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Quit your [job] thread



  • QuantumTurkQuantumTurk Registered User regular
    Tell em how many times you can kill olmec and how efficiently!

    Commander ZoomBucketmanPinfeldorf
  • TurksonTurkson Near the mountains of ColoradoRegistered User regular
    Solar wrote: »
    Bad choice in an arch nemesis, he's really nice and likeable

    One of the other Devs told me in my meet the team one on one call with him that he would "follow that man into hell" I shit you not, his exact words, and how often do you hear that about a platform developer/CEO?

    I have said this about many people I know and have worked with. Some from loyalty and others just to see what happens.

    oh h*ck
  • ZonugalZonugal (He/Him) The Holiday Armadillo I'm Santa's representative for all the southern states. And Mexico!Registered User regular
    Today I am subbing for the high school music teacher.

    He's busy today, as he's buying his wife, an English teacher at the same school, a pony.

    Wild times...

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  • Magic PinkMagic Pink Tur-Boner-Fed Registered User regular
    Zonugal wrote: »

    He's busy today, as he's buying his wife


  • AthenorAthenor Battle Hardened Optimist The Skies of HiigaraRegistered User regular
    OH MY GOD.

    There's no better and yet disheartening problem than finding a single fucking config flag buried deep in an ancient system that has been causing you a week of stress. On one hand.. WTF. On the other hand, you found and fixed it!

    *furiously scribbles documentation*

    He/Him | "A boat is always safest in the harbor, but that’s not why we build boats." | "If you run, you gain one. If you move forward, you gain two." - Suletta Mercury, G-Witch
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  • BucketmanBucketman Call me SkraggRegistered User regular
    Oh man, we're doing a holiday "party" via zoom. Its been going on too long and is going for awhile more. We just had a vote for best holiday sweater and someone made a joke about making sure the votes were certified and I've never seem senior management jump in so fast to put a kibash on that.

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  • Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan Registered User regular
    Love it when you're on the same page as your manager.
    "I found the issue in finance's bad audit this month"
    "Let's send it middle of next week so they understand we're busy and can't just drop everything"

  • BucketmanBucketman Call me SkraggRegistered User regular
    Carpy wrote: »
    sarukun wrote: »
    So long as the secret librarian hand gesture doesn’t get out.

    Everybody sees you doing the jerkoff when you don’t like a patron, you guys aren’t fooling anybody.

    Like this?


    I was a projectionist and then a manager at a movie theater for over 6 years.

    This is true. And we are not discreet or tasteful about it. Once I worked the lights in an empty theater with two teens doing the dirty while another manager confronted them and she was just like "Look we see you and we want you to know you can finish the movie but please don't finish each other, we don't want to clean up after you"

    Once we discovered it and my fellow projectionist went to go help the ushers clean the theater and couldn't help himself from giving the guy a high five.

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  • DouglasDangerDouglasDanger PennsylvaniaRegistered User regular
    Ugh TGIF I suppose

    DynagripL Ron Howardwebguy20Commander Zoom
  • PeenPeen Registered User regular
    Same with anyone who thinks they'll get away with having sex in a public library, we always know.


    And we will make a major point of embarrassing the eternal crap out of you and barring you for a year. Don't be stupid.

  • Librarian's ghostLibrarian's ghost Librarian, Ghostbuster, and TimSpork Registered User regular
    Turned in the last assignment for this grad class I took this semester. I need all of you to please remind me as harshly as possible not to take another grad class, even if it is free. If I ever mention it again, you have my permission to punch me in the face.

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  • tynictynic PICNIC BADASS Registered User, ClubPA regular
    Peen wrote: »
    Same with anyone who thinks they'll get away with having sex in a public library, we always know.


    And we will make a major point of embarrassing the eternal crap out of you and barring you for a year. Don't be stupid.

    Fascinated at the idea of a person who would bang in public library, but be embarrassed about getting caught.
    (I'd probably ask if there was some kind of badge)

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