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Penny Arcade - Comic - Gunplay

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited April 2021 in The Penny Arcade Hub
imagePenny Arcade - Comic - Gunplay

Videogaming-related online strip by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins. Includes news and commentary.

Read the full story here

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  • OctoberRavenOctoberRaven Plays fighting games for the story Skyeline Hotel Apartment 4ARegistered User regular
    Games Workshop Is The Devil sounds like something Games Workshop has tried to copyright.

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  • Radiated RoninRadiated Ronin Registered User regular
    The only thing separating us from a realm of nasty flesh-hungry beings wanting to devour your eternal essence and wear your skin like a coat are an army of people armed with math and measuring tape. Tremble, ye Gods of Chaos, tremble!

  • T-DangerT-Danger Registered User regular
    I guess no one's told Tycho there are a few Gundam themed board games out there, complete with miniatures.

  • SynthesisSynthesis Honda Today! Registered User regular
    T-Danger wrote: »
    I guess no one's told Tycho there are a few Gundam themed board games out there, complete with miniatures.

    Though I don't think it's something Sunrise/Bandai have ever been that eager to license.

    Outside the United States anyway. Gundam has been merchandised since 1979, and I don't recall very many actual board games for it produced by Sunrise in the meantime. Maybe some other much less successful company handles it?

  • Man in the MistsMan in the Mists Registered User regular
    Surprised they didn't collaborate with FASA to make a tabletop game based off of Battletech.

  • Golden YakGolden Yak Burnished Bovine The sunny beaches of CanadaRegistered User regular
    I don't know why this seem so outrageously funny to me.

    Maybe it's the starkness of the final panel.

  • RingoRingo He/Him a distinct lack of substanceRegistered User regular
    I remember an older tabletop gaming friend asking our rpg group to play some board games with him. I remember the look on our faces when he produced the measuring tape for movement and range

    I identify strongly with Gabe's position here

    Sterica wrote: »
    I know my last visit to my grandpa on his deathbed was to find out how the whole Nazi werewolf thing turned out.
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  • Zoku GojiraZoku Gojira Monster IslandRegistered User regular
    edited April 2021
    Surprised they didn't collaborate with FASA to make a tabletop game based off of Battletech.

    Bandai wouldn't want to share, and FASA has been burned by IP holders before.

    I was gonna say it'd be cool for someone to revive Jovian Chronicles, but I just did a search, and Dream Pod 9 has continued to support it with figures and rules. It's pretty much UC Gundam space battles with more factions, no newtypes, and a focus on mass-production type mechs. With a fairly hard sci-fi setting, right down to ships being designed like buildings for artificial gravity under acceleration.

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  • H3KnucklesH3Knuckles But we decide which is right and which is an illusion.Registered User regular
    edited April 2021
    I mean, FASA hasn't really existed since about 2001 (just a holding shell for esoteric legal reasons), but they did a fair few licensed works in the 80's IIRC. Wikipedia says the first Star Trek RPG, a Trek starship combat game, and a Doctor Who game, as well as supplements for Traveller.

    But the bigger issue is, I don't know how successful Battletech ever was in Japan (interesting note; for the Japanese version of the game, FASA commissioned the animation studio who created Macross to make new original designs for the Macross-inspired battlemechs), so I don't think FASA would have been on Bandai's radar during the time period where FASA would have been willing to take on the license. By the 90's they were pretty firmly focused on their own IPs.

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  • SynthesisSynthesis Honda Today! Registered User regular
    edited April 2021
    Surprised they didn't collaborate with FASA to make a tabletop game based off of Battletech.

    Probably because it isn't popular enough.

    Gundam has been a huge franchise in Japan (and some other markets in East Asia) pretty much nonstop for 50 years now. Battletech isn't even that successful in the United States. On top of that, I don't think this particular genre of board game is particularly popular in Japan, not enough to warrant the effort in their opinion; I remember people who were interested just played imported Warhammer instead. I'd guess Sunrise didn't want to bother; if they did, I don't see why they'd pick FASA, and I actually like some of their stuff.

    Synthesis on
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  • shadowysea07shadowysea07 Registered User regular
    Honestly I'm surprised they didn't make a game connected to it. They could do stuff like amiibo's or whatever and probable rake in cash.

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