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Andrew Wiggins: [NBA] Champion

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It's time for the new NBA season!

It's been a ridiculous offseason, what with the Lakers bringing in Russell Westbrook to create the league's most fascinating experiment, the Sixers stopped pretending that Ben Simmons had a future in Philly (and then he finally showed up to camp this week!), and a solid percentage of the league was determined to show their entire ass regarding the vaccine. In fact, Kyrie is still out here completely showing his ass and finding new and exciting ways to pretend that he's not as anti-science as we know Captain Flat Earth is.

Oh, and as for actual basketball, everyone somehow got better, except for the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks, who got marginally worse. Luka Doncic spent the summer attempting to win the Olympics by himself and seems to have found a level even further beyond Super Saiyan 2.

But honestly, screw the NBA. The WNBA Finals are going on right now and they've been an absolute banger, with the Mercury going into overtime to tie the series with the Sun at one game apiece. Go watch that, I promise it is worth it.

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