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    The Escape GoatThe Escape Goat incorrigible ruminant they/themRegistered User regular
    Calling the sleep change a bugfix seems kinda disingenuous. If it was actually a bug you'd think it'd be noticed and fixed, like, immediately rather than taking this long.

    And I actually liked that sleep worked differently in this than from all the other MOBAs because... it actually fits the Pokemon lore. When something's asleep in Pokemon ain't no amount of damage gonna wake it up (bar Wake-Up Slap), they're out cold until the timer says they wake up.

    Could have balanced the numbers in a different way if the move was overperforming.

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    IblisIblis Registered User regular
    Yeah, that’s the thing basically. The moves worked like that for two months essentially. Like if the developer communicated with players and had plainly said “Hey, this isn’t performing correctly, expect it to get changed” then sure. But this is kind of a big fucking bug.

    Though I’m increasingly leaning toward being done with the game for the moment. Nerfing the coin gain on a game that was already really damn stingy kind of already left a bad taste in my mouth and my last few matches have been such shit shows it’s not really fun to play.

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    GlalGlal AiredaleRegistered User regular
    I spent the last of my coins on Wiggly, soooooooo yeah, go me.

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    NeurotikaNeurotika Registered User regular
    This new Defender Pokemon seems to have a ton of CC potentially balanced with long cooldowns

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    NeurotikaNeurotika Registered User regular

    Out Wednesday, 06Oct

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