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[4p0 Informatica] Chronicles of Elmyra - old style Fantasy turn-based RPG game [Windows]

DJ EebsDJ Eebs Moderator, Administrator admin
We are the 4p0 Informatica, a small Italian company that offers ITservices and technologies.

In recent months we have also made our first old style Fantasy RPG gamefor PC, Chronicles of Elmyra.This is a classic turn-based RPG, like the first installments in the Final Fantasy series, built with a focus on storytelling.

The game was released on March 25th and is currently available on Steam. Chronicles of Elmyra on Steam [with trailer and fullres version of screenshots]

A Threat Looms In Elmyra's World.


A being known by the name of Mytrhan appears to have succeeded to control the World of Dreams.

The intervention of powerful wizards managed to stop him once restoring tranquility in Elmyra.
Twenty years later, Archwizard Selidor returns to have strange nightmares and doubt assails the wizard's mind: is Mytrhan back?

You are the young wizardess Faira Duskwalker, ready to investigate about such nightmares.

You explore dangerous places, solve strange puzzles, fight to survive. Experience this fascinating fantasy adventure full of mystery. Stop Mytrhan, the lord of dreams once and for all!

  • Old style graphics (2D Pixel)
  • Charismatic characters
  • Well curated story
  • Turn-based combat system
  • Several secret places to discover
  • So many puzzles to solve
  • Secondary missions
  • Hundreds of objects, weapons and armor






We are happy to give you five free Steam key and we hope it will be to your taste.
Giochi 4p0 Informatica <[email protected]>

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