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[Hearthstone] United in Horror at All of This



  • I needed anime to post.I needed anime to post. boom Registered User regular
    H3Knuckles wrote: »
    Ah. I've only just recently started paying attention to Hearthstone again for the first time since around when the Naxx stuff was added, so I was just going off a first impression from looking up what Maestra's card did.

    yeah basically what happened was that in the set maestra was released in, she's basically just a joke meme card that doesn't do anything

    then what winds up happening in this current set is that they print cards who benefit greatly from the fact that she literally makes you a Non-Rogue class until you play a class card - for example, the Gnoll that gets his cost reduced every time you add a card to your hand that isn't from your class. when you're not a rogue, every time you draw a rogue card, he gets his cost reduced

  • BeastehBeasteh THAT WOULD NOT KILL DRACULARegistered User regular
    There are a few bugs/inconsistencies with how gnolls cost gets affected by drawing cards while Not A Rogue

    Mostly to do with secret passage and shadowstep

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