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Modern Elven Accent [chat]



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    I don’t understand quibi

    Someone here recommended the trash future episode on it and I highly recommend it but the long and short of it is that Quibi exists because interest rates and misallocated capital.

    What is trash future?

    See next post.

    It’s a podcast that from my experience is all about why shitty content gets financed.

    Edit: it’s an intelligent show with an interesting perspective.

    I am unsure of how to engage with this

    fuck gendered marketing
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    What about the lag time it takes to translate vibrations in your ear drum to neurological signals

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    I still have wired headphones

    I’m a boomer now
    No. You are pure, in the eyes of God.

    Honestly the idea of changing my headphones annoys me more than any other aspect

    While admirable, not being tethered to anything has huge advantages that are worth exploring.

    Er, that was meant to be chaRging

    Also I believe you but enh

    I’m not a jogger or anything

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    On average, this thread was careening by at warp 0.8

    @Hahnsoo1 will create the new thread
    @Echo is backup

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