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Atmos media suggestions

Magus`Magus` The fun has been DOUBLED!Registered User regular
Forgive me if there is already a soundbar thread.

Anyhow, I recently got an Atmos capable soundbar but haven't really found much that makes it "obvious" in terms of the upward sound.

Any suggestions on stuff I can watch to test? If the effect is basically unnoticeable I may return the soundbar.



  • ShadowfireShadowfire Vermont, in the middle of nowhereRegistered User regular
    A lot of the Netflix movies are middling-to-bad, but they do impress on the visual and sound front. There was a bad movie with Ryan Reynolds with him and a bunch of mercenaries that I remember being in someone's house and swearing that a helicopter was buzzing their roof. I don't remember the name, but that's one place to start I think.

    Which soundbar is it? If it's the Sonos Arc, make sure to run the trueplay tuning.

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  • Magus`Magus` The fun has been DOUBLED! Registered User regular
  • nusunusu Registered User regular
    edited July 2021
    I used to be so much more into Home Theater and demo material, but here are a few things you could try either through streaming (Disney+/Appletv/itunes) or disk based media (hope you like SW/MCU):

    The Last Jedi
    Black Panther
    Thor Ragnarok
    Avengers Infinity War/End Game
    John Wick 3
    Mad Max Fury Road
    The Matrix
    Blade Runner 2049

    To be fair, part of this list is from googling, and the rest is from being in movie theaters equipped with Atmos systems.

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