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[D&D 5E] Whispered Curse, Day 60- Offshore/Abbott of the Eternal



  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "Nice to meet you Slevin, you look great. I'm glad you're finding a form that feels comfortable. I'm even happier you are taking care of Refi. She's a salty one, but she's got heart. Wish I'd been able to snap her out of that funk...oh well. What's done is done. Could you please keep an eye on her, try to keep up her spirits. Also, how have the crew been to you? Anyone making you worried?"

    Arno then heads off to see Zephyr. Arno should go to bed, should gather their strength, should likely do a lot of things. But the shifter feels more weight on their shoulders, less happy go lucky. They had wanted adventure and new sights, but it seemed as if more and more of the people they cared about got hurt. Maybe this is a sign they should stop getting close to people?

    "Bah, can't let the world change you. You need to change the world, bring the new and allow the old to die. That's why we bring new life to this world, that is the truth of nature. Maybe a chat with Zephyr will help. He's had a big change, yet hasn't had their spirit broken. Yes, a chat with a friend will ease the heart and the head."

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    Jack's brow furrows more and more as he watches the wyverns. Their behaviour doesn't feel right, he's not exactly an expert on them, but this is not how animals behave. After some time he gently picks up the helm&Fusspot and slides down the mast, eye still on the skies as the lad finds the captain.

    "Cap'n, I'm worried about these wyverns, they're... behaving oddly. It's like they constantly have a watch set up on us, while the rest are returning to... someone? How smart are wyverns? I worry someone is giving them orders."

    He describes the patterns he'd noticed, including what he assumes is feeding grounds, at which point he catches a whiff of Michael's cooking and physically leans towards the kitchen, "Um. Permission to grab some supper?"

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    "Hmm," Urixes grunts, "Actually there's a fair bit more... More than I'll use, that much is certain. Here's what I remember, Puulp. Whatever you can find and use, please take for your people. We all need help out there." After describing the locations of the caches that he can remember, Urixes rises to his feet and turns to find Oak near the fallen barrier. "Wasn't expecting you to crash the whole thing there, Oak."

    Urixes gestures at the koa-toa. "We have some new friends for the captain to meet," he says. "Shall we?"

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    Oak's mind reels as he is hit by a barrage of visions. I can save them all... he hears in his mind, and opens his mouth to voice it when the axe slices into him. As he lays on the ground staring up at the horrible sight of who was above him, he summons his strength to yell in defiance.

    And then he opens his eyes and he is back in the tunnel. He whips back around, his eyes finding Urixes talking with the Koa-toa priest. The Shifter stands there for a moment, his heart still racing, taking deep breaths. His hand finds his face, rubbing his fingers against his temples.

    And in that moment, he recognizes a nee sensation, a small pressure in his mind, something that stands out as different and strange from how he feels every day. He closes his eyes and focus on it, expecting nothing, a headache or whatever happens post-magic event. Instead, a different sensation overwhelmed him. He could....feel....the Whispered Curse. It wasn't a vision of the ship, like what he saw of Jack in the pool, but he could still somehow tell that the ship and its current inhabitants were ok for the moment.

    Oak opened his eyes, reminded of his current purpose. He had a lot to process but that was going to be a problem for later. "Urixes." He says loudly, "The way is open."

    OOC: Obviously chose the ship connection there.

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    When it rains, it pours…rough week turned into two, and I’ve been mostly sidelined taking care of things I’d rather not have to deal with. However, the downtime has given me the opportunity to hash out some systems/editing/maps/situations you’ll all be encountering, so maybe for the best in the long run! Also, the wife has been teaching me what “editing” means…

    The (freshly-fledged) “Dwarf” Slevin De’tres nods gratefully, agreeing to keep a close eye and ear on Refi. “She’s snapped at me a few times already, usually about what she says are “stupid questions”, but honestly I think she’s starting to come around.” Slevin beams with pride; they’ve obviously been excited to share this with Arno!

    “Haven’t met all the Crew proper yet…still trying to keep things quiet. Only Refi, Derbin, and now Hugo “know”…Hugo’s advice was to either meet one of the crew at once, pretend I’ve always been here. Or, sneak out at Chaff an’ pretend I’m just got signed aboard with any of the new lot.”

    “Ah! Twitchy Joe knows too, but he’s…well, he’s been in a pretty bad way these past few days. Chances are, no one would believe him about anything, poor guy! Other one causing trouble is that girl in the hold, Aloro. She’s been yellin’ on-and-on about being “wrongfully held”, and that “Lucky Jack had promised to let her out”. Other than that though, Ship’s been downright *humming*, even *with* all the fighting going on out there…”

    A new feature, SLEVIN’S SHIP REPORT, will be found at the bottom of this post, and will be availiable upon request/return to the Ship. Slevin is now assisting Hugo in the Clinic (now to keep a *personal* watch on the patient Refi). The issues aboard are currently: a mentally deteriorating Twitchy Joe, and a loud and increasingly aggressive Aloro inside the hold.
    Arno, more depressed than they’ve felt in a while, makes a sad stroll to try to find their friend the Genasi. The Seer senses you approaching as you climb the steps to the Forecastle. He waves you over giddily, a warm and open smile on his face.

    Zephyr can sense the shift in Arno’s usual demeanor almost immediately. He moves to share some freshly brewed tea with you he is currently partaking in (“Don’t worry…it’s just tea,” Zephyr reassures the Changeling immediately). As he prepares you a cup, he talks to you with a sad, knowing tone. “…it is if I can read your mind, my friend. This journey…it is beginning to take a toll, on a spirit even as pure as your own isn’t it? It’s a shame…” The Seer shakes his head sadly. “Whether or not you know it, these people look to you as a glimmer of light, in a sea of darkness which is swiftly pressing in. It may be tempting to let the darkness in, to become hard and bitter against the struggles of this life…but I would beg you to find another way, and I will help you in any which manner I could!”

    “Which reminds me!” Zephyr playfully laughs, having nearly forgotten himself. He reaches into his accoutrements and pulls out something special, something you can tell he’s had for a great while. “For you, my friend! For giving me your trust, and helping me learn to walk the path of enlightenment! You may keep this old Charm if you like, as a token of our friendship. But, just in case you come into trouble in time of need, there is a spell upon the item which you can call on…”

    Arno, Zephyr has presented you with a Charm. You may wear it with pride, activate its abilities as needed (which will eventually break the Charm), *or* you may find other uses for the item. He gives you one of three different tokens: a Ying-Yang Belt Buckle, a Fey Earring, or a Red Feather Pin. Which of the three do you find in his outstretched hand?

    Captain Arabella pays careful attention to Jack’s description of the enemy activities. She nods warily as he finishes, brow furrowed. “Understood. I…may have something for this, once Ril gets back here. And it sounds as though, we may need you and the others to make a *stop*, if their food source lies across your path…” Captain Arabella is already putting a plan together, and grins thankfully at Jack before slapping him on the back and walking dutifully away, seeking out the Galley…

    Jack, you’ve given the Captain enough information that she’s put a bit of a plan in motion for the Wyverns. This may have added additional work/complications to your journey here. However, it also may bring with it the opportunity to defeat the Wyverns without directly engaging them in combat, and possibly even hobble the Witch’s method of escape! You’ll learn more soon


    Urixes, exposing the locations of your stashes has forever made you a friend of Puulp and his small Koa-toa tribe! After being healed and reaching the Expanse, his people will depart for the most convenient treasure you have marked almost immediately. They may find simple goods; magical items; or great and vast treasure out there. Regardless, they will pass on the tale of your heroic assistance to other Koa-toa! Renown among the Koa-toa has increased by 1! (Please check Renown (one of the new team stats) below. I will update you anytime Renown fluctuates from now on, and you may always request your current Renown levels to check your current standing among different peoples!)


    Oak, your fear for your friends has granted you a newfound connection to the Ship. This allows you to access your own version of SLEVIN’S SHIP REPORT at anytime (with Concentration). For the moment, you innately understand you and Urixes will be walking back to a Ship currently wounded but in good spirts. You also know, though common sense, that bringing back a group of strange Koa-toa (or any, really) may stretch those good spirits.

    The Ship’s bell begins to clang almost the second Oak and Urixes emerge from the tunnel. A happy-holler goes out across the deck…which is almost immediately stifled, as the Koa-toa begin to waddle out into view behind them.

    Captain Arabella walks down the gangplank, Calthus a step behind her (who is clearly stifling laughter behind his hand) to greet the two latecomers. “Well?” she says, pretending not to be put off by the throng of scaly newcomers you’ve brought along. “What the hell?”.

    After being informed by Oak and Urixes what had occurred in the tunnels, Captain Ari plants her brow into her hand and lets out a deep, exhaustive sigh. She doesn’t argue or try to fight, but you can tell that she’s fairly annoyed right now. “Look, I get it, but you could not have chosen a worse time for this…if this keeps up, Hugo is going to walk off the job the next time we hit shore! He already said so!” Arabella tsks the both of you, and turns to Calthus. “1st Mate, get these…people safely aboard, please. How about…the Orlop Deck. Isolate for now, and then send for Hugo immediately. Make sure they are well looked after!” The Dragonborn, shaking his head in incredulity, goes to follow orders, guiding the fishmen on board the Ship to the worried gawking of your fellow crewmen…

    The Crew of the Whispered Curse is starting to come around on their progressive racial attitudes, but clearly sick Koa-toa might be a bit too far for some of these pirates. Morale take a (minimal) hit!
    ”All right, WILD BUNCH, GATHER ROUND!” Captain Ari calls, summoning you all up to the Wheel. Derbin the Pilot greets you each with a small, kind nod.

    The Captain pulls out a copy of the Grey Maw map in front of you all, and begins pointing as she explains the next steps:

    “Alright, here’s what we’re looking at…your friend Erik the Dwarf and the others are probably about one hour from cementing over both those holes. I received word from Rax and his boys…they’re already in position in the Control Room, ready to lift the Ship up and out of here. Now, here’s our plan for the final section of the Maw…”

    “There’s a Wyvern waiting for us up ahead in the waterlock, camped out for our arrival. The Curse can’t avoid it…but it can be ready for it! Hopefully, we can time it so we’ll just be dealing with the one…”

    “You guys will continue just as you have, up checking the Western Section of the structure and making sure the final Gear Room and Pump Room are in working order. In addition, it looks like Jack may have discovered a Wyvern feeding ground, in the adjacent domed area. Now, we can’t take ten of the things and a dire-witch with an army head on…but, if we could poison enough of the flying suckers, take em’ out of the fight, we wouldn’t have to worry about their biggest weapons. Change the whole game!”

    “It’s a big task, and I know it’s a lot to ask on top of everything else. But, I can provide you with a distraction, when Ril gets back…something to draw the Wyverns off for a while, while you do what you need to do. I can provide you with an extra hand, if you need it! And I’m procuring poisons and poultices for what you need to do. To that end, I’ll be talking to Michael…him and that other new hand you brought on…Olaf?...have been working on some items for your trip…”

    Wild Bunch, the next part of the journey will involve riding up with the Curse; confronting a Wyvern; entering the third and final series of tunnels West; poisoning a Wyvern feeding ground; and making the final repairs you need, to leave this place. And, of course, there is the race to the top with the Witch to consider…

    The Captain has put yet another task in front of you, but she has also offered you extra assistance, if the Wild Bunch thinks they need it! The Wild Bunch may choose one current, non-officer NPC to take along as backup, if they so wish. This includes all known on board NPCS, as well as Balog (Erik and Olaf, obviously, would refuse). Keep in mind, anyone you bring will not be around to defend the Whispered Curse, or to do their shipboard job; they also won’t be in a position to die defending the Curse

    Michael (and Olaf!) will be providing you with some poisons and poultices for the final leg of your quest. The poison will be to apply to the Wyvern’s food source; the poultice will be the Cook’s best attempt at a mixture to help keep away Purple Worms

    You all have one hour until the repairs are made, and the Ship raised up into the final waterlock. How do you spend this time? Do you rest? Seek out and catch up your fellow Wild Bunch members? Seek out someone on board, for questions and answers? Track down Michael for additional potions? Simply partake of food and song aboard the Main Deck? Something even better?

    Bern witnesses Oak and Urixes talking to the Captain, the large crowd of Koa-toa gathered nervously behind them. The crowd around you on deck is nervous, and having spent some time with the Wild Bunch, they already fear where this is going. Surely enough, the Captain eventually moves aside, and Calthus the first mate walks a group of thin, sickly looking fishmen up and aboard the Ship, headed towards the Orlop Deck.

    Grumbles and concerns from the members of the Crew, although a good half of them feel the irony of the situation acutely. Coming around to a bunch of beasts and birds, possible, but can this group take that a step further, and show compassion for Koa-toa, who have been their direct enemies in the not so distant past?…

    Bern, the hard-earned point-of-view change and morale boost you’ve earned is already being challenged. What these fellas needs is a distraction, and you’re starting to realize it can’t always be you or Eilibis around to provide one. The crew needs more entertainment

    Please choose which type this place needs more of: Comedy, Music, Athletic Astonishment, or Play and Shows. Then, please make a Perception Check (for your natural aptitude as a talent scout) or an Intelligence Check (for your trained eye as a lifelong performer yourself) to see if you can pick out which of these men and women might suit the bill of what you’re looking for as performers…







    Renown among the Rak’ta currently stands at 4!

    Renown among the Koa’ta has increased by 1, to 1!

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    Michael, Captain Arabella finds you, Carlee Burrowes, and the newcomer Dwarf Olaf in the Kitchen, hard at work producing the large batch of "Worm Repellant" she had requested. She approaches, and asks you to add one more task to the list: can you find anyway to make ten Wyverns violently sick, maybe even kill them?

    mrpaku on
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    Urixes seeks out the koa-toa to brief them on the ship and ask a few questions. "We've had a rough journey so far," he explains to them, "And tensions have been high. Morale is actually pretty good right now it seems, but you should still be cautious. You should choose one or two of your number to speak for you, and the rest of you should lay low. There's a lot of danger up ahead and the crew will need to stay focused. Can't have them tripping over sick koa-toa. But hey, if any of you can help with magic or muscle, let me know so that we can put you to work.

    "My friends and I are going to have to head back into the tunnels soon. Any of you know what's lurking up there? We know about the wyverns and worms, but I'd be shocked if there wasn't more waiting to surprise us. Also the ship needs supplies, badly. If you know of anything we can find, that would help us all a lot and earn you some appreciation from the crew."

    If there's time after that conversation, Urixes will seek out the deckhands to check in on them.

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    Oak remembers having watched Jack, hearing the younger shifter's words, and keying in on the work that they had been doing. After his exposure to the dream state, he found himself wanting a moment alone. A moment with a hammer, working his worries away would suit him just fine.

    OOC: Oak needs some "me" time, so he'll grab a hammer and proceed to try and fix whatever looks like it needs some fixing. Or, re-fixing if the previous work looks shoddy.

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    Michael, looks up from the mortar and pestle he was working and thinks for a moment. He grimaces for a second, and then gets a half smile, "I've got just the guy to help us, looks like the old guy is gonna be able to help one more time. Get me Twitchy Joe." He looks back to his two compatriots in the kitchen with him, "Carlee I'm gonna need to ruin one of our pots. gonna make the shittiest stew you've ever seen, now I just gotta figure out how to boil down the smell so they'll still eat their food after someone dumps this horrific concoction on it." Michael looks around his surroundings, "I probably shouldn't make this in the kitchen, I'll set something up on the deck... the downwind side of the deck."

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    Hm… Athletic Astonishment is what’s needed right now, for if it goes wrong it’ll make fine comedy.

    Geth roll 1d20+3 for Smart Scouting

    Smart Scouting:
    1d20+3 21 [1d20=18]

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    Puulp and his brethren promise Urixes to lay low, with Puulp assuring Urixes he will be the point of contact between the Ship, and responsible for the peaceful behavior of his tribe. He thinks there may even be a few among his men who could lend in with a hand aboard, once they are feeling more themselves again
    Geth roll 1d6-1 Potential Koa-toa Recruits
    A few of the scaly Koa-toa companions are able to give a fairly detailed explanation of the third level: the traps and pitfalls, as well as a buried storeroom of supplies just off the main waterway that could be raided. Puulp volunteers that he could probably send a handful of his healthier people to uncover the supplies and bring them back once you’re there, but they’d need protection if they wanted to come back alive…

    Urixes, the obstacles you are likely to encounter along the Western Route are: honeycomb caverns, a flooded passage, and the potential for altitude sickness (since you’ve been made aware, the group’s save vs. altitude sickness will come with Advantage). The Koa-toa have warned you to beware any area that looks to be in too-decent shape: traversing the ruins will be hard, but the Worms will be less likely to travel through areas they’ve already been.

    In addition, the Koa-toa can find you some supplies up on the next level, but they’ll need some “protection” to feel safe doing so. You have any ideas who you could recommend/convince?

    Later, Urixes finds Crude the Rak’ta out on the Main Deck, staring with a strange expression at the “Ghost Ship” docked with your own nearby. She is happy to see you, but you can tell she is concerned about something. She soon explains to Urixes that she has “volunteered” (it sounds like she may have been pressed forward) to stay back and set off the Captain’s “Distraction”: lighting the Ghost Ship and its half-eaten bodies on fire at the call of the Ship’s Bell, hoping the smell and light will draw off the Wyverns at the simpler meal. After lighting the fire, Ril the Aaracokra (on his way this very moment) will fly them both back to the Whispered Curse. The task will be dangerous: Crude will be on her own for an unknown amount of time until Ril arrives, and both will be easy targets for predators on the flight back to the Ship…


    Although he can tell they’re pleased to see him, the Crew have enough common sense to give the Shifter and his particular mood a wide berth as he returns to the Ship. They clear from his path without a word, nodding their hellos quietly. Oak ignores them; ignores it all, for now. Trying to find peace in the comfort of honest labor, Oak takes out his carpentry supplies, hoping to find calm thoughtless in the rhythm of hammer and nail as he works to fix the lopsided Deck…

    Oak, your time spent at your craft repairs several sections of the Deck that badly needed a touch up: the condition of the Hull has improved from Fair to Good!

    As Michael’s plan becomes apparent, Olaf turns a pale shade of green. The dwarf runs through the room and throws one of the windows open, the sound of sick immediately coming from the other side of it. Carlee simply looks on in shock. “Yer…yer a sick bastard, Mister Michael,” is all the sweet Halfling can say is shock. She rubs her chin thoughtfully though, culinary mind mulling over the possibilities. “…can’t say it won’t work though, if you can find a way to…”, From nearby, Olaf becomes violently ill again.

    Soon, someone goes to fetch Twitchy Joe from the Main Deck…

    Michael, in addition to gaining Inspiration for a truly impressive feat of problem solving (ie, utilizing Twitchy Joe’s digestive illness as a conduit to getting Wyverns violently ill), you will be able to provide the party with the following once the team is assembled:

    Vile Stew: A unique recipe Chef Michael has provided you with in a sweating pot. Something to poison Wyverns badly enough to keep them out of the way a few days. The Pot has been sealed tightly shut; please don’t ask what’s in it. OPEN CAREFULLY. DO NOT SPILL. DO NOT INHALE.

    Fishy Paste: A gooey substance in a large clay jug, homebrewed as an attempt at Worm Repellent. Grell is a main ingredient, but there are easily a dozen all-together unique smells or colors. Makes your eyes burn if you keep your face near it too long.

    Sport! Physical accomplishment! Inhuman feats of strength and agility! Incomprehensible pain tolerance! You’ve got them all right here in front of you!...

    Bern, here’s what your eyes take in (and you remember of your time aboard ship) about these potential diamonds in the rough, athletic powerhouses with untapped potential:

    - Gunner Calvin is strong…freakisly strong. “Might be Stronger Than Oak” Strong. He carries it gracefully and angers slowly, so you’d never tell if you hadn’t seen him carrying around barrels of lead shot under one arm. Aloysius the Goliath is strong too (obviously), but the man takes pains to never show it, like he’s holding back on purpose

    -Your friend Killian is a trained wrestler. You don’t think you’ve ever seen him lose, despite the size or prowess of his opponent

    - Deep Lake the Tabaxi Is an Acrobatic Marvel: you’ve seen him up there on the Rigging, twirling and falling like it was second nature, making even agile little daredevils like Bluurg seem sloppy and clumsy as they fly through the air…

    - A few of the Rak’ta and Chameleonfolk (Yis, Vix, and Busk) have taken to practicing fencing with Rapiers as a pastime aboard the Main Deck. They are very good at it.

    -Black-Tooth Bart has the "gift" of pain. Either through deadened nerves or some strange impossible tolerance, you’ve seen the man put his dagger through his tongue…through the webbing in his fingers…down his bloody throat, for godsake. No one knows how he does it. The ability usually only is displayed when he is attempting to gross out or frighten one of the crew

    Bern, you’ve got your potential athletes: now, how do you put this together, and convince the performers its a good idea?

    Potential Koa-toa Recruits:
    1d6-1 3 [1d6=4]

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    mrpaku wrote: »

    - Gunner Calvin is strong…freakisly strong. “Might be Stronger Than Oak” Strong. He carries it gracefully and angers slowly, so you’d never tell if you hadn’t seen him carrying around barrels of lead shot under one arm. Aloysius the Goliath is strong too (obviously), but the man takes pains to never show it, like he’s holding back on purpose

    OOC: I have a lot of questions. Number one, how dare you.

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    OOC:You did lose an arm-wresing contest to him once! But then, it was night one, you were at level one, and you were politely relaxing in a bar unshifted. If Wrestling becomes big sport above ship, someone will surely demand a rematch! :D

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    OOC: I, as in me, Endless_Serpents, can’t think of how to set this up, so I’ll leave this until after work, and at worst I’ll just do a Performance roll and hope our stalwart DM can sort it out.

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    His report delivered, Jack saunters to the ship's canteen, all this talk of food having awakened his (overactive) appetite. He's eating this third course of seconds when he hears the commotion coming from Michael's place of work and curiously sticks his head in through the door- what deliciou wonders could be getting made!

    And just as quick he pulls his head back. Horror. His nose now knows true horror. It takes a lot to put Jack off food, but that's done it and he retreats before Michael potentially serves that weapon-in-a-pot.

    Instead he seeks out Oak, having spotted the new crewmates the others brought aboard. He has little concept of Reading The Room and sits down nearby, passing the Shifter tools and nails as required and animatedly talking about everything that's happened aboard while he was gone.

    ((OOC: Like a background white noise generator ))

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    Arno places the fey earring in, feeling a magical energy tingle through their body.

    "Thank you my friend, you've taken a great weight off my mind."

    As Urixes brings koa-toa aboard, Arno smiles wide. "New friends, great job Urixes. You're a good soul, no doubt there. Thanks for bringing them, I'd have felt like a real jerk leaving them behind."

    But after going all day, a rest is needed, just a quick nap.

    OOC: I'd vote the prisoner in the brig as backup. Have her prove her loyalty to get back on the crew. And she might even have some insight on the witch.

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
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    The Fey Earring seems to bring a not-unpleasant tingle to your face, slowly stretching from ear to ear…

    Arno, you have been gifted a Charm of Fascination! If you choose to activate this trinket’s abilities (rather than simply wear it), it will allow you to cast the Charm Person spell once a day for three days. On the final day’s use, the Charm will break!

    Wild Bunch, Arno has put forth the following candidate for consideration as a temporary party member: Aloro, Eladrin Wild Magic Sorcerous, 6th Level. Sole-Surviving Mutineer. Been rotting away in the Brig since. Loudly repentant. Has had previous encounters with Jack.

    Please decide as a group. Does the team choose to bring her into the party for the moment? Take a look at another candidate? Or proceed, just the Wild Bunch?

    mrpaku on
  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    "We may be pirates," Urixes grins, "But we're not villains."

    "No, that won't do," Urixes says, a bit of growl underneath his voice. He tilts his head toward the shadowy albatross perched on some nearby rigging. "Hex, stay with her and help her until I come back."

    He bows his head and opens his mouth slightly, a gesture he's come to understand as a rak'ta sign of respect and friendship. "Stay alive, Crude. You're important."

    OOC: Urixes will leave Hex with Crude with instructions to help her with her mission. That means I won't have my Advantage-generator with us while we're back in the tunnels, and I won't be able to communicate telepathically with it or cast spells through it while it's too far away, but it can still act independently and Help or take other actions to assist Crude.

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    Crude's shoulders give an almost imperceivable heave and then come to rest calmly, as the Rak'ta finally takes her first full breath in a long while. Her eyes shine at Urixes with silent thanks, as he introduces her to the Gull, bringing it to rest first upon her shoulder...

    OOC: Urixes's selfless act will earn the Wild Bunch another Renown point with the Rak'ta, assuming Crude comes back from her mission alive! Urixes may later find that Ril the Aarakocra is also greatful for your assistance with their dread task, and will wish to find a way to thank you...

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    Bern does his best to herd these cats into a circus style performance piece. Strong Man, acrobatics, pain clown, and for his part Bern copies the tone of a ring master he once saw in Yiashoon (before it became Kimelizhou).

    “Step right up! You won’t believe your eyes!”, he bellows.

    Geth roll 1d20+12 for Performance

    1d20+12 29 [1d20=17]

    Endless_Serpents on
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    …a Circus, yes, perfect! Yet another proper avenue to allow even the humans and “normals” among the Crew to let their freak flags fly proper, and really get this whole “crew of wild animals, top to bottom” thing to stick! But Bern’s mind churns feverishly at the rising possibilities, and as he begins to gather his performers one by one, he realizes there’s more to this than he’d originally realized. ..

    Pirates could place wagers on the events. Find horses to back, favorites to cheer for! And then, of course, everyone likes to see someone get knocked down a peg: you could soon rope in new competitors, other hopefuls seeing if they can take a shot at being the “fastest” or “strongest”. If you can grease the right gears, get the proper whispers going, you could have a full, rotating card of events: Calvin and Aloysius vs. Twenty Men, winner to split a barrel of Mead! The Fencing Lizards to disarm the Strikers, twenty feet above the Main Deck, while Michael prepares a clam bake around (the Strikers would put in every effort to win such a contest)! Black-toothed Joe, for no more than two mugs of ale, could teach the most exqusite courses on mind/body control and zen focus to morbidly fascinated pirates who thought they had simply paid a nickel to witness a horror show. And, all this money could find its way back to Michael, when its time for the Quartermaster to buy those hard to get supplies; or Natali, for her charity works.

    And the whole time the Crew would be grower harder, tougher, stronger…more together. A gang of the “Wild”, that moves (like Nature) as One Whole…

    Bern the Bard will be remaining behind aboard the Whispered Curse, keeping up spirits throughout the mission, and organizing his new athletic venture as a distraction to the Crew during this stressful time. The Cryptic Half-Elf will be stepping back into an NPC roll (unless Endless has time to chime in on events from the Deck of the Curse, of course!), but as Bern himself would say, “Omens” suggest that he may one day join up in arms with the Wild Bunch once more!


    In the distance, Erik and the others are just wrapping up and readying to begin their descent down the sides of the wall. They’ll return to their longboat soon. Captain Arabella gives you all a heads-up.

    “Be ready,” she says. “When we get there, we don’t know how much time we have before we’re set upon. We’re gonna need to keep this as quiet as possible, so as not to attract more attention. Me and every Crossbow on this ship is gonna be ready to fire the second we see the bastard’s eyes. In the meantime, you Wild Bunch are gonna have to drop one of the Longboats in the drink, and get to the tunnel as quiet and as fast as possible…”

    [Maybe she sees a strange look back from one of you]…oh, you didn’t think you were having at the Wyvern, did you? No…sorry, Wild Bunch, gonna have to leave this one to me and the Crew! Don’t worry, we can take care of just one Wyvern… The most important thing you can do, if you wanna keep me and these pirates safe, is to go in and do your jobs *as fast as possible*! Don’t stop til you poison the bastards, fix the place, and *GET OUT*!”

    From nearby, Calthus the Dragonborn has come up to the Main Deck, bearing a shackled Aloro in front of him. The Eladrin looks harried, but hopeful.


    “Brought what ya asked for,” says Calthus, grumbling a bit. “I’ll release her into your custody, if ya think you can watch her. I gotta ask though, are you so sure this is a good idea?”

    Aloro says nothing, eyes cast downward, attempting to stay respectfully quiet. The Crew all around you prepares themselves, as overhead, Large Stone Statues open with a metallic *SHUNK*, and torrents of water begin to fill the pool to either side of the Ship…

    OOC:If I’m reading it right, it seems like Arno and Jack are both agreed on bring Aloro along as your fifth member. Urixes and Oak, what say you?

    mrpaku on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    OOC: Oak would have shared his thoughts while Aloro wasn't around, so will just do it here to keep things moving.

    Oak would object, but in the way where a parent objects but knows the kid isn't going to learn a lesson without experiencing it themselves. So minor grumbling about it, but realizing Jack and Arno were for it, he'd allow it and mentally know he'll have to handle Aloro if she tries anything.

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    Geth roll 1d6 "Serendipitous Timing"

    "Serendipitous Timing":
    1d6 3 [1d6=3]

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    Crude the Rak'ta waves a bittersweet farewell as the Whispered Curse raises the sails and pulls away from the wreckage. Hex *CAWS* from behind her head, looking steadfast but somber as Urixes and the others depart north up the channel...

    The group is ready. The crew is set. You all feel the tension aboard the Ship as you drift, slowly forward into the final Waterlock…

    “Just wanted to say, thanks,” whispers Aloro the Eladrin, still in her cuffs. “ ‘Preciate you taking a chance on me…knew Lucky Jack wouldn’t let me down!”

    “*SHH!*”, hisses the Captain.

    Up ahead a familiar sight as the Waterlock walls open up, but soon you can make out a looping figure within it, floating around on a steady patrol of the area…


    A. Whispered Curse

    B. Wyvern #1

    C. Wild Bunch’s Destination (West Tunnels)

    D. Wrecked “Ghost” Ship (The Captain’s “Distraction”)

    The Wyvern is currently (about) 240 feet away, on the far end of the Waterlock. Its patrol consists of lazily circling the area in an endless loop. It hasn’t noticed your Ship, yet…but that could change at any moment, and it certainly *will*, once his route brings your Ship within line of sight. The faster and quieter you reach your destination, the more time you buy the Whispered Curse to stay out of danger!

    Alright Wild Bunch, some questions:

    - Who has the keys to Aloro’s cuffs? Are you going to let her out immediately, or keep her shackled for the moment? (if she’s loose, we can assume Oak is keeping an eye on her unless otherwise occupied)

    - Do you choose to stay with the Ship, and ride it a bit further into the pool…or do you all disembark in your Longboat now? (Jack’s Watercraft Skills can be used for the Roll here!)

    -What advice have you already whispered to the Captain: to avoid this things gaze as long as possible somehow; or close fast and kill quietly, hoping to keep it from calling others?

    -Surprise me: you guys have snapped these challenges like *twigs* before, so what have you got for this one? A nifty spell? Some logical thinking? Clever use of tools or tricks? Feel free to OOC to discuss this amongst yourselves

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    OOC:Oak would make Arno or Jack be responsible for the key and the decision on the shackles. Only way they will learn (and yes, Oak will watch her like a hawk).

    I vote we ride a bit further out before departing.

    Don't think Oak has advice for the Captain. She knows her job and he doesn't have any specific advice for Wyvern's to give her.

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    OOC: Definitely leave the boat now, I can turn croc and pull us silently through the water. But note, that will be my last wild shape and since we haven't had any short rests I'm also out of spirit totems.

    Captain should keep stealth, they have that distraction for a reason.

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    OOC: Yeah I think I'm down to just lay low and stay quiet. I'm worried trying to create an additional distraction or something would just mess up the existing plans. Gonna have to trust the cap'n on this one.

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    OOC Oh, and dibs on keys! Wait till we're on dry land, need to give a little speech as we take the chains off.

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    ((OOC: Yeah, leaving the Curse and trying to keep quiet feels like our best option right now. Since our boat would be pulled by Arno rather than sailed Jack's watercraft skills could be used to properly attach the pull ropes and get the smoothest (most stealthy) ride? I imagine the bow wasn't really designed to be attached ))

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    edited August 2021
    ”Far as we go, then,” The Captain finally whispers, giving one last nod towards the Wild Bunch. “We’ll kill the sails and spin Her’ back from here…keep quiet, and see you all on the other side…!”

    Rocking uneasily in the Longboat next to you, Aloro nervously shifts her chains back and forth. Together, the Wild Bunch prepares to disembark into the waters below…

    OAK, please make a Perception Check to scan the whole of the pool and walls as you go, ensuring your groups safe route to the Western Door (all the while having one eye on Aloro and the Wyvern). Meanwhile, you notice Aloro is subtly trying to get a sense for you from across the boat: make a Charisma Check, to inform Aloro through your sheer, silent presence what a poor idea it would be to step out of line…

    JACK, you’re the current boating expert of the group: please make an Advantaged Roll (with Proficiency for your Watercraft Skills!) to cinch the Longboat up, and drop it safely and stealthily into the drink below! Then, roll a Strength Check to see how fast you can get this watercraft moving towards your destination! Also…

    There is a familiar scent in the air here, lingering…reminds you of your pistol. No time to think about that now, though…

    ARNO, you’re a Crocodile! Once you hit that water, roll a Perception Check to see what your animal senses tell you immediately about what lies around and in front of your reptilian eyes and snout. Then, please roll a Constitution Check: Arno has had a *long* couple days, and it is no small feat of endurance to haul a boat full of people…

    URIXES, not currently tasked, you are extra eyes and ears here: make an Advantaged Perception Check to look around the place. In addition, please make an Intelligence Check to see if you can remember/recognize anything about the structure and current conditions of this area that might help protect the Crew, or potentially create additional distractions to the Wyverns!

    mrpaku on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Geth, roll 1d20+3 for Perception

    Geth, roll 1d20+1 for Charisma

    1d20+3 18 [1d20=15]
    1d20+1 18 [1d20=17]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Exterior look like alligator,
    Hope this isn't a battle theater

    Geth roll 1d20+7 perception
    Geth roll 1d20+1 constitution

    1d20+7 15 [1d20=8]
    1d20+1 14 [1d20=13]

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    edited August 2021
    Jack works fast, getting the longboat ready to go, "Right!" Quieter, "Right, let's go." He works the ropes and lowers them into the still waters below as quiet as he can, momentarily distracted by a scent... hm.

    Geth, roll 2d20k1+3 for Quietly Down

    And now to move this beast. It's pretty big, but Jack feels (over)confident in his arms. Off we go!

    Geth, roll 1d20-1 for Speed Speed Speed!

    ((OOC: SPLOOSH! Proceeds to spin boat in a circle ))

    2d20k1+3 11 [2d20k1=[8], 3]
    Speed Speed Speed!:
    1d20-1 9 [1d20=10]

    Glal on
  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular

    Geth, roll 2d20k1 for Perception Check
    Geth, roll 1d20+2 for Intelligence Check

    Perception Check:
    2d20k1 15 [2d20k1=[15], 10]
    Intelligence Check:
    1d20+2 10 [1d20=8]

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    This final Waterlock is in better shape than the other two structurally, but the litter occupying the pool around the boat is no joke. Rocks, debris, countless barrels and weed-tangles make cutting through this water an endeavor. But the ambient noise of casks rhythmically bopping against each other does much to mask other sounds inside the echo chamber.

    The barrels and weeds should be able to be cut through with some effort from the watercraft (half those barrels are still waterproofed and float lightly above the water, and if Oak had to guess from the lingering smell in the air, they contain gunpowder; and the weeds haven’t grown large enough here to take firm, strangling purchase yet). Most of the rocks are small to medium sized and float above the pool…but at least a dozen sit just out of sight a few feet below the longboat, massive boulders fallen from the canyon walls above. Oak can make them out just barely, in the dimming sunlight.

    Oak looks back suddenly to catch Aloro sizing him up, and he returns a cold, steel gaze back at her. The piercing look catches the Eladrin by surprise. This woman immediately swivels her head away from meeting Oak’s eyes, subconsciously kicking the back of her own leg in embarrassment as she does so. Oak doesn’t trust her, and for good reason. But he saw something when he met her eyes just then…fear. She’s scared of you, Oak; a genuine and deep phobia. She’s quaking involuntarily even now, while you stare at her…

    Oak, you can trust Aloro won’t step out of line for the moment, because she is absolutely terrified of you (and Jack), and doesn’t want to end up eaten or worse.

    You have a good sense of the waters and pool around you. With an Advantaged Survival Check, you can lend your assistance guiding Jack through the muck, and to assist him in avoiding cutting the Longboat on the rocks beneath!

    This water is disgusting. *Far* less clean than the last two Waterlocks you were in. From below the water, you can see countless barrels, weeds, and rocks floating aimlessly along. There’s bulky shapes lying out in the distant muck, but they’re hard to make out in the dirty churl of the pool until you’re almost right up on them…

    Crocodile*Arno gets two distinct scents immediately after entering the drink. First, the strong, sharp smell of gunpowder, wafting from at least a handful of the floating barrels. Second and more subtle, they get the distinct aroma of death and decay. Looking down, they make out the source at the bottom of the pool: several giants, maybe seven total, seemingly trapped with ropes and drowned at the bottom of the water. The huge corpses have just started to bloat and be picked at by the local underwater wildlife.

    Croc*Arno sees all of this as they move to drag the Longboat ahead. For a singular moment, Arno’s lungs threaten to give out, and their eyes flutter involuntarily, begging their body for a deep rest. But the Changeling manages to catch themselves from falling to the exhaustion, and thrashes their head once, *HARD* to stay awake, always moving forward and looking ahead…

    Arno, you’re surrounded by barrels of (mostly sealed and secure) Gunpowder. There are seven giant dead bodies at the bottom of the pool, maybe about twenty feet down and restrained by ropes. You are roughly 175 feet from the jetty for the West Entrance. Do you head straight there in Croc form (Strength ChecK)? Do you attempt to swim down and chew loose one of the Giant bodies along the way (Acrobatics Check)? Or do you attempt to non-verbally communicate to your crewmates ideas you may have about the explosive barrels while in Animal-form (Charisma Check)?

    Someone has made an attempt to rebuild this place, since the last time the Tiefling had been through here. Not fully, but an attempt was made…some of those new panels in the wall are a completely different color now, and there isn’t as much awful creaking from the infrastructure as you remember. There even seem to be a series of hard to distinguish, rough runes carved in with a chisel along lines in the metal, put there by whoever made the attempt. Urixes tries to make out the script, but either the rough letters are too jagged, or the Warlock’s mind is elsewhere…maybe with his bird, and the Rak’ta he accompanies…

    The water is littered with tepid kelp and weeds, large rocks, and an almost innumerable amount of barrels bobbing (some sinking) along in the pool. From the hint of egg in the air, there’s a good chance those barrels contain gunpowder.

    Urixes, someone has carved a series of rough wards into areas along the wall. The Wyvern avoids flying too close to these areas, but that’s all you’ve learned from your observations for the moment.

    The water is full of trash and floating barrels. The floating barrels (mostly) seem to contain gunpowder. You may make an Animal Handling Check to see if you feel any ocean creatures, hiding down in the water and currently trying to be as* small as possible* so as to avoid notice from the Wyvern

    Jack climbs aboard, gives ready the order to release the line…and then, half a second before giving a nod, the Young Shifter accidentally *DROPS* his end of the rope! The Longboat suddenly plunges into the waters below, only to get *JERKED* back from the drink by the Riggers above at the very last moment! The watercraft hits the pool with a loud, resounding *KA-THWUMP!* The dirty water splashes the Wild Bunch, and the sound echoes throughout the interior of the Waterlock…

    Catching his feet under him, the Shifter grabs an oar and moves quickly to put some distance between the Wild Bunch and the Curse. But…it’s been a long day, there’s a lot of people on this longboat, and the water inside the pool is absolutely disgusting with filth: water weeds, and dirt clods, and sticks, and floating barrels. Finding a good way to push aside the garbage without making too much noise is a struggle all its own, let alone getting any real momentum going…

    Jack, that was a fairly rough entry into the water, and navigating through a trash heap is proving rather difficult. But *you’ve got this*: please make a Survival Check to pull yourself together, and artfully guide this craft through the muck!


    At the sound of the longboat hitting the water, the Wyvern turns at once from his patrol path, *SNARLING*. You can already tell…he *heard* the boat drop into the water. In mere moments, his gaze will look over towards the source of the sound…

    Everyone has been given one task to assist the Wild Bunch’s quiet flight across this pool. In addition, you each may perform one additional action in the scant six seconds before the Wyvern turns to look this way, and discovers your Longboat and the Whispered Curse. Get creative, and if you have questions about what “one action” constitutes please feel free to OOC!

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    edited August 2021
    Urixes is silent as he splits his senses, eyes fixated on the runes, thoughts listening for creatures beneath the surface...

    OOC: Urixes will be too fixated on figuring out the runes (via an Arcana check maybe?) to pay direct attention to the wyvern. Perhaps my ability to read all writing will help?

    Geth, roll 1d20+0 for Animal Handling
    Geth, roll 1d20+5 for Arcana

    Animal Handling:
    1d20+0 17 [1d20=17]
    1d20+5 25 [1d20=20]

    Denada on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    edited August 2021
    Oak leans in closely to Jack, keeping his voice down to avoid causing unnecessary noise. "Lad, I'm sure you see 'em, but there are bigger rocks down there, and over there." He points out the rocks to Jack as the younger shifter steers, then turns his attention to the Wyvern. His hand on the returning harpoon, Oak readies himself for a throw should the larger beast get too close.

    Geth, roll 2d20k1+3 for Survival

    2d20k1+3 18 [2d20k1=[15], 14]

    AustinP0027 on
  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    edited August 2021
    Someone, either a maniac or a novice, hacked sloppy Greenfire* runes into half a dozen places along the repaired walls overhead. It looks as if a Yuan’ti script had been carved out by a fledgling new snake. The Wyvern seems to be well aware of their presence already, and is noticeably bobbing and weaving in between them during his patrol. The slightest slap of the wing or pressure could probably disturb the deeply-embedded magical traps, causing an explosive green *BURST* of magical energy to erupt inside the chamber and scatter to the waters below…

    In the deep pool below you, nearly out of range scuttle several scavengers, *JAMMING* themselves inside holes in the place as far back as they can dig. A few of the creatures Urixes feels perk up as his mind enters the steam of their thoughts…
    Three Crabs at the least, of the Giant Variety. They’re listening, but confused and scared. A Charisma Check may help grease the gears

    *Greenfire- Aggressive Magical Energy, which acts much in the same manner as fire, except for its unnatural resistance to being extinguished by water, and its particular weakness to greenery/plant-life

    Oak has the destination safely plotted out, the prisoner well in hand, and is readied to cast the Returning Harpoon at the Wyvern should they come close by. Aloro the Eladrin watches the sky nervously, as the Flying Beast slowly tips his head in this direction…


    Black Dots- (Potentially) Explosive Barrels

    Pink Dots- Submerged Giant’s Bodies

    Green Xs- Greenfire Wards (pressure sensitive)

    X. Wild Bunch's Longboat

    mrpaku on
  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Geth roll 1d20+2 strength

    1d20+2 11 [1d20=9]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Arno heaved, but the little long boat feels like it's full of rocks. Jack is going on a diet after this, I swear!

    Frustrated with the boat, a thought occurs. Popping back into bipedal from, Arno tosses the key to the sorceress.

    "Aloro" whisper's Arno "if you have any illusion or fog, now would be nice. Otherwise, it's time to get wild."

    Arno hopes that catchphrase is as cool as they think it is.

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