[Stellaris] Robo Mommy Returns to Dom Meatbags [Machine Age DLC]



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    FiatilFiatil Registered User regular
    edited April 12
    Fiatil wrote: »
    I do think it's hilarious that 2 of their first 7 big bullet points are just content from other expansions, weird look for the $25 DLC:
    • Individualistic Non-Gestalt Machine Empires​
    • Gestalt Machine Intelligence Empires (also unlocked by the Synthetic Dawn Story Pack)​
    • Three new Origins​
    • Civics​
    • Two Mid-Game Structures​
    • New Ascension Paths for Machine Empires​
    • Cybernetic and Synthetic Ascension (also unlocked by Utopia)

    Not sure I'm following on this one?

    You obviously need the content to use other features in the expansion, so they have to include it. If you don't own those other expansions, then it is content you don't already own and should be advertised as part of the expansion. And people who do own the prior content (or those who'd be willing to buy the older expansions) should be informed that the content exists elsewhere.

    I just get more excited for DLC when the second most "big ticket" item in the DLC isn't something they sold me like 6 years ago. I pay $25 whether I already paid for those features previously or not.

    Given that the price has increased for this DLC, it feels lame. How about a $5 discount for already having bought some of those features at full price 6 years ago? Thank you, long term customer, for buying our DLC over the years. I will now bundle those features with a new DLC alongside new features, increase the price, and you pay the same price as someone who didn't pay $15 or whatever to us last time around.

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    DonnictonDonnicton Registered User regular

    Machine Age is out - word is it's actually good, too. The season pass may actually turn out to be worth it after all.

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    Undead ScottsmanUndead Scottsman Registered User regular
    Turns out you can't have Resource Consolidation (start with a machine world) with individualistic machines, so there goes my no-mod Transformers idea.

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    DacDac Registered User regular
    Time for that time of Stellaris: waiting for mods to get updated so that they don't instantly crash your game.

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