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[World Flipper] - CyGames does a Pinball Gacha



  • ArtereisArtereis Registered User regular
    I dropped 10k on Shiue. Didn't get her on those pulls but I got Vyron, which means I can take a pass on Rolf for now. Then I got Shiue on today's daily draw. I'm saving the rest of my pulls for Baretta.

  • PMAversPMAvers Registered User regular
    Huh, the event weapon grants immunity to poison. That seems handy?

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  • EnlongEnlong Registered User regular
    Could be. Depends on what else ya got, though.

    For instance, if you have Jin, his third ability grants the whole team poison immunity. So there might be overlap in what you want to do.

  • LucedesLucedes keeps happening for some reason Registered User regular
    My water, fire, light, and thunder teams are all in pretty good shape. Dark is okay but not super invested in it yet.

    Wind seems like a mess because I do not have Phiria and without her I seem to lack enough healing or float to make an alright team, though Celtie with owlbert and aurore for support seems to work okay. Spent 20 pulls looking for Shywe and then stopped because Rolf and Baretta are coming, and she’s not limited.

  • I needed a gnome to post.I needed a gnome to post. boom Registered User regular
    rolfday is come

  • EnlongEnlong Registered User regular
    I did a roll, and got Illumine!

    I know she's not Rolf, but she's actually pretty darn neat for a team I was already kinda interested in using (also, I have Vyron, lol).

    the team as it is looks like this. It's a Light-element Fever team, focused on repeated ATK buffs and Direct Hit damage. Dia's Support Power Flip gives the team an ATK buff, which triggers Claw's ability and adds some Fever gauge every time. Razelt tanks, and Parfait's skill heals him when it lands its last hit. She also buffs the party's direct hit damage when their HP is above 80%. Finally, Kharo does decent damage, and fills the Fever gauge, and Selene adds more Direct Hit damage buffs when the party has an ATK buff. Which Dia is constantly providing with power flips.

    It's honestly a team that's been performing better than I expected, for a side option that I use when I'm bored of using Ellya Skill Damage all the time.

    So it's honestly neat to see Illumine's kit. Her Skill summons 2 Multibombs that inflict Light resist down, restore HP, and fill the Fever gauge. Her Abilities fill fever gauge whenever Multiballs appear, or a Light unit restores HP. The thing that I find particularly fun is her Main skill. At full power, it doubles the direct hit damage of Light units when in Fever mode. Which is exactly what I want to do with this weird Dia team. So now I'm looking at this as an option, replacing Kharo with Illumine and leaning heavily into direct hits. I know it's not going to be an optimal team, but dang it, it's a fun one.

    there's also this as an option, leaning more into healing-for-fever. Something to consider.

  • LucedesLucedes keeps happening for some reason Registered User regular
    merry rolfmas, one and all.

    gacha is suffering but i got rolf in 5 ten-pulls, now to figure out how to use him.
    pray for me, that i will have sufficient beads for baretta. sitting at... like... 60 pulls.
    60% of the time, works every time.

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