PAX Train 2021

generiliskgenerilisk Registered User new member
In the past, I remember taking the train along the west coast up to PAX, but it's been several years. Is this still a thing? I just got my 2021 tickets and am trying to figure out travel and lodging.


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    Captain Ironsides Captain Ironsides Registered User regular
    edited July 2021
    I remember there basically being a whole care filled with PAX-goers playing games with some training for the Omegathon in 2009, but I didn't see that in 2019 when I took the train last. Saw a lot of PAX-goers on the train still, but not like before.

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    ambrousisambrousis Salem, ORRegistered User regular
    I don't know if there will be an official train, might be too early to tell, but I'll be on the amtrak cascades train on the 2nd arriving at 3:30p if anyone wants to get a game in or just chat.

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