Bookmarks go to the current page, but not the latest unread posts

OrcaOrca Also known as EspressosaurusWrexRegistered User regular
When following the inline bookmarks (NOT the bookmarks page), it goes to the top of the latest page, but not down to the latest post. For example:


If I follow the link to the chat thread, it is the following: https://forums.penny-arcade.com/discussion/240506/the-church-vs-bath-houses-chat

Instead of: https://forums.penny-arcade.com/discussion/240506/the-church-vs-bath-houses-chat#latest

Using Firefox 88.0 on the desktop site.

edit from 20 minutes later: the #latest tag is showing up now? I'm so confused. Nevermind I guess?

edit from 40 minutes later: it seems to be intermittent. I just had the experience of it not linking to #latest on one thread and linking to #latest on another.

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    RingoRingo He/Him a distinct lack of substanceRegistered User regular
    I hadn't paid enough attention to know whether it's just from the bookmarks links but I have been having this happen intermittently for at least a week

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    OrcaOrca Also known as Espressosaurus WrexRegistered User regular
    This is still intermittently happening to me. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to which offsets in the bookmark list it strikes at any particular moment.

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    OrcaOrca Also known as Espressosaurus WrexRegistered User regular
    Bumping this since I still see this on occasion when I use the bookmark list instead of my bookmarks page.

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