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[Steam] Where we don't click links we don't know even if our friends appear to send them!



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    Guy, theHunter: Call of the Wild is on sale on the Humble Store. Its the usual $1/$bta/$15 options, but for $15 you get the game and all of its DLC.

    Also, it has detailed breakdowns of where your shots hit:

    (Unfortunately, the game gives you poor marks for headshots.)

    There is a story though, which I wasn't expecting in a hunting simulator. I've just been hired to work in a reserve that has seen a steep downturn in revenue, and the warden is trying to figure out how to reverse course. He wants to add "adventure sporting" (rock climbing, snowboarding, etc) but the board is very stuffy and stonewalls anything that isn't traditional hunting (it doesn't help that the wardens dad nailed one of the other boardmember's sons for illegal poaching in the park, which created an uproar and caused several members loyal to the boardmember to reduce their funding significantly). Also, his dad is sick, and it looks like it may have been caused by runoff from an old uranium mine making its way into one of the lakes (the warden is taking care of his father, which is why I was hired to maintain the reserve).

    I have helped collect evidence against a conspiracy theorist who believes that the government is hiding something in the closed down uranium mine. I have searched for a yogi who took her class into the woods for a camping "retreat" without packing appropriate survival gear. I have helped locate an elderly man whose wife died three weeks ago who is heading to the spot where he originally proposed to her decades earlier (but his son thinks he had a breakdown and may be suicidal because he is intentionally wandering through bear country without a rifle). I accidentally ran into a bobcat and shot it in the face with a shotgun.

    I'm just a handful of missions into the game and I have already gotten my fifteen bucks worth and then some.

    Bought and installing. Thanks for the heads up on it. Looks like there's additional free DLC on Steam as well.

    I also wishlisted Industria. Though I may buy it after clearing my backlog just a bit, rather than waiting for a sale. Since I tend to really like shorter FPS campaigns with a good story. As opposed to, say, Far Cry > 2.

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    @Echo will you please lock this one down so the ghosts don't get out? Thank you!


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