I wish to be a layzboy

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Looking for a recliner, gotta rock, can't be huge, should be comfy, can buy new or willing to do refurb if they deliver because my honda fit isn't fitting a recliner in the back (probably). The problem comes that layzboy (and others, that's just the name I know) have a ton of small variations and stitching patterns and I've got no idea what is good because the only reviews are either on the furniture stores (and could be pruned) or they are bullshit review sites that scrape those reviews and feed them into an algorithm to write the review. Hilariously, if layzboy had less choices, I'd probably have already bought one by now. So....what's good in recliners? Bonus points if it can swivel, but that's a super low priority, and not worth the hundreds extra in the price I'm seeing. Just not too huge, and must rock. No leather (yay cats) Please don't quote it but I AM going to link Donovan Puppyfucker here because they have an opinion on literally every consumer good, and can tell me what bad ass one I should be buying but can't afford.

No really though hit me with those brands, or the "they are all about the same just pick one ya like in budget". Normally id be doing more sit testing but A. I'm not THAT picky, and B. The Rona.

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  • Donovan PuppyfuckerDonovan Puppyfucker A dagger in the dark is worth a thousand swords in the morningRegistered User regular
    I dunno anything about recliners. I do know there's plenty of companies making very good replicas of the Eames chair for a fraction of the cost of a real one, though!

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    That does look way more swank. Not sure if I'm willing to give up a chair that rocks but it's a new contender to complicate things. Or at least the replicas are. Trying to get out for 600usd or less here.

  • I ZimbraI Zimbra Worst song, played on ugliest guitar Registered User regular
    We have a La-Z-Boy (a Coleman rocker, I believe) and it's great. Very comfortable and build like a rock. Might be a little larger than you're looking for, though.

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