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    DrovekDrovek Registered User regular
    Since it just dropped on Game Pass, I could give it another go, but that would mean staying over :(

    They really need to revaluate cross play

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    CarpyCarpy Registered User regular
    edited December 2021
    Trajan45 wrote: »
    I wonder how tough it is to implement. This is a smaller studio and it seems even large AAA studios have trouble or don't bother implementing it. Deep Rock is from another small studio and the best they could do was match the Windows Store version to Xbox, no Steam to Xbox.

    I always thought the cross play boss was the platform rights holders. Like it was a thing a year or two back when someone (Fortnite? Rocket League?) "accidently" enabled cross play for a weekend.

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    ForarForar #432 Toronto, Ontario, CanadaRegistered User regular
    I dunno about Rocket League, but Fortnite definitely had it.

    My buddy (on PS4) played with me on PC all the time.

    I wish more games managed to work it out (technical challenges, making it all line up with the various platforms, whatever the roadblock).

    Apex Legends has cross-play (but console players only face PC players if they have a PC player in their group), and are working on cross-progression, with no ETA on that one other than 'maybe 2022'.

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    SmokeStacksSmokeStacks Registered User regular
    Quake III Arena, 4x4 Evolution, and even Sega Swirl on the Dreamcast all had cross platform online play with the PC, and that was 20 years ago.

    It's weird that it never became a standard.

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    General_ArmchairGeneral_Armchair Registered User regular
    It never became a standard since in many genres KB+Mouse is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> gamepad. So in competitive PvP games the gamepad players are generally at a massively unfair disadvantage, and in PvE games there is a huge power gap in what the game can throw at you while keeping the challenge level about equal. Take vermintide for example. On console the intensity of the enemies thrown at you is pretty substantially nerfed on consoles at a given difficulty just so that the challenge presented to the player is comparative to the challenge that a PC player would experience at a given difficulty.

    Consoles and PC are just different beasts, and if you want a quality product then you need to fine-tune the content for the platform. Mixing the platforms just usually causes more problems than it's worth. Look at Back4Blood. A common opinion among the PC players is that any teammates that crossplays in from playstation/xbox are liabilities on the team. Teammates that are basically playing with one hand tied behind their back. There's no denying that it is just easier to chain headshots back to back in quick succession with KB+M than it is with a gamepad. The same kind of issue would show up here in fireteam. Landing weakpoint hits is pretty important to clear enemies quickly at higher difficulties, and it's much easier to land those headshots with a mouse than a gamepad. It just gets more pronounced with a class like Recon that has several mechanics centered around precision headshots.

    At least in the genre of first person shooters, I struggle to think of any examples of crossplay shooters that were good. Either the console players are the punching bags of the PC crowd, or the game has to be muddied with some combination of aimhax tier aim assist or awkward forced mouse acceleration/motion blur/etc nerfs to the PC crowd in a desperate attempt to level the playing field.

    It's not technical hurdles holding crossplay back. It's game design issues. Crossplay itself is the problem with crossplay. It's not always possible for players to be on level footing when using different user interface methods. That's why the best crossplay implementations go out of their way to avoid actually pairing players up across platforms. Like Apex Legends or Overwatch where console players from playstation or xbox can play against each other, but the PC playerbase is segregated off from the consoles and the only way for any console player to find themselves in a PC match is if they effectively sign a waiver to agree to be handicapped by actively grouping up with a PC player to force the matchmaker to throw them into a PC lobby.

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    ZavianZavian universal peace sounds better than forever war Registered User regular
    new DLC announced, Pathogen, coming August 30th:
    The all new Pathogen campaign, complete with 3 new missions
    8 New Weapons, 2 for each weapon type
    1 New Perk for each Class Kit
    26 New Weapon Attachments
    2 New Outfits (for all 7 Class Kits)
    6 Head Accessories
    21 New Weapon Colors
    9 Decals
    10 New Emotes

    Note: Some of this content must be earned through the game and won’t immediately be granted upon purchase.

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    SmokeStacksSmokeStacks Registered User regular
    New singleplayer DLC is all I wanted, so this is pretty neat. Now give me a true FOV slider so the game is actually playable at 21:9 without having to use an external tool you degenerates. As much as I am loathe to delve any deeper into the Prometheus side of the franchise with this DLC I had a lot of fun playing Fireteam Elite, and the only real major complaint I had about the gameplay was that it was so short (and even that isn't really much of a complaint considering it launched at $40).

    As an aside, I wish more videogames would have characters that would change their face animations when firing a weapon. Tomb Raider had this figured out back in 1996, but in that trailer there are a few quick shots where the characters are firing everything they've got against a wave of horrific Xenomorphs in a desperate last stand while staring ahead blankly like bored, dead eyed automatons (and they're not even the game's canon dead eyed automatons either).

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    -Loki--Loki- Don't pee in my mouth and tell me it's raining. Registered User regular
    Talking factial animations - I feel the same in Hell Let Loose. The first few minutes of a round you're in a transport truck with the guy across from you giving you a dead, thousand yard stare.


    Though sometimes it's a fun way to break the ice with your squad for the next hour. 'Man you guys look like we're driving you to your funeral or something'.

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    SmokeStacksSmokeStacks Registered User regular
    That dude on the right has seen some shit.

    Either that, or its a "Where will you be, when diarrhea strikes?" scenario.

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    Ninja Snarl PNinja Snarl P My helmet is my burden. Ninja Snarl: Gone, but not forgotten.Registered User regular
    Don't the TF2 characters have some reactive expressions? And that game is roughly one billion years old at this point.

    I know Star Citizen has a contentious reputation for some, but the live facial mapping/expressions both actually works and is already pretty awesome for adding some life to the setting. Being able to see a reasonably accurate in-game reflection of a friend's expression when shit goes sideways looks great and is hilarious.

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    ZavianZavian universal peace sounds better than forever war Registered User regular
    edited July 2022
    crossplay is finally coming with Season 4 on July 26th, desperately needed for PC (averages around 500 concurrent on Steam). the new DLC with three new missions (which the game also really needs more of) comes out on August 30th

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    darkmayodarkmayo Registered User regular
    its a shame they didnt get that crossplay in earlier, I just remember the pain it was trying to find people to play in the beginning (the segregated queues for every mission/difficulty didn't help at all) I got my moneys worth outta it but was hoping they would correct those issues much earlier.

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