Best way to sell/get rid of old games?

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This is hardly worth a new thread, but I didn't see any preexisting threads to fit it in, so apologies for clogging up the page.

I'm trying to clear out some of my unnecessary possessions, and while I've traditionally held on to my old games, I'm trying to push against my hoarder tendencies and whittle my collection down to the games that I have some sentimental attachment to or might one day play again. But I'm not sure what to do with the games that don't fall into that category. Gamestop trade-ins have always been a rip-off and at this point a lot of these are old enough that they might not take them anyway. Should I resort to Amazon or eBay? If so, should I try to sell a bunch at once, like organized by console maybe, or sell them individually? Alternatively, is there a good place to donate old games to where they are put to good use? I don't wanna just recycle them, that seems wasteful and just upsets me besides.

In case anyone here is interested (you probably won't be, they're mostly not great), here are the games I've decided to abandon so far. If someone wanted anything I'd just need whatever it costs to ship it; no need for monies otherwise.

edit - I just noticed the "buying retro software/hardware" thread, probably should just put this there, my bad

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