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[D&D 5E] Whispered Curse, Day 60- Offshore/Abbott of the Eternal



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    "Oh Zephyer, don't be modest, I supplied the dreamroot but you sailed the cosmos! But I gotta come clean, I worried from the beginning you'd get hurt on that trip, that a thing would catch you looking too close. I was just trying to protect the crew though, I swear! *drink splashes* No, stay in there, I still need you drinkie. But you gotta understand, after the gladiator pit tried to eat us, and the worgs hunting us through the forest, Trolls and gobos raining spears and arrows, and a surprisingly pleasant talk with a demon who actually was quite scary and had us kill a reluctant vampire that killed a whale island...well going on a psycadelic trip with your vision power was all I could think of to find out what was happening. And it revealed the witches coming after us, and let us prepare against the deadly zombie ship, and yeah I got confused and thought the cat was the witch instead of the creepy child, but honestly creepy kid being actually evil is so overdone, that's not my fault. And that was the easy part. Before the caves, and the crazy sad guy. I mean he was crazy, but also sad, and I think he ate some people? That wasn't very clear, but at least he got some sort of piece, and then evil soliders tried to kill us and we had to save and Edgar, and then the trash dragons needed to be poisoned and we saved more Edgars but there was lightning and death, we lost two of our patrons off a cliff! And sailing hasn't exactly been easy, mirror rain that gives you dizzies, salt storms that cut you to ribbons, being mutated by the magic in the water, none of my pants fit right anymore and...oh, is that pate? *Gulp* Let me grab a few and get a fresh drink. Michael, where's Michael, you need to let him in your galley, he is an artist with a pastry. Michael! We need a chef off!"

    OOC I'm a bit unsure if I should make a cha check since I failed the constitution check, but I'm trying to use my drunk tale telling to illustrate the danger of the expanse to Orrian Morpeiros.

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    For the first time in a long time, Jack is full. Not just full, full. He watches the griffon go to town on the remains of his last meal with a dazed look when the champion addresses him and his attention is gripped by the tale, "Wow, that place sounds wonderful!" His mind flashes back to those wonderful pies he had on the otherwordly ship and he, despite his body's protests, reaches out to take another bite of the cutlet, "Well, if we survive this trip, I may just qualify. Perhaps we can meet again on the Table!"

    He gives the drow a grin, feeling a sense of kinship with the fellow, well, he'd call it an Eater.

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    The Pleasure Craft crew sits listening in rapt attention to Arno’s tales of the Wild Bunch, hunched forward, thoughtlessly devouring bunches of grapes, hanging onto the Changeling’s every word. Zephyr interjects for the few events he’s been around to witness, hanging just over Arno’s shoulder, keeping the drinks and food coming. The drow and elves simply look at each other in alarm throughout your stories, with raised eyelids and worried whispers. As Arno finally comes to a break in the scene, Orrian wordlessly goes to offer the pate plate, while the grung Bluurg very unsteadily gets to his feet to go find Michael…

    One part of your story in particular Orrian the Elf focuses on. “…ate people, you say? Our proprietor, Mr. Pryce, had warned us about that! He called them “Twilight Cannibals”. Apparently, they’re a big problem out here, some sort of dread curse built into the Expanse itself that befalls desperate sailors. All the loss-of-self and selective memory of a werekind, combined with the ravenous hunger of a vampire that tears open the packaging when it eats! Mr. Pryce said he’s had a, eerm… “bitch of a time”, maintaining his “No Cannibals” policy while still allowing were…no, was it Wild? Wild-Kind…into the establishment.”

    Orrian takes in your point about the dangers out here…he can see what you’re getting at. The Elf smiles sweetly (but still, rather dismissively) at Arno. “I appreciate your concern, Arno. We are not fighters or brave sailors, this is true. But what we have, is faith: faith in our mission, faith in our new movement of elves and drow, and faith in the God which has shined his blessing onto us! Silvanus said we would see much peril before we came to Chaff, but that we would come to none ourselves. This has proven true, despite the frequent strangers we have met, and strange weather we have travelled through…”

    “However,” Orrian says coyly, smiling knowing at an older drow woman lounging nearby. “Our mission is about knowledge and learning, first and foremost. How about this…your crew remains with us until Chaff, sharing your tales and wisdom of this Twilight Expanse. Providing us protection, as we learn from you how to defend ourselves and what hidden dangers may lie in this place. And in exchange, we will provide you all the food and drink you can eat until we make port…and in addition, can gift as payment each and every one of your crew with a beautiful, hand-fished pearl.”

    “Orrian!” gasps the drow woman. “Kind, but a bit rich, don’t you think? Not that I’m not wholly enjoying the company, dear…” she assures Arno.

    Orrian shrugs. “It is the Celebration of Plenty, is it not? Decadence in song, dance, food, drink…even the gifts we may make to new friends!” Orrian smiles, and raises a glass and a toast to Arno and the crew of the Whispered Curse. “Besides, the chest was meant for emergencies or amenities between here and the Sea of Sighs. Once we begin work there, we shall want for nothing, for a long, long while…we can rebuild our resources again, for the day we finally decide to once more go home…”

    “Now, please send for my chest, to whoever is below, and have it brought around,” Orrian says, a smile of pure enjoyment coming across his face. “And then send around another round of drinks! We have much to learn from our guests of this place and its people, before we make port!”

    Everyone, please add x1 Pearl to your Treasure and Gold Inventory!

    Ilmin Dach is fishing around her accoutrements for a paper and quill. “Here,” she tells Jack, finally procuring what she was looking for. “Your name was Jack, correct? And that Ship of yours is the “Whispered Curse”? Well, here is my information,” The drow woman hands you the note in beautiful, looping handwriting: Ilmin Dach; Sea of Sighs. “If I ever hear sign of “The Floating Table”, I’ll send you word over The Harrier Express! And feel free to drop me a line anytime you like as well…whether your group will be stopping in at Chaff and you wish to meet up, or just to say hello!”

    “Now, if you don’t mind…” Ilmin says, as she begins to stuff a hard cream into a roll of bread the size of Jack’s head…

    If you have 5gp, someone’s name and location, and an Aaracokra Postman, then you have access to the Harrier Express! (New Location, “Harrier Post-Chaff Branch", Updated to Chaff Map!) Make penpals across the Expanse; send small packages safely between great distances; discretely keep tabs on or influence renown and world events, all from the comfort of your Ship!*

    Depending on your PCs interactions, you may also receive personal letters or packages from the Harrier Express, either from friends or allies made, enemies eager to taunt or distract, or strangers who have grown interested in your growing legend and wish to make contact. Not as quick or efficient as a “Sending” spell, but 100% reliable, and besides, who doesn’t like getting mail?

    *Deal may not apply in all areas. Check with the Couriers at your local Harrier Post Branch for details and contact information

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    Urixes is hesitant at first, but eventually lets out a heavy sigh. "I do know what's out here. At least, some of it. I can't help but feel there's a moment coming where I'll have to reckon with the power that has me in its grasp," he turns and leans over the railing, staring out at the water. "I've been working towards it, over and over again, but now that it seems as though I may actually have the chance ... I'm scared."

    With the door open, Urixes' story pours out yet again. How will he deal with the Lurker when the time comes? How will he help his friends if he loses his powers, or what if he dies and doesn't come back this time?

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    Keya sits silently, hearing what Urixes has to say, a kind gentle smile across her face the whole while. She joins him to stare sadly across the railing, lost in thought for a long time as she ponders the answers to Urixes’s questions. Finally she laughs, a sweet sound that has a distinct but subtle note of bitterness to it.

    “It’s funny…you even sound something like him. My betrothed, Arel…he wanted to find the secrets to life’s greatest puzzle. He had seen a vision of his own death, you see, and became haunted by it. So he sought forbidden knowledge…and made a dreadful pact, with the “Lord of Bones”. He wished to find some way to subvert the will of the Gods, and avoid the demise which he felt lay imminent...”

    Keya drinks her wine, rather sadly. Urixes can tell this is a story she hasn’t shared often, if ever. The maiden continues, “He spent the next three hundred years turning into a…well, I don’t have to tell you. I’m sure your imagination can fill in the blanks. Arel kept what he had become a secret from us, from me, for as long as he could. Too long. Until eventually, we were forced to…deal with him ourselves,’ the beautiful maiden murmurs grimly. “But,” she says, once more with lightness. “…as we found, he had come to discover the place he long sought: a hidden temple, on a simple island, "buried so deeply that the Gods cannot see inside, and locked with keys their hands cannot grasp". Inside of the temple is a great hole, where a man can delve so far, that he can fall into his very own Soul. You can see everything there: your pasts, your presents, your endings. But it is a *dangerous and twisted* landscape. The experience of travelling through it is supposed to be…incredibly shattering.” Keya shakes her head roughly, long pent up emotion still dwelling within her. She looks up, with caution but unique clarity, at Urixes. “It is forbidden knowledge, to seek the sights of paths you have yet to cross, and to break the chains of the Gods with enough strength to truly rend them, Tiefling. Seek such insight warily, and do not let it consume you like he did!”

    Slowly, after some consideration, she continues her story. “As it transpired, the island he sought, ”Midlight’s Deep”, lay in another realm entirely, and further still inside a magical wildland: here, the Twilight Expanse! I know not its exact location, but Arel’s notes show that there were people at a massive library called “The Observatory” who would likely be able to pinpoint it from old maps or charts. However, if I were you, and I sought the Island, I’d start by visiting with Othro from Othro’s Oddities in Chaff first. Apparently, “The Observatory” folks are an incredibly secretive bunch, and only allow “privileged visitors” access to the library. According to the letters of Mr. Pryce, Othro does business with anyone in the Expanse who deals in knowledge, written or otherwise, so if anyone knew how to get on their Guest List, it would be he!”

    Keya takes a deep, breath, and sighs for a long while: as if the poor woman had been holding her breath for many years. From off of her waist, she removes a tied red cloth which ends up being an exquisitely woven, large Red Sash “Here,” she says, offering the garment to Urixes. “I want you to take this with you. It was Arel’s, in the times before he became...the foul elf he eventually turned into. Back when he was still someone worthy of feeling sadness for. In the times previous to him becoming corrupted, he always said that when he finally found the island he sought, he would wear this as he arrived to the shore, and with it think of me. It’s ironic…he never made it here, but with his knowledge, I think with this crew, we've found what I’ve been looking for…and now, I can finally let him go.”

    “But I want you to carry it with you, Urixes; he of the Sad Stare. I want you to use it as he did not: to remember not to always be looking over your shoulder for death, lest you come to find he has been always standing by your side. And to not let your obsessions and the pursuit of power turn you into something your friends would turn away from, ere’ the great end of things.”

    Keya stands up on tippy-toes, and gently kisses Urixes on the forehead before she goes. She gives him a slight-smile, and then a sad, bittersweet nod of a farewell. Urixes can tell it’s genuine and from the heart, and that as she bids you goodbye, she is letting herself say goodbye to Arel for the last time as well…

    Urixes, those who seek to Break the Chains of Fate and Thwart the Will of the Gods need seek a place known in ancient, forbidden legends as ”Midlight’s Deep”. It’s location can likely be discovered at ”The Observatory”, but the bookkeepers of the library are a secretive lot, and observe strange rite and customs. If you wish to learn about possible acceptance and eventual allowed-entry into “The Observatory”, Othro at Othro’s Oddities can likely (for coin) provide more information!

    In addition, Keya has gifted you the final keepsake of her beloved Arel, and asked as her last memory of him for you to deliver it the shores of “Midlight’s Deep”:

    Arel's Crimson Sash:

    You gain a +1 bonus to AC while you wear this armor

    The brilliant, flowing sash of a famous former scholar and adventurer. The seeking elf was over time corrupted by his relentless pursuit in escaping a terrible fate, and was put down by the very friends he could not bear to part from in death. Perhaps Urixes may succeed in both losing and finding himself where poor Arel had failed

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    The Celebration of the Elves and the Drow lasted loudly past the midnight; crept through the early hours of the morning; and was still going strong without any signs of abatement as the morning sun arose to greet the new day. The opportunities for sleep last night were nonexistent. The party flowed freely from one Ship to another, and even if you found the odd unoccupied bunk to lay down in, the sounds of music, laughter, mirthful shouting, and occasional intimacy made rest for anything more than ten minutes at a time an utter impossibility…

    Unless Oak ( @AustinP0027 ) or any of the rest of the group have further question or comment for your new friends from “The Love Revolution”, we’ll prepare to move forward! Tomorrow midday (Day 43) you will all finally arrive in the pirate-haven of Chaff! You will have a few quick “chores” to attend to aboard Ship before arrival, followed by your official QUEST LOG being updated, and then you may explore the City as you all see fit, from your starting location of The Shipyard (plan for a four to seven day stay in town)

    Urixes ( @Denada ) please send me an update to your current possessions/treasure and gold as soon as you can: money is quickly going to become a factor for you all!

    Finally, everyone please make a Constitution Check (DC-12) to see if you became tired/hungover/sleep-deprived from the all-night partying of "The Love Revolution". Failure will bring one level of Exhaustion: but, that level of Exhaustion can be removed immediately upon finding and consuming some coffee/greasy street food/fine dining during your noonday exploration of Chaff

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  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Geth roll 1d20+1 for constitution

    1d20+1 17 [1d20=16]

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Geth, roll 1d20+6 for Con Check

    Con Check:
    1d20+6 7 [1d20=1]

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    Jack takes the piece of paper from Ilmin and looks at it thoughtfully, nodding, "Sounds like a plan!" Then to himself, under his breath "I'll need to ask someone to read this to me, I can only read my own name..."

    Geth, roll 1d20+4 for Constitution Check

    ((OOC: Good lord, Oak has a Con check of 6? Is his Con 22? ))

    Constitution Check:
    1d20+4 12 [1d20=8]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    @Glal aren't you a fighter? You should be adding proficient bonus to Con saves, and it should be +3

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    ((OOC: Yeah, but this was a Con check, not a Con save? ))

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    OOC: I screwed that up then, read it as Con Save.

    Not that it matters, as I failed anyways.

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    The Crew of the Love Revolution doesn’t fully depart the Curse’s Main Deck until the Cap’n finally emerges from her cabin, pulls a pistol, and *FIRES* it into the air. “Alright, everybody out! Party’s over! It’s been fun, but these scallywags got a Ship to ready for Port!

    The Elves and Drow, barely put off by the violent display, slowly make their way across the gangplank back towards their Ship, waving and wishing fond farewells to your Crew. As they depart, Captain Arabella shakes her head in disgust at her company, taking in the sad state of her Ship and its sailors.

    “Well, hope you all had a good time!” she says gruffly. “We still got preparations to make, and daylight’s burning! I got Michael to prepare enough gruel and room temperature water for the whole crew, so grab a bowl and eat up’, cause’ you got five minutes before I wanna see all your asses to work!”

    “But, Cap’n!” A protest comes up from the Rax’s Ravagers side of the Ship, each sounding more drunk than the last.

    The Cap’n’s lips curl into a sneer. “Don’t like it? Tough shit…you got damn near a week to sleep it off in town, so you can lick your wounds once we’re there…”

    As Jack gathers and packs supplies along the top of the Ship, he hears the familiar voices of Killian and Rax up on the Forecastle Deck. The pair seem to be attending to the Wyvern, who is currently being fed leftovers from the evening before while sheltering from the sun underneath an old tarp.

    “Well, what can I say? S’been a busy week!” says Killian, throwing up his hands in frustration. “She hasn’t chewed through the Deck, or anymore tarps, at least…”

    “Yesss, but look at her….you can ssssee the creature’sss ribsss!” Rax points out. “The Wyvern is only becoming more complacent, ssssimply becaussse sssshe is losssing her will to live!”

    Killian looks down sadly at the creature, reaching over to pet its head gently. The Wyvern moves momentarily to snap at the hand…before morosely giving up and returning to her meal. Killian, looking contrite, turns and welcomes Jack as he approaches.

    “Well, young’un…what do you think?” Killian lights a cigarette; puffs it sadly over the side of the Ship. “The Old Man had this idea in his head…dragonriders, something to keep an eye on the Ship from “up there”, ya know? But, it might’ve just been idle fantasy.” The Striker sighs.

    “Well, we can’t releassse it like zis…za animal would likely try to kill usss, and *I* for one wouldn’t blame it! We ssssshould contact “Za Ark of the Exotic”. They have professssional handlers zere, who can remove za creature…”

    Jack, what do you think? Should you attempt to keep the winged creature and continue training it, providing it with care and patience, and buying it some personal accessories (harness; leash; feedbowl; protective-muzzle, that sort of thing) while in Town? Or, is it time to let the poor creature go? Make it a professional animal handler’s problem, either for a tidy profit, or as a trade in to something different? Either way you choose, the friendly professionals aboard “The Ark of the Exotic” will be able to meet all of your wild animal needs!
    As Jack sits on the Deck in thought that morning, a familiar voice of his own begins to speak to him, from down on the scabbard at his belt…
    ”Ye’ been starvin’ me, boyo….haven’t had a drop in what feels like damn near *WEEKS*. Lettin’ ya know, I don’t appreciate it…not one little bit! Sitting there…watching you feast, gorge yourself…even that little bird…while I sit here, dry as a desert…”

    “Ye better be finding me some vittles, champ. A little bit of the good n’ plenty. The red stuff. An you better do it quick-like…don’t know how long I can last, in a town full of fleshy, full meat sacks, all just waiting to bleed a drop fer me…”

    Jack, the Red-Skull Saber is *HUNGRY*, and not-so-subtly threatening to cause big-trouble if you don’t feed it soon! Certainly keep a close watch on it while in town. And keep your eyes and ears peeled for news, rumors, and possibilities on anyway you could sate this thing’s hunger for a good long while; or possibly, even a method to remove the foul thirst of its curse *entirely*

    Urixes’s right-hand Rak’ta, Crude, finds Arno up taking a break from the Wheel as Derbin guides you all smoothly in to Chaff. The lizard pleasantly greets the trio each by name, then respectfully asks Arno if they may chat, whenever they can spare a second.

    “Zis is, I know, a sssstrange requessst….” The handy Rak’ta nervously begins, as the Changeling steps down from the Captain’s Deck. “But I heard all about you, you ssssee. How you ssstayed with za Rak’ta in za mud pitsss of Far Aessston; helped uzzz work with za Chameleonssss and sssstop killing each uzzer on Villam. Sssso, zere sssseemed no one better to assssk…”

    “You may have heard of my brood….my eggsss? Well,” the Rak’ta woman says, delight ringing in her usually hollow voice. “Zey finally hatched, sssshortly after za mirror ssstormsss! A trio of new lizardsss haff blessed me!”

    “Za plan,” Crude explains. “What I haff agreed with za Captain, Isss to help vet candidates for za Curssse: my replacement for when I leave, and uzzers to fill za uzzer missssing roles aboard za Sssship. I am sssupposssed to do zis on our sssecond day in Chaff. But,” the Rak’ta says with consternation. “….I haff noone to keep an eye on my children! Zey cannot ssstay here….zey cannot come with me. I am at a lossss. So I zought, maybe, would you…?” Crude looks at the Changeling, hands pressed together and hopeful…

    Arno, Crude the Master Deckhand has asked if you could possibly watch her kids for a few hours on her second day in Chaff, while she works on recruitment issues with the Captain and a few others from the Crew. Do you step in to volunteer, and agree to watch the adorable trio of lizard-toddlers for a few hours during your “vacation time”? Do you dodge, and offer to instead try to help find “childcare” in town somewhere for her (surely, that must be a *thing* in a place this large, right?) Or do you kindly dismiss her, leaving her to try to make this work on her own?
    Shortly after Crude departs, Arno feels a source of heat slowly begin to build in one of their pockets. Reaching in, the Changeling withdraws a strange, mirror-like stone. It takes them a few moments to register it, but they eventually remember: the Spying Eye you all had found roaming the halls in the Grey Maw, that was riding a piece of hijacked ancient machinery and spying for the Little Witch.

    Arno frowns down at the stone, still wrapped in the little bit of leather the bard Bern had tied it inside of. They remember the Mutineer Aloro, running away in the night, wrapped in the guise of the beheaded She-Witch and flying off Gods-knows-where. Wherever she is right now, whatever she’s doing, she must have found the Occulus (the lense through which one views the Spying Eyes), and finally worked up the gall to use it. So she was still out there, then, and checking up on you. Should the Wild Bunch be concerned, or….?

    Arno, you have once more discovered the Spying Eye artifact, a one-of-a-set magical trinket the Little Witch used to help spy and keep tabs within the vast distances covering the Twilight Expanse. If you remember your history right, there are five other Spying Eyes which work in conjunction with a central Occulus, all of which were likely in the Witch’s service and to be found somewhere in the Expanse.

    All together, these artifacts would make a rare and invaluable set of ARCHAEOLOGY FINDS (x3): something which would turn heads, and get certain people talking. But even separately, they could be pawned, bartered, sold off for a great sum of money! Maybe even, you could take the one rock you have now, and try to have the whole set tracked down, if you could get the right person looking? Odds are good Orthro from Orthro’s Oddities could help you learn more about the item, whatever you ultimately decide to do with it

    That morning, Oak, head ringing for hours now with song and hazy memories/tapestries of the night before, hears the crew around him bragging about their plans once they arrive at Chaff. Despite his building fatigue, the Shifter can’t help but hear and shudder at the open and proud announcements of planned debauchery/foolishness the crew seems to have planned for later:

    - Fiver, in some monument to sublime idiocy, plans to drink himself “around the World” between the varying bars of Chaff, after procuring (from somewhere nebulous and only softly spoken of by the Crew) a ridiculous amount of Halfling-Weed, and something only whisperingly referred to as “a rough-fist of Blue Sand”

    - Natali the Gravedigger will be donating her pay, down-to-the-last-coin, to a Children’s Charity inside of Chaff. Much like the Elves and Drow, she trusts wholly for the Gods to look out for her future

    - Refi is getting a thousand-gold bottle of wine, a fellow from the Sea of Sighs, and spending the downtime away from the Ship on a boat within the Public Villa. The Old Gnome practically dares the crew to disagree with her

    - Blacktooth Bart plans to rent a fine room at the Camel, purchase three nights worth of the highest quality accomodations ahead of time, and then bet the remainder of his haul on “Black” night one, along with his exposed rear-end upon the board. He supposes he’ll see where the winds take him after that

    - Calvin Jenkins sounds to be buying a lot of specialized “outfits” for a lot of things that he describes as “play-action models”, but the other crewmen seem to understand as “dolls” or “action figures”. Unlike the others, no one has yet spoken up to attempt to correct what Calvin is choosing to spend his pay upon

    - No one wants to discuss what the Captain plans to do in Chaff. She’s been quiet and withdrawn lately, to everyone except for, maybe, the Wild Bunch. There’s a lot of unspoken fear that the sudden disappearance of her friend Valtari (the former Tiefling Quartermaster, who dined with you on Villam but disappeared into nothingness “chasing her own Shadow”) affected your Captain much harder than she’s let on. And, that with all the stress and crisis-management of dealing with the Ship recently, she’s taken to outsourcing responsibility, while burying herself further inside her office, with paperwork and drink, forever searching maps…

    Oak, the crew is basically *itching* to go out, be loud, and cause trouble after their long, rough voyage up to this point. You’re one of the few “parental-figures” they take more-or-less seriously on board. Please make a Charisma Check (with Disadvantage, due to your Exhaustion from the night before) to convince your fellow pirates to attempt things in town like “take it easy”, “think it through” or “show restraint”, rather than their current presumed course of “party like it’s the last one you’ll ever have”
    ”Gah-DAMMIT,” Captain Ari says, approaching Oak with hands firmly to her hips. “You too, Mr. Oak? I thought of every man on board, you’re the one I wouldn’t have to fucking worry…oh, nevermind,” She says, digging through a satchel (one of many slung over her shoulders) with irritation. “Listen, I’m getting paperwork in order and finishing up the supply counts. I need you to pull it together! After we depart at the Shipyard, you and the Wild Bunch stay behind while the rest leave…I’ve got a few extra chores for you all to handle for me while you’re in town.”

    “Mostly just upkeep and the like: gonna have you all cashing in the Governor’s Writ, taking care o’ some of the hiring with my gal Crude’s help, and paying out the bonuses…but not until near the end o’ the trip!” she says, putting up a warning finger. “You give this lot their full chunk ofntheir first day back in civilization, whole group’ll be in debt before nightfall. They’re like children! Nah, put it off as long as you can…but probably no later than day four. They’ll start to get antsy after that…”

    “After you cash out the bonuses en’ they get the Whispered Curse back in tip-top shape, come find me at the Camel, and we’ll talk additions with any coin we got left over. Oh, and there’s one other, little thing…a “special assignment” for you all. The Cap’n looks around to make sure no nearby ears are listening, and she then whispers up to the Shifter:
    “Reconnaissance. On the Queen of Chaff. She’s got command o’ every fifth island or vessel we’re gonna find out here, so its damn important that we’re on her good side. I’ll meet with her eventually, but first I want you all to get a read on her for me: what she’s like; where she spends her time; how she takes her coffee; and most especially, whether she has fond memories of Rax and Reynard, or the other kind.”

    The Cap’n pulls back from Oak, nodding to Calthus as the 1st Mate wanders nearby helping move boxes. “So, take care o’ that for me, would you Mr. Oak?” The Captain says nonchalantly. “And don’t worry…with added responsibility comes added incentive. I’ll be sure to give you an’ yours a little bit out of the gate, in appreciation…”

    Oak, you’ve been tasked with getting some work done during your downtime in Chaff, as well as having the Wild Bunch learn as much as they can about the Queen of Chaff. The Captain is counting on you to make sure the jobs get done on time, and get done right!


    - DAY ONE: Seek a decent breakfast/coffee/greasy street food (Oak, anyone else, to Cure Exhaustion)

    - DAY TWO- Hiring new crew with Crude the Rak’ta (Oak)

    - DAY TWO: Lizardsitting/Finding a Lizardsitter (Arno (optional))

    - DAY FOUR- Pay out Crew Bonuses (Oak, others)

    - DAY +4- Additions to the Ship (Oak, others; meet with the Captain at the Copper Camel beforehand in the morning)

    - Reconnaissance on "The Queen of Chaff" (Oak and the Wild Bunch; when and how you choose)

    - Pet Supplies/Pet Trade/Straight Sale (Jack; when and how you choose)

    - Sell/Examine/Trade the Spying Eye (Arno; when and how you choose)

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    Jack looks over the wyvern sadly, nodding to Killian, "That really would be a sight... give me one more try, if that fails then I guess we can hand it over to a professional, I'd hate for something this majestic to die under our care."

    Focusing, he gives it his best shot, trying to tap into his inner wolf and find a connection with the beast before him, "Okay Mister Fusspot, let's see if we can make a friend..."

    Geth, roll 1d20+1 for Animal Handling

    Animal Handling:
    1d20+1 7 [1d20=6]

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Mister Fusspot squawk and flies off as Jack pulls back his hand quickly, barely avoiding the wyvern's teeth, "...well, that's not happening. Probably for the best we find a professional in the Chaff, then..." He pats Killian's shoulder sadly and walks off, shaking his sabre's hilt and muttering, "You know, having you in my ear did not help, at all."

    Wait, could there be a fighting arena in town? That sounds like a place their elven hosts would know about! No sooner does he think of it than he looks up and watches the other ship, off in the distance and making more still. Well. It was- a thought.

    "Listen you, I don't mind finding you some food if need be, I know what it's like to feel hungry..." Stomach rumble, "But there will be no killing innocents on my watch! Got it?" Pets just need a good, stern talking to. Hm. Maybe he should ask someone Responsible to keep an eye on him, just in case.

    "Hey Oak, got any plans for the Chaff, anything special planned for day one?"

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    OOC: There is 100% a Fighting Arena inside of Chaff! Every night just before the evening meal, three lethal fights occur within the shared Main Decks of the Apollo and the Athena, the location generally considered to be the "center" of town

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    ((OOC: As, so that's how Jack dies ))

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    edited October 2021
    Urixes takes the sash with gratitude, assuring Keya that he will do his best to honor her husband's memory.

    The next morning, with his wardrobe suitably updated, he makes ready to depart and begin his research. But first, coffee.

    Geth, roll 1d20+1 for Con Check

    Con Check:
    1d20+1 11 [1d20=10]

    Denada on
  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    edited October 2021
    Urixes moves about the Ship, head pounding, lighting fires under asses to make sure things are ready for arrival. Through his sluggishness, the Tiefling can feel a steady buzz of excitement, even among the (still varying shades of drunk/hungover) haggard looking members of the Crew. Everyone has a brand new pearl and a paycheck burning a hole in their pockets, not to mention a big bonus coming once the Captain taps the late Governor’s bank account. Each of your fellow crewmen discuss the various ways they plan to blow through their earnings (few, if any of the pirates seem to be spendthrifts or retirement types).

    All the ceaseless talk of gold makes Urixes unable to stop thinking of a different payout: specifically, the eleven hidden staches of buried treasure he hadn’t revealed to the Koa-toa. His own life (this time) had been one of anonymous poverty, but the Warlock knew that the Voyage would require a good deal of coin to run: to feed and care for the Crew; to keep the Ship in working order and able to punch at a proper weight class; to buy the occasional passage and or information.

    The memories of former treasures rising to the surface of his recollection, Urixes demands someone to fetch his paper and ink at once, while the images are still once more fresh in his mind…

    Urixes’s HIDDEN CACHES, eleven in total, have been added to the Expanse Map!
    As the city of Chaff finally, comfortingly slips in view over the horizon, Urixes hears that awful, familiar voice enter back into his head once more, like a glove full of maggots. Your master, the Ancient One, has *need* of you:




    Urixes, now that you have arrived in the Expanse proper, your Patron has begun to call on your services once more. But, either through disinterest or sheer spite, the Ancient One failed to share a forwarding address. Does the name “Chic the Brick” mean anything to you? (History Check, with Disadvantage-(DC-14)

    mrpaku on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    "Ugh" Oak groans in response to Jack. "Need to find a meal, shake off last night's time with the elves."

    "How 'bout it Jack? I know yer always up for some food. Care ta join me?"

    OOC:Is the idea that we'll just do Day by Day? Or do we all just post various downtime activities as we get to them?

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    edited October 2021
    - Once everyone gets caught up, I'll throw up a quick summary of the morning and Chaff Quest Log, post the Chaff map one more time, and you guys will start your adventure through town from The Shipyard

    - I'll need to know your intended destination, purpose once there, and if you guys are going around town as a foursome, a twosome, or individuals. You've got the pair of Sending Stones and 4-7 days here, so once you get the lay of the land and full scope of Chaff, you may decide certain things could be better accomplished alone/as a team. It might not be a bad idea to decide on somewhere in town you guys can all meet up, in case anything happens...

    - If you have questions about "how long" pursuing an activity will last, please ask! I'll try to give you a rough estimate, or at least a possible range. If you have questions about anything in town (like where to get a cup of coffee), make a Charisma Check and ask a nearby stranger (or ally, if you happen to make some new friends in town!)

    - I'll need to know how you plan to get where you're headed directions-and-intentions-wise, so I can determine what if anything lies between you and your goal/what sort of checks you may need to make (ie. Oak is travelling to the Decks of the Apollo and the Athena looking to get the lay of the land, he'll head out from Hook's End and try to cut through the south end of the Marauder's Market to save time even if it brings a bit more attention; Arno and Urixes are travelling to the Hunter's Guild incognito to meet with a contact, they made the acquantice of someone in town who owns a small boat near Garrety's Redemptions and will be using it to take the long way around to avoid any attention; Jack is headed to Gun-Goes-Bang to confront an enemy, he'll be going alone and straight up the middle of Cutthroat Alley to make sure everyone sees him)

    - There's usually one specific mission everyday, although the only two with a specific time frame are Day Two's (Hiring new crew/optional Lizardsitting occur at the same time, "around midday") and Day Four's (meeting the Captain at the Camel "in the morning" to discuss Ship additions). I'll let you know when a timed task is imminent/if there is concern of being late or absent

    - The other "daily" missions (Get Coffee/Pay Out Bonuses) will likely benefit from being done sooner on in the day, but you all ultimately decide the when and how of how they happen

    - The rest of the time here will be spent pursuing your own explorations, or your assigned "side missions", as you like (this includes the stops to Ortho's Oddities, the Ark, Reconnaissance on "The Queen of Chaff", ect). I'll give you a general idea of how much time has passed (travelling town/reconnaissance/poker/perusing wares/waiting to battle in the arena, all takes time), and let everyone know when it's about time to pursue lodgings for the evening (or, transition to nighttime activities, if you wanted to, say, do some reconnaissance in the late night and sleep it off the next morning)

    - Anyone who goes more than thirty-six or so hours without a Long Rest will start needing to make Constitution Saves to avoid Exhaustion. If you don't have some kind of roof over your head when the time comes, you'll be making that Save with Disadvantage, so don't wear yourselves out!

    - You will find out quickly during your first day here that the Wild Bunch has more on their plate in Chaff than they first thought. As your situation changes, I'll keep the Chaff Quest Log updated and ready to post, so you guys can decide how to best tackle the challenges before you as a team!

    - As always, hit me with any additional questions in thread or PM!

    mrpaku on
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    While waiting for Jack, Oak takes a moment to address the crew as they get ready to leave the ship. "Alright lads, we finally made it to Chaff. We got 5 days here, then we leave again."

    Oak pauses and looks into whatever eyes happen to be glancing his way. "All you lot will be gettin' back on the ship when time's up. Now, I ain't sayin' to not go have some fun. You all deserve to relax. All I'm sayin' is to try and take it easy. See the sights, eat the food, drink the rum. Dun' overdo it on the first day and ruin your week."

    Oak has no idea how well it'll sink into the crew's head, but he already knows that their behavior is going to decide how quickly he pays out their bonuses.

    OOC: Almost forget the speech.

    Edit: Yeah, that seems fitting.

    Geth, roll 1d20+1 for Charisma

    1d20+1 9 [1d20=8]

    AustinP0027 on
  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack's eyes light up, "Oooh, a meal you say? I'm always down for a meal! Then after maybe check out the town, see what there is to see? I've heard stories from the other craft last night, there are some interesting sounding places."

    He runs off while Oak gives his speech to fetch some of his belongings and the various bits and bobs they'd collected during their adventure that are bound to sell well. He comes jogging back, every step sounding like he's stuffed a dozen metal items in each pocket, "Ready!"

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    Urixes is quiet as Oak addresses the crew. He stands a bit behind him, with arms crossed, offering his classic scowl as a bit of backdrop for Oak's words. As the crew scurry off to make their final preparations, he grabs his own bag and makes for the gangplank. "Gods I need some coffee," he says idly to Jack, the young shifter's energy nearly vibrating the boards loose beneath their feet, "Too many voices this morning."

    Geth, roll 2d20l1+2 for History Check

    History Check:
    2d20l1+2 10 [2d20l1=[8], 11]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Arno stretches, feeling surprisingly well considering the night before. But why is it so dark? The changeling scratches their head, suddenly noticing the pair of pants. "Oh, that's why." Pulling the pants off their head, they say nonchalantly "well, at least they're my pants this time."

    As Arno bids farewell to the new friends made, the changeling reflects on how lucky they are to feel so chipper. They've heard tale of fey spirits who take the hangovers of the truly debauched and instead give them to others who pursued moderation, and they give their thanks to the spirits.
    When Crude asks for help, Arno is overjoyed. "They hatched! That's wonderful, of course I'll help them. Okay, so I know I won't need a bottle, but do I need to prepare anything special? Dietary concerns? Special skin care? Will I need to chew up and regurgitate the meals? Oh wait, that's aarakocras...although there are quite a few similarities? Maybe we can use a couple of Calvin's dolls [They're play-action figures]...sorry play action figures to help keep the little ones entertained."

    "Aloro you cheeky devil, just what are you up to? Hmm...she ran but not like she turned on us. And that trick on the wyverns was very good, have to give her that. Maybe..."

    Arno grabs a piece of parchment, and writes a note. "Three days, tick tock tower, noon. :heartbeat: Arno," and slides it in the bag, with the open end pointing to the light but away from the crew, to so it can be read. Make sure if she stabs us, I'm looking her in the face. But, that's right, there are a couple of these, I wonder... Arno decides to cast a quick spell, as it could be very helpful to know if another eye might be in Chaff.

    OOC: Sorry, work's been pretty crazy. So Arno is up for some adventures in babysitting, but for day one they are casting locate object to see if there is another eye in Chaff. Since it says it just finds the nearest one (and assuming they all look exactly the same) Arno would try to procure a small lead lined box first to make sure they aren't just finding the one in their pocket. If there is another Eye, Arno would be heading that direction to find out where it could be. Also, the oddities store is part of day one if at all possible to fit it in on top of finding the eye (or possibly at the same time).

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    edited October 2021
    Thanks for your patience guys! Combination of kids home from school/parent-teacher meetings back half of this week, partner studying for an advanced licensure this month, and HOA doing construction work during all the business hours has left me utterly drained, and didn’t want to short-change Chaff after all this build up. I’ll try to make it up to you guys by keeping things moving this next week!

    The crew of the Curse can tell that Oak isn’t quite himself. There’s some quiet, subtle snickering, disguised as coughing behind hands. Fingers go to mouths, mimicking the imbibing of Halfling-weed in a clear shot at perceived hypocrisy. A few chiding, whispered words about the current state/party proclivities of the Wild Bunch. Nobody has the courage to openly disregard the Shifter as he speaks, obviously, but no one’s plans look to be stopping either. In fact, as Oak speaks, Refi and Calvin are tucked back in the crowd, deep in hushed discussion as they occasionally look back towards Oak. Through a few half-read words off of lips ("rager", in particular), Oak picks up that the crew is likely planning a party upon receiving their bonuses, although the "rager" is being well kept out of sight or sound of the Captain, or her favored Wild Bunch of enforcers…

    The crew (except for the few who took Oak’s words to heart just now) will likely be *living it up* while in Chaff. Chances are, they’ll be reticent to tell or include Oak and his Wild Bunch what exactly this entails; concerned that you “Enforcers” will be looking to harsh the vibe, or inform to the Captain

    Jack rattles even as he stands, the many little bits of odds and ends discovered during his journey jangling against each other while he listens to Oak’s speech. Killian the Striker, respectfully listening to the Shifter, notices Jack’s situation, and smirks at the young man. Shortly afterwards, the Old Salt waggles a finger at Jack, summoning him over to talk.

    “Ready to shuck-off some o’ yer old finds, eh kid?” The Striker laughs. “Well, if yer’ looking to trade currencies, head to the Vault…they’ll convert yer gold to jewels, jewels to gold...whatever ya’ need! Now, if yer looking to sell gear or anything else? Ye could always do the Outfitters shop, but, you’ll probably get below market-value. What I’d do if I was you, is spend my time at the Marauder’s Market! Ye’d be surprised at what kind a prices you can get on common items, if ye’ have the time to spare, and the lungs to bark…”

    The Vault is *the* place to go in town for currency exchange.

    You can *also* set up an impromptu booth, anywhere in the Marauder’s Market, to attempt to sell off Extra Goods/Equipment/”Other”. If you choose to set up a “booth”, please make a Charisma Check, and be ready to sacrifice three to four hours of your day. If you go above a 10 on your Charisma Check, you’ll get back a good deal for your goods and then some!; under 10, and you’ll be short-sold on your sale. Two PCs may choose to run a “booth” together at the same time, incurring Advantage on their attempt to make money in the Marauder’s Market

    Laughing eyes bore into Urixes and his bleary countenance during the morning’s discussion. The crew is obviously, openly enjoying the sight of the “mature” members of the Wild Bunch struggling this morning. It has been, a long, long while, since Urixes has found themselves the object of open, unpunished mockery; they aren’t sure how to feel about it. But, such is the weight of responsibility aboard a free and easy pirate Ship.

    Through his dully aching skull, Urixes wracks his brain for memories of “Chic the Brick”. A criminal nom de guerre, for sure, but the whole city is crawling with criminals. Chances are, the Tiefling will have to ask around to find who exactly he’s looking for…

    Urixes hasn’t been here in a while, but he remembers two things for sure: if you want to find out about Criminal Contacts/Gossip/Information, look around Cutthroat Alley; if you seek those in the know about the leaders and factions within Chaff, you’d look down Ye Oldetowne Road

    Crude is overjoyed. “Zank you! Zank you so much!” she exclaims. “I’ll make absssolutely sssure zey are fed, und have everything zey need when you arrive! Here,” she says, scribbling out an address for Arno. “I’ll be ssstaying at Rat Shit Corner (looking to sssave money for our voyage). Contact za proprietor when you arrive, and have heem come find me jussst before midday. I’ll make ssssure we’re ready…and, before we depart, I promissse I’ll find a way to make it up to you!” Crude shows her teeth, and claps Arno on the back joyously. “Zank you, Arno….zank you sssso much!” And the Rak’ta departs, to finish preparations.

    The Spying Eye gives a slight *twinkle” as Arno shows it the note. Somehow, the Changeling feels fairly certain that whoever is on the other side has seen you and responded…

    Three Days, Midday: Meeting with Aloro has been added to the CHAFF QUEST LOG!

    A small, lead lined box will almost *certainly* be available for purchase somewhere in the Marauder’s Market, or at Othro’s Oddities!

    Captain Arabella is in discussion with Michael, Carlee, and Zephyr, writing out a list of spices, drinks, and food stuffs to procure from the Marauder’s Market. Chaff rises to meet your Ship…

    Sailing alongside, the Love Revolution *cheers* the Whispered Curse, filling their decks with waved, beautiful scarves and other colorful garments. As both Ships enter Chaff near the Shipyard, the Love Revolution pulls away from you, ringing its bell, pulling further into the City towards the Sea of Sighs.

    Your Ship proceeds towards the Shipyard, where they are waved by a team of kobolds into a deep, cavernous, open-bottomed “Ship”, with high ceilings and moveable scaffolding throughout the craft. As the Curse docks alongside a built in workstation, two kobolds bearing clipboards immediately come aboard. One begins taking feverish notes, while the other enters into conversation with the Captain.

    The Wild Bunch remains aboard the Main Deck, waiting for the Captain to finish discussing repairs with the Kobolds. Around them, their crewmates (laden down with personal effects) depart the Ship, wishing yourselves and the Captain a fond farewell as they pass, and making their way into the City. The three dwarves (looking much better then when you saw them in the Maw) come up to thank the Wild Bunch in particular. Balog nearly knocks himself over, eagerly shaking at Oak’s hand.

    “Hey, just gotta say, thanks again to you bunch!” Balog says, grinning broadly. “It’ll be quite a story, to say I fought alongside you all! Maybe I’ll hire some artists, to make an engraving of our battle an’ hang it in my main hall, yeah?”

    We’re all headed to the Camel; they got the best food, an’ Balog an Erik were hoping for deep tissue massages! I hope to see you all while we’re still in town!” Olaf says, clapping Urixes on the back and giving Jack an awkward hug.

    “Yeh! Olaf and me, we’re gonna stay for awhile, look for some new work! But if you guys need anything in the next few days, feel free to stop by!” Erik says, bowing with deference to Arno. “Thanks again Wild Bunch. It has been a genuine, genuine pleasure to meet you all!”

    Eventually, its just the Wild Bunch and Arabella left aboard. The two twin kobolds who seem to be in charge of things, Nig and Nog, soon come over to shoo you all down the gangplank, so they can get their work started.

    Captain Arabella, several knapsacks over her shoulders and looking wary, comes over to the Bunch, slowly unrolling an official looking piece of paperwork. She double checks the document, nods. “Alright, you four,” she says. “Appreciate you staying behind. I know you’ve earned a break here as much as anyone has, but I’ve made sure to add some additional compensation for the errands you’ll be running for me while in town!”

    “Mr. Oak…”, Arabella says, rerolling the official looking document and handing it to the Shifter. “…here is the Governor’s Writ. Make sure not to lose it! The sooner you cash it in, the less you’ll have to worry about misplacing the document…but, the more gold you’re jangling around town with, the bigger of a target you’ll make for pickpockets and shakedowns! Which reminds me…your payments!” Captain Ari takes one of the knapsacks down from her shoulder, and withdraws from it four leather coin purses. She tosses one to each of you, with a pointed warning. “Be careful! Don’t spend it all in one place, and always keep a hand to your coin purse…”

    “Now remember: Day Two I’ll need Mr. Oak to come to Garrety’s Redemption; to help myself and Crude select some of our new crewman. Arno, I heard you’ll be watching the little lizards so Crude can give the matter her full attention? Excellent, excellent…”

    “Day Four, I’ll need you all to meet me in the morning, at the Triumvirate of the Copper Camel. I’ll pay for your breakfasts, and we can discuss additions we can make to the Ship with our remaining funds. Should have enough left over after everything to make some major improvements, which will help us last longer out there on the waters…”

    “Other than that: have fun, but not too much fun; if you need me for anything, I’ll be getting pampered at the Copper Camel; and don’t need me for anything!”

    “Think that’s all then. Whelp…Wild Bunch,” Captain Ari says, with a wry grin as she hitches a knapsack further up her shoulder. “Enjoy Chaff!

    Oak has received The Governor’s Writ!

    Everyone has received 200gp from the Captain!

    -DAY ONE: Seek a decent breakfast/coffee/greasy street food (Cures current Exhaustion)

    -DAY TWO: Hiring new crew with Crude the Rak’ta (Oak; Midday, Garrety’s Redemptions)

    -DAY TWO: Lizardsitting (Arno; Midday, Rat Shit Corner)

    -DAY THREE: Meeting at Tick Tock Tower (Arno; Midday, Tick Tock Tower)

    -DAY FOUR: Additions to the Ship (Wild Bunch; Morning, Triumvirate of the Copper Camel)

    -DAY FOUR+: Pay out Crew bonuses (Oak)

    -Reconnaissance on “The Queen of Chaff” (Wild Bunch)

    -Pet Supplies (Jack; Ark of the Exotic)

    -Investigating the Spying Eye (Arno, Othro’s Oddities)

    -Learn about the Bookkeepers of the Observatory (Urixes; Othro’s Oddities)


    - Seek the Key of the Ancient One on PLAYA DEL PERDIDO

    - Seek the Key of the Lord of Bones in CANTLYN GARRISON

    - Seek the Key of Silvanus in the EMINENT GROVE

    - Seek the location of the Key of Semuanya


    - Seek knowledge of the deep in the libraries of The Observatory

    - Learn from Othro at Othro’s Oddities the ways of the Bookkeepers of the Observatory

    -Slevin De’tres- Seeks to apprentice under a Scholarly Healer; and Medical Texts from which to study


    You stand on the boardwalks of Chaff, atop the curved “street” known as Hook’s End. Around you, pirates of all shapes, sizes, and varieties go about their busy days. The city of Chaff stretches out before you all. How does the Wild Bunch proceed?

    Let me know where the group will be going/what they will be doing first. Once a decision has made, I’ll set the scene and shoot you individual challenges to get about town. The longer you spend here, the easier you will likely find it to get around, but for now, you’re tourists in a Pirate Haven, with everything that entails.

    Now, where to first?

    mrpaku on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    "Right then" Oak says after a moment, stowing the writ and gold away in his pack. "That went over like shit, and I'm sure that we'll have a mess to clean up later in the week."

    "Might as well start the day off right, and grab food. I was thinking the Nimble Weasel, but Olaf mentioned the Camel as well. Open to suggestions, but if I don't get something in my stomach, I might pummel the next idiot who crosses me."

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    edited October 2021
    If you choose as a group to head to the Nimble Weasel (#2) or the Triumvirate of the Copper Camel (#3), someone please make a Survival Check to get there safely, *or* a Dexterity Check to get there quickly; in addition, someone please make a Stealth Check to attempt to travel there incognito, *or* an Intimidation Check to carry yourselves with an air of "don't fuck with us" around the locals

    You may *also* ask strangers nearby for the location of other coffee shops/food stands/local restaurants with a Charisma Check, if you so choose

    mrpaku on
  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    ((OOC: *chants* Weasel, weasel! I am far too brainbured to give a quality response tonight, but I'll pop back in the morning! <3 ))

    Geth, roll 1d20+4 for Survival Check

    Survival Check:
    1d20+4 13 [1d20=9]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "An inn, are you crazy? After a night like last night, the only true cure is street food." *Whistle* Oak noticeably winces at the sound, but Arno seems not to notice. "'Scuse me friend, after a night knocking back a few too many ales and too much halfing pipe, where would you go to fill your belly in the morning?"

    Geth roll 1d20+2 charisma check for finding good street food.

    finding good street food:
    1d20+2 9 [1d20=7]

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack listens to Killian attently, "Vault... Outfitters... Marauder's..." He silently mouths it a few times to hopefully remember it. "Thank you! Whoop..." A quick grab catches a glittering oddity that just dropped from a pocket, "Maybe I should get trousers with bigger pockets from the Outfitters. Or was it Maurader's?"

    Oh, before he forgets, somberly, "What are we doing with Wings over there then? Do we want to find someone in town who can take care of her proper?" His eyes move to Rax in the crowd and he mutters, "I don't want her endin' up hurt."


    He returns Balog's hug heartily, giving the impression that he would've lifted the dwarf into it if he could, "It's been great travellin' with ya!" His attention is then quickly captured by the arriving kobolds. Having only heard one before, and from afar while under siege, he quickly jogs to the one with the notepad, crouching down and rocking on the heels of his feet with glee in his eyes. Look at 'em, he's adorable! He returns the suspicious glance a wide grin, "Hi!"


    "Well..." Tilts head, "We could hit street food to tide us over and head to the Nimble Weasel? We do also need a place to sleep. And..." Grin, "We could also have a second meal?" He waggles his eyebrows at Oak.

    "Killian told me of a place called Maraud... no, no, The Vault where we can sell our trinkets." The effort of focus is clearly visible on his face, "There is also the... the Outfitters if we need gear, and the Marauder's Market to sell gear." Phew! Now he can let that information melt away.

    He pets Mister Fusspot and feeds him a piece of very old looking jerky, "Sorry boy, we'll get you some better stuff soon!"

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak grunts. "Any food is a start. Though....Jack's right. We'll need a place to stay and better to set that up first."

    "Have a few items I need 'ta offload as well. Not sure selling' 'em in the market is for me. Might just take the hit on price 'ta get 'em off my hands."

    OOC: Oak has already botched in CHA check today, he'll be gunshot on persuading anyone. Can do that intimidation check though, as being grumpy fits.

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    edited October 2021
    Killian takes a deep drag from a cigarette, and pets the Wyvern gently. The creature *HUFFS* and lays her head down, pouting but resigned. “No worries there, Mate,” Killian answers steadily.”…I’ll keep an eye on her while you all are in town…don’t plan on travelling too far from the Ship, anyway,” The Old Man leans over to whisper to the young Shifter, trying but failing to keep the cigarette smoke from wafting towards Jack. “Like keeping an eye on the workmen in the Shipyard, make sure they know what they’re doing. I’ll get em to set me an’ Wings here up with a dingy er’ something. An’ it’ll keep me from…well, falling back on old habits. Used to be a pretty big gambler an’ drinker, back in me’ day. Don’t need the temptation, lad; that’s why I prefer the ocean!”


    Jack, jingling with each step he takes, excitably guides the Wild Bunch through the boardwalks, bridges, and tied watercraft of the Southern Marauder’s Market. It’s all the group can do to try to stay up with the Shifter, as he eagerly climbs up decks, under rope fences, and tip toes across boom jibs, making his way through the City…

    Jack and Fusspot’s excursion through the city is suddenly *HALTED* when they come across a boat which claims to have over 1,001 varieties of spiced meat preserves. As the Shifter eagerly receives a (handful of) sample, Arno manages to catch their breath, and flags down a trio of Gith at the head of a contingent of badly singing Bugbears.

    The Gith, after some crossed wires and miscommunication, suddenly realize what the Changeling is asking. The trio (who seem overjoyed to hear themselves talk, and to have an audience) are apparently on their first journey to Chaff as well! Each of them begin suggesting their own favorites to Arno, pointing in different directions, voices cutting each other off as they argue and interrupt one another. Through the commotion, Arno struggles to make out the options being provided nearby:

    -There is a Coffee and Pastry stand (with a bit of a line going) to the North of you. The coffee is apparently quote/unquote “legendary”, and the selection of pastries you see on display from here is fairly impressive! This is likely your quickest option for “on the go” food (the line is long; people take their time, choosing from the rich selection of dessert foods)

    -There is a small, Greasy Spoon type restaurant, in a covered and darkened boat, about seventy-five feet to the East. It looks sketchy, but low key. One of the Gith *RAVES* about their gravy. It’s apparently a sit-down restaurant, but the Gith seem to describe it as a “hidden gem” of the area

    -There is a big Burrito Boat that seems to be fairly popular, where patrons put in their order, have a seat along the Main Deck, and are served a large pitcher of some sort of…fruit juice?, while their food is prepared fresh. You passed the gangplank up on the way here. The Bugbears seem to be big fans of the place!

    -Dwarves seem to have a sort of Jamabalya-type food stand set up. They only have the one menu item (a bowl of spicy, spicy looking fish stew), and the patrons eat their stew standing upon a soapbox as the dwarves and onlookers alike eagerly watch, hoping to catch big strong pirates *coughing and spluttering* as they try to down the incredibly hot concoction

    -Finally, a rough looking pair of Dragonborns are running a Fry-up Shop. They speak little, and serve only orders of: thoroughly fried fish, thoroughly oiled and fried potatoes, and a type of rich dipping sauce which is thick enough to hold upside down without spilling. The line here is the longest you’ve seen yet, but the Dragonborns seem to communicate mainly via grunts, and their business hums along quickly!

    As Jack tries to talk himself into an additional sample, and Arno tries to pick out the information from the loudly chattering Gith, Oak and Urixes stay back, watching out for their friends and taking in the sights and sounds. Street performers work along the boardwalks, some to make their bread and some simply for the pleasure of it. A band plays a jaunty pirate tune, nodding at passersby who leave a coin in a hat at their feet. All around, buccaneers, sailors, and mercenaries churn like lifeblood through the city.

    …but something is…off. There is mirth in the streets, yes, but for whatever reason, it doesn’t seem to follow the Wild Bunch. In fact, Oak and Urixes find that the longer the group remains in one place, the more bad vibes seem to build around them. The Shifter and the Tiefling, on high-alert for danger, try to subtly look around, take in what’s going on in the crowds.

    Of the many, many people wandering through the Marauder’s Market, some of them are very clearly watching your group. Not all, but enough to feel a score or more of eyeballs (and growing) following the Wild Bunch around the city. Pirates glare at you from a safe distance. Hands cover mouths, as the city folk whisper about you. And, your senses tell you, that more than a few of them have begun to follow you…

    Oak or Urixes, please make an Insight Check to learn what you can about those staring at/whispering about/following the Wild Bunch. Wild Bunch, choose which of the Street Food Vendors you think it best to get breakfast at, *or* if you choose to proceed across the Marauder’s Market and towards The Nimble Weasel, someone please make a Dexterity Check to do it *quickly*

    mrpaku on
  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Burrito equals hangover cure.

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack chats excitedly at Arno, "Yes, but the thing is, we could have one of each? Eh?" He begins outlining a plan where they place a member in each queue in reverse waiting order, ending up with four meals at the same time. Any amount of actual consideration reveals his plan would not work, but that's never stopped him before.

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak feels uncomfortable with the eyes on him, though he can't be sure yet if it's something truly worrying or just that he's carrying the Writ.

    Geth, roll 1d20+3 for Insight

    1d20+3 8 [1d20=5]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "Wait, I think you make a good point Jack, we can get everything! Jack, you're on Burritos, Urixes coffee and pastry since you won't be distracted by the multiple choices, Oak Jumbalya since you'll be able to take the spice the best and honestly the kick will perk you up something fierce, I'll take the Greasy spoon and Trey can handle the fry shop."


  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    edited October 2021
    Trying not to get caught looking, Oak attempts to get a quiet sense for those glaring daggers at the Wild Bunch.

    It’s so much more than simply twenty eyeballs. Those are just the people staring directly at your group. But others around here react as well: crowds part, subtly; people caught in your path turn and take a sudden interest in wares, any wares, nearby; pirates in the immediate vicinity gain an acute interest in the skies above, or the planks below their feet. All these strangers are trying not to draw attention to themselves from you or your party.

    Except for one:


    This Orc has been mean-mugging you all for the past couple of boardwalks. He doesn’t look away when Oak makes eye contact. In fact, the swarthy looking fellow licks his lips, and grins without humor back at the Shifter. From far across the crowd, the Orc’s nostrils flare, and the muscles flex involuntarily, as he puffs his chest out and taps a companion quietly on the shoulder…


    Those getting breakfast at El Gordo Loco, please place your order now! Whoever I don't receive orders from here, I'll assume is heading to the food stand Arno has designated for you, and away (though not out of earshot) from the party. Oak may, of course, warn the group of the many eyes upon the Wild Bunch in this area, and if the group wants to check-in further before proceeding, we can assume they're doing it from the bottom of the gangplank leading to El Gordo Orco
    The Boat known as “El Gordo Orco” dominates this area of the Marauder’s Market. The floating restaurant rises high above the other nearby watercraft. The only access point to the Ship is a walk up the gangplank, which leads to a Main Deck thirty feet above the main boardwalks below. On the other side of the Ship opposite the gangplank, a flag rises from a pole jammed deep into the water. Depicted upon the flag is a happy looking, pleasantly rotund Orc, in the process of devouring the remaining half of a burrito. The deck of the Ship is lively, with warm colors and exotic music ringing out loudly to the Market below. The smells in the air cause the stomachs of the Wild Bunch to rumble with hunger.

    As your group soon observes, the method for ordering is simple. The customer stands in line at the long bar situated at the very center of the craft, waiting (not too long; the orders are taken fairly quickly) to put in their personalized requests. Steak, chicken, owlbear, and more; salsas, of every type of heat and sweetness level; rices, cheeses, beans, onions, all the ingredients and extras to satisfy any palate. Once the order has been placed, guests are told to go grab a chair in one of the four seating sections, where wait staff is constantly in the process of bringing around a strong smelling fruit juice to patrons while they wait for their orders. The wait time doesn’t seem to be too bad; maybe ten minutes, certainly no more, and the results look to be well worth it


    Place your PCs order, and please subtract 2gp from your character’s gold total. Then, please tell me: where of the four seating sections does the Wild Bunch choose to sit (if you choose to sit together)? Do you indulge in the pitcher of “fruit juice” being brought around? And, are you relaxed and ready to enjoy your meal, fully on vacation now that you’re in Chaff; or tense, on edge, and hands to your weapon, concerned about all the peering eyes around the boardwalks?


    Section 1- Up near the Bar, surrounded by the Ship’s Staff and some rough looking Bouncers. Completely exposed, true, but under the direct eye of whatever authority runs El Gordo Orco

    Section 2- Overlooking the Starboard side of the Ship. You’d have a good look at anyone climbing the gangplank up to El Gordo Orco from here, but you’d be easily visible from down there as well

    Section 3- Middle of the Deck, surrounded by tables and customers on all sides. Perhaps the best place to stay unseen is in the crowd? Or perhaps, you don’t wish to stay unseen at all?...

    Section 4-Overlooking the Port side of the Ship, and directly underneath the flag depicting the Ship’s mascot. Probably the best place to remain unseen, but your backs will be against the railings, and easily the worst place to attempt to flee from

    mrpaku on
  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack's eyes gleam as he's designated the biggest boat around and his nodding almost dislodges Mister Fusspot from his shoulder, "Oh boy, my first pick!" He doesn't wait for anyone else and quickly jogs up the gangplank, looking around to figure out out how to order and only getting it wrong once before getting in line, looking increasingly animated as he gets close to ordering.

    "Yeah, um, I'd like... oh boy, um... Ooooh, never had owlbear before, that please!" He proceeds to get every single optional item on top, "And make it hot! Wait..." Glance at the griffon, "I think that might be a bit much for my buddy here, I'll take lemon&herb please!"

    He takes his seat at the bar, accepting the drink with a smile, "Thanks!" He takes a few sips before offering it to the beast on his shoulder and relaxes. This is a vacation as far as Jack is concerned, he's completely relaxed.

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak keeps looking over his shoulder as they enter El Gordo Loco. The Orc still on his mind, the Shifter was uneasy. He places an order for a steak burrito, and takes his seat the bar with Jack.

    His eyes are constantly scanning the crowd, however. The Orc he had seen had all but issued a direct challenge, and Oak had a hard time believing that they were going to be left alone today.

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