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Penny Arcade - Comic - Anime

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imagePenny Arcade - Comic - Anime

Videogaming-related online strip by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins. Includes news and commentary.

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  • RingoRingo He/Him a distinct lack of substanceRegistered User regular
    Seems legit

    Sterica wrote: »
    I know my last visit to my grandpa on his deathbed was to find out how the whole Nazi werewolf thing turned out.
    Edcrab's Exigency RPG
  • Man in the MistsMan in the Mists Registered User regular
    Sounds pretty Persona 5 to me.

  • Zilla360Zilla360 21st Century. |She/Her| Trans* Woman In Aviators Firing A Bazooka. ⚛️Registered User regular
    Played the demo, can confirm it's peak anime.
    Scarlet Nexus has THE MOST anime-ass anime story that ever anime'd, basically. It's too much anime.

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  • DjiemDjiem Registered User regular
    Why do they always hide their fun gameplay upgrades behind the bullshit gameplay of the game?

  • palidine40palidine40 Registered User regular
    IF what Tycho says is NOT true, THEN Tycho is trolling at epic proportions...

  • Obsidian OxObsidian Ox Registered User new member
    The exact set of texts I sent to my sister this morning regarding this game:

    "Anime as 'F' - check"
    "Light hearted high school antics juxtaposed with relentless war and death - check"
    "J-Rock theme sung in all Japanese except for that one English phrase to cap of the song - check"
    "And that phrase is Engrish as all get out (Dream in Drive) - you absolutely bet"

    This game certainly knows what it is, and I'm cool with that. My issue is the vignettes are way more drawn out and dull than the skits in Tales of...and are not as involved as the ones in Persona (haven't seen any choices yet). Here's hoping a sequel sees some refinement.

  • zepherinzepherin Russian warship, go fuck yourself Registered User regular
    Sounds pretty Persona 5 to me.
    Yeah my first thought was Persona. God those games are incredible. Atlus why don't have I have Persona 6 right now?

  • GrendusGrendus Registered User regular
    I mean, they made Persona 5 Royal, which added a third semester and a handful of new characters (and vastly improved the gameplay), and then Persona 5 Strikers which continues the story of Joker and co. And now they're about to release SMT 5, which is in the same shared universe.

  • shadowysea07shadowysea07 Registered User regular
    It was alright. Not an amazing game or anything and left a lot of plot threads hanging. Totally forgot to mention the crappy science fiction stuff like timey whimey nonsense and psychic powers.

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