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Greetings all one and the same,
Rumpelstiltskin is who I am!
Now that you all know my name,
Make a deal with me, it's no scam!

The time has come to have some fun,
A joyous time for all!
We have time to get it all done,
But we’ve no time to stall!

(Lord, what fools these mortals be,
Of that there is no doubt!
They’ll come in droves for revelry,
Only to find there’s no way out!)

More’s the merrier, I always say,
So all can be part of my game!
Don’t let fear get in your way,
All you must do is give me your name.

What is this?
This is a Phalla based on the tale of Rumpelstiltskin. No knowledge of the character is needed to play.

What's a Phalla?
I'll let these fine folks answer that question!

What makes this game special?
It’s run by MamaWolf and Green, of course! In all seriousness, there will be daily challenges given by Rumpelstiltskin that must be followed. There will also be daily riddles; these are optional, but the quick-witted amongst you who answer them correctly could win fantastic prizes! There are possible resurrection mechanics in this Phalla! So, please be aware to keep up with the thread in case you come back.

Sample Villager PM
Solve my riddles everyday,
‘Til none of my minions remain!
Complete the challenge without delay,
If you wish to stay in this game!

Work alone or together conspire,
To do just as I say!
I offer you your heart's desire,
But I won’t just give it away!

Each night you vote in red for someone to eliminate.
You win when all of Rumpelstilskin’s minions have been eliminated.

Rules Clarifications
discrider wrote: »
How do tie votes work? Are both the winners eliminated?

Ties will result in double elimination.
H3Knuckles wrote: »
Is the person making the tie vote also eliminated?

3cl1ps3 wrote: »
Is there any limit to how many times someone can win a challenge or how many prizes they can hold at once?


Can you give riddle rewards to the next person in line, or another player?

Cause RU should[/quote]

Clarification Denied
For resurrections, will the person be killed, their faction shown, then come back to life? Or will they just not die on that day?

Figure we should probably know the answer to this since we know it's out there.

Only those who have been eliminated already will be able to be revived again.[/b

3cl1ps3 wrote: »
So voting someone out and then rezzing them is basically a one time use, very roundabout seer? Kinda?

If someone is holding the rez power and die, does it die with them? Can they self-rez?

No self resurrections.

3cl1ps3 wrote: »
With the weekend fast approaching, Is the weekend individual days or one long day? And how will the riddle work if it's one long day?

Day 5 will end on Friday at 11 PM ET. DAY 6 will end on Sunday at 11 PM ET, the riddle will be posted on SUNDAY and I will tag everyone again. I will attempt to tag everyone from now on when posting riddles.

Standard Phalla Rules
Don't share your role PMs! Paraphrasing is okay, direct copy/pasting is not. If you die, you get a final ghost post (don't share sensitive game knowledge though!) and that's it. No anonymous contact! If you reach out to someone, they have to know it's you.

Number of Players
The number of players caps at 30, but reserves are always welcome!

Activity Requirements
All players must make at least two posts (including a village vote) in the thread per day, as well as do any daily challenges, in addition to sending in any special actions. Failure to meet activity requirements once will result in a public warning, twice will mark that player as inactive and they'll be replaced with a reserve player if possible.

Messaging/Separate Boards
Please include MamaWolf and Green in any PM conversations you start with regards to the game, and link us to any separate boards/discords that may be created.

Signing up is as easy as posting !sign up or !reserve below. The public elimination vote closes each day at 11 PM EST / 10 PM CT / 8 PM PT.

"May the moon watch over you and keep you safe through the night, 'till the morning comes and MamaWolf can protect you through the day"
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