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[OOC D&D 5E:] Crew of the Whispered Curse

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WHISPERED CURSE, a “Simple Minnow” upon the Twilight Expanse

51 /51 - HULL

50 /50 - FOOD

50 /50 - SUPPLIES

50 /50 – MORALE


? - PAYMENTS (Food/Hull/Crew/Supplies)

Type: Modified Sloop O’ War

AC: 15

- Hidden Compartment (Galley, under a table)

- Hidden Compartment (Captain’s Office, inside a closet)

- Hidden Passageway (Kitchen to Clinic, under a stovetop)
- Antique Wheel and Lodestone Set (Ship’s Wheel/base)

- Aboleth-threaded Sails (+1 HULL)

- Dinosaur Harness x1
- Longboats x2

Ship’s Layout:

1. Ship’s Lantern/Ship’s Bell

2. Navigation Room

3. Balcony

4. Great Cabin

5. Captain’s Office/Captain’s Quarters

6. Kitchen

7. Galley

8. Forecastle

9. Anchor

10. Infirmary

11. Officer’s Quarters

12. Rudder

13. Ship’s Wheel

14. Ship’s Berth/Gun Deck

15. Gun Ports

16. Rum and Fresh Water Casks

17. Brig

18. Ship’s Magazine/ Ship’s Capstan

19. Spare Sails/Rigging/Cable

20. Orlop Deck (Cargo Hold, Spare Lumber & Sails, Spare Rigging & Cable)

21. Mizzen-Mast

22. Main Mast

23. Fore Mast

24. Fighting Top

25. Mizzen Nest

26. Fore Nest

27. Crow’s Nest

28. Ship’s Stores

29. Ship’s Figurehead


1. Flying Jib Boom

2. Jib Boom

3.Bow Spirit

4. Head

5. Forecastle Deck

6. Fore Mast

7. Main Deck

8. Main Mast

9. Ship’s Wheel

10. Quarter Deck

11. Mizzen Mast

12. Poop Deck

A. Long Boats (x4)

B. Chains (x4)

#X- qn9vce7md9nb.jpg
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#2- 0foshzu02scp.jpg
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    THE QUEEN’S ARMY – 1/10

    A loose collection of the “civilized” pirates within the Expanse, operating under the general rule and order of Chaff’s so-called Queen, to ensure mutual safe harbor and passage. The “Law”, for whatever that’s worth out here

    SUN PRINCE’S DOGS – 1/10

    An adopted family of Changers and Shifters, operating under the leadership of the feared Sun Prince. From his flying ship of glass the “Elysium”, the Sun Prince and his agents conduct ruthless Capitalism, both openly and in secret

    MERFOLK + TRITONS – 1/10


    WILD-KIND – 1/10

    The many assorted Shifters and Were-things to be found within the Expanse. Most are generally known to be within the employ of the Sun Prince, or operating under singular and sinister intentions of their own. Those who remain apart from these goals suffer a deep stigma by association





    SUMMER FLEET – 1/10


    DUSKRUNNERS – 1/10


    BOOM-TOP APES – 1/10

    A dull feeling, where a memory used to be…King Kong, in a jungle, climbing a tower…



    KENTS – 1/10

    Arno has heard of an ancient people; a collected tangle of roots within the wild, which protect all that is natural, but most especially the forests of the Deep…

    CRYSTAL GEMS – 1/10

    Urixes remembers a growing population; a so-called “growth” from the Inner isles, not quite mineral and not quite elemental. People talk of growing too eager for treasure, lest they be taken by the “Crystal Rot”…

    RAK’TA + CHAMELEONS – 4/10

    A multi-cultured and developing people, torn between their adherence to old traditions and their desire to strive forward. Though outwardly cold and practical, these lizardfold are capable of great empathetic understanding

    KOA’TOA – 2/10

    Devoted and passionate fish-folk of the Deep. Strange, curious customs, and a cult-like devotion are off-putting to most, and their passion for dark magic and bloodlust are ingrained. However, a strange, unnatural *progressive school of thought* has newly developed among the school out of “Pag-Svent Maw-Pab”…

    YUAN-TI – 1/10

    Snake-folk. Known contributors to the architecture of “The Grey Maw”



    - Some free Spirits aboard the Love Revolution, enchanted and intrigued by your rough-and-tumble lifestyle and appetites

    - Evvdia, the Demoness-Ex/last known-killer of Urixes, and current contract-holder of Oak

    - Unidentified Pirates clothed in Brilliant Gold. Well-read ruffians, who wanted you all dead for sport

    - A Wandering Professor, known for the creation of amazing craft such as Subnauticals and Airships. Prone to easy distractions. In Chaff at the moment to perform a lauded demonstration

    -Aloro, the canny mutineer Eladrin who escaped the Grey Maw disguised in the form of Little-Witch Faye. Your former crewmate had attempted to flee death's shackles through betrayal and deceit, and has seemingly succeeded in the form of your former enemy

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    38/60 - CREW

    CAPTAIN (1/1)- Arabella Stellanova

    1st MATE (1/1)- Calthus Zurkul

    2nd MATE (1/1)- URIXES

    3rd MATE (1/1)- Shin the Fox


    CABIN BOY (0/1)-

    PILOT (1/1)- Derbin Brightbeard

    GUIDE (2/1)- ARNO; Rhu Rhu Yaanos

    WEATHERWORKER (1/1)- Refi Truespring

    DECKHANDS (4/5)- (Master) Crude the Rak’ta; Cardan Byrne (formerly the Baron); Aaron Edgar; Di-Lin Ik Pag

    GUNNERS (3/5)- (Master) Calvin Jenkins; “Blacktooth” Bart Sanders; Yis the Rak’ta

    STRIKERS (4/5)- (Master) Killian Grant; Ril the Aarakocra; Whistler the Kenku; Jared Edgar

    CARPENTERS (4/5)- (Master) OAK; JACK; Fiver Greenfield; Yr-Us Lin Pag

    RIGGERS (5/5)- (Master) Natali-Gravedigger; Bluurg the Frog; Rax the Ravishing; Deep-Lake (Tabaxi); Vix the Chameleon

    COOKS (2/3)- (Master) Carlee Burrowes; Zephyr the Genasi

    CLINIC (3/3)- Hugo-Luson; Slevin De’tres (“Former” Doppelganger); David Edgar

    ENTERTAINERS (2/3)- BERN; Eilibis Fellmir


    - Arabella Stellanova- (Half-Elf; Rogue/Bard) Rude, certain, and in-charge. The (quietly mysterious) competent and guarded leader of the current Twilight Expedition. Usually chiding, but delicate when appropriate. Knows the path before you all more than anyone aboard. Trusts the WILD BUNCH with the life and safety of herself and those signed on, from the beginning of the voyage…

    Hint: Her lifelong friend the Quartermaster has gone missing. The Captain hasn’t been the same since then, burying up alone in her office with books, and avoiding mirrors and open water…

    - Calthus Zurkul- (Red Dragonborn; Oath or Glory Paladin) Consummate-professional, and backbone of the Ship’s tough-guys A professional paladin, and *the* most trustworthy man (ie. Dragonborn) aboard). Has always sought wealth and great glory for the crew of this vessel, but is (quietly) nearing the end of his run, and everyone know it…

    - Shin the Fox- (Kitsune; Way of the Open Hand Monk) Rax’s Main Ravager. Has always been a subtle-leader amongst his own group, and personally honorable in his dealings with the Wild Bunch. A Monk wise in the ways of humanoids and the ocean winds. Has chosen to remain learning and in “the Wild”, only to end up the “adult” in charge of the Ravagers

    - Rhu Rhu Yaanos- (Koa-toa; College of Lore Bard) New Sea Guide. Intelligent but hot-tempered. Expert fisherman. Eager to begin learning Common

    - Derbin Brightbeard- (Dwarf; Artillerist Articifer) Free-living, sky-loving Dwarf. A generous and kind spirit, matched with a fierce determination and a cold, dark temper. Easy to befriend, but hard to know. Believes *fiercely* in the (Buddhist-sounding) concept of “Sway”, where things and people happen as they will-and-are-supposed-to

    - Refi Truespring- (Gnome; Order of Scribes Wizard) Angrily chiding, subtly soft-hearted, former Ship’s Guide/current Weatherworker. Eventual convert to being a friend of Arno. Never got over her former frenemy’s recent, peaceful death. Has quietly decided to seek retirement when possible after her confidence was badly shaken before the Grey Maw

    Hint: Won’t *ever* leave the Ship, until she knows you’re all in good hands (ie. a competent replacement. *But*, won’t personally feel truly safe until she can find somewhere peaceful where she can finally retire…

    - Crude the Rak’ta- (Rak’ta; Path of the Totem Warrior) Survivor of Villam and the Cultist’s Purge. Lost an arm in the assault at the peak of Chaff. Strong and savvy deckhand. Trusted by Urixes. Retiring from service with her three children, after helping find replacements in Chaff

    Hint: Upon successfully passing the torch to a future, trusted Crew, will immediately grant a permanent MORALE boost, and retire to find other lizardfolk with her three lizard children

    - Cardan Byrne- (Half-Elf; Bard) Formerly “Baron Reynard”. Former Bard of the “Sanguine Seeker” and crewmate to Urixes in a former life. Has spent a score of years attempting to fix the follies of his younger life. Serves now in quiet, comfortable solitude as a Deckhand on the Curse

    - Aaron Edgar- (Human; Storm Sorcerer). Unintelligible to all but the rare few. Loyal son and brother. Mischievous or “quirky”, depending on your point of view. Comes across to most a little rude, until they get to know him. Unshakeable.

    - Dii-Lin Ik Pag- (Koa-toa; Arcane Trickster Rogue) Born Number Two. Always starting; always hungry. Overeager and a hard worker

    - Calvin Jenkins- (Human; Path of Wild Magic Barbarian) Kind hearted and accepting sharpshooter. Effusive and competitive. Enjoys the family of the shape, though he doesn’t talk openly of it

    Hint: Don’t say “action figures”, because it offends him. But “moving, poseable, life action models” are a thing your Big Boss of a gunner are *very* into

    - “Blacktooth” Bartholomew Saunders- (Arcane Trickster Rogue). A seasoned pro onboard any Ship. Outgoing and boastful, but with the skills to back it up. Pain averse, though likely through deadened nerves.

    - Yis the Ra’ta- (School of Conjuration Wizard). Formerly of Far Aeston’s swamp pits. Reliable, but keeps to herself except at mealtimes. Somber and reserved

    - Killian Grant- (Human; Brawler-Fighter). Old Salt. Wooden teeth and a constant cigarette between his fingers. Unafraid of Sea Monsters and Death alike. A secret, quiet love of animals, and a deceased wife of which he rarely speaks.

    - Ril the Aarakocra- (Blood Hunter) Soaring, cold, highly-efficient marksman of Rax’s Ravagers. The first into a scrap, and the most confident. Arrogant, even for Aarakocra. Rarely speaks, but often carries himself with an air of condescension. Still seems to carry a quiet grude against the Wild Bunch

    - Whistler the Kenku- (Acid Draconic Sorcerer) Nearly always the first to see/join a fight. Hangs out with/repeats everything the Old Hunters say. Seems to get an unspoken respect from Veterans and Rooks aboard alike. Possibly more than meets the eye to this Corvian.

    - Jared Edgar- (Ranger-Hunter) Unintelligible to all but the rare few. Loyal son and brother. Able to track prey quietly, and engage with ferocity Proud and determined to a fault. Loyal onto death to family and friends

    - Fiver Greenfield- (Lapine; Artillerist Articifer) Former veteran, handyman and “lingering menace” of Rax’s Ravagers. Unnerving smile and prescence. Highly competent carpenter. Booze hound and thief. Eager for treasure and debauchery.

    - Yr-Us Lin Pag- (Koa-toa; Fighter- Psi-Warrior) Brash and irritable. Openly afraid of large sea monsters. Master Bone Carver.

    - Natalie-Gravedigger- (Half-Orc; Nature Domain Cleric) A sweetheart, but shy. Drawn to lost causes. Forgiving to a fault. Deeply spiritual, but attempts to downplay it to fit in. Secretly thrilled by danger, but won’t admit it even to herself.

    - Bluurg the Frog- (Grung; Assassin Rogue) The inscrutable and untouchable member of Ra’x Ravagers. A legendary reputation for being a gross, gluttonous, and self-centered lech; which has, very slowly, been replaced on this voyage by the tale of a selfless, wise-eyed frog, who keeps his “ears” to the ground and his eyes to the horizon

    - Rax the Ravishing- (Fighter- Battle-Master) Former attempted killer and current ally of the Wild Bunch. Bearer of the “White-Claw Insignia”, one of the KEY ITEMS needed to open the way to SESS’INEEK’S TOMB. Loyal frenemy, but likely pursuing his own ends out here.

    - Deep-Lake (Tabaxi)- (Monk- Way of Mercy) Acclaimed acrobat and self-described “planar traveler” from “colder place”. Lost a brother her speaks highly of. Quiet and haughty, but solid. Meditates through the acts of endless training and rigorous self-discipline.

    - Vix the Chameleon- (Thief-Rogue) Formerly of Villam’s forest. Capable, but a bit of a pot stirrer. Loud, but shrinks from the direct spotlight

    - Carlee Burrowes- (Alchemist Artificer) Lifelong student of the Art of Cooking, currently learning under MICHAEL. Reserved, but quietly determined. Hates crowds and loud noises. Curious and adventurous to a fault.Will go to any lengths to learn a new recipe, or feed an acquantice in need.

    - Zephyr the Genasi- (Wizard- Divination) Good friend of Arno and former Master Gunner. Was “made” a Seer upon entering the paling of the Twilight Expanse, and “changed” in spirit. Experimental and naïve to a dangerous degree. Blinded with a vision of the Gods within the Expanse. Highly adept mage and new fledgling assistant chef.

    - Hugo-Luson- (Cleric- Twilight Domain) Aasimar in hiding amongst the Curse’s crew. Wavers between grumpy acceptance and playful engagement, depending on the day of the week. Enjoyable and insufferable in equal amount. Seeks excitement and the unknown with the Expanse, Unflappable in practice, despite constant complaints and threats to quit his post.

    - Slevin De’tres- (Former Doppelganger) Five day old Doppelganger, saved from the Far Realms by the Wild Bunch and brought aboard the Ship. Loyal to everyone aboard, but in particular worships the ground Arno, Derbin, and Hugo walk on

    LOYALTY MISSION: Find a Medical Tutor for Slevin; Find x3 MEDICAL TEXTS for Slevin[/color]

    - David Edgar- (Paladin) Unintelligible to all but the rare few. Loyal son and brother. Once sure of his calling defending the Governor; now, questioning his place as a spiritual leader among a crew of vagabonds and ne’er’do’wells

    Eilibis Fellmir- (Bard- College of Eloquence) BERN’s smirking, flirting, and confidentially swaggering companion and constant accompaniment. Equal parts open minded and no bullshit. Usually teasing and contemptuous by nature, but capable of empathy when the situation truly demands it

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    - Sein Garland (Human Cultist; put down by the Wild Bunch)

    - Jasper Mason (Human Cultist; put down by the Wild Bunch)

    - Bobby Bennet (Human Cultist; put down by the Wild Bunch)

    - Ishamel (Goliath Barbarian; Betrayed by Conrad the Conniver)

    - Uroz Rockbiter (Orc Ranger; Betrayed by Conrad the Conniver)

    - Magna (Firbolg Sorcerror; Natural Causes)

    - Private Flint (Far Aeston Soldier; Murdered by Mutineers)

    - Drox the Rak’ta (Fighter; snacked on by the Giant Grell)

    - Zik the Rak’ta (Blood Hunter; Betrayed by Conrad the Conniver)

    - Grit the Rak’ta (Druid; Betrayed by Conrad the Conniver)

    - Fenel’zir (Githyanki Warlock; Betrayed by Conrad the Conniver)

    - Zook (Gnome Monk; Betrayed by Conrad the Conniver)

    - Dead-Arm Steve (Rogue; Betrayed by Conrad the Conniver)

    - Conrad (unnaturally corrupted former 1st Mate and Ranger; put down by the Wild Bunch)

    - Private Finch (Far Aeston Traitor; put down by the Wild Bunch)

    _ Private Hobbs (Far Aeston Traitor; put down by the Wild Bunch)

    - Private Wolfe (Far Aeston Traitor; put down by the Wild Bunch)

    - Lieutenant Gunn (Far Aeston Traitor; put down by the Wild Bunch)

    - Private Styles (Witch’s Charmed Defender; put down by the Wild Bunch)

    - Private Murtogg (Witch’s Charmed Defender; put down by the Wild Bunch)

    - Shax (Tiefling Warlock; killed by Wyverns)

    - Galelor (Half-Elf Fighter; killed by Wyverns)

    - Saphos (Gnome Monk; killed by Wyverns)

    - Aloysius (Goliath Barbarian; killed by Wyverns)

    - Valtari (Tiefling Sorcerer/Thief; Disappeared one night in Villam “chasing her own shadow”)

    - Deckhand Gary (Human Thief; Disappeared into the jungles of Villam and never returned)

    - Deckhand Victor (Human Thief; Disappeared into the jungles of Villam and never returned)

    - Private Matthews (Far Aeston Soldier; Abandoned the Battle at Grey Maw and disappeared into the halls of the doomed structure)

    - Private Kennedy (Far Aeston Soldier; Abandoned the Battle at Grey Maw and disappeared into the halls of the doomed structure)

    - Iron Mike (Gnome Artificer. Map Finder and Decoder. Throw over the side of the Grey Maw shortly before it's destruction)

    - Marlowe the Magnificent (Human Wizard. Map Finder and Decoder. Disappeared over the side of the Grey Maw shortly before it's destruction)

    - Aloro (Eladrin Sorcerer and Mutineer. Impersonated the Little Witch and fled the Grey Maw aboard her Wyvern. Still very much at large)

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    - Borrow/Take Back the Key of Selune (“White-Claw Insignia”) from crewmate Rax

    - Seek the Key of The Ancient One on PLAYA DEL PERDIDO

    - Seek the Key of the Lord of Bones in CANTLYN GARRISON

    - Seek the Key of Silvanus in the EMMINENT GROVE

    - Seek the location of the Key of Semuanya


    - DAY ONE: Seek a decent breakfast/coffee/greasy street food (Oak, anyone else, to Cure Exhaustion) (Complete!)

    - DAY TWO- Hiring new crew with Crude the Rak’ta (Oak)

    - DAY FOUR- PAY OUT CREW BONUSES (Oak, others)

    - DAY +4- ADDITIONS TO THE SHIP (Oak, others; meet with the Captain at the Copper Camel beforehand in the morning)

    - RECONASSAINCE ON “THE QUEEN OF CHAFF” (Oak and the Wild Bunch; when and how you choose)







    [Puissant Peacekeeper/Pilot-In-Training/Heart of the Whispered Curse/Never-Changing]

    - Grew a foot taller in the Wild Magic waters, but has since become immune to the strange effects of the ocean here

    - Dutifully training as a Guide, Pilot, and Weatherworker under Ship’s vets Refi and Derbin

    - The Captain’s Right Hand

    GP and ITEMS-
    -Rak’ta’s Red Tooth Pendant

    - Dagger +1 vs. Regeneration

    - [Formam Aquae]:
    -[If a Changeling spends 48 hours over a period of 6 days or fewer studying the book's contents and practicing its guidelines, they gain the ability to change their form into any Medium-sized Aquatic creature, including Medium-sized Aquatic Monsters. None of your game statistics change.

    If a Changeling spends an additional 48 hours over a period of 6 days or fewer studying the book's contents and practicing its guidelines, they gain a racial trait allowing their swimming speed to match their walking speed.

    If a Changeling spends *an additional* 48 hours over a period of 6 days or fewer studying the book's contents and practicing its guidelines, they gain a racial trait allowing them to hold their breath underwater for fifteen minutes.]

    - Homebrew Explosive x1:
    -As an action, a creature can light the fuse and throw the explosive at a point up to thirty feet away. Each creature within 5 feet of that point must make a DC 13 Dexterity Saving Throw, taking 3d6 bludgeoning and 2d6 fire damage on a failed save, or half as much on a successful one.

    The explosive can be rigged with a longer fuse to explode after a set amount of time, usually 1-6 rounds. Roll intuitive for the Explosive. After the set number of rounds go by, the dynamite explodes on that initiative.

    - Charm of Fascination:
    -If you choose to activate this trinket’s abilities, it will allow you to cast the Charm Person spell once a day for three days. On the final day’s use, the Charm will break!

    -Sending Stones x2

    -Spying Eye x1

    -650 gp

    -Feeling the intervention of the Gods, Arno sought out the presence of benevolent higher sources within the Expanse. They received a brief vision of the Moon, waxing and waning...

    -Currently looking into the locations of the remaining Spying Eyes and their Occulus; last known under the possession of the Little-Witch, and presumably Aloro the Mutineer afterwards

    -Currently sitting on a Crate’s worth of “Blue Sand”, whatever that is. Might find out more about this material, but you should be discrete with your inquiries; the stuff seems *hot*




    [Lucky Jack/Famed Limb-Chipper/Worldly Gourmand/Bearer of the Red Skull Saber]

    - Currently suffering the effects of a gnawing hunger (beyond, even, his usual gnawing hunger!)

    - Has gradually transitioned from his presence being an ill omen aboard Ship to a genuine beacon of luck among the Crew

    - +1 Constitution Saving Throws (bestowed by Ilmater); +5 walking speed (bestowed by feasting on an innocent unicorn)

    - Quietly the Captain’s favorite

    GP and ITEMS-
    - Explorer’s Pack






    -Studden Leather Armor

    -Oil of Sharpness

    -Potion of Water Breathing

    -Teleport Stones (x10) + Bag

    -Scroll of Planar Binding

    -Gary’s Flintlock Pistol


    -CC-88’s Treasure-Hook


    -Dread Helm

    -Dragontooth Dagger

    -692 gp

    -Pearls x3

    -Amber x3

    -Coral x2

    -Jet x2

    -Star Ruby x1

    -500 gp pearl

    -The Red Skull Saber is slowly becoming an issue, insisting on being fed and threatening violence otherwise. If you keep it bathed in blood, it should leave you alone…but is there a better, more long term solution to such a problem?




    [The Wild Bunch’s Brute/Demon-Dealer/Crone-Slayer/Soulbound of the Whispered Curse]

    - Under contract with the Demoness Evvdia, which is likely to become a problem at some point

    - Has formed a strange, telepathic"link" with the Ship after experiencing a Wild Magic surge

    - A brave warrior, a Shifter known as “Oso del Trueno”, is said to have bit the Little Witch’s head off with teeth of red metal. As of yet, only Oak truly knows this warrior’s true identity

    - The Captain’s Left Hand

    GP and ITEMS-
    - Potion of Heroism

    - Great Axe +1

    -James Gunn’s Lifetime Service Pendant

    -The Dragon’s Right-Eye (Unlit)

    -Drox’s Neclace

    -Faye’s Head

    -Harpoon of Returning

    -2 Handaxes

    -2 Longswords

    -2 Potions of Fire Breath

    -Torc of Restoration

    -261 gp

    -The Dragon’s Right-Eye in the party’s possession is currently unlit. According to Cardan Byrne, when he saw the Left-Eye in person, the item was lit up brightly. It would be something to look into, but discretely; the item is clearly valuable and sought by disreputable forces




    [2nd Mate Aboard the Whispered Curse/Lord of the Deep/The Terror of Islands/Cursed Champion of Ghaunadaur]

    - Trying to seek a way out from his horrible, endless fate

    - Secretly, is once more being called into direct service by his Master

    - Feared and Respected in equal measure aboard Ship

    GP and ITEMS-


    -Wooden Stake

    -Small Lockbox

    -Small Knife


    -Playing Card’s Set

    -Parchment x1

    -Oil Flask

    -Steel Mirror


    -Small Bag of Sand

    -Leather Armor

    -Ink Pen

    -Ink Bottle

    -Flask of Holy Water

    -Holy Symbol


    -Dagger x2


    -Light Crossbow

    -Bolts x20

    -Clothes (Common)


    -Rod of the Pact Keeper +1

    -Arel’s Crimson Sash:
    You gain a +1 bonus to AC while you wear this armor

    The brilliant, flowing sash of a famous former scholar and adventurer. The seeking elf was over time corrupted by his relentless pursuit in escaping a terrible fate, and was put down by the very friends he could not bear to part from in death. Perhaps Urixes may succeed in both losing and finding himself where poor Arel had failed

    -Pearl x1

    -425 gp



    - Seek knowledge of the deep in the libraries of The Observatory

    - Learn from Othro at Othro’s Oddities the ways of the bookkeepers

    - Find and kill "Chic the Brick" for your Deep One Patron

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    In Progress!




    1. Arnishian Rock

    2. Villam (formerly)

    1. Chaff

    2. The Grey Maw

    3. Mt. Skyrender

    4. House of the Red Dragon

    5. Spire-with-a-Thousand-Eyes

    6. Playa del Perdido

    7. Chinampa

    8. Antediluvian Memorium

    9. Cantlyn Garrison

    1. Secund City

    2. Abbott of the Eternal

    3. Berxley Township

    4. Boom-Top Town

    5. Eminent Grove

    1. Blackrock Mound

    2. Hell’s Gate

    3. The Observatory

    4. Three-Streams

    1. Ragnar + Grigmar

    2. “The Eyes of Argos”

    3. Geo-Prime

    4. Slumbering Hills

    1. Nairy Ait

    2. Solitude Point

    3. Eagle’s Crest

    4. Corna Islet

    5. Seashell Key

    6. Couple’s Rock

    7. Wreck of the “Sanguine Seeker”


    1. Pag-Svent Maw-Pab Outpost (Koa-toa; The Outer Expanse)

    2. Stink-Pit (Boom-Top Apes; The Outer Expanse)

    X- Known Location of a HIDDEN CACHE


    1. Elysium (Sun Prince’s Flying Glass Airship)

    2. “The Storms” (Physical Embodiment of Silvanus)

    3. “The Floating Table” (Legendary Moving Restaurant)


    1. Rat Shit Corner (Cheap “Housing”/Tavern)

    2. The Nimble Weasel (Moderate Housing/Restaurant)

    3. Triumvirate of the Copper Camel (Expensive Housing/Restaurant/Tavern)

    4. Public Village (Cheap Housing)

    5. Tick Tock Tower (Scenic Point)

    6. The Apollo and the Athena (Town Center/Fighting Arena)

    7. The Shipyard (Repairs and Watercraft Sales)

    8. Ark of the Exotic (Mounts/iPets and Supplies)

    9. The Vault (Bank and Exchange)

    10. Garrety Redemptions (Sailors-For-Hire)

    11. Fire +Water (Large Scale Weapons/Armor/Shipwork/Silvering)

    12. Othro’s Oddities (Magical and Rare Goods Shop)

    13. SPLASH (Fine Tailor)

    14. Ruby + Sapphire Outfitters (Small Scale Weapons/Armor/Equipment)

    15. Home of the Final Voyage (Retirement Community)

    16. Drawn-by-Fate (Tattoo Shop)

    17. Gun-Goes-Bang (Firearms/Explosives/Ammo)

    18. House of Sighs (High-End Massage Parlor)

    19. Sport of Kings (Tavern/Gambling Ship)

    20. Hunter’s Guild (Queen’s Army Social Club)

    21. Ozoro’s Arcane Restoratives + Herbal Remedies (Potions/Spell Components)

    22. Cygnus the Cartographer’s Ship (Maps/”Real Estate”)

    23. Upper Marauder’s Market (Mostly FOOD)

    24. Lower Marauder’s Market (Mostly SUPPLIES)

    25. Shipping Warehouse C (Location of a Top Secret Project)

    26. Harrier Post- Chaff Branch

    27. “The Love Revolution” (Elves/Drow New to the House of Sighs)

    28. “Cup Ana Nibble”/”El Gordo Orco”/”The Chum Bucket”

    29. Crispin's Safehouse

    30. Kelp Carts

    -Sess’innek Cultists:

    - The “possessed by purple snakes” people. Tied to transmutations, and “higher sight”. Need to have an accepting host, but can accomplish such by means of deception or illusion. Somehow tied to the Serpent Lord’s will

    -Demoness Evvdia:

    - Urixes’s sadistic ex; Dweller of the Far Realms; Former-Captain of a Ship made from a Dead Whale; “Former” Leader of Doppelgangers; Holder of a contract with Oak’s name

    -“The Little-Witch” (Aloro in disguise) and the surviving four Surviving Wyverns from the Grey Maw:

    - Mutineer and Manipulator Aloro fled the Grey Maw in the form of the Little Witch, escaping with her wyverns flock. She apparently lives still somewhere within the Expanse, holding the Oculus which Arno seeks for the Spying Eyes

    -(Unknown Pirates you evaded in a Mirror-fall. Cloaked in white and gold. Well educated but secretly sadistic)

    -Someone warned you of Wild Apes, exploring the Expanse in search of….seeking…something, you think. Gleeful creatures, capable of great malice. The memory evades you, but the thought of meeting the giant creatures puts you ill at ease nonetheless…

    -The Captain has started to become melancholic, and withdrawn from the crew. Arno found her in a homemade hall of mirrors, in a darkened room, looking for something....

    -The Harrier Express is a cheap and efficient way to convey messages, if you have the 3 gp and the means to summon an Aaracokra-Postbird

    -A legendary restaurant known as “The Floating Table” rides somewhere out on the Expanse. The Head Chef only cooks for celebrities and people of note.

    mrpaku on
  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited October 18
    Believe that's everything in the way of Notes/Interest Items! If I've forgotten something here, please give me a heads up in-thread, but until then:

    This is the Out of Character thread for the Whispered Curse, Pirate Adventure 5e Homebrew our group has been doing since last year! Corrections, Clarifications, Geth-cursing, and Open Discussions on plot/gameplay/anything outside the direct scope of the game occur here for the future, as well as existing as an open Index for the Ship, Crew, and PCs. This is in the interest of keeping the game thread "clean" and easy to read, while quickly resolving questions on rolls and the world/current situation, and moving the plot along as quickly and efficiently as possible! Welcome! :D

    Will do plot updates soon, but taking the night off after all that paperwork. Will update tomorrow morning when I'm ready to move forward! In the meantime, the thread belongs to the Wild Bunch and their friends/associates/fans. Batsignaling the Crew:


    mrpaku on
  • GlalGlal Registered User regular

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited October 19

    Urixes, Crispin the Barista has given you the address for a small, nondescript Ship at the corner of Cutthroat Alley and Drummer Street. This location has been marked (#29- “Crispin’s Safehouse”) on the Chaff Map.

    The man’s talk of poison could be a bluff. It could also be fatally dangerous, if he’s telling the truth! He claims you’ll be more or less fine for the next three days, and he’ll give you the antidote, as long as you give him his 25% and don’t attempt to screw him over. But then, the guys clearly more than a bit of a bastard, he surely can’t be trusted…

    The item he has lent you, to help you get about the City slightly more incognito, is a “Cloak of Elvenkind”:
    Wondrous Item, uncommon (requires attunement): While you wear this cloak with its hood up, Wisdom (Perception) checks made to see you have disadvantage, and you have advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks made to hide, as the cloak's color shifts to camouflage you. Pulling the hood up or down requires an action.

    It looks as if Jack and Oak are on their way to getting whatever “Justice” is in this City, to be doled out by the aggressive looking Orc and his well-armed entourage. About ten pirates join the Orc as they move up the gangplank towards your friends; two remain behind on the gangplank itself, to keep anyone from entering/leaving the Ship. How would you like to proceed?

    Arno, Young Anna has mistaken you for someone known as Lupo (aka Half-Light; aka Lieutenant Pom; aka The Sun Prince’s Herald), apparently a big name among the Sun Prince’s Dogs. She’s hiding her terrified grandfather (who thinks you, personally, are the Devil) and many kids inside the kitchen, afraid you’re here to somehow abduct them. She also noticed a commotion outside, but assured you that you have nothing to worry about, and that she’ll make no move to draw the Queen’s Army’s attention. How would you like to proceed?

    Jack and Oak are currently hidden behind the Bar of El Gordo Orco. Most patrons and waitstaff have slowly left the area, knowing an incoming fight when they see one.

    Those who remain are: the Bartender, directly behind the Bar with Jack and Oak (about to pee from fright, won’t expressly rat you out, but drawing all the attention to himself); the drunken Half-Elf (still seated at the Bar, still drinking, very confused as to what’s going on with everyone all of a sudden); the Muscular Woman (obviously part of the Orc’s group, standing toe to toe with a Shark, and seconds from calling out your location); the Man-Shark (seems to be taking up Jack’s offer for either the sport or pay, but could not handle a dozen by himself) and the “Kenku” (arguing right now about what to do, but sure they have to do something)

    Gorgeous Grigmar and ten well-armed pirates are almost to the Bar now. How would you both like to proceed?

    mrpaku on
  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    Urixes, with those kind of Stealth Rolls, you practically vanish into the crowd. Urixes clearly has some previous experience using a Cloak like this before...consider yourself Attuned to this item (that's 2 of 3, the other current item being your Rod of the Pact Keeper +1)

    Map Update for Recent Areas/ Events (#28- Cup Ana Nibble/El Gordo Orco/The Chum Bucket; #29- Crispin's Safehouse; #30- Kelp Carts):


  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Sorry guys, Arno doesn't have anything to help you escape, I think they will just discreetly head over to the Camel and get the captain to vouch for you.

    Oh, wait, is this going to turn into the tense courtroom scene where you are tried for a crime you didn't commit?

    Arno P. Worthington Esq, changeling at law, ready to take the case.

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Do we see anything around the bar? Or is it just one big space with no clear exits?

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    No worries. Jack has Another Plan. 8-)

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited October 19
    Do we see anything around the bar? Or is it just one big space with no clear exits?

    The only immediate exits from here that don't somehow involve climbing down the Ship's side or jumping directly into the waters below are the gangplank you came in on, and (possibly!) the restaurant's flag mast on the Port side of the Ship, a good jog from here

    Other than the people already mentioned, the Bar Area is mostly clear on the customer side of the table. Behind the Bar itself are your terrified waiter, two cowering attendants, and a pair of doors leading back to a presumed kitchen area. The Bartop you and Jack are hidden under will continue to conceal you just fine, assuming you can stay quiet and discrete and someone doesn't point you out.

    Edit: Maybe Oak has been crouch-walking to the kitchen this whole time?

    mrpaku on
  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited October 19
    Jack's Play:

    -Teleport Stone towards the front door/gangplank of El Gordo Orco you get for free! :)

    -There's two Queen's Army pirates down the gangplank you didn't know were there, acting as guards but who have their backs turned to you: Dex Saving Throw (DC-13) to safely wriggle past them!

    -Acrobatics Roll to throw the stone exactly where you're aiming (with Advantage if you dodged the guards/with Disadvantage if you didn't)

    -Where is Jack hoping to "land" with the stone? Tucked into the teeming crowds as quietly as possible? At the edge of the waters, where he can sink/swim/hide in a boat? Flung onto the boardwalk as far away as possible? Atop a mast somewhere close, or a Ship a block over...?

    mrpaku on
  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    I know timing is a bit off, but as I nonchalantly bugger off to the camel because of course the wild bunch is in trouble with the Queen already, can I give Trey instructions to share his fish and chips with the Queens guards over there? I don't want to start a fight, but just have him get in their way once they start chasing down Jack. Like a bit of a slap stick bump into each other that gets bits of fish and sauce all over their faces and outfits.

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Would chucking a stone into the water trigger the teleport?

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    Trey the Ape could provide Jack some incidental cover as he tries to share his meal, granting Jack Advantage on that Dex Saving Throw vs the guards if he likes (although, I'll bump the challenge DC to 15 it that ends up being the choice; more bodies on the gangplank, harder to get by skillfully!)

    A teleport stone hitting the water would activate the spell's ability. How Jack hit afterwards would depend on how the stone hit the water. A top speed, fast as he can, straight at the water throw? Likely damage and disorientation. Gently dropped with loving care from a minimal height? End up softly sinking upon teleport, like relaxing in a bath. Chucked wildly across the City, sight unseen? Could go any number of ways, depending on the Acrobatics roll to throw the thing!

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited October 20
    Which reminds me, re: Ocean Water: typically, the greater density humanoid population in an area, the less Wild Magic effects the waters, and the safer that part of the ocean generally is. So whereas swimming twenty feet from the Ship out on Open Water is practically begging for a Wild Magic occurrence, you can swim the waters in and around Chaff and other big "cities" more or less safely (ie. you won't grow fangs, but you might get eaten by a shark) If you ever wanna know if it's safe to go swimming wherever you are, just ask: at worst, I'll make you Check for it

    mrpaku on
  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    Jack has successfully lost himself "in the crowd"! The Queen's Men/Angry Mob will unsuccessfully search the area for awhile (about an hour), but will be unable to find Jack, tucked as he is aboard a small watercraft, hidden beneath a large tarp!

    Urixes, well-hidden, waits nearby, watching all of this transpire along the main road of the Marauder's Market. Eyes to the ocean, the Tiefling waits patiently for his friends...

    Arno, as I understand it, after reassuring the young lady, you're grabbing a to-go bag, heading across town, and going to see Captain Arabella at the Copper Camel to try to get (*gestures vaguely at the Wild Bunch's situation*) this all resolved. Is that correct? And if so, how will you be travelling: Out in the open? In secret? Rent a boat?

    Which just leaves Oak ( @AustinP0027 ), at the moment safely tucked behind the bar as Jack makes his mad dash out the front door and the pirates lose their minds. How does the Barabarian proceed from here?

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    If Jack has run and they look at him/chase him, Oak wants to sneak away.

    Do you want a stealth roll?

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    And a direction, please! This challenge shouldn't be too difficult, since most of the pirates are probably watching Jack *BAMF* around and knock people over right now.

    Are you headed through the kitchen, down the flag mast, or just off the nearest Ship-side into the water? And how is the Big Guy gonna try to go incognito here on the streets of Chaff?

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Arno, staying in the shape of a halfling to avoid further misidentification, is going to jump into the water and use their swim speed [and wild magic immunity] to just power over to the camel, since it is literally just across the water, unless there are some obstructions that make water access difficult for non-boats.

    I'll just hold the to go box over my head. It will look like a shark fin carrying delivery. [I could also just go full shark and avoid getting it soggy, but I like the idea of just a floating box of food going through the bay.

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    I'll work my way down first, then decide how Oak will try to hide

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    Arno, it's a direct shot between here and the Copper Camel, but it also happens to be a main lane of ship traffic in and out near the Shipyard. You can swim there safely either way, but would you take the long way around? (25 minutes) Or go straight through the main lane of ship traffic (15 minutes)?

    Oak, you're gonna end up crouch walking all the way to the door of the kitchen from underneath the Bar...then, you're gonna accidentally knock a bowl down, and Gorgeous Grigmar is gonna leap the counter and start booking it towards you! Start thinking about how you want to handle this guy inside and around a restaurant kitchen!

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    If it is busy, I'll go Shark*Arno and cut right through he main lane. Looks like no leftovers for Jack.

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Arno was the real monster all along...

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Though that gravy was good. SOOOOO GOOD. And Jack will never get a bite of it.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited October 21
    Arno, the maître d' of the Copper Camel looks less than pleased to see a Shark arrive, across the dirty canal, with a soaking box of street food. She's holding what is obviously a Guest List, and the Camel itself looks fairly well sealed off/guarded. How does Arno approach the woman?
    Oak, you're standing in the kitchen door. There's four cooks mulling around what is, otherwise, your typical large-scale kitchen setup. There are Ship windows to the far sides of you (Port and Starboard, twenty-feet each), and stairs leading down further into the Ship right in front of you you. Gorgeous Grigmar is coming in hot.

    Ask any questions about the room/situation your like. What is Oak's plan?

    mrpaku on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Thought is grab something that can be pulled over the Orc's head as he rushes through the doors, give him a shove to the floor, and escape down the mast in his confusion

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    OK, Oak: are you thinking a grain bag over his head,Manhunt style; or a mixing bowl you ring like a bell?

    And for the challenge: how about you roll (Sleight of Hand, or Athletics, or Deception) vs. Grigmar's Disadvanted Perception (to not let you get the jump on him). Sound good?

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Would rather use a grain bag. Trying to delay him not injure him

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Oak, grab a bag of flour, you'll be able to take over all of Chaff by lunch!
    Maybe too much of an inside joke, but there was a poster a while back who was certain that a high level 3rd ed fighter could totally outshine a wizard, and all their examples seemed to revolve around flour.
    Using it to reveal invisible, blinding people, creating a huge fireball with the dust. He started an argument that lasted like 15 pages of people just gobsmacked at this person's rock solid belief in the unbeatable flour power.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited October 21
    Oak manages to bag Grigmar, but it isn't easy...and he has just enough time to bolt out of here before the Orc's out of the bag. Once Oak scales the mast back down into the city, how does the Barbarian plan to obscure himself, before meeting back up with Urixes and Jack?

    mrpaku on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Thank God Geth screwed the Orc too.

    Anyone around selling baggy clothes, or someone that looks to have extra layers on that I could bribe?

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    At least three destitute tailors within a hundred feet who'd layer you up as much as you'd like, for chunk of change (and keep their mouth shut about it!); as well as two tall, nearby "gentleman" who are clearly doing the "two kids in a trenchcoat" deal just like their friends, and who would part with their disguise in private for a bit of coin!

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    I'll make a deal with the trench coat folks

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Just to be clear, Arno isn't blaming Jack for whatever is happening, but I feel like "Lucky Jack" likely became a new term for unforeseen catastrophe on the ship.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited October 21
    Oak, the orphans haggled you up to 5gp, but they provided you with a decent enough "disguise" in the bargain: a heavy, well-made trenchcoat, several poorly knitted sweaters, and a half-dozen giant, poorly knit scarves. It won't hold under any heavy scrutiny, obviously, but you're also now one of the 3/5 citizens of Chaff clearly attempting to stay off people's radar...



    Oak, Jack, and Urixes all get safely to the Kelp Carts, roughly under an hour later. They're each in disguise (or being stealthy), and the area is enough off the beaten path that you should be safe here for the time it takes you to catch up with what's been going on. Please In Character your reunion: What's the plan? What information do you share? What do you think is happening? Where do you go from here?

    Arno, Zelena isn't joking about discretion being #1 at the Copper Camel: that's a large part of the reason the Captain may have stayed at this place. You might be able to get her to give up more information as you figure out Arno's room situation, with welcoming tips and decent Charisma rolls as you're given the tour. But... you get the sense that all you'd get are crumbs of info, or even put off at best.

    Captain Ari may've put her room under an assumed name. If Arno can guess which name (either as a straight guess, or roll a 1d20: on a 20, I'll give you the name and we can say Arno plucked it out of the ether; anything else, you'll likely be run-out of this place), Zelena will provide more information. Otherwise, she'll look around for Arno, but won't betray the location of a Guest

    mrpaku on
  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    I went for a straight guess, Valtari was important to her so that seems like a good try. Otherwise, sorry guys. As far as Arno knows you got arrested, so they'll try to post your bail with the captain to vouch that we literally just got here an hour ago and didn't even have a chance to start trouble yet. Hopefully the captain is also a fan of seaweed wraps.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited October 22
    "Valtari" was 100% the correct answer! :)

    The guards at the Camel, (professionals and very heavy-duty), will know all about the massages and mud wraps within (bemused by Arno, like many who meet them)

    Madame Zelena has been aboard the Camel for ten minutes now, without yet any signs of returning. How long does Arno stick around? Do they leave a note, if they depart? And where would they head from here?

    (Edit: unbeknownst to Arno), The rest of the Bunch is meeting at the Kelp Carts (#30) very soon, but what are Arno's pursuits this afternoon?

    mrpaku on
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