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[D&D 5E] Whispered Curse, Day 60- Offshore/Abbott of the Eternal



  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    "Hmm," Urixes grunts, grimacing at the crowds, the noise, the sense of foreboding... just kind of everything this morning. "Yeah," he finally says distractedly, "Coffee." Urixes heads for the coffee stand, eyes wary...

    Geth, roll 1d20 for Insight Check

    Insight Check:
    1d20 12 [1d20=12]

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    edited October 2021
    Urixes wrestles with a feeling of dread that slowly rises up his throat. Something about being out here this morning…the staring eyes, the furtive glances, the hushed gossip…it’s all so niggling familiar, it’s driving the Tiefling crazy. The Warlock attempts to place the fleeing sense through the tired and frazzled haze swirling in his head…

    Approaching the Coffee Stand alone (labeled with a cheap, flaking hand-painted sign which reads “Cup-Ana-Nibble”), the Tiefling draws barely a glance from the patrons in line, each trying to peer over the next to see what pastries lie on display. The proprietor of the Coffee Stand, a pinched looking man with a starched collar and a haircut parted down the middle, cleans glasses and attempts to rush the customers along, with varying levels of effectiveness.

    Directly in line front of Urixes is a golden blond Tabaxi, hoop earrings in his right ear and several sharp teeth marked by golden replacements. He greets the Barista like a daily ritual, as the stern man nods tersely back to him. “How gozzit, Crispin?”

    “Hrrmph. S’alright.” responds the Barista non-comittaly, spitting a heavy glob into the coffee cup he is polishing to a mirror finish.

    “The usual,” The Golden Tabaxi says, turning himself to rest against the glass of the pastry case as the Barista begins to fish around the case with a sheet of newsprint for a chocolate cruller. The Cat’s eyes glance right past Urixes, and up the gangplank leading to El Gordo Loco, where Jack and Oak are currently ascending. The Tabaxi has clearly been keeping tabs of the two Shifters. “You see that, Crispin? Thought they’d ran those cheeky bastards the hell out of dodge…but looks like they’re back. Been waiting for the shit to pop off since I caught a glance….you think they just gots a death wish, or is the little one really that daft?”

    And that’s when the realization finally hits Urixes. The Tiefling feels his stomach drop into his boots. It all suddenly makes sense. The looks, the secrets whispers…it was the same feeling Urixes got whenever he met an acquaintance from his former life. Recognition of recognition. These people are staring at your friends because, somehow, they’ve met them before

    As the Tiefling turns back, the Tabaxi and the stern Barista are bidding each other good afternoon. Crispin the Barista moves on to the next customer….his eyes meet the Warlocks, and narrow. There’s something about this man. He doesn’t ask your order, simply pouring from the carafe marked “STRONG” before you even get a chance to order and placing it on the counter between you. ”Well now…how can I help you,” he says with a strange touch of irony, leaning over the glass display and casually cracking his knuckles against the cup. “Sir?’

    Urixes, there’s something dangerous in that tone, and those eyes look upon you with recognition. Are you in danger here? First, do you accept the cup of coffee you’re presented with? (Lose Exhaustion) Should you *nope* out back into the crowd (Stealth Check) away from this gentleman? Do you try convince him he definitely doesn’t know you? Maybe, you attempt to trick him into thinking you do remember who he is? (Charisma Check for either) You could also possibly take a good gander at his person and cart, maybe get a better sense of who you’re dealing with (Perception Check, but careful, because this guy seems like the *impatient* type!

    As Oak and Jack walk around to the Bar, many in the crowd scuffle to get out of the way as they approach (although whether this is due to your presence in particular, or the place’s table etiquette would be tough to say either way).

    The two Shifters siddle up to the bar alongside four other patrons: a heavily bundled Kenku, hovering closely over a bowl he wolfs down with some intensity; a richly garmented Half-Elf, clearly spending freely and already deep into his cups by Noon; a large, muscular woman, heavily tanned and similar in body-type to Oak, who is nervously tapping her hands and feet; and a large, brash creature with a Shark’s Head , who is eagerly bragging to wait staff nearby about his prowess as a pirate.

    Jack accepts the pitcher of fruit juice as it swings by on an overhead-carried tray. He takes a deep sip….(*delicious!*)…and feels the rush of crushed ice and sugar delight his taste buds…

    Jack, the delicious, nutrient filled Tinto de Azucar has granted you Advantage on Charisma Checks for the next 24 hours!
    The pirate pair wait patiently for their meals to arrive, listening to the restaurants deck buzz around them. Of the four pirates which sit next to you, the Half-Elf and the Shark-Man don’t stop talking, while the Kenku and the Muscular Woman seem to be trying to ignore, and be ignored:

    “’Nother’ round!” says the Half-Elf, sloshing the bottom portion of his drink sloppily onto Oak’s arm. “Get n’other round, o’er here? Startin’ to git thirsty…”

    “Love, that wasn’t even the haff of it!” The Sharkman assures a waitress, who seems to be trying to communicate the busy nature of her jobs wordlessly, to no avail. “Burned down the whole village, we did…that very dawn, too! Blimey little bloodsuckers had nowhere to sneak back to…watched em all burn up in the sun, and then we robbed their crypt anyways! Ha!

    “Nother round pliss! Oh, oh thank you…hey, I’m sorry,” the drunken Half-Elf says, attempting to wipe his drink from Oak’s arm with a dirty rag from the bar. “Didn’t men to spill’, jus been a ruff kinda morning, ya know?”

    “Now, you group talk about this “Fucky Bunch”….if we was here when these assholes blew through town, we would’ve given em’ another thing what for, I tell you hwat! Out on dere asses er’ in da Brig! An if they don’t come real quiet like, then to the sword!

    “It wasn’t “the Fucky Bunch”…and you think no one thought of that?” the exasperated waitress replies. “Apparently, they chewed through the city like a pack of voracious rats, near fore anyone even noticed….Queen eventually had to throw a posse together. And even there, there were strict orders not to kill them…”

    “Well, there’s your problem right there!” The Shark-Man expounds. “No law-n-order! No big hammer! No *bite*!”

    “Say,” the drunken Half-Elf says, swaying in his chair as he tries to focus his eyes on Oak. He tries to steady himself in his chair, and momentarily attempt to shake off is inebriation. “…don’t I know you, ferm somewhere?”

    Jack and Oak, you may make a Perception Check to take in the details of the people around you, specifically these four. Let me know if your PC is looking for anything in particular. In addition, you may make a Charisma Check to engage with one of the colorful characters sitting with you at the Bar, *or* you may pass on engagement and concentrate of watching the crowd for signs of trouble (Constitution Check)

    Oak, please make these particular Checks with Disadvantage, but consider your food delivered and your Exhaustion cured immediately afterwards!

    …And where is Arno ( @zekebeau ), as all this transpires?...

    mrpaku on
  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    After placing a few pieces of gold Trey's paw, and note for 4 order of fish and fries, Arno heads to the greasy spoon, seemingly headless to whether the rest of the crew are following their carefully laid out plan. They're interested in some biscuits and gravy now.

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
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    Oak tries to avoid the gaze of the half-elf, still uneasy from before, but also still attempting to pay attention to the bar. He ignores the question, and keeps looking around, trying to understand why something strange is happening.

    OOC Can't remember disadvantage command.

    Edit: So a 10 and a 5

    Geth, roll 2d20+3 for Perception
    Geth, roll 2d20+3 for Con

    2d20+3 20 [2d20=7, 10]
    2d20+3 12 [2d20=2, 7]

    AustinP0027 on
  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    Urixes takes the coffee with a nod. "This'll do fine," he says, taking a long drink, the heat of the liquid incapable of burning him. "What's the deal with those two?" he adds casually, nodding his head toward Jack and Oak. "Everyone's looking at them like they're ghosts."

    OOC: Trying to play it cool for now, like he doesn't know why this guy would have any feelings about Urixes one way or the other.

    Geth, roll 1d20+4 for Charisma Check

    Charisma Check:
    1d20+4 11 [1d20=7]

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Wow, this is some drink! Any residual anxiety drops off him like water off a duck's back and he leans on the bar with a pleased sigh, looking at those sat around them with some interest.

    Geth, roll 1d20+4 for Perception Check

    The loud sharkman grabs his immediate attention, though his words are going in one ear and out another, it's his appearance that interests him- he'd seen sharks, but never on land! He gives the aarakocra a glance, but he'd been travelling with one for their entire adventure now, so that's not... much... wait.

    He looks at where the wings should be and a look of horror crosses his face! That poor bird! With his usual tact he leans closer to the them and asks under his breath, "Does... does that hurt?"

    Geth, roll 2d20k1 for Charisma Check

    ((OOC: For Austin's benefit, the roll rules below the spoiler ))

    XdY to roll X dice of Y sides.
    Prefix N# to roll the dice N separate times.
    Operators allowed are +, -, *, and / which follow order of operations. Division rounds down. Use parentheses if needed. Full format is any number of terms combined with the operators, where term is a literal number or a roll. N can be a term itself.
    Combinatorics are possible as well. N-choose-K results can be of the form NcK, the value will be the number of combinations to choose K items from a set of N items, and return a random one of these sets in the details. (i.e. 4c2 might result in 6 [4c2=1,3]) Permutations are possible in the form NpK. These terms are useful for generating sequences.


    Append the following modifiers as desired, if using multiple then they must be added in the order below. Some combinations may be invalid.

    rZ - reroll die if result is Z or lower
    roZ - reroll die only once if result is Z or lower
    mZ - count result as Z if roll is lower than Z
    eZ or oZ - extra / open roll when the die is Z or higher, extra grants one bonus roll only
    kZ or lZ - keep the highest / lowest Z rolls, drop others
    tZ - target number Z, count rolls that meet or exceed Z as successes (if Z > Y, implicit oY)
    hZ - hits Z, count rolls that meet or exceed Z as successes, max roll grants bonus roll (implicit oY) (WoD)
    xZ - hits Z, count rolls that meet or exceed Z as successes, max roll grants bonus success (Exalted)
    uZ - under Z, count rolls that are equal to or under Z as successes
    ! - when at the end of any roll, turns on verbose mode (shows all dice rerolled and modified)

    Some D&D roll examples:

    2d20k1+5 for a roll with Advantage and a +5 modifier
    2d20l1+5 for a roll with Disadvantage and a +5 modifier
    1d12ro2+3 for a Great Weapon Fighting style damage reroll where you reroll once if the first result is a 1 or 2 (in this example the character has a +3 modifier to their damage roll)
    1d20+1d4+5 for a roll with Bless and a +5 modifier
    1d20-1d4+5 for a roll with Bane and a +5 modifier
    5#1d20+1 for rolling 1d20+1 five times

    Perception Check:
    1d20+4 18 [1d20=14]
    Charisma Check:
    2d20k1 15 [2d20k1=[15], 10]

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    OOC: Thank you!

    I know that was posted before and I tried searching the thread for it, but for whatever reason it wasn't coming up. I'm going to bookmark the dang thing now.

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
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    The Changeling arrives at a rusty, dilapidated tub of a Ship. The restaurant boat is covered with a canvas sheet over the entirety of its Hull, save for a gutter-like stove chimney which juts out from the top. A wooden “door” (which appears to be the torn off bottom half of a shipping crate) is roughly jury-rigged into the side of the vessel. Several latches and locks rattle dangerously as Arno reaches for the handle…

    Before they can twist the knob, the “door” springs out of its own accord. An ancient old man, unshaven and glasses nearly sideways upon his face, opens the door from the inside and peers out, holding the half-box between himself and Arno like a desperate shield. The man adjusts his glasses with one hand in order to see Arno better. When his vision straightens, the old man *balks*, turning white and beginning to stammer.

    “Nononono, n-n—noo business here, no business here! Don’t w-w-w-want any trouble with you lot! G-g-g-good day, and thank you!” The door is slammed shut, and locked from the inside (the act of locking the door causes the hinges to rattle, one of them threatening to push out entirely). There is a commotion on the other side of the door: an argument, a cascade of swiftly moving feet, followed by unnatural silence. Finally, the lock frees with a loud pop, and the face of a young, redheaded teenage girl emerges.

    The young lady smiles at Arno, in an apologetic and professional manner. “Alright, then? Sorry about me grand Pa: he’s not much one for strangers. No offense was meant, I can, ardently assure you! Come in, come in!” The redhead girl guides Arno over to one of the four “tables” in the place (really just barrels with boards nailed onto the top) and pulls out a chair for them. The place looks mostly bare and minimalist. A single door appears to lead back to the kitchen area. The Old Man nervously peeks his head out from the partially cracked barrier, until Arno notices him and he slams it fully closed. Bemused, Arno glances around to a couple of the tables, seeing they bear chipped glasses mostly empty of milk, and half eaten plates of fish crackers…

    The young lady steps between Arno and the other tables rather awkwardly, producing a rough leather notebook and quill, and blowing a strand of hair out of her face. “Name’s Anna,” the young lady says, with a small curtsey. “An’ it’s a great pleasure an’ an honor to have you in our Shop! Umm,” the woman stammers, girding herself nervously. “…you’ll find all our paperwork in order. We have our copy here on premises…and of course, they have a duplicate in the Vault!” she assures the Changeling, nervously licking her lips. “So…won’t be needing anything in the way of loans, I’m afraid. Umm, then, I suppose…what can I help you with, today?”

    Arno, the young lady is clearly trying to brave your presence with some considerable willpower. She seems to have mistaken you for someone else. Do you lean into it, and see if you can learn more about who she thinks you are? Or do you attempt to put the poor girl's concerns at ease, and assure het that this is a case of mistaken identity? (Charisma Check). There’s also those sounds you heard before you entered, and the Old Man’s strange behavior. What is going on in this Greasy Spoon? (Insight Check to help put the pieces together)

    The Tiefling sips the coffee, languidly returning Crispin’s stare. The stern man cooly leans over the counter as he cleans another cup, watching Jack and Oak disappear into the Bar crowd. He stretches the seconds out, acting disinterested. Urixes isn’t sure if he didn’t hear you, or if he’s ignoring you on purpose…

    Finally, the stern man responds, acting bored as he stares straight through the Tiefling to watch the people milling around. “Now, that’s…an interesting response. One way to play it, I suppose…although it’s a wonder you all got this far on sheer gall alone. Alright, I’ll bite,” the man says, lazily scratching his chest with the backside of the washrag. “Those two Wild-Kind went on a three day tear through Chaff. Drank dry every bar in town…caused a significant amount of property damage…were responsible for a handful of assaults. Finally had to be rounded up, an' physically chased out of town, though they beat the absolute hell out of the Queen’s Crew before they left.”

    “Lotta people thought it was just some arseholes being bigger-arseholes. Some of em’ thought they must’ve been Prince’s Dogs, sent to stir up shit while Lieutenant Pom is in town. But what I think,,” Crispin says, now staring pointedly at Urixes. “…Is that while they was wrecking up the joint, some quieter things were happening. Big shipment of “product” got set on fire and burned…orphans start to vanish from the streets…an’ then, a Tiefling ran the house over at The Sport of Kings.” The Barista smiles knowingly over at Urixes on this point. He’s pretty sure he’s “got” you. “So now, to my mind, what looked like some random mischief, seems more than a bit like a distraction for some “other” business, yeah?”

    “From what’s said, they sicced the guards at Sport of Kings on the trail of this Tiefling once they caught on he was cheating, but he somehow ducked out, an’ made it to the Wild-Kind’s craft as they fled. Say' he didn’t have any gold on him when he absconded, though. Few people assume he ditched it on the swim out. Most of us, though, figured he had time to hide it somewhere in town….that’s it still here somewhere, and they’d end up coming back for it!”

    The man frowns now, leaning in closer to Urixes, lowering his voice to a slow whisper as his eyes glare. “…all that’ planning, an yer gonna just walk onto, the streets of Chaff, like people wouldn’t remember who the fook you were? You lot’ll all get *pinched* or *murdered* before you find your way back to wherever you stashed the loot! Unless…you have my help. I want *in*.” Crispin turns away, keenly aware of the crowds around, watching for eyes on him. As he turns his back to pretend to service one of the caraffes, he slowly states, “I’ve got a place I could stash you and your friends, where you won’t be seen. No worries, of the Queen or Lieutenant Pom. You’ll tell me where the loot is stashed, I’ll recover it for you safely, and I’ll take my cut: 25%. More than fair for what I’m offering. Otherwise… if I were to holler, say you’re the mug? This whole crowd comes running.” Crispin smiles sinisterly at Urixes. “End your party fore it’s even started, an catch me a bounty meanwhile! No hard feelings, o' course: if not me, then some bloke twenty yards down Drummer Street, yeah?”

    “So, what say you, Tiefling? Do we have an arrangement?”

    Urixes, Crispin has offered a place to safely hide yourself and your friends (all somehow wanted Criminals in this place), while he recovers a stash of loot he says you've hidden (which you don’t know the location of). He wants you to agree to 25% now, or he’s threatened to scream and alert this whole block to your identity. How do you choose to proceed?


    Oak’s hangover is doing him absolutely no favors. The Shifter tries to keep an eye along the bar…watching the waitstaff…taking in the crowds. Other than the fact that several of these people are clearly ignoring you out of fear, or angrily discussing you in corners (you haven’t even had time to do anything, yet, Oak thinks grumpily), the big man simply feels his anxiety build, and the hairs on his neck raise. It’s disconcerting and a bit annoying, but it’s not like anyone in here is threatening you, right?

    Oak’s meal arrives, and his attention is quickly subsumed by the steak burrito. Barely taking the time to taste it, the Shifter wolves down the wrap of meats and spices, finishing the enourmous thing within less than a few minutes. As Oak’s stomach gives a slight quiver, before happily settling, the Shifter sighs contently, and returns to his defensive view of the Bar Area. At that very moment, he sees the Orc that had been mean mugging him on the street walk up the gangplank, half a score of mates in tow behind, and all headed this way…

    The people in here sure don’t care for Shifters, that’s crystal clear! The waitstaff is being highly polite and professional, but most of these people are glaring and whispering about you. The only reason Jack feels confident a fight isn’t about to break out is that the whole room acts like they’re completely, utterly terrified of you both as well...

    As Fusspot prances along the bar, *snapping* at spilled food, Jack turns back and takes in the four barflys sitting next to him.

    The muscular woman who can’t stop tapping might become an issue sooner than later. Pretend as she might, she clearly knows who the two of you are, and looks less fearful than the crowd and more “tensed and ready for action”. She seems to be waiting for someone...

    The Half-Elf must be a businessperson of some kind. Clearly wealthy, or at least, was until whatever tragedy caused him to crawl so far into a bottle by noon. He’s slightly ridiculous, and Jack gets the feeling he’s not much smarter sober. Probably of no consequence, and certainly not a threat.

    Sharkey over there must be one of the “Wild-Kind” shifters Jack has heard so much about lately. This one talks like a mercenary, and acts like a mercenary on vacation. Maybe Jack is reading too much into the beady eyes, but Shark-Head seems very much like he’d slit your throat for a nickle, or (at the drop of a hat) save your life for a dime. Also, the way he boasts, it sounds like he doesn’t much care for the Queen’s people *or* the Sun Prince.

    And the Kenku who Jack attempts to engage with, well…


    “D’ye mind?” the child says through the beak, clearly infuriated with Jack’s staring (and, probably, being caught out). “I got something on me face, or what mister?!” From somewhere in the deep cloak beneath, a tiny *cough* emerges from where the Kenku’s ribcage should be. The young child rolls his eyes, the “clever ruse” quickly beginning to fall apart. “Shit. Well, look…just keep it to yourself, alright mister? We’re…just here to get a bite…maybe pinch some fools who don’t need their wad. You keep your yap shut, an’ I won’t have to stick you!” The disguised child raises his sauce covered fork aggressively towards Jack, his confidence belying his small size.

    “S’going on up there, Jim?” a muffled voice says from the coat below. “We caught out?”

    “Nah, s’cool,” Jim reassures the body beneath him. “He’s a wanted criminal! Wanted criminal ain’t gonna go talking to the bosses now, are they? He’d get pinched, same as us!”

    From beside Jack, Oak finishes up his meal and lets out a satisfied sigh. Jack’s friend looks out across the Ship, and starts, nearly popping out of his chair. Jack turns to see what got the Barbarian’s sudden attention.

    “Oh-hoh, shit, mister!” Young Jim says, the fake beak on his face popping up and down as he giggles. “You’re for it now! That’s Gorgeous Grogmar, the Queen’s right hand! If he’s the one here to punch your ticket, you’re proper fucked!”

    “But Jim, what if Grogmar’s here for us?” says the voice within the coat.

    “Oh. Oh, shit. I hadn’t thought of that…” the boy considers…

    Oak and Jack, Gorgeous Grogmar and half-score of armed pirates are headed this way. You have precious little time before they recognize you or the crowd points you out to them, but they haven’t seen you *yet* How do you choose to proceed?

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  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack huhs, well don't that beat all. He's still trying to figure out how to respond (what do you even say to that) when Oak and the "kenku" redirect his attention to the upcoming trouble. Now, while Jack isn't the sharpest tool in the box (or even the third place box visiting from two counties over), he knows trouble when he sees it, much of his past has been a collection of teaching moments like these.

    The lad taps the barbarian's shoulder, "Quick, we gotta make ourselves scarce!" He pulls a pearl from his pocket and flicks it to the sharkman, then looks over the crowd around them, "Kill the first person to snitch us out, please." Following it up with an apologetic grin he hops over the bar and hides it, gesturing Oak to follow his lead.

    Geth, roll 2d20k1+3 for Intimidation

    2d20k1+3 21 [2d20k1=[18], 13]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "Um, I was actually...gravy was supposed to this a restaurant? I was looking for biscuits and gravy, do you have that? No paper work though, I hate loans. Unnatural, money that makes money? Only plants and animals should be doing that. I guess some crystals do too. And fire? Hmm, actually how to elementals reproduce? I imaging if you had an elemental made of gold, you could have it make more elementals of gold. But that hardly seems like the same thing, does it?"

    Arno sees their musings haven't really made the young lady more comfortable.

    "Okay, how 'bout this. You tell me who you think I am, and then I'll tell you who I actually am, and we can work from there? Oh, maybe this will make you more comfortable."

    Arno shifts to a halfling form. They are small and often jolly, humans always seem a bit more relaxed around a halfling form.

    Geth roll 1d20+2 for charisma
    Geth roll 1d20+4 for insight

    1d20+2 13 [1d20=11]
    1d20+4 15 [1d20=11]

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    Urixes' typical grimace is replaced by a look of confusion. At first he wonders whether Oak and Jack had past lives too, but eventually he figures out that the events Crispin is describing must be fairly recent. Of course that doesn't help much with the confusion, as none of them have been to Chaff before. Something told him that now wasn't the time and this wasn't the place to figure all this out, though. "Fine," he eventually says, glancing back at the makeshift restaurants Oak, Jack, and Arno disappeared into. "I'll round up my 'friends' and we can all have a nice chat. Where's this safehouse of yours?"

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak's stomach settles, the only thing settling so far today. He is mostly unsurprised when the Orc from earlier comes through the doors. This damned day...

    Before Oak can reach a decision on how to charge the Orc, Jack hops the bar and tugs at him to join. There is a moment of hesitation as the thought of running makes his jaw clench, but he gives jnto trusting Jack. With a quick hop, he bounds over tte counter and ducks down.

    "And what is the second part of this plan?"

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
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    OOC: Clarification:
    I’ve been throwing the word “Check” (usually, followed by an Ability) around as a summary wrap-up for many posts, as a way to give you guys a general sense of the current challenge, and keep things moving forward in the game because PbP is excruciating for momentum. This may have caused some undue confusion!

    My expectation is generally, 99% of the time you guys are out of battle, if I ask for something like a “Charisma Roll”, it is simply a general suggestion. You can feel free to use a Deception/Intimidation/Performance/or Persuasion attempt in such case however you see fit for the proper situation! Likewise, an Intelligence Roll may end up calling on something from Arno’s growing medical training that I hadn’t considered; or, Jack decides to execute a perfect Athletics flip out the window to avoid crossbow bolts because he’s nuts like that with a Dexterity Roll, etc. etc.

    The only reason I don’t mention all the different ways I think you guys can break any given situation is because I don’t want to railroad you any more than I already have to, but please understand: I am absolutely looking for that “spell that completely turns the tables” or “I beat him to death with his own peg leg” or “I attempt to sing the demon to sleep” situation. If you think you can/should/must try something, or that a different or similar skillset better fits a situation I’ve presented, please don’t hesitate to ask! It’ll take a little more time IRL, and the story (already turned inside out and back again) will mutate in yet another direction, but I’m super here for it!

    EDIT: I think I've come up with a good back-and-forth solution. This game is coming up on nearly a hundred pages so far. How about, along with a fresh new thread, we make a OOC thread alongside it, where everyone is allowed to "What If?" and shoot possibilities to their heart's content, and don't feel the time pinch of keeping the game rolling or having to do narrative in the middle of a work day? Does that seem like something that would help move things along and assist communication?

    mrpaku on
  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack tilts his head at Oak, responding under his breath, "What second part?"

    ((OOC: I'm good either way with a separate thread, my only worry is that it might result in trying to minmax situations too much, though admittedly that worry is primarily borne out of my IRL group being guilty of doing just that when given the chance :) ))

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    OOC: If we do an OOC thread, I'd just ask the questions I PM you there instead, so I'm fine with that. Plus, maybe a little easier for us to discuss our choices and leave a thread with just the actions/rp we're doing.

    Also, can we take a moment to say Holy Crap we're almost at 100 pages? That's insane!

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak exhales loudly. Should have expected this.

    His eyes search out the space they've hid in, trying to find a means of exit. At the same time, he's trying to look at the bartender to see if he looks like he'll rat them out, or if Jack's bribe has been successful.

    OOC:Probably an example of where an OOC thread would have helped, since I'm basically asking "What can Oak see right now?"

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
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    Big Updates/Changes incoming, but they're taking some time - thanks for your patience! :)

    Should have juicy New Plot for each of your characters, and the new OOC thread, ready to go by Monday morning (possibly even Sunday evening, depending on IRL stuff). I really think it's gonna help the game!

    OOC thread will have the first four posts reserved, with spoiler-ed drop down menus to help ease of use in each section, after which you all can feel free to have at it! Was thinking the Index will look something like:

    Post One: Status Screen for the Whispered Curse (Current Hull, Crew, Morale, Current Guests, Food, Supplies, the Sick/Injured List, the Ship's Common Funds, the Ships Additions/Alterations; and a separate section for your Renown among the peoples of the Expanse)

    Post Two: Quest Logs and Wild Bunch (Each character's Profile Pic, Nicknames, Special Features, Items, GP, Current Personal Quests/Complications, active pets or NPCs; preceded by a STORY QUESTS and ACTIVE QUESTS section)

    Post Three: Your Current Crew, and the Ships Memorial (A note on each crew mate, with their basic NPC status, job(s), a quick summary of their character, and their loyalty mission (when you learn it); with the Memorial Board being a running list of everyone killed from the Crew of the Curse that Natali Gravedigger will erect aboard somewhere)

    Post Four: Maps, Mystery, and Most Wanted (Place to Stash Current Maps for Chaff/The Expanse/wherever else you guys come across for easy access and referencing, with "Most Wanted" as a board to keep track of your current enemies, nemeses, factions-despised-by and "Mystery" as a kind of catch all for strange things you've learned, or avenues you all might decide to pursue/leave (ie, Arno tracking down the Spying Eyes, or whatever you all did or didn't see in "Stink-Pit")

    While I'm in the midst of my organization binge/mania, please send/post any notes about anything you think should be included with the rest of this information! Also, I might be touching base with one or more of you at some point before Sunday to talk thoughts about character progression and endgame stuff!

    mrpaku on
  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    Crispin smiles widely at the Tiefling’s response. He produces the small roll of paper used to run the shop’s daily budget from underneath the counter, tearing the bottom portion off while his eyes warily watch the crowd. Licking the quill and quickly glancing down to scratch out an address, the stern man hastily shoves the paper into Urixes’s hands.

    “Here’s the location. I’ll expect you all soon. Come alone, just you and your cohorts. You try anything funny, attempt to get your friends to pull something?…I will vanish, and drop the Queen’s Men on your head. You’ll never see me again, Ace!”

    “But you show up, follow the terms, don’t try to fuck me? And I’ll prove how useful I can be…here, take this too,” Crispin says, subtly passing over a brightly shimmering cloak hidden within his shirt. “Put it on when no one’s looking. Only got the one, but it’s better than running around with your *cocks out* like you and your buddies have been. Call it a lender…I’ll be wanting it back, obviously, and once you return it and our deal is situated, I’ll give you the antidote to the poison I just slipped ya’…”

    “Hey now…take it easy!” the man says at the look on Urixes’s face, putting up his arms defensively. “What, you think I’m some kind of an idiot? After what you all did to the Queen’s Crew?...After what you did to Othro’s eye? I take out insurance, mate…leave nothing to chance. The poison is slow-acting…you won’t even feel anything, til’ come this time tomorrow. But, it’ll get’cha, and if you try to ditch me? Or sneak out of town without giving me my gear and my cut? Well,” Crispin says, forcing a look of contrived sympathy onto his face. “…you won’t be in a position to spend any sort of fortune, come about the third day.”

    The stern man starts. “No time to argue it now, in any case….you’d better hurry, if you care for your mates…” says Crispin, nodding towards the gangplank to El Gordo Orco. A broad and self-assured looking Orc, at the head of a half score of well-armed pirates, are headed up towards the Main Deck of the restaurant with a determined purpose. People move out of the way, muttering matter-of-factly between each other about “Justice”. As Urixes turns back, Crispin has already hung a “CLOSED” sign, and is breaking his cart back down into boat-form. “Quiet as you can,” The Barista reminds Urixes over his shoulder. “ASAP!

    Anna stares at Arno as blankly as she can, although an eyebrow tenses in momentary, restrained frustration. The Halfling transformation, if anything, seems to have made the poor girl’s anxiety much worse.

    The Changeling watches as the girl silently counts to five, moves her eyebrow back down through sheer force of will, and exhales silently through gritted teeth (anyone else in this town, she likely would’ve let have it). Despite her best efforts, the teenager still looks frazzled, confused. Though attempting to remain calm, she clearly isn’t sure if Arno is messing with her right now or not.

    “Well…” the girl says finally, seeming to land on candor. “…you’re the Sun Prince’s Herald. The Changeling P-p-pom” Anna attempts, but fails to say the name to the Arno’s face without some slight trepidation. Steeling herself doggedly, she continues. “Some call you Half-Light, because you come before the Were-Things; or Lieutenant Pom. But to most…you’re, Lupo?” A light knock falls on the door from the kitchen side. Anna bows timidly to the Changeling and heads for the door. The young girl is, at the moment, clearly relieved to have a break from what she isn’t sure is a manipulative game or maybe some sort of ego-trip from the person she’s pretty sure is Lupo.

    As she carefully disappears back into the kitchen, Arno gets one more good look around the room. The fish crackers…the milk…small seats (clearly just empty boxes) pulled in from the streets well beyond capacity for the Deck, and the running footsteps as you arrived. Children…this place is stuffed with kids, and probably more than just the relations of Anna and the Old Man. If they think you’re an associate of the Sun Prince (and it sounds like a fairly major one, at that!) they likely think you’re hear to buy or take their children! The thought rolls uncomfortably around Arno’s head…

    Anna, making sure to close the door behind her, returns from the kitchen bearing a plate roughly the size of the Ship’s Wheel. Slopped atop the dish is what must easily, easily be four-plus pounds worth of dense pillowy bread, buried underneath a thick brown dressing which threatens to spill over the sides of the plate. The aroma wafting from the dish is heavenly.

    “Here you are, then!” Anna says cheerfully, trying to avoid eye contact as best she can as she places the meal before Arno. “Will that be all, or is there…anything else I can help you with?” The girl is interrupted by a dinning noise rising slowly from outside. Apologetically excusing herself, the young woman makes for the “front door” and opens it up a crack, peering outside. “Hmmp…looks like trouble. Got the Queen’s Army out. Don’t worry!” she assures Arno with immediacy. “Nowhere near here! Your business is your own, that’s what I say! Certainly none of mine…”

    The Shark-Man says nothing as Jack passes over the Pearl, turning the sphere within his gray leathery hands with an Inspector’s eye. However, the deep-throated, bar-rattling *growl* he finally gives when he finishes seems to be in the affirmative…

    Jack and Oak leap the bar, landing roughly among a couple crates of lemons and oranges as they duck down out of sight. Waitstaff scatter from the area, suddenly deciding to bus the far ends of the Ship, and refill drinks further down the stern. Oak glares up at the Bartender, trying to get a sense of the man. He’s barely moved; currently polishing a glass with whitened knuckles, a glistening of sweat steadily building upon his brow. His pant legs and shoes are absolutely caked in lemon/orange splatter. He seems to be trying, for all his life, to avoid eye contact with Oak, the loud Shark-Man, and Gorgeous Grigmar’s group, all at the same time. The anxiety of it is cracking him, right before the Barabarian’s eyes.

    From above, the Shifters hear panic and confusion from the other Barflys:

    “…the hell’dhe go? Coulda swore he was here just a minute ago…” the Half-Elf confusedly asks everyone in general, not sure what’s happened to Oak. “..s’jest like the other night…”

    Two of the chairs get kicked over, seemingly at once. From where the Shark-Man and the Muscular Woman had sat, an eerie and foreboding silence builds. “Wouldn’t try it,” a husky voice says finally (it must belong to the muscular woman). “Not worth the take. You gonna be a problem, Champ?”

    “Oh, *absolutely*!” The Shark-Man responds, knuckles cracking, voice practically dripping bloodlust.

    The “Kenku”, still at his seat, is having a muttered, fierce discussion, in two separate voices. No one else seems to have noticed.

    Feet, too many, are stomping across the Deck. Oak and Jack can hear them coming this way. The Bartender standing above you is trying to swallow but failing; he’s making a strange gurgling noise with his tongue and throat.

    Gentleman!” The Shark-Man says from the other side of the Bar, his voice booming with congeniality. “Treat ya to a drink?”

    “Oh, don’t even try it,” The Muscular Woman says with an annoyed huff. “Sir, listen…”

    Nearby, the Kenku tenses

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    "So much for shore leave," Urixes mutters, slipping on the cloak as he turns toward the restaurant. Finding a nondescript place to stand nearby, he waves a hand towards where he thinks Oak and Jack would be, whispering a Message to them. "Big bastards coming in for you. Something wrong here. Slip out quietly. Meet me by the kelp carts."

    Geth, roll 2d20k1+2 for Stealth Check

    Stealth Check:
    2d20k1+2 21 [2d20k1=[19], 17]

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    With the arguing at the bar growing louder and the barman looking increasingly like he might break down any second Jack shrugs and whispers to Oak, "I'll lead them away, you make your way out when the coast is clear."

    He pulls out a pouch and retrieves a pebble from it, spinning it between his fingers and staring into the distance for a moment as he perform some mental math. So if they're behind the bar and the enemy party just arrived, then the entrance would be... With a quick flick he throws the item up over the bar and 20ft towards the entrance/stairs, appearing in its place and striking a pose at them.

    "Gentlemen! If you would have me, you'll first have to catch me!" He flicks his wolf mask down for added dramatic flourish and sprints away, weaving between departing patrons, another pebble already in his grasp in case someone is overly fast or ambitious.

    ((OOC: He'll try to pull them with him away from Oak, then try and lose them in the crowd by using a teleport stone to either get up high or teleport himself off the dock. I eagerly await what horrors Jack has to roll to succeed :D ))

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Arno looks at Anna as she nervously fills them in on the terrifying figure Pom.

    " you just, assume that every single changeling that comes in the door is Pom? I mean, I know we all look alike...well, that is we all don't look... I mean...well I'm not Pom. He sounds like a bad sort, and I can assure you I am a very upstanding citizen. Well, for a pirate. I mean, there are actually a pretty good number of upstanding pirates, but I think we stand just a bit more up than most. So no need to worry about your little ones. Actually, I'll be babysitting a few lizardlings, maybe we can come by tomorrow? It would be fun to find them some playmates."

    As the massive plate arrives, Arno suddenly realized they are starved. "Oh, Jack is going to love this. But sorry, I meant to order this to-go? I'm meeting up with my friends to try a little bit of everything around here, we just arrived for the first time. Oh, just one bite won't hurt, there'll be plenty left."

    Once the commotion rises, Arno looks out the door. "Darn it, we just got here. It's like everything has to go sideways immediately, we hardly get to just take in the sights. Wait, there are a lot of people maybe it isn't...ugh I can't even finish that sentence. Better tell the captain. And I'm sure she'll be so grumpy when I tell her."

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Run run run! Before the group behind him can alert the two guards at the gangplank he attempts to squeeze between them, "Pardon me, 'scuse me, coming through...!"

    Geth, roll 1d20+4 for Dex Saving Throw

    Dex Saving Throw:
    1d20+4 19 [1d20=15]

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Like a glove! He leads the group on a merry chase, sprinting around the docks and down Drummer Street, hoping for a crowd to make his next trick less obvious. Oh, that'll do. He aims his next pebble at one of the smaller boats anchored around the Rat Shit Corner that doesn't appear to have anyone on it. All he needs is a vessel with a deck low enough to hide him from the main causeway.

    Geth, roll 2d20k1+7 for Stone Throw

    With the stone in flight he turns his upper body to yell at his pursuers, "Nobody catches The Wolf!" before sprinting into the midst of a dense group, hoping the confusion will cover his disappearance.

    Stone Throw:
    2d20k1+7 26 [2d20k1=[19], 14]

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak doesn't wait all that long after Jack creates a distraction to try his own escape. He keeps low, a mixture of crawling and crouching as he tries to sneak into the kitchen, hop out a window and scale down the mast to the docks below.

    Geth, roll 1d20+2 for Stealth

    1d20+2 11 [1d20=9]

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    edited October 2021
    Arno still isn’t sure the young woman trusts the assurances, despite their very best efforts. However, the attendant is eager to load up a box with their leftovers and place it upon Arno’s head. “Glad to help!” she says rather breathlessly. “You can come back any…umm, anytime…” the young woman parrots before she can stop herself. From behind the Chum Bucket’s kitchen door, a dozen small eyes peer out at the Changeling from grubby faces, fearful and curious in equal measure...

    Once outside and assuming the form of a Chondrichthyes, Shark*Arno takes to the waters of Chaff, headed straight across the “bay” towards the Copper Camel. Ships are steadily sailing in and out of the area, as the Shipyard is one of the major “lanes” within the city. While the Changeling swims along, attempting to keep the box overhead dry, boats that notice them throw up the sails or spin their wheels, to avoid ramming the swimming creature below. Angry curses and shouts come out from many of the Decks, as Sailors move to avoid hitting the heavily-laden Shark. A few cold faces don’t bother to shift their crafts at all, and its all Arno can do to swim out of the way at the last moment to avoid being trodden. “Get out of the lane, jackass!” comes a surly voice from somewhere above. “Think yer special? That cause you’re a Shark, you get to just swim wherever you want? Get-outta-here!

    After a less-than-enjoyable swim (bottles were flung as freely as the insults), the Changeling finally paddles up to Dead Dog Drive, and the walk leading up inside the Triumvirate of the Copper Camel.


    At the top of the gangplank into the High-End Tavern stands a terse and regal looking woman, holding a clipboard and watching Arno intently. The woman seems…less than welcoming. The look on her face very much says “I was hoping not to have to shoo-off vagrants today”. She tries her best to avoid eye contact, and clings to the clipboard at her chest like a protective holy symbol…

    Jack’s plan seems to have worked! The commotion distracted the Orc’s entourage, splitting the armored pirates between attempting to pursue the young Shifter as he ports’ around, and attempting to calm and control the now whooping and tense-to-bursting crowd aboard the restaurant…

    The second Jack reappeared near the gangplank, the Muscular Woman grabbed a glass mug from the Bar counter, and *BASHES* it over the Shark-Man’s head! The Shark-Man goes down to one knee, and makes a slowly building keening-noise…which is eventually revealed to be building, gut-busting laughter. “…..ahahahahahahaHA! Now it’s a party!” With a drunken shout, the Man-Shark hurls himself into the Muscular Woman, knocking her into a handful of her comrade’s and bowling the lot to the floor!

    As the Man-Shark assaults the newcomers, the “Kenku” suddenly bursts in two! The top half, still wearing the beak-mask and hat, steals several bags of food from behind the counter, before cutting back across the bar and dashing towards the flag pole like a tiny comet! The lower half, dragging a twice-too-tall robe behind it, makes to steal several wallets from the fallen, thrashing pirates. When one of the prone pirates makes to grab the young child’s hand, he produces a small thick knife, and *STABS* the offending robbery-victim in the palm, before making towards the back of the boat and disappearing into the crowd!

    This whole while, Oak has been creeping, slowly, quietly, gently, along the underside of the Bar. The Barbarian watches his steps, his space…his breathing…and crab-walks over to the Kitchen doors as chaos erupts all around him. He’s two steps away…he’s pushing into the kitchen…. Hmmmm, the Shifter thinks to himself momentarily, feeling an unbidden swell of pride. Think I’m gonna make it…


    The Barkeep, still not having moved, finally drops the cup he’s been polishing, and it falls to the floor in a burst of sounds and tinkling glass! Most of the melee is too busy to notice, but one of them…Gorgeous Grigmar himself…looks over. He sees the glass…the Barkeep…and Oak, crouching near the kitchen doors. A sound like a *FURIOUS* Wildcat escapes from the Oak as he makes eye contact with the Barabarian. For the first time, Oak notices the Orc’s face…and the fresh, massive bite-mark over where the Orc’s nose used to reside. “*YOU!*” The Orc says, raising an accusatory finger. “*THE BITER*!”. Gorgeous Grigmar is now running, hopping over the counter within an instant, headed Oak’s way as fast as he can…

    From their respective positions (mulling about the Kelp Carts watching the Ocean, and crouched in a boat with Fusspot avoiding a Search Party, respectively), Urixes and Jack are able to take in some of the idle talk and gossip of the people within the Marauder’s Market:


    - Gorgeous Grigmar takes the issue with Jack and Oak personally. Whatever the Orc’s problem with the two Shifters is, it goes way beyond whatever happened to his nose and pride…

    - Chaff is practically *BUZZING* with influence this week. Not only is the Sun Prince’s Herald here in person (and, the community assumes, a influx of hidden Shifters they don’t know about alongside them), but so is a self-proclaimed leader of the Modrons, a known chief of Wild Kind, and the assumed killers of the Little Witch!

    - The Professor, a man of some note and influence within the Expanse, is also here. He was scheduled to give some sort of presentation today, on the capabilities of steam power, but apparently it’s been postponed for some reason, and the little man hasn’t been seen since arrival…

    - A Fund has been started, to fix the extensive damage done to the Grey Maw which cut off the Twilight Expanse from even the possibility of reaching outside. The Fund is mostly considered a joke, or a scam manufactured by the Prince’s people: no one is buying

    - A Sea Monster has been sighted in the area. Although not positive, the Hunter’s Guild is increasingly concerned that a Kraken has risen! Take extra care on the Open Waters, until they declare the creature dead or moved on from these parts

    - Apparently, Chaff has a rather sizeable orphan population, which has vanished from the streets this past week. People seem more bemused than concerned at this point: few, it seems, care for the Orphan population here

    - Be careful headed East, past a place known as “Stink-Pit”. More and more sailors seem to be avoiding the area, either due to the volcanic environment, or possibly something sinister and mysterious which dwells on the island itself...

    mrpaku on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak wants to strangle the barkeep at this point, he was so close to escaping undetected and now the Orc himself is charging towards the Shifter. There is clearly some sort of misunderstanding here but there doesn't seem to be a talk it out option.

    Instead, Oak gets through the kitchen doors as quickly as he can and looks for something like a bag or large bowl that he could pull over the Orc's head when he crashes through the doors. Perhaps with the element of surprise he can catch the Orc off guard and have him confused enough to give himself time to escape.

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    edited October 2021
    Geth, roll 1d20+7 for Grain Bag (Athletics)

    Grain Bag (Athletics):
    1d20+7 9 [1d20=2]

    AustinP0027 on
  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    Geth roll 2d20-1 Perception (Grigmar the Gorgeous)

    Perception (Grigmar the Gorgeous):
    2d20-1 11 [2d20=10, 2]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    On their way out, Arno makes sure to leave 4 gold on the table. "Keep the change, and maybe get a few treats for the little ones."

    Gracefully jumping into the water, Arno lands perfectly, with the food on their snout. Wow, it even smells better as a shark! Boy, Jack is going to be bummed he missed out on this. But maybe I should have been a seal instead, this isn't easy to balance on..WOAH a boat and a couple bottles nearly smack Arno in the head.

    Making it across in good time, Arno splashes to the front door. Having dealt with this type before, Arno decides to take the social short cut.

    "Hello, I'm in a bit of a rush so I won't waste time trying to chip away at your stern exterior with my wit and charm. Here." And the changeling opens their purse back to show off over 800 gold, their share of the treasure both found on the Rak'Ta ships and the bonus. "I believe this should be enough for me to count as a person in your eyes. Now, I will be needing a room and too book a couple massages for the next few days, but my absolute most urgent need right now is for you to grab a bell hop and have them give a message to Captain Arabella this minute. The message is 'Arno is out front. The wild bunch had a code Lucky Jack with the Queen's guards, but Arno swears it's not our fault.' That should get her out here in a hurry."

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    edited October 2021
    The cook’s mouths hang open, gawking over their simmering ranges as the Barbarian *BURSTS* into the kitchen. Oak halts just behind the swinging kitchen door, eyes quickly searching the counters for something with which to halt his pursuer. A rice bag, previously emptied and currently being used as a trash receptacle, hangs from one side of a counter, filled at the bottom with dripping egg shells and fruit rinds...

    Seconds later, Gorgeous Grigmar *BASHES* his way through the kitchen door with his shoulder, seeking out the Shifter with something akin to vengeance! From just behind the swinging door, Oak forces the rice bag over the Orc’s head. The two big men struggle back and forth for a few moments: Oak attempting to subdue (but not hurt) the huge brute, and Grigmar clawing and scratching to get out, with more strength than Oak would’ve imagined! Their tussle eventually takes them both to the floor, where the pair roll back and forth across each other, until Grigmar finally bangs his head into one of the heated pipes during the struggle. As the Orc groggily tries to collect himself, Oak doubles-back out the still-swinging kitchen doors, leaps the bartop (as the melee nearby still goes on, the Man-Shark *hooting* from atop a group of men), and makes towards the Restaurant’s flag pole, shimmying down with a surprising grace.

    A handful of people scatter as the large Shifter hits the boardwalk below, but most watch with excited anticipation. Another “fellow” in a large trenchcoat (exactly the same make and model coat as the “Kenku” you saw inside, in fact), having watched Oak’s situation, gives him a subtle wave, and totters off to the West, guiding Oak to safety and secrecy in a nearby alley.

    Roughly around the time Grigmar, eggs still dripping from his face, emerges to look down the flag mast where his quarry escaped, Oak and the orphan pair are haggling in an alley. The top-half, Molly, puts her hands on her hips defiantly. “5 gp! For the coat and all the scarves! Take it or leave it!” the young orphan says, her tone that of a crimelord.

    “Fuck’s sake, Molly!” her companion Ringo chides, scratching the back of his neck nervously. “It’s just a coat!”

    “This is why you don’t go on runs, runt,” Molly says with utter disgust, spitting at Ringo’s feet. “You think they’re anything but marks. Look…this fella is on the run. He’s in desperate, specific need! And he can’t get our product anywhere else at the present moment! So, that’s when ya bend em’ over a barrel, en’ you really start…

    “Alright, alright,” Ringo says, still looking a little green around the gills. “But let’s hurry. They’ve stopped looking for the little guy, and now they’re about to start dragging the streets…”

    Arno seems to have discovered the key to the maître d’s heart. The terse woman looks over the purse with a single flicking finger, taking account of Arno’s hoard within the time it takes a heart to beat. “A rather garish presentation,” the woman says quietly, being very judgmental of either Arno or herself right now (possibly, both?) “…but certainly effective. Very well, then,” the regal attendant says, straightening herself. “*I* am Madame Zelena…and *I* am at your immediate heed and call. Welcome, to The Triumvirate of the Copper Camel!

    “Rates for living spaces here are 40gp a night, which I can assure you are incredibly reasonable given the quality of service, of care….and of discretion, we can provide, for the wealthy traveler and dignitary! Let’s get you to the front desk, so we can envision your stay, and prepare your room…”

    However, Madame Zelena frowns at Arno’s next request. She checks her clipboard…checks it again. A glance, subtly, back at Arno’s purse, and then a frown. “…no. No, I’m sorry,” she says, with what seems to be a genuine concern and confusion. “There’s no “Captain Arabella” on my list, and even if there was…a *GREAT* part of the prestige of staying at the Copper Camel is discretion, I’m afraid…If she was a guest here, and it doesn’t appear she is, I wouldn’t be able to tell you, not without her “express” permission…” The maître d leans over to Arno, and whispers quietly in their ear: “They’d kill me. It’s part of the contract. Secrecy is *everything*, here.”

    Now,” Madame Zelena says, straightening her back and checking the clipboard with an intense eye. “If you had the proper room number…even a proper name, *then* I might be able to help, but otherwise…”

    mrpaku on
  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "Ummm, maybe just Captain Ari?" Oh, why can't I be better with names, after all this... "Oh, Arabella Stellanova. Or she may have checked in as Valtari. And if none of those work enough for you to get a message to her...well then I guess I am simply forced to check into your fine establishment and hope I bump into her at what I am hoping is a well appointed spa perfect for pampering. I'm sure they can handle a few hours being processed and held until we spring them out."

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    The name "Valtari" makes Madame Zelena light right up. "*One moment*, let me just check!" The (now, dutiful and incredibly pleasant woman) replies, disappearing up the gangplank back up into the Ship. A pair of guards near the entrance shrug at one another, before turning back to their business.

    Five minutes pass. Then ten...

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Arno begins to feel a bit guilty.

    What are you doing, your friends just got picked up by the fuzz. Sure, a jail cell is really nothing compared to the last couple weeks

    A small voice in the back of the changling's head.
    Treat yo' self.

    And shouldn't you be focusing. You could find some medical texts, or more about the Eye, or perhaps that part of the vision about the moon being able to guide us, maybe protect Jack from Malar's influence.

    The small voice gets louder.

    And you are a Druid. You were in the mud with the Rak'Ta, you are one with the woods and the sea. Is this really where you belong?

    "Madame Zelena, does your spa use all natural oils and ethically sourced seaweed for wraps?"

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "Bub bub baaa... guess it takes a while. So, if you two don't mind me asking, anything interesting in the past few days? We just docked this morning so I haven't had a chance to get any local gossip yet."

    Geth roll 1d20+5 for Gab session with the guards persuasion

    Gab session with the guards persuasion:
    1d20+5 8 [1d20=3]

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak forks over the 5 gold, knowing when he is t in a position to bargain, and wraps himself in layers of clothes, feeling absolutely foolish.

    Thankfully, the disguise works enough to get him to the Kelp Carts. Sure people noticed him, but they didn't take as strong of an interest as they had before which suited him just fine.

    He stands uncomfortably waiting for Urixes and Jack to arrive.

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack wakes up with a snort at the sharp pinch on his ear, "Ow! Oh, sorry..." He fishes out some stale jerky from his pocket (a cumbersome act when lying on your back) to feed to the ravenous griffin and peers at the sky. How long had he been out?

    He peers over the edge of the boat. All clear? Looks clear. His stomach rumbles and he begins making plans to return to the docks to pick up his meal when a part of his brain that's not all idiot (a rare interruption indeed) reminds him he has places to be. Kelps, was it?

    With a combination of sneaking, luck and some griffon training to teach him how to steal a wide-brimmed hat ("No, not a scarf, that... oh, that actually looks pretty good on me. But also, I still need a hat, Mister Fusspot!") the 'disguised' Jack arrives at their meeting point, fashionable and late. He grins at Oak, "Told you I had a plan!"

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    The guards look at each other gormlessly at the Changeling’s request. These brutes don’t seem to be the most talkative, or clever, pair Arno has ever met…

    One, the hulk whose helmet obscures most of his face, shrugs his shoulders silently. He either doesn’t understand Common, can’t help you, or doesn’t care either way.

    The other, one-scarred eye and a sprig of brown hair exposed, scratches the back of his neck with the hilt of a blade. “Some odd Shifters an’ a Tiefing turned the place into a royal shitshow. Trashed the taverns, assaulted half the village, burned some shit down. Fun to watch! But, not fun to clean up, let me tell you…”

    “They got run outta town few nights back, right after the Tiefling ran a big-score at Sport-O-Kings…lot turned tail an’ fled Northeast outta here! The Queen’s Men wanted em’ dead an caught, but she let em’ go, for some odd reason…”

    “En’t a’sposed to gassip,” the hulk says thickly.

    “Right, well, that’s just what I heard,” Sprig says matter-of-factly. “Only have to be a guest to get the “no-names” treatment, right? En’t my job to be discrete for every Wolf an’ Bear that charges through here, like they’re trying to commit suicide-by-pirate, issit?” The man with the scarred eye asks his friend hotly. The hulk shrugs his shoulders again.

    “Oh! And there’s gonna be a festival!” Sprig suddenly remembers, his mood changing on a dime. “Professor’s in town…gonna show off some “game-changer”. Supposed to be why all the big-wigs are showing up this week…get a gander at the new goods!”

    After nearly thirty minutes of waiting, Madame Zelena returns, half-jogging down the gangplank to meet Arno. “Ahh! Apologies, for the wait. I have made contact, but…um...well, in the interest of “our mutual friend’s” discretion, I should say no more, for the moment. Can you come with me please?” the regal woman pleads, maintaining her professionalism but seeming slightly desperate…

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    "Glad you both made it," a disembodied voice says. Lowering the hood of his cloak, Urixes appears from the shadows not two feet away from Jack and Oak. "Some strange shit going on here."

    He looks Oak over and fights back a grin. "We need to get out of sight. I've got a lead on a safehouse, but the owner is playing hardball. Apparently we've all been here before and stirred up a tsunami of trouble, and this guy wants a cut of the action."

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "Yes, absolutely Madame." Arno tosses a gold to the talkative guard. "Thanks for the heads up, the festival sounds interesting."

    "Just a heads up Madame, I don't have good news for her. So expect some very, very blue language."

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    edited October 2021
    "Been here before?" Oak says as he pulls a colorful scarf away from is mouth. "Feels like something I would remember. I get the feeling we are being set up."

    "Not that it changes the plan much. Need somewhere to get out of sight for a bit."

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