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Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti Day

KetarKetar Come on upstairswe're having a partyRegistered User regular
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And Wednesday nights feel like a good time to watch a movie with fellow forumers and forget about everything else for a little bit. Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot, or something like that. So I'm inviting anyone who could use an extra bit of distraction to join me Wednesdays at 9:30pm CST to watch a movie and have a few laughs. Movies could be brand new or 40 years old, big budget or indy as hell, well-known and loved or something you've never heard of - the only consistency will be that I want them to be something that people can enjoy while taking their minds off of things for a bit.

Some weeks I'll tell everyone what I've selected in advance and other weeks I might just post a video, name of an actor or director, or my best ascii representation of an interpretive dance to give you a hint of what we're doing.

We're going to be using Zoom for this. The link to join my Zoom meeting is below.

I'll get the meeting going 10 minutes ahead of time, at 9:20pm CST and start the movie at 9:30.

Ketar on


  • KetarKetar Come on upstairs we're having a partyRegistered User regular
    For this week, I'm going with a movie from the last 5 years that always puts a smile on my face. It has nearly 200 positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and yet barely anyone I know has even heard of it, let alone watched it. It's great and more people need to see it. And it has a good beat and you can dance to it.

  • KetarKetar Come on upstairs we're having a partyRegistered User regular
    Alright, it's Wednesday and I have my ingredients ready to get started on my meatballs and marinara sauce in a few hours so they can cook all afternoon.

    This song's been popping into my head at times while thinking about tonight's movie.

  • KetarKetar Come on upstairs we're having a partyRegistered User regular

    "Stephen Tobolowsky [Ned? Ned Ryerson?] recounts in an episode of his podcast The Tobolowsky Files that his girlfriend screenwriter Beth Henley and he met David Byrne and Talking Heads when Jonathan Demme invited them to a preview screening of Stop Making Sense. Shortly afterward, Byrne invited Henley and Tobolowsky over to his house and showed them a collection of hundreds of drawings he had made and put up on his wall. He explained they were based on clippings he had scrapbooked from tabloids as the band had been on tour. He had been intrigued by the idea of making a film based on the premise, "What if all these stories were true?" and wanted Henley and Tobolowsky to write the script based on those drawings.

    Tobolowsky was aware that Texas was coming up on its sesquicentennial celebration, and thought that would provide a good framework for the characters Byrne had invented. Henley and he wrote a draft and provided it to Byrne, then did not hear back from him for about a year. It later turned out that Byrne had rewritten their script almost entirely, keeping only a few lines and the sesquicentennial framework from the first draft. However, he asked Tobolowsky and Henley for permission to list their names ahead of his as scriptwriters so the film would seem less like a "vanity project.""

    David Byrne went ahead and directed a film from that script, True Stories. It includes John Goodman in one of his earliest roles as "a country-western-singing clean room technician at Varicorp who is unlucky in love." The video above for Wild Wild Life is a modified version of an actual scene in the movie.

    I'm going to stream this one tonight at 9:30pm CST via Zoom - link in the OP. If you're curious about a David Byrne-directed movie based on tabloid stories, stop on by and join me.

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