head through and tell the Captain what we need. We helped the lizardfolk before. Fishfolk shouldn't be much harder, right? Too bad we don't have an extra ship laying around."

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    The Koa-toa chatter behind closely held hands. The wiry one *hisses* angrily, but is quickly hushed by his companions. Soon, the Koa-toa priest is coming over and extending a slimy hand towards Oak, "*We promise* head through, talk to your Captain, see what you can do. Your friend here can stay as a sign of good faith. No harm will come to have my word."

    Oak, the Koa-toa will keep a careful, safe eye on Urixes if you choose to head through the portal. Though none of you yet know it,
    you will be arriving outside *slightly later* than your friends did...

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak nods slowly, looking between Urixes and the Koa-toa priest, gripping his slimy hand. "Promise made."

    He steps back towards the portal of magic, looking back one last time. "I'll get Arno to call them on the stones, get things setup quick."

    Oak looks back towards the magic, takes a deep breath, and steps through.

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    edited July 2021
    Phew, they're safe! "Arno, you wanna do the explai... oh, already doing it, that's fair." There isn't a gunslinger faster on the draw than Arno with a word in. Jack jogs towards the ship, waving to the other two, "I'm gonna help with the repairs, Oak is still stuck outside, so I'm the only one left to save us!" May the gods have mercy on our souls.

    "Hey guys, I'm here to help!"

    Geth, roll 1d20+7 for A-carpentin' Life For Me

    ((OOC: Why, with a roll like that he might not take out anyone's eye at least ))

    A-carpentin' Life for Me:
    1d20+7 10 [1d20=3]

    Glal on
  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "Jared, about how far are we from the witch kid, and is there anyway we can get the boat guns to be in range of the wyverns in time? The wild bunch has been pushed pretty hard, and a bed sounds like a wonderful thing right now, but I won't be able to rest is there's a chance we can still help your kin."

    "Erik, Olaf, Balog, you're the best at making and fixing things, what are you're thoughts on that hole? I bet you could get a lot done with a crew and a spare ship to mine for parts, eh? An maybe Michael could work with you to fix up some sort of worm repelent device? He's more of a mix stuff together fixer than a swing a hammer fixer, but I think you'd get along great."

    OOC: If Jared says we could still make it, I'd still want to try and have our showdown before taking a nap. But if we've made the choices that really put it out of our reach, Arno will want to check on Refi and 73, and then go to bed. At half spells and down healing potions, Arno's been getting tired.

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    edited July 2021
    From one side of the barrier, Urixes stepped back from his Shifter friend towards the reticent fishmen, and at the other, Arno, Bern, and Jack moved away towards the approaching longboat…

    Oak strode forward into the barrier, confidently moving to leap past the magical pulse. But at the very second he approached the crackle of magical electricity, you all heard a loud *popping, snapping* noise from either side of the barrier. Suddenly, the lights went out: not just inside the tunnel, *blinding* Urixes and the Koa-toa, but from outside as well. As Killian the Striker draws closer with the longboat, for several awful moments, it seems as though the sun *winks* out of existence overhead in the broad daylight…

    Both groups, now separated, see the same thing where the barrier once stood: a thick, building cloud of smoke; developing with all the strength and intensity of a *wildfire* from a single point! The cloud has soon grown to thirty feet…forty…*sixty feet*…and from either side of the thing, people move back, hands over mouths and noses…

    As to Oak himself…

    ARNO, BERN, and JACK
    Jared turns to Arno, and babbles a quick answer. “Vertical *and* horizontal? Three miles, *easy*…maybe more, if they had a clear run…” He looks on them with judgmental eyes. “Ain’t gywna doit though, are you?” The dissappointment almost *drips* off the poor lad...hatred basically *bubbles* within him…

    Arno, there is *no way* to make it to Constance and the others…not now, not in well enough shape to face a serious foe, not in a position to feel the Whispered Curse has been left safe, and *certainly* not without Oak and Urixes at your side. Persuasion or Intimidation Check to try to make the young Jared Edgar stay despite himself…otherwise, the chances he leaves to pursue his family once he is rested and fed are *likely to inevitable*…

    Arno then checks on the Elder Gnome Refi in the Ship’s Clinic, catching the surly old wizard at her midday meal. She smiles, a familiar *snarling* grin when she sees Arno, despite the sight of her fully bandaged and reclined:

    “Heya, Luv,” the Old Girl chuckles, her laughs covering ragged coughs. “See *you’re* still in one piece. Glad to hear…” Refi looks down at her battered and burned form, sighing with a sort of sick resentment. “…as you can see, I took me a damn *beating* keeping the wheel safe, but we’re good, now….*hack, cough, spit*…now. Y’know, it’s funny: Magna always said she felt too *old* to do *this* anymore….never knew quite what she meant, til’ just now…” The gnomes eyes glisten against her will, and Arno can tell she is somewhere far away at the moment. Nearby, an unfamiliar Nurse (a dwarven male) assists with bringing regular water, and medicine…

    Arno, do you agree that Refi is past her prime (is it *truly* time for her to retire?) Does she just need to buck-up, and grow stronger to carry forward? Maybe it’s time to find a train a proper replacement? *OR*, are you at much as a loss to this answer as she is? And who is this Dwarven Nurse nearby Charisma Check for Refi and Investigation for the Nurse in any case, please!

    Killian says nothing as the longboat pulls aside you all, attempting (with an effort) to keep his eyes to the Bow of the Longboat. The Crew of the Curse are not as kind…faces squint and look away as the Bard comes aboard, and from behind several different crewmen, the Bard hears similar versions of the same tale:

    “Bard’s spent his time around the *beasts* long enough that he’s become *one* of them…”

    “Finally gonna *find* that death of his, he hangs around that lot long enough…”

    “Elf *wants* to die. Might’ve finally found his swan song, now that we…”

    Eilibis, Bern’s partner, approaches him on deck, concern etched across her face. She reaches for Bern’s jaw, lovingly, with outreached hands full of curiosity…

    Bern, what do you say to your partner, as she witnesses your new countenance? What do you say to your crewmates, who view your mangled teeth as half curse/half sign that you have truly *become* one of the (strange) “Wild Bunch”? Charisma Check (Intimidation or Persuasion Check) please!

    Jack helps the inexperienced carpenters get the place patched up from the battle that had occurred while he was busy within the tunnels. No one else here has so much as repaired a fence before…but its fine, right? That’s *probably* fine…

    Teaching turns out to be *mostly* simple. Put plank…here! Nail…in-ish! Repeat…nearby! Soon, every volunteer has got into the rhythm, and the wounded areas along the top deck become patched in…*mostly* (NOTE: Repaired areas are *not* structurally sound. Extra damage may occur if direct hits occur along the weakened areas…but it *is* waterworthy, strangely enough…)

    The assembled crew, unsure and nervous at watching Jack as a sudden teacher, suddenly begin half-heartedly zipping over questions during the work:

    “Izzit true you’re…a bit…not ”simple” or “daft” errgh, what em’I tryn’ to say…?”

    “Hey , man, is you a Wolf? Like, a real, honest, moon-struck…”

    “Are you in league with the Devil? I consulted an Oracle, and *he* said there was a 95% chance you was a High-Demon taking a Wolfen-form…”

    “Are you a Luck God? Like, an honest to goodness…”

    Jack, these crewmen have heard building rumors about you, and have *finally* found the courage to call you on them…Persuasion Check to be the one shaping the narrative, instead of the Crew Deciding things about you instead…

    FOR ALL ABOARD: Erik the Quick will be working with the Crew to Fix the Waterlock over the next several hours (5-11). Olaf will be proving an Advantage to Michael and Carlee in crafting a deterrent for the Giant Wyrms. In Additon, those coming back aboard the Whispered Curse decide on one of the following beyond their current activities: A Short or Long Rest (4- 8 hrs), Meeting with Michael, Examining the Abandoned Ship, Keeping an Eye Out for Oak and Urixes, Long Watch, A Meeting With Zephyr the Seer

    The Koa-toa get you away to safety as soon as the portal starts to spin and smoke. The fishmen retreat roughly sixty yards down the tunnel, where they slowly begin to become restless, waiting for the awful but expected event to pass…

    Urixes, you have a rare opportunity as a guest of the Koa-toa. Do you choose to shop or talk to them while you wait? Do you have anything to discuss with their elderly priest, about this ocean or your Patron? Do you demand that they take you through the barrier immediately, or the waterbound path safely around it (a couple hours)? Or do you simply wait, and listen, and take in the culture…Perusasion Check in any case, like all the others…

    You were walking down a simple hall, just a moment ago: Urixes and a tunnel full of Koa-toa behind; Arno and Jack and the Bard in the light up ahead. There was a sudden smell of smoke, and sulfur, but nothing too offensive… As you walked closer towards the light, it suddenly faded away: *snapped* out of being completely. Looking around, you only saw two landmarks in the sudden near-dark: a quiet, calm pool right next to your feet, and a sight in the long distance down a strange tunnel…with three objects, lit inside a chasm…

    Oak, do you stay near or Investigate the strange pool or entryway? Or do you walk down the conjured alien walkway, using your Perception to sense the three objects that line the “nowhere” hall…?


    Please provide your fellow Crewmen with Info (and delicious goodies) wherever you may find them, as they wait and rest aboard for the Dwarf Erik and a team of volunteers to patch the Waterlock to working order!

    mrpaku on
  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    After a while, Urixes takes the strange fish-snake statuette out of his bag. "Does this mean anything to you?" he asks, holding it out to the priest. "We've seen similar imagery throughout this place. Do you know its significance?"

    Geth, roll 1d20+4 for Persuasion Check

    Persuasion Check:
    1d20+4 22 [1d20=18]

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak blinks as the world gets bright and then suddenly dark. The Shifter freezes, taking in his surroundings. It's quiet, there's a pool by his feet, and down a long tunnel, three of something. Oak grits his teeth, this is what playing with magic got you, a strange world that wasn't where he was. He would be happy when they finally left this place. He'd rather be fighting undead on the water than wandering through random corridors where things could change on you just as you walked.

    Well....what now? His internal voice brought his attention back to the current moment. He should walk down the hallway, and he would have to eventually, but he might just take a look at this calm pool first. This place was all magic, so he was going to have to be careful not to wander too far, and getting a hold of his bearing is a good first start.

    Geth, roll 1d20-1 for Investigation

    1d20-1 15 [1d20=16]

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    URIXES, you sense the elderly Koa-toa is wise *well* beyond his years, and *deeply* knowledgeable in the ways of the Expanse. He knows the significance, of not only the fish-snakes sculptures, but maybe a great many other have a chance, now, what do you wish to ask him, of the greater nature of this place, or your own story? Maybe your friends, or the treasure? What does the Sea have to tell you, through this priest?
    URIXES may ask the Koa-toa priest any question he so desires: plot, enemy enemies, allies, or "pact breaking"...but it *must* remain secret, for the moment...

    OAK looks into the pool...what is the Shifter thinking about, right now? Is it currently a friend, an enemy...simply a place like the Curse, which draws his attention? The grey, mercury-like pool *glistens* underneath his glare, rippling amd unsteady despite an apparent lack of wind...

    OAK may choose to visit someone in his subconscious through here, creating a VISION and a DOORWAY...he must have already met the person, and must have a personal connections *now* to the person...the closer he is to the individual, the less chance of the connection going "wild". He may choose to view an individual through the pool, or to *touch* the pool itself once the connection is made...

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak stares in the pool below, his mind drifting to his crewmates. He knows Urixes will remain safe, the Tiefling could handle himself and Oak trust the Koa-toa priest enough. It's the other portion of the group that his minds drifts towards. They should be safely on the other side now, and possibly even heading back to the ship. That was what Oak worried most about in this moment, their safety. Eventually he drifted to Jack specifically, focusing in on the younger Shifter. If Jack was alright, the rest of them would be alright as well.

    OOC: Thinking of Jack here, but Oak wouldn't touch a strange pool at this point.

    I'll go ahead and roll a perception check as well, as if Oak sees Jack is ok, he'd start worrying about how he'd get himself out of this.

    Geth, roll 1d20+3 for Perception

    1d20+3 9 [1d20=6]

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
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    “Bard’s spent his time around the *beasts* long enough that he’s become *one* of them…”

    “Finally gonna *find* that death of his, he hangs around that lot long enough…”

    “Elf *wants* to die. Might’ve finally found his swan song, now that we…”

    Eilibis, Bern’s partner, approaches him on deck, concern etched across her face. She reaches for Bern’s jaw, lovingly, with outreached hands full of curiosity…

    Bern, what do you say to your partner, as she witnesses your new countenance? What do you say to your crewmates, who view your mangled teeth as half curse/half sign that you have truly *become* one of the (strange) “Wild Bunch”? Charisma Check (Intimidation or Persuasion Check) please!

    Bern smiles, and hopes it’s not a snarl.

    “You simpering barnacles. What do you know of being a pirate? Think this is my first hex?”, he lets out a roaring laugh, “I’m an old hand, part of a gang of veteran sailors. I ask those who consider me as good as kin, those silver maned sea dogs, have you never yourself been waylaid by foul magic and still come through to be where you are today?”

    The leverage here is none of the oldies are going to admit they haven’t been cursed and survived, no no, they had it worse that Bern once actually… Not that you kids would know…

    “And to those thinking I seek my end? Bar that. I just accept that we are all mortal—so we’d best do the greatest things we can with the time we’ve got. I’m a pirate, I don’t fear death, not by blade nor magic, and so I’ll venture into the unknown, spitting in the eye of devils and demons alike as I go! The treasures of the world are ours! If only you’ve the bravery for it!”

    He’s not with the Wild Bunch, he’s just a pirate! Let’s all be pirates together!

    Been steps up high, and appraises the crew, “But this be an omen, oh yes, of that I agree. There’ll be a time soon when we must hunt those that would do us wrong, under a full moon no less, yes yes, hunt those who intend to keep booty out of our rightful hands! On that night we can either be a pack of winter wolves or roll over on our backs! Are ye pirates?!”

    Geth roll 1d20+12 for Persuasion

    1d20+12 23 [1d20=11]

    Endless_Serpents on
  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack is used to rumours flying around him, though these seem to be higher class ones than the ones he'd been used to in the past. A high demon? Boy, wouldn't that be a thing!

    Hammering down another plank in place he looks at one of the crew, flips down his wolf mask and deadpans, "...a woo." He pulls it back up and grins jovially, then turns back and returns to his work, "Does it really matter? I'm just Jack, what matters is that we're all in this together and we have to pull together to get out of it." Hammer hammer, "I enjoy a good rumour, but I think being in this place of monsters and wild magics, well, there's bigger things to worry about, yea?"

    Geth, roll 1d20 for Persuasion

    He stands up and looks over their work, "Well. It'll hold, but I wish Oak were here, he was always better at the finishing touches than me. No one jump on it please, you might fall through." Right now what? He's not feeling particularly worn down, while the crew itself looks a bit worse for wear and could use the help.

    Jack is gonna take the long watch, he trusts Oak and Urixes can take care of things on their end.

    1d20 18 [1d20=18]

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    Bern starts singing, because, well, that’s what he does. This one is about the daughter of a lord, a bosomy druid and something about a well kept garden.

    Geth roll 1d20+12 for Performance.

    1d20+12 26 [1d20=14]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "I'm sorry Jared. I had to make sure the crew was safe, and without Oak or Urixes we'd both be dead before we knew it." Arno whispers, "Jack's a nice guy, but not nearly as fearsome as he likes to think. And he's got some history with witches that I'm not sure he'd do well against Constance without Oak's axe."

    "But I know for certain we haven't seen the last of Constance, and if you stick close with us we'll still have a chance to save your family."

    Geth roll 1d20+5 for Persuading Jared to stay and wait for the recurring villian

    "Refi, too old? Girl you are just hitting your stride! That's probably why the sea has waited until now to start hitting you with all this crazy, you finally got tough enough to handle it. And let's be honest, with your attitude, there is no way this is the worst beating you've ever gotten on an adventure."

    Geth roll 1d20+5 for Persuading Refi to get her groove back

    Geth roll 1d20-1 for who is that nurse?

    Arno goes to see Zephyr, sleep is for the weak.

    Persuading Jared to stay and wait for the recurring villian:
    1d20+5 7 [1d20=2]
    Persuading Refi to get her groove back:
    1d20+5 7 [1d20=2]
    who is that nurse?:
    1d20-1 16 [1d20=17]

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    Urixes' conversation with the priest quickly turns from the statuette to deeper matters. Without even thinking about it Urixes finds himself conveying the story of the voyage so far, and of his own history with the Expanse and the Lurker in the Deep. He talks about freeing the lizardfolk and destroying Villam, about the encounters with deities and demons, really just unloading on this poor fishman. Eventually he gets to his ultimate question...
    "I've been through so many cycles, but this one feels different. It feels like everything is converging to some unknown point and I can't tell if I'm still a pawn or if I'm breaking out. Perhaps both. What is going on out here? What are we going to find with that map? Is there reason for hope this time?" Perhaps it was more than one question, but it felt to Urixes like they all lead to one answer.

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    edited July 2021
    Sorry to keep everyone waiting, it has been a *shit* of a week and whenever I tried to move this forward, I found I had nothing in the tank. Needed a few days to recharge the batteries: thank you all for your patience!

    Oak stares into the pool, his fatherly instinct momentarily *stinging* at the thought of the group being where he can’t keep them safe. But the feeling soon vanishes (it’s hard to feel mad, or really, much of *anything*, in this strange, dull place). However, his thoughts remain with the young Shifter…and a strange sight comes into the silvery “waters” at his feet below…
    Jack sits on board the Main Deck, hammer and board in hand, surrounded by an eager but hapless bunch of sailors pretending-their-best at “carpentry”(they’re *ruining* that Deck, Oak. *Nothing* is spaced right. The boards sit at weird angles. Too much work, done too quickly, by people who didn’t know what they were doing.) Jack looks pleased, if not exactly thrilled, at the restoration efforts of the novices…

    Oak can’t hear words, but he gets a *feel* for the situation, as though in a vivid dream…the fellow crewmen, they’re asking Jack something now they’ve been stewing on for a while…something about his Wild Nature. Your friend bats the question away artfully, but you can tell he’s still a bit uncomfortable. He doesn’t have to be, though, Oak thinks to himself. Those faces ain’t scared or mad like they were at the start of the voyage…the men are *honestly* just curious, what Jack’s *story* is.

    Oak looks away from the vision embarrassed: as though he had caught someone with their pants down. But as the Barbarian finds himself back in the grey space, he finds that he feels strangely calm; secure. As though he were nestled comfortably in a warm bed, in a safe house in his childhood somewhere.

    The three objects down the hall…you’d nearly forgotten them, but *now* they’re the only source of light in the place. Oak walks down the stretch of tunnel, forgetting for a moment he’s not still stomping through the Grey Maw. Two of the objects rest on pillars, while one (an Impaled Bearskin, spear still driven through the middle of it), *hovers* in front of you, mounted impossibly in thin air. On the pillar to the left, an Artistic Bust of an Ancient Goddess sits staring ahead (her eyes seem to follow you wherever you move…); On the pillar to the right, a velvet cushion holds a Beating Human Heart, blood squirting with regularity onto the pillar and “floor” below…

    Oak, you’re in a strange dream…nothing more. In the way of dreams, you understand *innately* that the only way you will be released from this place, find your friends again…is to take one of the three items in front of you. What item do you reach for, (The Impaled Bearskin, the Watchful Bust, or the Beating Heart?), and why (in Oak’s dream logic)?

    A giant, aggressive *ROAR* of “*WE BE PIRATES!” rings out throughout the Whispered Curse.

    From a corner of the Ship, Killian hides his smirk behind an ancient, weathered hand as his friend roundly chastises the gossiping crewmen. The Old Boy is *more* than happy to hear his compatriot give em’ a taste of the real talk, that life-timer stuff. *This* man holds his curses like *keepsakes*.

    Saphos, the Gnome Cabin Boy, sighs *deeply*, planting his face in his hands. “A spell *I* accidentally drunk made *me* unlucky in love!”

    A Tabaxi standing nearby with a partially-clipped left ear (Deep Lake), nods thoughtfully at all of this the curse talk. “Mai mother was cursed to only bear sons, by a jealous sister.”

    “Za poor Genasssi, Zephyr….he lossst hisss *eyessssight* just daysss back,” the Rak’ta Yis mournfully provides.

    “*I* lost me teeth and good looks to a curse!” interjects Black-tooth Bart, smiling a smoky, mirthful grin. The chatter nearby stops, and the crew looks at Bart with varying shades of disbelief. “*Wot*!” says the immediately defensive Bart. “It’s true!

    The Captain marches by, obviously very busy, and clearly pretending not to listen to this rabble. Someone nearby yells as she storms past, “…en’ hey Captain, what is it *you’re* cursed with?” “*YOU* lotta fuckers!” she responds without missing a beat, to the uproarious approval of the crew.

    Killian finally descends into the crowd to find his friend as the Bard breaks into song, a cigarette firmly fuming between his fingers. “Well now, we don’t call it the Whispered *PRAYER* then, do we?” He yells cheerily to the surrounding men. The Old Striker walks up and claps Bern on the back, leans in to whisper to him privately. “Like the new look, my man..*very* fetching, if you don’t mind my saying so.” He looks around at the crew, beaming like a proud grandfather. “They’re finally coming all the way around, you know?” he confides to Bern. “On yer boys. And it’s starting to show…I seen it, these past few days…Rak’ta being invited to sit down meals with "fleshies"…humans, showing up to listen and follow along to the sing-alongs in a dozen strange voices aboard Deck at night. *Change* is happening, slowly but surely old friend…” Killian looks amazed at himself, the Ship, the whole situation. “…truly didn’t think I’d live to see it again. *Always* interesting times. Y’know, I heard,” the Striker leans in, a private joke between himself and the Bard. “…I’d *heard*, before you got back, men talking about getting “The Fangs”. Y’know, face tattoos, along the mouth an’ jaw…apparently, it’s a “Curse” thing now, because of Oak, an’ Jack, not to *mention* the Changeling…so fer you to wander back…like, *this*…!” Killian laughs, a sort of fatalistic giggle fit. “*Bloody perfect! *They’re into it, you old git! *You’re* helping lead the Revolution!”

    Bern, more than just “getting over” their hang up on the Wild Bunch, your words (as well as Jack’s) today have convinced them to *fully embrace* the beastly association. Men will begin to get tattoos of feathers and scales: wings, claws, and teeth. Animals (either in whole, or in art) will find their way onto weapons and clothing items, rings and headgear. The Whispered Curse will hereafter lean into their reputation for being a wild, untamed coterie of ragtag characters of all shapes and kinds!

    There is still time, while waiting for Oak and Urixes, and as Erik and his volunteers work to repair the waterlock: where will you go next? What will you do?

    Jack can tell the crew (most of them) are a bit disappointed by his dodging, but they don’t try to press the point or coax an answer. Just the opposite, actually: the crew attempts their level best to respect Jack’s privacy, and are fairly falling over themselves as they thank him for his efforts along the top deck (which *creaks*, dangerously, underfoot). More than a handful are immediately impressed at the Wolf Helm, and from the back, you hear a few quiet calls of “thanks” for saving the Ship from the Dutchman, from people who’ve never looked at you with even a kind eye before...

    Jack, you feel a strange *buzzing* sensation in your head, and somehow feel a familiar, fatherly presence. Please make a Perception Check (DC-13)!
    Oak is here right now…he’s standing *right next* to you, taking all this in. You know it doesn’t make sense, and you can’t explain it, but you can basically hear him *breathing* just behind your shoulder.

    Jack, does the thought of Oak inside your head make you feel safe, or more insecure?
    From nearby, Gunner Calvin and Aloysius the Master Carpenter look on the situation from afar, clearly joyful between the two of them that Jack seems to have finally found a safe place among these men. Jack feels a happy *tingling* sensation in his head, and a wash of red runs through his face and cheeks (Jack, are you…blushing?) For the first time since the voyage began, Jack doesn’t feel like a joke, or a monster among these people…he feels at home, with a Ship full of friends who look up to him: *because* of his strange nature, rather than in spite of it…

    Jack, whatever prejudice the crew may have had against you seems to have turned into something else entirely: a bit of a fan club! The men who once thought you a jinx now consider you truly “Lucky”, indeed *crucial* towards the ultimate survival and success of this voyage. You will notice men on board begin to get tattoos of feathers and scales: wings, claws, and teeth in response to the newfound respect for their companions. Animals (either in whole or in art) will find their way onto weapons and clothing items, rings and headgear. The Whispered Curse has fully embraced the Wild Nature of this ship and its crew!

    As midday wears on, Jack takes the main watch from the Crow’s Nest: observing the skies, watching the walls, and keeping an eye to the waters. Black smoke still billows from the western tunnel…the crew of the Curse still moves to strip the stranded ship of whatever its worth, and the dead sailors are being *bound up* and brought to the Top Deck, a potential pyre already slowly forming…

    Jack, what concerns you most here: Wyverns from the skies? Wyrms from the Walls? Horrors from the Waters Below? Or something even *worse*? Please make an additional Perception Check to keep a wary eye during your Long Watch…

    Jared is a brash and impetuous youth. Arno can tell its not personal when he yells back at them, *spits* almost, “Ken’keppyer ‘pology…don’t owme *nuffin* Yer not the one’en let down yer KEN…”, and with that, the Edgar *storms* off towards the Galley, to consume as much Mead and Meat and Cheese as he can…

    Jared Edgar will go missing on the next check: having left to pursue his brothers, and the Witch, alone…

    Refi and the Clinic are Arno’s next stops. The Changeling tries their *hardest* to put the positive glimmer back into the old girl, but she’s beaten, tired…as Arno tries to convince her she still has the proper “spark”, something they say hits an old memory wrong, and the spiteful old crone starts to *openly cry* for an awkward few moments. Hugo, having just witnessed a sudden miracle (or maybe, a dire sign), stumbles out of the room with the haste of someone fleeing a terrible, lost battle. The dwarven nurse remains, looking on at the situation with a bright, open smile. A few moments later Refi is cleaning her face with a kerchief, and she pretends to the room as if nothing has happened.

    “Yer always a sweet thing, aren’t ya Arno? But you’re a *LIAR*,” the Old Gnome suddenly chastises, a flash of her “normal” self peeking out again at the Changeling. She sniffles a bit, and turns to wipe her eyes once more. “It was sweet, though…a *sweet* lie. I thank you for it. But…I hope yer wrong on that last bit. Hope I don’t see another one like that *ever* again…if I *do*…” Refi pulls the blanket closer over herself, sweating in the cold of the cabin…

    Arno, Refi has lost confidence in herself, and become depressed over thoughts of her own frailty and mortality. This may lead to her (and the Pilot Derbin) leaning on you *even more* as a burgeoning Pilot/Sea Artist/Weather worker. But with great responsibility, etc. etc.

    The Dwarven Nurse comes over, the wide smile never having left his face. He approaches Arno with the kind of subtlety a stumbling buffalo might attempt, and “whispers”: “Hey Arno! Hey, do you recognize…it’s me! #73!” The Doppelganger, *incredibly* pleased with himself, pirouettes once to show off his whole form. “…whadya think? I’d been spending enough time around Derbin and Refi, I just thought…maybe I could fit in better, if I looked more like the right kinda crew!”

    “Nice to meetya’!” the Jolly Dwarf proclaims, leaning over to doggedly shake Arno’s hand. “You can call me Slevin De’tres!

    Arno, #73 has assumed the identity of a male dwarf known as Slevin De’tres, currently residing in the Clinic, and working under Hugo the Doctor. He’s still your loyal friend, and can likely be coaxed into tasks and errands to help his old companion Arno and their associates (excepting, as always, battle situations). If you need to keep eyes and ears active on the Ship while you’re away and don’t have other means, Slevn De’tres is your “guy”.

    Arno, your next stop is to seek out Zephyr, the recently blinded Air Genasi. You will find him on the Forecastle Deck, feeling the wind in his face. For what purpose do you seek him out: to draw a card? Seek magical knowledge? Procure assistance? Simply check up on a friend?

    Bern has started a song aboard the Main Deck, and those who aren’t currently working or guarding have stopped to have a drink and a sing along. Balog is sharpening his axe near the longboats, anxious as ever. Erik and some volunteers from the rigging crew are currently repairing the large sized holes in the side of the waterlock. Olaf has sought out the Ship’s kitchens, and is attempting to convince Michael to raid his pantry cabin for items to “Wyrm-Proof” the tunnels in the place. Michael has done what he can to provide rations, straight out of the Galley: Hard Tac, a Circle of Gruyere Cheese, Meats and Peppers, Olives and Citrus Fruits. Supplies are still holding, but the spread is not as generous as it was after just leaving Villam…(Michael may be approached by anyone deckside for commiseration or potions for your further journey!)

    Jared Edgar is nowhere to be found…

    The Koa-toa priest is very quiet throughout the talk, holding the statue in his hands and staring into somewhere far away. Maybe he’s tired from leading his people…maybe, he just doesn’t know how to respond to this strange tale. Maybe still, he knows *much* more than he lets on, and his silence is simply the fishman watching Urixes; taking stock of the Tiefling, and the way he speaks and moves…

    Finally, when Urixes has finished, for the first time in maybe a *lifetime*, unloading his story upon the priest, the Koa-toa speaks: calmly, concisely…
    ”You are a man, caught in a tidal pool, never to escape…*but*, these times are *indeed* strange. Of course, then*all creatures* think such things, of their own circumstances. I am sorry: I cannot tell you, if this is the story you have sought for yourself for so long…I think that is something you can only decide for yourself…but I *can* tell you that the Oceans have changed these past years, *dramatically*. The tides have shifted. Things have awoken here which have lain dormant for eons, and even in the deep waters, *change* is happening.”

    “You speak of the lizardfolk rising once more, of gods and demons…*these* things were all spoken of, once long-ago. Omens. Upheavals through the islands, and cursed treasure surfacing. This is not all a coincidence. And perhaps most of all…your crew. Those from the Sanguine Seeker returning here, all at once .”

    "Something is happening."

    The Priest leans on his staff and bats his eyes, growling as he attempts a straight answer. “…the Map will likely show you what you need, to find your goal: keys of the Champions, such as Jack and the Lizardman possess. But the witch left it *behind* because she must have *another* way to find access to what she seeks. But, if she could try to escape, and fly away, as you say…well, she wouldn’t have needed to try to kill you, yes? You must *still* be a threat, somehow…”

    “As to Hope,” the priest looks around at the assembled Koa-toa…half starved, half diseased. “…there is *always* reason to hope. When you find it, you must drink it as we do the waters…*unending*, as if your life depended on it, because it *does*.” The Priest growls, leaning towards Urixes with a gentle sort of tough love. “You said your crew has already found two of the six keys? I would say you don’t need *me* to provide you with reason to hope, my horned friend. It seems “common sense” has provided you with one of its *own*… “

    Urxies: TLDR; You need the Keys of the Champions to open the way to the treasure (which will show up on the Expanse map, once you pass through the Grey Maw), but the She-Witch Faye likely has found *another* way in…*however*, her way is either uncertain, or incredibly time consuming, because otherwise she wouldn’t be sending Hit Squads to try to take back the keys.

    The fear barrier will fall soon: think about any further questions you wish to ask the Koa-toa Priest, and *also* how you will explain bringing this gang of fishmen back to your Ship!

    mrpaku on
  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    Bern will, if such a skilled crewman exists, get himself a tattoo of a wolf. This’ll represent the Wild Bunch, and the new view of all on board.


    In trade he’ll give up dagger. He’s not got much else to hand.

    OOC: It occurs to me that Bern must have dozens of tattoos from terrible to fantastic, though none on his forearms or neck, so he can fake being whatever he needs to be at the time.

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
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    Bern, a hand, two claws, and a fan of feathers go up at your request for a Tattoo Artist: Saphos, the Gnome Cabin Boy; Deep Lake, the Tabaxi Rigger Monk; Crude, the Rak'ta Master Deckhand; and Whistler, the Kenku Striker, with whom you're familiar (his art is...O-K...)

    Choose any of these artists you wish, but roll Perception to learn more about them simply on sight. In addition, please roll an Investigation to make sure they're using proper inks/pens/cleaning methods....Rewards from a proper choice *here will be *great*...

    mrpaku on
  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    Geth roll 1d20+1 for Perception
    Geth roll 1d20+1 for Investigation

    1d20+1 8 [1d20=7]
    1d20+1 4 [1d20=3]

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    The Tabaxi, the Sad Gnome Cabin Boy....*maybe* the Handy Rak'ta, have the look of "Real Artists". If you want more than an awkward and unseemly "prison" tattoo, it'd have to be one of them...

    The supplies are... all here! Various inks, a heat source, a non-rusted chisel-pen, dry rags and disinfectant. Just a little bit of ginger root to chew on...the *usual* business. Nothing you'd die from, certainly...

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
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    “Don’t think I mean much by it, might get something inked by all of you before long, but it’ll have to be Deep Lake for this one.”, he turns to the rigger, “Did you ever hear the story about the Tabaxi monk with a vow of silence that defeated a horror made of ice that ruled over a kingdom with a frozen fist? I’ll regale you with it while you work.”

    Bern claps a hand on the cabin boy’s shoulder before heading off with Deep Lake.

    Endless_Serpents on
  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
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    The Cat's not half bad at his Art...better than that, he's actually *really* good! The tattoo comes to rest on your arm, blood puckered around the edges but ultimately just as you envisioned it (even if the colors fade a bit much into Bern's olive skin, and the tongue droops down further than he'd hoped...) The symbol sits on his arm, eyes alive.

    "Keep za dagger," says Deep Lake, eyes grateful. "I appreciate the chance to practice my craft. I look forward to meeting za artists in Chaff...".

    Bern, *great* looking tattoo! You may find the opportunity to get touch-ups to your skin-art, magical or otherwise, from some of Chaff's legendary Tattoo artists at the Ship's next stop!

    Geth roll 1d6+1 "Deep Lake's Artist Potential"

    "Deep Lake's Artist Potential":
    1d6+1 5 [1d6=4]

    mrpaku on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak forces his eyes away from Jack, finding three items. He looks back and forth down the hallway, wondering if someone might be watching him in this moment just as he had been watching Jack. Were they silently judging him, intent on guessing at his true nature based on which of the three items in front of himself he grabbed?

    The Shifter pushed that from his mind for the moment, and instead focused on the things in front of him. He rejected the heart without a thought. There was no connection there. He was drawn to the bearskin, though, it almost felt familiar, like a cloak that he had worn his whole life. Oak embodied the bear in many ways, strength, toughness, stubbornness, protection of his family, it was engrained in his very personality. He reached out a hand to grab it, but stopped himself. Was he falling too fully into this persona?

    His eyes shifted to the statue, it's eyes watching him almost as if it could peer into his soul. He found a longing within himself at that, that feeling of discomfort that sat in his stomach when he found himself separated form everyone else and ate away at him. He realized in this moment that he had an attachment to what this bust might represent. Oak wanted to watch over everyone on the Whispered Curse, keep the crew safe, and if he were being honest with himself, bring the natives that they had encountered to a safe place as well. There was too much happening in the Expanse that seemed to be toying with the lives of folks who just wanted to make it through the day.

    And so, with a new conviction in his head that he would fully accept the role he had been slow-walking into, Oak reaches out and grabs the bust. He already had been the bear who relied on tough skin to survive, now it was time to be more aware of how he could truly help everyone else.

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    Urixes considers the priest's words, listening intently. After some thought, he responds...
    "The witch has caused too much strife for too many people. She'll be dealt with. If you know where she's lurking that would help hasten her defeat.

    "If I'm honest, I don't even want treasure anymore. The only thing I'm after is freedom, for myself and for those who struggle to survive out here. I've found more satisfaction in the friendships I've built on this journey then I ever found in hoards of wealth and magic.

    "I wish we had a second ship to give you and your people. Those don't just rise up out of the water though, do they? It will be a tight fit, but you and yours can join us until you can make your own way. We helped the rak'ta and are stronger for it. Helping you will make us stronger still."

    While discussing whether to swim out now or wait for the barrier to dissipate, Urixes asks, "What will you do once you've left this place? Do you have somewhere to go?"

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Geth, roll 1d20+4 for Perception

    1d20+4 23 [1d20=19]

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Huh. Jack looks over his shoulder, despite already knowing Oak's not really there. Well, the magicks of this place sure are playing up today. Still. It's comforting to know the shifter's around, even when away. "Coulda used your help with the repairs, bud." He murmurs to himself with a grin.

    Helping with odd jobs around the ship he soaks up the positive attention like a sponge, his natural tendency to trust people that treat him nice having a field day and spilling over into spoiling the griffon with an excess of snacks.

    As the day grows older he settles in for his watch, letting Mister Fusspot sleep in the helm in his lap. The little guy had quite an adventure today, he deserves some rest. As for himself, he's keeping an eye on the skies above- the crew are used to taking water dangers head on, but the sky, that's a different matter.

    Geth, roll 1d20+4 for Watching The Skies

    Watching The Skies:
    1d20+4 8 [1d20=4]

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    ((OOC: He's gonna burn his inspiration ))

    Geth, roll 1d20+4 Watching The Skies Darnit!

    Watching The Skies Darnit!:
    1d20+4 24 [1d20=20]

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
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    The Head begins to speak as you approach it. The voice is warm and matronly, but slightly chiding:

    “Oh, Oak,” Oak’s mother says sadly. “You’re going to finally come to your calling at the *worst time*, aren’t you? I always knew you’d be a leader…but I didn’t realize, the *typhoon* I’d be throwing you into while you tried to learn how ta’ swim…”

    Oak takes the head into his hands curiously, as the item has changed shapes: rather than being a simple nameless goddess, or mother-figure, the bust has suddenly become the sad but playful face of Captain Arabella. She smiles as you pick her up, gravity tipping the pirate hat over one eye as you grip her by the shoulders.

    “You’ve done good, protecting these people…but you aren’t gonna be able to save everyone!” the head informs Oak lovingly. “…I mean, *bloody hell*…just this last month alone, I’ve got *22 souls* to hang on my conscience out here…either on you lot, or Conrad’s fucks, or Mitchum’s men.” Her tone turns genuine, and she tries to comfort Oak while she informs. “I ‘ppreciate you looking out for the Rak’ta, the Koa-toa, the little guys…*we all do*! Just know that you’re not gonna be able to save em’ all, Oak…and when you can’t…don’t let it break your heart!”

    “There’s one other little thing,” the bust whispers, Arabella’s head nodding you in closer to tell you a secret. She whispers to the Barbarian,
    ”…it’s hard to protect others, when your *own* back ain’t safe!”

    At that moment, from right behind Oak, a figure emerges from the shadows. A familiar, *heavy* axe is held within his beefy hands. Silent arms and limbs move much faster than you can react, and before Oak realizes what has happened, the Great-Axe has *slashed* directly across his neck, and left him lying on the floor.

    The logic of the dream creeps in again, Oak realizing his *one* fatal mistake. “Deals with Devils…*I* did this to myself!”, he thinks, as the blood puddles around them. Standing over the Barbarian is a shaggy, judgmental face, the *most* familiar: one he sees everytime he cleans up his mange of beard or looks into the water. A Shifter, large and hairy, but with unfamiliar and *awful* dead eyes…

    The bust falls to the floor from the Barbarian’s arms and *smashes* into a million pieces, the Captain’s face still grinning protectively over at the Shifter even as the stone separates and *explodes* all across the room

    Oak, your warrior’s mind has spent a good amount of time in strange places and as the subject of strange spells by now…subsequently, as you awaken (once again inside the familiar tunnel, with the pulse of Wild Magic having ebbed to a crawl for the moment), you will find yourself in possession of a strange new ability. Please choose from one of the following: Telepathic Link with One-Member of the Wild Bunch (One-Way Communication); Telepathic Connection to the Whispered Curse (sense its state and people from great distances); Expanded Awareness of the Twilight Expanse (when we enter the next, open-world, “at-sea” portion of the game, Oak will be able to add a +2 to Perception Rolls to determine the immediate area and situations around the Ship)

    However, creeping hideously back into your thoughts are the deal you made with Evvdia, and the chokehold feeling of being caught in the service of a Devil…these are the thoughts in your head as you once more come to stand in the Tunnel, Urixes and the Koa-toa down the run nearby and the Ship at your back…

    The Priest (“Puulp,” he finally introduces himself, again shaking your hand with a clammy, wet fist) does what he can to answer Urixes’s questions:
    ”The Witch would most likely be one of two places…if she has all what she needs, she would go directly to the Central Archipelago, and open the “Sealed Door”: it is where the Treasure lies, at the Heart of the Expanse. However, if she still had plans to formulate, and machinations to achieve, she likely will go to the High Tower at the peak of Mt. Sky Render; the highest mountain along the Half-Moon Mountains. Nigh inaccessible, without the powers of flight, and a learned knowledge of the winds of the area…”

    Urixes, both locations, Central Archipelago and Mt. Sky Render, will be marked on the Main Map once you all enter the Twilight Expanse properly (ie, immediately after leaving the Grey Maw). The Central Archipelago may be accessed at any time (although, given the whole “final dungeon” thing, your group may not want to do so immediately….) Mt. Sky Render will be a *perilous and incredibly high-level challenge* from the outset!
    Priest Puulp looks slightly uncomfortable at this next point, but soldiers ahead in the conversation anyway. He *is* a man of his people,
    “…you say you no longer desire for treasure, but such things can still buy *much*, for us mere mortals! My people are *no* beggars. But… if you left wealth behind in this place, we could certainly use such wealth to start anew on a much better circumstances…”

    Urixes, the priest makes a good point: did you leave any sunken or buried treasure out here somewhere, during your previous incarnations? It seems like the kind of thing at least *one* of you would’ve done: such a thing could make life for not only your crewmates, but also these Koa-toa, a bit easier and more comfortable! Please make a History Check for me, and please let me know if Urixes is trying specifically to remember more items of Wealth or items of Magic
    Puulp is *incredibly pleased* at the invitation onto the Whispered Curse. The fish-man’s gills *flutter* involuntarily. Other Koa-toa nearby, eavesdropping, nod to each other with glad faces, gripping webbed hands together in building signs of hope and joy.

    To Urixes’s question of the Koa-toa’s final destination, Puulp has a ready (if vague) answer.
    “After we have ascended the Maw, one of the nomadic tribes will not be very hard to find…our *own* people, within. Once we find any of them, we will be able to find our place in this new world…be well and whole, and witnesses to the “Change” coming to this place…”

    Urixes, a couple key points! There are usually two types of “tribes” to be found within the Central Expanse’s less populated Oceanic areas: these consist of “Settlers” and “Nomads”. Settlers spend their year riding the wheel of the Twilight Expanse, and going wherever it will (travelling at all times, every day, without ever really “moving” from their transitory lands); Nomads, on the other hand, are a migratory, ship-dwelling and *highly-diverse* group…in the sense that they have no proper home save their watercraft, and each party either travels from end to end of the Expanse seeking goods or glory (Raiders and Marauders, usually), or struggling *desperately* just to keep in place as the Wheel spins (Villagers and Workmen, usually). These two groups struggle to understand each other, even within the same species. Koa-toa are one of several potential flavors of tribes you can find within the Expanse, along with Yuan-ti, Rak’ta and several others you can’t remember at the current moment. Your standing with these groups will be kept track of: take care of them and they’ll take care of you, aggravate them enough and they’ll become hostile! You know the usual drill!

    The volunteer lumber crew takes extra care to set Jack up with snacks on his long watch, making *specifically* sure to bring around the jerky and the cured meats. Jack spends a well-cared for, idle day…watching the crew build, the dwarves repair, the bard bring the Ship along in song…

    Those *skies* worry him, however, and he takes a hard look among the clouds. Quiet…*damn* near empty, save the obvious tiny water bugs buzzing in and around the Curse.

    Then Jack sees them, floating up above the waterlock, their patterns plodding but regular: a team of Wyverns, up above, same ones as the Ship fought with. Jack zones in with his eagle eye, trying to discern what he can from the flying dragon-likes…

    Jack, here are the things you learn about the Wyvern pack above your head:

    - 9 of them total! It used to be 10, but those aboard the Curse downed one, and from the *looks* of it, one overhead is clearly injured (that wing isn’t holding their *weight* properly)…

    -…10 Wyverns probably should’ve been enough to kick the Whispered Curse’s ass. Jack knows his crew, and the way the cannons are cut off from proper firing lines, and sees the small space they’ve locked in…it doesn’t make sense that the Wyverns are playing chicken with you all…if they’re *brave* enough to give the Ship a go, they’re smart enough to know how to burn it down…*unless* something else is holding them back…

    -You only ever see 6, maybe 7 Wyverns at a time, whenever you’re watching. At least three keep returning to a spot far overhead and to the North, possibly near the statues of the third waterlock. One Wyvern…*always* the same one…keeps finding time to dip down into the third waterlock, and disappear by itself for long intervals…

    -The way they regularly congregate and take breaks from their patrol, it seems the Wyverns have a food source they obviously keep stopping at, up on the next level, around the Western tunnels/dome area. It seems to take them awhile to get to and from the food, however…


    OOC: Turn to Arno ( @zekebeau ) , (currently meeting up with the blind seer Zephyr) when they are ready! The Wild Magic surge has dropped, enough for all the Koa-toa to move through, as well as Oak and Urixes, (each having dark vision, because 5e) who are both are within sight of each other down the tunnel. Oak senses nothing ill from the general area of the Ship: he hears nothing but the sounds of Bern's singing, and the smells of Michael's cooked meats...

    mrpaku on
  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    edited July 2021
    Geth, roll 1d20+2 for History Check

    "Treasure? Treasure..." Urixes looks around, not really inspecting this room specifically, but searching his past lives and their shattered memories. "Yes, I think I remember something. One of me thought that he might gain some advantage over the Lurker if he avoided magic. He was wrong, obviously. He stashed some items... actually not far from here..."

    History Check:
    1d20+2 18 [1d20=16]

    Denada on
  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
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    Urixes, there are between nine and thirteen different "caches" your different iterations have buried or sunken out in the greater Twilight Expanse somewhere (in the ocean, or along islands): some simply emergency funds or last-minute-illegal-disposals, and *some* are more magical or personal in nature...

    Urixes, the 9-13 treasure locations you remember will be added to the Main Map after you reach the Inner Expanse. The potential treasures will range from the mundane (say, enough treasure to fund fresh food and water and supplies for the Curse for a single week) to the *extreme* (riches enough for a man or his whole crew to retire on; magical treasure to start a man's life anew entirely, or even conquer the Greater World). Do you share some of this good news with the Koa-toa Priest Puulp? Or do you keep the information to yourself for the moment?

    Geth roll 1d4 "Other Stashes"

    1d4 3 [1d4=3]

    mrpaku on
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