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Tel's Sketch Dump

TelemachusTelemachus uncomfyRegistered User regular
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Hey y'all. I dropped my traditional drawing habits for the past few years and it shows. I'm trying to get back into the game in a brand new sketchbook. I don't have much yet, but these are my first tentative sallies. Please critique me, I don't know what I'm doing. Also, I'm going to the artstore today to pick up a watercolor set and a pencil that isn't freakin' mechanical. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good all-around drawing pencil? Thanks.



Everybody Else:

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  • tmccooltmccool Registered User
    edited May 2007
    new sketchbooks are always exciting. i just finished off my last sketchbook, it was a Biggie Jr., and it was terrible... I tore the cover off within days and pages were continually falling out... that is the last time I buy a non-ring bound book. I bought a new one so I'm good to go.

    I've been using the Mars Lumograph pencil for about a year now and I'm liking them. I also like and have used extensively general's kimberly pencil. They're both great.

    Also, looking at your sketches, I'd recommend buying several different shades so that you can get some really dark tones. The contrast would bring your drawings to life. Get a couple but don't buy a tin set, b/c you don't need every single shade ever made, you can make do by skipping steps of shades.

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  • DMACDMAC Moderator mod
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    I do a lot of my sketching/pencil pieces with the Sanford Col-Erase pencils. They're basically colored pencils that you can erase without making a giant mess (to a degree).

    For these figure drawings I used the Terra Cotta pencil to sketch everything in and then used the Tuscan Red to tighten things up and add definition. I find they work really well on a smooth paper.

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  • TelemachusTelemachus uncomfy Registered User regular
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    I'm going to do a lot more work on this, but I'd like some advice/crits before I progress further. I've always avoided drawing anything south of the torso, so I have absolutely no idea how to go about making a pair of sensible legs/feet. The guitar is a placeholder, of course.


    I'm hoping to maintain enough motivation to churn out a Zelda and maybe a few other characters as well.

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  • StealthNachosStealthNachos Registered User
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    The feet aren't on the same plane, move the heel of the right (his right) foot down to the same ground the left is on. I would say his foot could be off the ground, but the wieght is being applied to that side, so he's just falling right now.

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