Streaming games, and watching streamed games and streamed games to watch

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I figure I'm not alone in enjoying watching other people play D&D to scratch that itch when I can't get together with buddies and throw oddly shaped dice while imagining getting my brain eaten by squid headed monstrosities.

Thought it might be nice to put a thread out. Maybe share some tips on streaming games or just getting together online with your buddies to roll virtual dice.
If you're streaming games on Twitch or some other similar service maybe throw a link out (I'm not sure what the rules are on publicizing your own streams).

Maybe you watch the Acq Inc. games, maybe you follow Critical Role, maybe you follow some other streamed games?

I've been watching Acq Inc C-team streams, and the HyperRPG streams when they were running their BattleTech campaign, now I'm watching TotalPartyChill for Sunday night games.

Ringo wrote: »
Well except what see317 said. That guy's always wrong.
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