COVID-19: Con Voyage

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While 2020 may be over, we still have to deal with the aftermath. While a vaccine for COVID-19 has been developed, we still have limited supply and therefore for the majority if people the virus is still a hazard. This means conventions and other public events are still at risk of being cancelled or postponed in the hopes of wider vaccination.

This thread is for reporting only: please include OFFICIAL sources when reporting a cancellation or postponement. Corrections are also welcome!

If an event is not on here, then dates haven’t been formally announced yet.


The event is not happening. If an online event has been announced, then it will be mentioned in parentheses.

CES (Online Event January 11-14)
PAX South
Magfest (Online Event...but there’s been controversy of employee abuse)
Awesome Games Done Quick (Online Event January 3-10)
SXSW (Online Event March 9-11)


The event has been pushed back OR its announced dates for 2021 are later than what is normal (eg, typically late winter event given summer 2021 dates, for example).

PAX East (announced for June 3-6)
GDC (announced for July 19-23)
Emerald City Comic Con (announced for December 2-5)

On Schedule

The event has been announced for 2021 and is occurring as it normally would.

Anime Boston
Gen Con
PAX West
PAX Unplugged

As always, if you are planning on going to an event, prepare to go but have a backup plan. We’re entering a year of dealing with this, so most travel arrangements should have cancellation policies. Resist the temptation to take a cheaper hotel or air fare at the cost of a poor or absent refund policy.

Be safe! We may enter a hazy period where things aren’t 100% safe but deemed safe enough to run an event. Wash your hands, avoid physical contact, and just be smart. Obviously if you have an opportunity to get the vaccine (and it’s safe for you to do so) then take it! Just remember that a vaccination doesn’t mean you can’t be a carrier. For the sake of people who can’t get the vaccination, continue to practice safe and sanitary conduct. I mean as a convention goer you should already know how much con crud sucks even without the mortality rate.

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    1) @Sterica , you've got the wrong close tag under "Postponed" (put /b instead of /u)

    2) Regarding MAGFest, for more details on the situation: , please read the whole thing. I am acquainted with a number of parties involved on both sides of the issue, and from what I've personally witnessed, everything in that website is true and accurate. I don't think this thread is the place for discussion, but I'm happy to elaborate on my own perspective over PM.

    3) I wouldn't normally bother to talk about WorldCon, the World Science Fiction Convention, in a video game thread or forum, for... hah, a LOT of long story reasons, namely that WorldCon is run by a bunch of old fogey fandom grognards that make GenCon's leadership look hip and woke. HOWEVER, in an attempt to get with the dang times, the Hugo Awards have a category for Best Videogame now. I am desperately hoping that Cyberpunk 2077 is not nominated, nor does it win.

    This year's WorldCon is Discon III, taking place in Washington, DC (the naming scheme is because the con location moves around every year; this is the 3rd time it's been in DC). It's currently scheduled for August 25 -- 29, so here's hoping it can actually take place.

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    The Internet Fridge Expo Consumer Electronics Show is remote this year.

    CNET Link:

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    I'm not sure what they did exactly but it sounds like virtual MAGfest is canceled, and people are swearing the convention off and calling for the board to resign over whatever it is that has gone down.

    Ah, found context. Sounds like the board of directors has a harassment and corruption problem and the employees speaking out were retaliated against.

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    Whoa that sounds like way more is going on than just COVID. O.o

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    Whoa that sounds like way more is going on than just COVID. O.o

    Yeah. It's been a LONG time coming honestly -- a lot of the abuses of power by the MAGFest board go back at least five years, if not longer. COVID just kind of accelerated the timeline by putting EVERYONE in crisis and making it even more clear that they couldn't continue on the way they were going.

    On that note, there is an update! As of today, the ENTIRE MAGFest board of directors has resigned.

    Trust me when I say that this is a good thing. It's still baby steps and they have a LONG way to go before they've earned back any good will, especially among us locals, but it's a start.

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