Could you rate the personalities of the Penny Arcade characters in my survey?

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Hey, I am the creator of one of those "what character are you?" personality quizzes. I've tried to make mine a little more rigorous than the others. Mine is built on top of a database of characters generated by getting fans to rate to the personalities of the characters. My test currently has data for 1410 characters, and I would like to add the Penny Arcade ones to the list!

I'm coming up against the problem that the % of people who know Penny Arcade in my regular users is very low. So collecting ratings for PA is slow. I thought I'd just come directly to the source and ask for volunteers to take my survey and rate the PA characters.

My quiz is at [ceres edit]

If you want to help out, the survey where characters get rated is part of the flow of the main quiz so:

1. take the quiz
2. at the end when you are asked if you are willing to rate some characters to improve the quiz, select yes
3. when you are given a list of fictional universes, select Penny Arcade
4. rate our guys :)

It should be fairly easy.. thanks! And let me know your opinions if you have any

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    If you wanted to ask for descriptions here that's fine, and there are infinity comics up on the sire to read if you want to, but using the forum to solicit survey participation from the community is frowned upon.

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