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Rules and Guidelines for posting in H/A

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Please do not give objectively bad, illegal, or dangerous advice. Depending on how bad, dangerous, or illegal, you may be given a warning or even banned outright.

A Friendly Reminder (or two) About the Nature of the Internet

1) Everything you post here is public and very, very easily found via a search engine like Google, and once you post something it is never truly gone. If you have any reason to suspect that someone you don't want to find your post may one day find your post, it's better that you don't post it. Along with our requests for advice you might, in an attempt to be thorough, give more details than are strictly necessary. Keep in mind that things like real names, companies, places of business, and who you did what with where can all be traced back to your post (and possibly you if you give enough information) and the person will not need to be a member of the forum to do so. Is this a little paranoid? Absolutely, but please keep it in mind when you make your post about your best friend, girlfriend, or legally precarious situation.

When you are attempting to give advice, don't ever, ever ask for this kind of specific information.

2) IANAL, and neither are you (except for maybe two of you). The speeding ticket you got when you were 19 does not license or qualify you to advise on the outcome of a potential lawsuit like it's in the bag. Please DO point to relevant resources, but please leave your Judge Judy robe and gavel at home.

To those seeking advice about legal matters, there ARE two or three lawyers floating around the forums who stop by H/A once in a while. They usually identify themselves as such when they talk about their general knowledge of the subject, and might be able to give you an idea of what you might expect for a given process, but they CANNOT give you actual legal advice. This is because although they are lawyers, they are not YOUR lawyer, and that is a prerequisite. Any advice in the form of "DEFINITELY DO [action]" should be taken with a grain of salt unless that advice is "DEFINITELY TALK TO A LAWYER".

P.S. IANAD (doctor) and neither are you (except for maybe two of you). All that stuff up there about lawyers and legal advice goes for doctors and medical advice as well. All of it, every last bit.

Feeling the Need for Anonymity?

"I have this thing I want to ask but I don't want people I know to find out about it... can I make an alt for it?"

Yes, yes you can. H/A is the only part of the PA forum where alt-making is allowed so that people can ask about their extra-marital affair or foot fungus or whatever. There are, however, a few provisos:

1) The anonymity is not total and forum staff can still see who you are. We generally don't care and won't tell, but if you really don't want anyone at all to know about how you cheated on your partner, be aware that we will still be able to see that it's you.
2) Your alt may only be used in H/A, and only in topics created by the account. If anyone on staff sees it being used in other parts of the forum it will be banned and your main account penalized.
3) Do not use your alt to talk to yourself, or your main account to give it "advice" or bump its thread. It’s just really sad.
4) Don't abuse the privilege. If you like to ask a lot of questions anonymously, get used to recycling. One or two alts per user are fine, but if there are a lot of them being generated for the same main account you will no longer be allowed to use them.
5) Be scrupulous about the rules while using your H/A alt - your main account will get the points.

It's worth noting that just because you can make an alt, that doesn't always mean that you should. If you can't post about whatever it is as yourself, you may want to think twice about posting it at all. Aside from asking yourself what you really have to hide and why it's so crucial no one knows it, if someone is really determined and has the tools most things can be traced back to you most of the time. If it’s about something for which you may need to retain counsel at some point, chances are your best bet is to keep it off the internet altogether, and the less said publicly the better. Just something to think about.

Infractions and You

If you or someone you love is infracted, and you have a problem with that infraction (or would like to express your glee), PM me or the moderator who gave out the infraction, whichever is appropriate. If you don't want to talk to us, you may PM the forum admin. This goes for any other moderator action as well.

An on-topic thread is never an appropriate place to discuss or even mention moderation or moderator action, and doing so will always mean points no matter who you are, how long you’ve been here, or how strongly you feel. This is standing policy for all of the PA forums and not unique to H/A. It is also completely, totally, 100% non-negotiable in perpetuity throughout the universe.

Threads About Other Forumers

Don't do this. Ever. Not even with an alt. It will result in a temp ban on your main account no matter who you are, length to be determined by me according to how egregious I find the violation at the time. Ever.

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