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No, I wouldn't dare take the Bizarro mantle.


Hello and welcome to Secret Santa, also known as Clue-Free Christmas, Hidden Holidays or X-Filed Xmas! It's coming up to that time of year where society paradoxically compells us to flex our "think of others" brain meats and our "buy stuff" brain meats. These brain meats can come into conflict if we don't exercise them properly. So what better way to get some practice in!

Want to be classy but are struggling to make ends meet? That's what Cryptic Cards are for! You can arrange to get someone to send a cheerful card to instead! Not that you can't send a card to your Santee as well.

How do I demonstrate classiness while participating?

First of all, I'm confident that we're all mature enough to deal with adult concepts like keeping on topic in chat nudity. You can send people NC-17 movies and Lolita and stuff if you want, but in general don't send things with the sole intent of titillation. If you'd rather not receive risque things, make a note of it in your wishlist. Also of course, nothing illegal or dangerous. And no Bitcoins or Non-Festive Tokens. Impressive Artistic Renditions of Bitcoins or cheap furry avatars are acceptable though.

Second of all, you must post some kind of wishlist here. Some enjoy the thrill of forum stalking, but others don't have the time. Also if possible, assemble a wishlist for a website in your homeland or for digital wares, so if necessary your Santa can avail of that.

In the past, I've allowed people to ask to be assigned a Santee in the same country as them, because International Postage is a troublesome expense. This has been super stressful to work around, so nowadays remember that by signing up, you agree to send internationally if necessary. To all Santees, this is why or or Steam or what have you should be availed of, to allow your Santa to send you things without spending a fortune on postage. So please put thought into that. Cryptic Card will continue to be exclusively international as well.

Finally, you must have a record of your gifts being posted. Amazon/Steam emails, recorded delivery receipt, what have you. It's a busy period and the postal system has not only failed before, but is still under strain. You don't have to send them to your Santee unless there's a problem though, but it wouldn't hurt.

[/Classiness Requirements]

So how do you sign up for replacing leg day with classy day? PM me. In the past I've allowed signups just in the thread, and had to chase down folk for their details separately. If I haven't received a PM by the closing date, that's tough cookies. Your PM should include:

-Your real name and address
-Whether you're being a Secret Santa and/or Cryptic Carder.
-Whether you wish to be on the reserve list for ungifted Santees (see below)

How much should you spend on your Santee? There are no hard limits. D&D has a huge spread of incomes, putting hard limits wouldn't be fair. If you feel artsy, homemade arts and crafts are a totally classy gift. All that matters is that you've put thought into what you're sending. Another option may be a charity donation in your Santee's name.

You'll have until Sunday November 14th to sign up, so the opportunity to net some classy presents without busting your wallet at the likes of Black Friday has not passed you by, and to digest stuff that happened the previous week. It will take me a few days to get everyone assigned, so I may be open to some last minute additions, but keep this date in mind.

There are some restrictions to qualify for joining the Secret Santa, but hopefully aren't too onerous. In general, you should have been a regular poster on the boards since January 2021. This isn't iron clad though, and I'll consider newer posters on a case by case basis, especially if somebody else vouches for them. That being said, I reserve the right to refuse the admission of anyone for any other reason. In addition the Mods have the final say over who can take part, and can veto any admission. Any such refusal should be taken up with them.

Ideally I'd like to have all the assignments sent to their Santas before Thanksgiving, which should give everyone around a month to figure out how best to be classy to your fellow man before the agreed upon date of Christmas. Problems can happen however, and I'll understand if by Christmas Eve your gift has not reached its recipient, especially if you've explained this to your Santee and myself. And as said above, there may be post problems pertaining these plague pandemic perils, so as long as communication has been done I think we can be forgiving if things take a long time to get anywhere. I advise you all to use tracking numbers when you send them in case something goes wrong. If you have failed to send me notification of any actions you have taken by January 20th, I shall be in contact with the Mods. They understand the importance of being classy, and frown upon those who ask for the responsibility and then shun it. You WILL be banned if you fail to live up to your obligation without good reason. Also, never display disappointment in what you receive. People are being classy and sending you gifts, and it is bad form to complain about what you receive and forget the reason behind the gift. In the event a Santee goes without gift, I will be asking someone on the reserve list to make it up to them, preferably by the end of February.

Remember, it's now what you give or get, but how classy you are in doing it. <3

Those Being Secretive:

Blameless Cleric
Casual Eddy
Dark Raven X
RMS Oceanic

Those Being Cryptic:

Dark Raven X
RMS Oceanic

The stalking begins.

For ease of stalking historical reference:

RMS Oceanic on
amateurhourredxDark Raven XmRahmaniSummaryJudgmentHerrCron


  • RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
    edited November 24
    The Material Interests of the Northern Irish Forum-goer

    The :D
    Electronic Gaming - I roll with a PS3/4, PS Vita and a PC. A PS5 would be smashing but fiscally impractical. If my Santa wants to send me gifts by Steam or, let me know and I'll relay my details. Also I've been enjoying EU4 but the last two DLCs are a smidge pricey.
    Other Books - Comedy and history mostly, especially satire and/or parody. If you have any interesting books I won't say no. Don't be afraid to send something that is neither of these. I'm also trying to bolster my literature cred too!
    Comics - I'm interested in reading some of the more interesting one off stories. I'm also interested in graphic novel series. EXCEPTIONS: I'm not interested in reading Y: The Last Man or Walking Dead. I greatly enjoyed Matt Fraction's Hawkguy so other successful trades are appreciated.
    Classic Cartoons - I currently have Disney Treasures, Looney Tunes Golden Collections and the Complete Droopy and Tom & Jerry, but there are others I'd like to assemble.

    The :)
    Nerdy Merch - Yeah, why not. I've been on a massive Undertale kick these four years as you might notice from the Santa in the OP, and it's still there.
    "Art Of" Books - Know those books which are full of concept sketches and art for major movies and games? I like those, especially for recent animated films.
    Webcomic Stuff - I read stuff like Nedroid, Hark! A Vagrant!, Bad Machinery and such. Books or non-clothing merchandise from such places are welcome.
    Soundtracks - Think a popular movie/game/TV show sounds awesome? You're free to send some of that my way.
    Arts & Crafts - Skilled with a brush or pencil or tablet or knitting needle and want to give something original? I'm down with that.

    The :(
    Model Kits - I don't have neither the time or skill to assemble them.
    MMORPG subscriptions - I don't know how likely receiving this is, but I don't play any MMORPGs.

    The :D:D
    These are the wild if-my-Santa-is-a-generous-millionaire type wishes, which I shall spoil for fear of appearing greedy.
    - An SD Card-ready Digital Camcorder, and appropriate SD Card.
    - A PS5
    - A new PC.

    The :D:D:D actual-millionaire-or-outright-has-divine-powers wishes
    -Pay off my mortgage
    -Fund the installation of Photovoltaic Solar Panels on my roof and ground or air-pump heating system
    -Peace on Earth
    -Perpetual Energy becomes viable, widespread and cheap
    -Alzheimers and other conditions that degenerate a person's mental condition are cured
    -A cure for Diabetes
    -No other bad things

    If these are hopelessly vague, I have a cheat sheet you can reference.

    RMS Oceanic on
  • Hahnsoo1Hahnsoo1 Make Ready. We Hunt.Registered User regular
    edited December 4
    Sweet! It’s the most wonderful time of the year… signing up for the D&D Secret Santa!

    EDIT: Here are my gift preferences:

    Hahnsoo1's Clothing Sizes: XL T-shirt, 38 waist-30 length pants, 19 neckline.
    Hahnsoo1 is on Low Carb/No Carb dietary restrictions.

    TL;DR - Cheap: Get me a Kindle Book. Expensive: Get me a microphone (see below).

    Kindle Books - I’ve started reading again, big-time. I prefer sci-fi and fantasy literature, although I’ll read anything by Malcolm Gladwell (ugh… he’s a charlatan, but he’s entertaining.), Michael Lewis, or similar NPR-like non-fiction (Daniel Kahneman or something like that). You can gift Kindle books online (with your friends… or enemies).
    My Amazon Book Wishlist is here:

    Audio Gear - I’m really into audio gear, still. I can always use more microphones, microphone stands, XLR cables, and the like. Some suggestions (from Expensive to Cheap):
    * GTD Audio 4x800 Adjustable Channels UHF Diversity Wireless Microphones
    * Beyerdynamic DT990 Studio Headphones
    * Pair of Line Audio CM4 - Need to import these from Sweden. :(
    * Audio-Technica AT875R Line/Gradient Shotgun Condenser Microphone
    * Neat Microphones King Bee II or Worker Bee II - I own a King Bee and two Worker Bees already. They updated the design, and I like the company.
    * SE v7 - If you were to get me any microphone on this list, I would LOVE this one. I would also love MULTIPLES of these, so if many people got me these, I would not be upset.
    * A Shure SM-58 - I own an old one of these, but I could use a brand new one.
    * Microphone Stands (of any kind). I prefer the brand K&M or Atlas.
    * 12 gauge microphones (any of them. They are all high quality and tiny in size)
    * MEE audio M6 PRO (I own these, but I could use more) IEMs
    * GLS Audio ES-58 (regular or S)

    Anything by Hide and Drink - They make high quality leather products, like belts and bags. I like pretty much anything that they make.

    Broadway Musicals - It’s been… a light year for Broadway, to say the least. I own all of the new musicals from last year (except for Percy Jackson: The Musical… I do NOT want that!). But I do like Broadway Musical-related paraphernalia and tchotchkes.

    Weird Al - Anything Weird Al-related is great, although I think I have all Weird Al biographies/books known to man (from prior X-mas gifts).

    Singing/A Cappella -
    * Deke Sharon has a new book out called “Teaching Music through Performance in Contemporary A Cappella” that I’d like.
    * “A Cappella Warm-Ups for Pop and Jazz Choirs” by Deke Sharon.
    * There’s a new Voices Only 2021 album that I really would like to get, as well as BOCA 2021. I don’t think they do physical discs for these anymore, though.
    * And, of course, T-shirts and mugs and stuff related to singing.

    Star Trek Stuff - I already own Star Trek Adventures Core Rulebook
    * Physical copies of Star Trek Adventures splatbooks would be nice. I don’t own any of them physically.
    * I don’t own any of the shows on DVD or Blu-Ray, so it would be nice to have physical copies of any Star Trek show, except for the TOS Animated Series (which Steve got me for a previous Xmas!). I apparently also own the Star Trek reboot movie from 2009 with Chris Pine.
    * A Star Trek uniform top of some sort would be cool. I’d prefer DS9 or VOY era, but I’ll take anything (even Disco)
    * If you can find a Lower Decks T-shirt that has “RITOS” in the “DISCO” style, I would love to have one.
    * Any other Star Trek-related tchotchkes or clothes or whatever.

    Cat stuff - My cat, Remington Jones, would appreciate any/all gifts. Or I would appreciate any cat-themed gifts of any kind.
    * I don’t know if he will play with any cat toys other than this shitty fish on a shitty fishing pole that he loves, for some reason.
    * His favorite treats are freeze-dried shrimp for cats.

    Multitool stuff - I like things that are ALSO other things, like screwdrivers that are also flashlights and AM/FM radios and shit like that. Or a charger that also is a bluetooth speaker or something.

    Escape Room Board Games - New EXIT board games have materialized, and I want: The Cursed Labyrinth, Kidnapped in Fortune City. Assume I have all of the other EXIT escape room stuff (including the Advent Calendar, which I bought for this year). This also goes for Unlock (I have all of them).

    Computer Gear - I could use a Razer Naga Pro and/or Razer Tartarus v2. Maybe a big-ass pad to go under my keyboard/mouse that has a Qi wireless charger built-in.

    Things that Hahnsoo1 does NOT want
    * Video games - My backlog is huge. Don’t need any video games or video-game-related stuff.
    * Shit That I Have to Assemble - LEGOs and build your own electronics and stuff. Don’t make me do more work!
    * Normal Food - I’m on a low carb/no carb diet, so cookies and sweets are forbidden fruit.
    * Hats - Way too many hats right now.
    * Ties - Never wear them and have too many of them.
    * Socks - I’m at my socks limit. My socks threshold, if you will.
    * Hoodies - Don’t wear them, have many hoodies already.
    * Figurines - Really don’t know where to put them. Will make an exception for a replica of my cat, Remington Jones.

    Hahnsoo1’s Work in Progress Xmas Amazon Wishlist:

    Hahnsoo1 on
    PSN: Hahnsoo | MH Rise: Hahnsoo, Switch FC: SW-0085-2679-5212
    RMS Oceanic
  • amateurhouramateurhour One day I'll be professionalhour The woods somewhere in TennesseeRegistered User regular
    I am going to make/preserve/cure/whittle/blacksmith/grind/stitch SO MUCH shit for whomever I get this year!

    RMS OceanicSummaryJudgmentJaysonFour
  • Dark Raven XDark Raven X Laugh hard, run fast, be kindRegistered User regular
    edited November 23

    My wishlist!
    I love homemade stuff, if you're an arty type!

    I like: Lego, Marvel, the Expanse, Gundam (and Gunpla!) Metroid, Zelda, Pusheen, Kill Six Billion Demons, Death Stranding, the color green and possums.

    I like building stuff, tinkering with electronics and such. I'm into 3D printing!

    I got a kindle, so I'm good for books, but wouldn't mind some recommendations and Amazon credit! ;P

    Mostly play on Switch now, and I like digital games for the most part and PC for everything else. I would love Switch funmoney!

    Amazon Wishlist
    I have a lot of gunpla on my wishlist, be advised it is horrendously overpriced on Amazon, pls avoid buying from em!
    Steam Wishlist

    I'm married to @Ravenhpltc24 if ya wanna mine her for info ;D

    Dark Raven X on
    Oh brilliant
    RMS OceanicJaysonFour
  • spool32spool32 Contrary Library Registered User regular
    Definitely going to !signup again!

    Excite for this year, folks :)

    Dark Raven XDoodmann
  • jungleroomxjungleroomx It's not a "weapon art", it's an ANIMATION Registered User regular
    edited November 12

    Sign me up, I love this shit


    What I'm Into:

    Right now I'm very into cooking, and new tastes, and specifically I'm looking to reduce my meat intake as I try to regain control of myself post-quarantine and COVID and, really, a very long depression since my divorce.

    Whats your favorite spice?
    Your favorite local recipe, or favorite local food (that can be transported, like cookies, etc)?
    Got a really cool kitchen gadget that makes your life measurably easier? Sweet!
    Maybe some strange/unique alcohols? I do prefer dark liquor to clear, but if you think you've got a killer clear liquor then fire away. I'm looking for new experiences.

    I will say I wouldn't mind wall decor, something like a Displate or other similar flat and easy to mount/remove items. My favorite subjects for games are Metroid and Dark Souls, for movies it's anything really (as long as the art is cool, I love minimalist, deco, or abstract/vibrant/cyberpunk/neon stuff) but some ideas are LOTR, Bladerunner 2049, Annihilation. I do love some dark sci fi and fantasy.

    No nudity for the art deco on the wall.

    I have all the electronic/computer/musical stuff I want (Though Steambux are always welcome!), and would balk at accessories. Kind of picky.

    jungleroomx on
  • HerrCronHerrCron It that wickedly supports taxation Registered User regular
    edited November 4
    I'm in!

    Will I be using the same post as previous years with slight modifications to make life easier on my eventual secret Santa?
    Does the pope shit in the woods?
    I am now and forever in Canada, to the point that I'm actually becoming a citizen! Huzzah!
    As a result, ordering via or something will probably work out better for you than shipping to here from wherever you are, especially with the exchange rates favouring just about every other major currency in the world.
    And some of the minor ones too.

    All that being said, I'm angling to get back to Ireland this Christmas, so if you're in Europe and would rather send stuff to my home address in Ireland, just let RMS know and they'll get the info out of me.

    Also - I've broken up with FrauCron this year, so she won't be available to help people with gifts. Sorry about that.

    My place is very much my own after four years, but I forever thirst for new things to cram into our tiny kitchen.
    There's some things on my Amazon wishlist that would be welcome, though I'm not married to the make and model of the kitchen items on that list, so if you know better, by all means go for it.
    Or feel free to go for something not on there if you feel like it.
    In terms of existing gadgets, I have a Sous Vide, pizza stone & paddle, an instantpot, a stand mixer, and an ice cream making attachment for said stand mixer. Just to rule them out, as nobody needs TWO sousvides.... or do they?

    Video Games - I have a Switch, PC, and an Xbone - and I also have games for two of those up to my eyeballs (thank you game pass ultimate!) so really, Switch titles are probably your best bet here. But if you're confident in yourself, do not let me stop you, especially if it's something a little different.
    This is my backloggery for all your cross referencing needs.

    Books - I am not a great reader, but that doesn't mean you can't get me books, I will make the time for them! Cookery books are also a good shout - especially if they manage to deal with my being a coeliac, but even if they don't I've gotten handy at doing substitutions.

    Booze - I am fond of whiskey, especially peated whiskies and single malts, but blended is good too. I also like gin, especially ones that are a bit different to the standard Bombay, Hendricks style ones. However, I cannot drink beer, Unless it's a gluten-free beer. And that's usually just disappointment in a can.

    Sports & Sports Accessories - I've built quite a collection of football jerseys over the last while, and I'd love to add to it. But to be picky for a second, it's probably best not to get anything from clubs based in Ireland or the UK. Too much potential for awkwardness.
    As for sizing, if it's player fit then you might as well err on the side of caution and get an XL. regular fit then a Medium or a Large will do. If you're unsure, just for an XL - I ain't gettin' any thinner.
    If this is what you wanna get me but you can't decide what to grab, I would never say no to the three little birds Ajax shirt. But if you're not a Europe, then it's probably going to be prohibitively expensive, so don't worry about it.

    I'm training for a triathlon in the summer of 2022, so if there's anything in that area that you know from experience (or someone you know has told you) would be handy then that'd be very much appreciated. I've got a lot of running tops, undershorts, shorts and even a smart trainer for the bike, but any other gear that would be good would great!

    Comics -I've gotten rid of marvel unlimited as I wasn't using it enough to justify it, but I'd happily take an omnibus of a run on a Marvel or DC that you think is great. But not the walking dead, please. I've had my fill of that. There's plenty of comics on my amazon wish list, but new things are good too!

    Coffee - This is what keeps me alive. But I don't really drink anything too fancy and maybe it's time to change that up? I've only got a French press, and a filter coffee machine so there's ample room for stuff in this area.
    Anyway, if you're a coffee person, maybe there's something in this area you reckon would be a good thing, go for it.

    Or... just go hogwild! Pick whatever you fancy! Maybe something that's local to you and where you are? Fantastic! Go for it!

    I'm a goddamn dirty coeliac, so I can't consume things with gluten in them. So as much as I love tasty treats you're gonna have to check and see if they're gluten free. It's a pain in the ass, trust me, I know. Anything else is fine!

    HerrCron on
  • bloodyroarxxbloodyroarxx Casa GrandeRegistered User regular

  • SummaryJudgmentSummaryJudgment The purity of angry tambourine. Registered User regular

    Because survival is insufficient.
  • AtomikaAtomika Cinema Vampire (alleged) Trans 🏳️‍⚧️ SylvaniaRegistered User regular
  • DoodmannDoodmann Registered User regular
    edited November 22

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    Whippy wrote: »
    nope nope nope nope abort abort talk about anime
    GrpAhic DeiGn is My PAssIon
  • amateurhouramateurhour One day I'll be professionalhour The woods somewhere in TennesseeRegistered User regular
    edited October 30
    I'll start off with the gift stuff:

    If you want to go easy mode, here's my amazon list (list is randomized not priority based)

    I'm easy to shop for. If you make anything by hand, I'd love it.

    If you've got old rusty tools/car parts/knives/farm shit/blacksmith shit/anything I can fix up and use on the farm, I'd love them

    If you send me anything that's not the two things above nor from the amazon list, I'll love it.

    I do not have a gaming pc or high speed internet

    I would like to get into making craft videos on youtube so anything camera or lighting or knowledge related would be awesome. I plan to use shotcut to edit videos and I know nothing about youtube stuff.

    I guess that's it for now.

    amateurhour on
    Dark Raven XElvenshaeAtomikaSummaryJudgmentDoodmann
  • SixSix Older Than Chanus Registered User regular

    Let’s do this

    Friend codes are stupid
  • RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
    Got the list of people who have actually send me signup details updated! Remember to send deets.

  • Dark Raven XDark Raven X Laugh hard, run fast, be kindRegistered User regular
    I think I know who my Cryptic Cardee is gonna be! ;D

    Oh brilliant
  • Casual EddyCasual Eddy The Astral PlaneRegistered User regular
    I’m in!

    AtomikaDark Raven XjungleroomxElvenshae
  • Blameless ClericBlameless Cleric An angel made of sapphires each more flawlessly cut than the last Registered User regular
    edited November 15
    Blameless Cleric on
    Orphane wrote: »

    one flower ring to rule them all and in the sunlightness bind them

    I'd love it if you took a look at my art and my PATREON!
    jungleroomxElvenshaeHahnsoo1Dark Raven XSummaryJudgmentHerrCronmRahmanispool32amateurhourAtomika
  • redxredx I(x)=2(x)+1 whole numbersRegistered User regular
    edited November 26
    I like boardgames (could use good 2 person games, that are not deck building games), switch-lite and PC games, indy, deck building, metroidvania, tactics game with timeloop mechanics? yes please? (haven't bought anything since Hades, also have Inscryption).

    I camp a bit. Cook stuff. Drink fancy whiskey forward cocktails. I like stupid single use tools for doing these things. Things to make tea. Things to grind coffee that are not loud at 6 am. Things to drink warm beverages out of. I could use a mandoline, and like... basically every needed to bake things.

    Mens small, womens medium. 8 dress size. Large womens outerwear. I kinda like blue things.

    I'd like nice tools to do things. Knives, could use a better third hand for soldering.

    I build stuff. Frequently out of wood. I could use hand tools that aren't junk bought at 2am at Walmart. I got a good micrometer, a bunch of Makita stuff, and nice set of manual hit them with a crappy hammer bought at 2am from Walmart center punches. Everything else is shit. Well... okay I got an alright level, and a convicingly square speed-square.

    Oh... you can also do things for my kitty.

    Or just make me a thing. Witchy and psychedelic and/or... umm... blue things probably would fit into my life well. Purply... Really open mesh crochet stuff? I have no allergies or dietary restrictions? Accessories for fucking the patriarchy? Good luck!

    redx on
    This machine kills threads.
  • JaysonFourJaysonFour Classy Monster Kitteh Registered User regular
    edited November 16

    Already sent my details in, so I'll reserve this post for a wishlist!


    1) Games. I've got a Steam account (you can see it through the link in my sig), or if you want to send something for a console, my lineup is currently Switch (Nintendo), PS2 (Sony) and XB360 (Microsoft). If you want to send me something specific, go ahead, or if you just want to dump some credit on me, that's fine too. (Yes, I know two of those are waaaaay behind the times, but new consoles are freaking impossible to get hold of!) My favorite genres are RPGs and visual novels, but I'll play just about anything unless it's stupidly hard for no reason, full of over-the-top blood and guts, or a shooter that takes itself waaaaay too seriously. I also love MMOs- but I'm not playing WoW and someone else is already working on FFXIV for me.

    2) Cookbooks. I -love- themed cookbooks, mostly from games, but I'll read any of them I can get my hands on. I've got the World of Warcraft, Fallout and Dungeons and Dragons ones, but I'll take them from any property you can think of.

    3) I play and run a lot of Pathfinder, so online stuff to help further my collections is always welcome- or you could always throw me a gift certificate on Paizo. If you need to see a list of what I own because you want to send me something specific, please let me know and I'll send it your way! On the other hand, I'm willing to try any system that gets sent my way, so if you have a favorite, let me see it! I also love the themed books and other merchandise for Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, etc.- I've been meaning to try some of the themed coffee and stuff that Geek Grind puts out, but most of it is whole-bean and we have no coffee grinder at the moment...

    4) Cat stuff! I have a few of them, and for some reason they think they rule the roost. Some fun toys for them are always appreciated, and cat treats for the holiday season are always welcome. Feathers are a big hit with them. (I'll pay the cat tax at a later date, Poppy is currently passed out with my niece.)

    5) TV stuff. Hulu, Netflix and Peacock get a lot of use in our house. As for my personal favorites, anime is always a good option (I'll watch just about everything), and wrestling has been a guilty pleasure for a while (my family scoffs, but I always tell them 'you have your Real Housewives and Kardashians and etc., I have my wrestling'. There's also an old PBS show I follow- "The Red Green Show" - which I binge about once or twice a week while doing other things- and it's still a guilty pleasure of mine. It's just one of those things that brings a grin to my face no matter what (I've been watching it since the mid-90s). What I don't do very well, however, is horror and gore for the sake of gore. Fantasy shows are good, too- I have regular DVD and Blu-ray, and the first four seasons of GoT I'm still working through. Anime is also pretty good.

    6) Books. One of my dreams is to finally complete my TSR fiction set (to collect one copy of every book TSR/Wizards have released for all the Dungeons and Dragons properties), as well as the Battletech, Magic: the Gathering, Legend of the Five Rings, and Pathfinder series. (Yes, I am letting my old-guard nerd flag fly at full staff, but I just love spending an evening reading an old collection of stuff with tea, coffee and munchies!) I keep mostly up-to-date lists, so if you need a list, let me know! Books about wrestling are good, too- but I'll give most stuff at least one read, so feel free to send along anything interesting!

    A few caveats, as well:
    1) Food and drink are great! But keep in mind there's a chance your homemade goodies or store-bought yummies might have to sit out in the freezing cold. I do live in Michigan, and it gets mighty freaking cold on occasion, so make sure whatever you send doesn't mind getting cold. I have no allergies to worry about. Alcohol is fine, but go easy- I'm not exactly that experienced with it, and strong stuff could put me right on my ass. I tend to enjoy sweet stuff more than bitter, though (blame the years of soda pop).

    2) Stuff to hang on the walls is great- but I do have cats who think everything hung on the walls might be a cat toy, so careful with dangling things.

    3) No political stuff. I've had enough of political arguments for the last year and a half, and I'd love to make it to March Madness without starting another one.

    4) Clothes are a no-go. I have a weird bodyshape- I order most of my shirts online because the stores don't have my size in stock, and I'd hate to see you find something awesome and then find out it doesn't fit.

    JaysonFour on
    I can has cheezburger, yes?
  • bloodyroarxxbloodyroarxx Casa GrandeRegistered User regular
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    This year Ive been kind of weird wrt to asking for things so here are just some general things I like and go wild if you have any questions you can PM @ladyroar she will sort you out.
    • T-shirts ideally nothing black I got too many of those but size XL
    • Bowser, no its not just a meme I do love the character
    • Mega Man
    • Transformers
    • Metroid
    • Lego
    • Metal Gear
    • Handmade gifts are super rad.
    • All Elite Wrestling action figures are rad, they are still incredibly rare here in Canada for some reason so I haven't even started collecting them yet
    • Id like to start playing some more involved board games with my 11 soon to be 12 year old

    If you are feeling particularly generous I've been looking into getting an Xbox Elite Controller

    My PC is rapidly aging out so PC games are not really a good option, I am primarily an Xbox player now a days.

    bloodyroarxx on
  • RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
    Apologies for the quiet times, but been pretty busy in meatspace this week. Signups are now closed! Please check the lists at your earliest convenience, I intend to send out signups by tomorrow evening.

    JaysonFourDoodmannDark Raven Xredx
  • Casual EddyCasual Eddy The Astral PlaneRegistered User regular
    wish list is coming!

  • DoodmannDoodmann Registered User regular

    Unique local stuff - food, books, something that is the best thing about where you live / are from
    Interesting cooking books or cooking equipment. I cook a lot so I have most of your standard fair, but who doesn't want another knife right?

    If its a Brewster's Millions situation: An Ian Davis painting -

    Don't buy me an NFT...or do, it would be a pretty funny joke.

    Whippy wrote: »
    nope nope nope nope abort abort talk about anime
    GrpAhic DeiGn is My PAssIon
  • Casual EddyCasual Eddy The Astral PlaneRegistered User regular
    edited November 23
    Hello! I love interesting things from places that aren't where I live (NYC). Fancy food that can survive a journey is good with me, also! (minus olives or blue cheese). I don't drink alcohol nearly as much as I used to, but I could be interested in some beers from your neck of the woods. I like just about everything except sours and extremely hoppy IPAs.

    Weirdly I find myself in need of fridge magnets, since I want to hang up stuff on my fridge and am running out of magnets. Funny, quipy, queer/gay dude magnets are welcome.

    Homeworld is my favoritest video game ever, so anything from that game's universe would be great.

    I love bath stuff (bombs and so forth), especially from Lush. I'm also paying more attention to my skin so anything from your skincare routine that you love would be appreciated.

    I recently stopped drinking caffeine and am looking for good decaf beans, which are actually sort of hard to find!

    I love board games, especially co-op. A two player game to play with my husband would be nice, I already own Morels for this purpose.

    If you can somehow get me The Shadow King's sunglasses from Legion I'll forever be in your debt. I have been searching for these for a while and had no luck, so do not undertake this quest lightly.

    ALSO: I'm a mostly vegetarian (gifts w/ meat are fine though) and interested in vegetarian cooking! If you have a veg cookbook you like send it to me. I have vegetarian indian by madhur jaffrey, and subscriptions to milk street and america's test kitchen, everything else is fair game!

    Casual Eddy on
  • bloodyroarxxbloodyroarxx Casa GrandeRegistered User regular
    Wish lists people comon lol

  • mRahmanimRahmani DetroitRegistered User regular

    Steam ID: mrahmani
    Xbox: mrahmani (Series S/X)
    PSN: mrahmani87 (PS4)
    Switch: Have one, don't play online though. Not sure how digital purchases work there.

    Amazon wishlist: Pretty much exclusively books, I should really add to this.

    Things that I like:

    Videogames! I like games, and I play pretty frequently on all the systems mentioned above. I like most genres except for horror... shooters, platformers, driving games, RPGs, couch co-op games, you name it. Some of my favorite games from the last few years are Celeste, Apex Legends, the Untitled Goose Game, and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Ghosts of Tsushima, the new Crash Bandicoot, and Luigi's Mansion are a few games I'd still like to play, off the top of my head. I would also especially love any couch co-op type games that would be good to play with a 7 year old!

    Fandoms! I'm a giant nerd and I love getting nerd stuff. Here are my favorite things to nerd about, in no particular order:

    Apex Legends/Titanfall
    Star Wars
    Star Trek
    Mass Effect (you might be noticing a sci-fi trend, feel free to introduce me to new cool scifi stuff)
    Harry Potter
    Lord of the Rings
    MCU (I would love to read some comics, but I don't know where to start, so my experience is purely with the movies at this point)

    Books! I love to read, and my wife and I have put together a solid collection over the years. My personal favorites are sci-fi stuff, but I also enjoy fantasy and mystery books. Some authors I've liked recently: Michael Crichton, Timothy Zahn, Naomi Novak. I just picked up the first book in Terry Pratchet's Discworld series, so that's what I'm reading right now.

    Legos! Small sets are fun to build with my kids, big ones are fun to build with my wife.

    Cars! I work with cars, I play with cars. My favorites are 60/70s American muscle cars, but I love cars across the spectrum - exotics, JDM, euro classics, baja trucks, you name it. Any car geek stuff would be super cool. Car-related clothing and tools to fix my busted cars are also cool!

    If you're looking at clothing, I take a men's large.

    Things I do not like:

    Please no NSFW, I will probably be opening this with kids around.
    I don't drink or smoke, so while a fine whisky or cigar would be undoubtedly cool, no thank you!

    Dark Raven X
  • RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
    Practice standard: Preached!

  • milskimilski Poyo! Registered User regular
    edited November 26
    My wishlist, still going strong but slightly modified!

    Here's my vague wishlist, more or less copied from last year the past two years... except that I'm living with my girlfriend and cats now so they get added in, too!

    Stuff for girlfriend and cats:
    • We have four adorable, somewhat chaotic cats. Treats, toys, scratchers, and other cat related gifts welcome.
    • My girlfriend is into a lot of different kinds of crafting and has specifically been asking for soapmaking stuff lately.
    • She also enjoys basically any sort of cat related things, along with Reggaeton music and Medieval history.

    Magic Stuff:
    • Individual magic cards! Easy things that would work regardless are fetch lands and Commander Staples (e.g. here, but if you have any other ideas for Magic cards to send that'd be cool too. I'm looking at potentially making an Eruth deck if you want to dig a little deeper.
    • Secret lairs, if you want to splurge!
    • Sleeves holy crap I could always use more Dragonshield sleeves.

    • I play a lot of videogame. PC, PS4, or Switch. I play a lot of RPGs and Metroidvanias. I'd prefer lesser known titles to mainstream ones, since I'll probably get around to most mainstream titles. Steam name Milski, avatar is Dr. McNinja. Don't focus on the wishlist; I dunno if you can stalk what games I've bought but that's a better metric.
    • Tabletop games: I own a lot of Dominion-likes (Dominion, Legendary, Puzzle Strike), but I'm interested in most games. Stuff that's two player compatible would be best!
    • Food: I'm always trying to expand my cooking knowledge. Recipes would be nice, as well as homemade/local food. I like spicy, but I don't really like jalepenos, if that matters.
    • Comics: I have read a bit but haven't really gotten into them. I tend to like more of what I've seen from Marvel, though. All the quirky new comics that get discussed in [Chat]? They tend to interest me.
    • Music: Point me in the direction of good music! Basically any genre is acceptable. Buying a physical album is probably not as helpful as some links.
    • Books: Good literature is a blast! Again, not picky on the genre. Though I do feel the need to buy Lindsay Ellis's Axiom's End but haven't gotten around to it :wink:
    • Cool local stuff: Self explanatory!

    • NSFW: I'm not opposed to the idea but I don't really use toys and don't want NSFW decorations.
    • Gift cards/cash: Kinda dull but if you don't want to risk gifting me something I already have a gift card+buy this wouldn't be bad.
    • Clothes: I don't really accessorize much and my wardrobe is passable. If you have a really cool T-shirt then an adult large works; I'm thin but broad shouldered, so super short sleeves tend to suck.

    • Prepackaged food/snacks: Aside from local/homemade food above.
    • Movies: I tend to just netflix/redbox movies I want to watch. Well, I would actually prefer to watch in theaters, but... y'know...
    • Extravagant gifts: If you're somehow one of these miracle Santas, I'd prefer you give it to another forumer or make a charitable donation in my name.

    milski on
    I ate an engineer
  • AngelHedgieAngelHedgie Registered User regular
    Sorry about the delay - life has been a bit busy.


    Art: Our walls are a bit bare, so artwork is something that we would really enjoy. Since this is something that would be displayed publicly, I ask that it is something tasteful in design. If there's a local artist that you really like, that would be something we would enjoy, as well as Native artwork, given that my wife is Native. Another thing would be geeky yet well done prints - I found these prints to be interesting, in particular this one.

    Games: We both have PS4s as well as a Switch and a PS5, and both a desktop and laptop capable of playing most games , so Steam is also an option. We tend to lean towards getting major titles that interest us, so if you want to go this route, it would be better to go with an indie title that you think is good. On the side of board games, with us now having our house, it would be great to get ones that you think are good, especially if they can be played with two players (that said, we own things like Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, Dominion, Coup.)

    Kitchen: We've been doing a lot to get our kitchen kitted out. One thing that would be great are cookbooks, as we can always use more recipes, especially if there's a particular cookbook that illustrates a cuisine that you enjoy.

    Food: As in the past, if there's a local specialty that you think would be good, we'd be happy to receive it. That said, my wife can't eat mushrooms, and can't really taste orange, so those are going to be no-gos with regards to foodstuffs.

    Lego: Now that I actually have room to display sets, I'm looking to collect Lego sets again. Right now, I'd like to get some medium size sets that would be good for display. I have a few sets like the Flower Bouquet, Bonsai Tree, Ship in a Bottle, and Question Mark in my backlog already.

    Pets: We have two cats and a dog who is way too smart for his own good, so toys and treats for them are appreciated. That said, please no stuffed toys for the pup - he's a chewer, and the life expectancy of a stuffed toy tends to be measured in minutes. Strong chew toys like KONG and Nylabone work well for him.


    Please nothing NSFW, nor alcohol - neither of us drink, so such gifts would be wasted.

    XBL: Nox Aeternum / PSN: NoxAeternum / NN:NoxAeternum / Steam: noxaeternum
  • AtomikaAtomika Cinema Vampire (alleged) Trans 🏳️‍⚧️ SylvaniaRegistered User regular
    Hi! Anything from my Secret Santa list here is just dandy

    I also adore vintage hardcover books, vintage movie posters, and mid-century errata.

    Don’t get me any food (I tend to be a picky eater), but booze is okay as long as it’s not tequila. Tasteful erotica is fine, but my tastes are very specific so unless you think you know me well enough, just pass. Gold-tone kitchen stuff is never a bad get, I’m a huge Star Wars/LOTR nerd, and reconditioned AV equipment from the 1930s-50s will always find a home at my place.

    If gift cards are more your speed, try these:
    - West Elm
    - Converse
    - Williams Sonoma
    - Adam & Eve

    Dark Raven XElvenshaespool32amateurhour
  • The Zombie PenguinThe Zombie Penguin Eternal Hungry Corpse Registered User regular
    @milski Your links to commander staples dont work!

    Ideas hate it when you anthropomorphize them
    Switch: 0293 6817 9891
  • SummaryJudgmentSummaryJudgment The purity of angry tambourine. Registered User regular
    edited November 26
    Ed: have fun y'all :biggrin:

    SummaryJudgment on
    Because survival is insufficient.
  • milskimilski Poyo! Registered User regular
    milski Your links to commander staples dont work!


    I ate an engineer
  • SixSix Older Than Chanus Registered User regular
    edited November 27
    All right, let’s do this.

    In general, I’d really love something personal or local from wherever you are. Small pieces of art or something you crafted would be great. Books you’ve read and loved would be awesome, too.

    To make things a bit easier, here are some wishlists. I will try and update these a bit.


    In general, I have so many games I can’t find time to play I’d rather only get a game if you a.) really, really love it and want me to experience it or b.) want me to play it with you. I’ve also got a ps4 and XsX but I haven’t bothered making wishlists there.

    I struggle in general with helping people get me gifts, but some other things I’m into that might help:

    - Travel
    - Skiing
    - Photography (there are a few overpriced photography books on my wishlist)
    - Cycling and fitness in general. A cycling jersey from your city or country would be amazing. Or a jersey with anything you find interesting.
    - Guitar and making music
    - Food and cooking. A compilation of your favorite recipe bookmarks would be great

    I love art and anything you find inspiring that I could put up to remember Secret Santa 2021 would be amazing.

    I don’t know how helpful that is and I may come back and edit this as I see how others have done a better job than I.

    Six on
    Friend codes are stupid
  • spool32spool32 Contrary Library Registered User regular
    Here we go - Wishlist time!

    This year I am going to get into DIY wireless LEDs, so I'm hoping for some things in that realm:
    - This is the strip in question from 1-4 meters:
    - Lots of other options in this vein, please ping @Belasco32 to prevent overlap!
    - Especially challenging seems to be finding the right enclosure to contain an ESP8266 microcontroller. I will need several probably.

    This means I'm going to have to learn how to solder. Do you need like a vent hood for that? I don't know! I have a soldering iron on my amazon wishlist but ??? It's a journey. Maybe get me an online class? A project that needs soldering that would be easy? The folks at Adafruit have lots of little DIY project collections, anything that glows is fun and would help build my skillset.

    - I need to pick up a few cloths - gift certs to Proper Cloth or Stitchfix would be cool

    - Bel and I play a ton of co-op! Right now we have our eye on Gloomhaven, which is on Steam (or in the real world if you are some kind of a baller)
    - Speaking of steam, my wishlist is accurate and ranked!

    - MCU Tony Stark is my hero. Iron Man shit is my shit, especially artwork (but figurines are out). I have had my eye on a display version of the ARC Reactor, and I'm also looking for Stark Industries kitsch that has a "corporate merch you got at the conference" vibe. Coffee mug with the corporate logo on it, marketing poster you stole from the hotel lobby, that sort of thing.

    - I play D&D! If you have an adventure from the community that you really love, get it for me on DMs Guild or DriveThruRPG! Also physical stuff like screens, dice (I like deep greens), a tray or a roller, these sorts of things would be super cool. No figurines though, I don't have a place for any minis.

    - We really need a second Rockband mic! I think any USB mic will do but I don't know, we always bought the branded stuff and who knows what this xbox (one rev back from the newest) will think of other kinds?

    - I cook a lot. Most tools I've got at this point but there are a few gaps in my arsenal. Please poke @Belasco32 or @Blameless Cleric they know what I'm missing.
    - if you've got recipes you love or a cookbook you live in, or some regional things you'd like me to attempt please send that! I will do that shit on camera for your amusement!

    - You could help me hang all our art! We really need help. We don't know what frames look good or how to get them for less than one million dollars each and we have so much art on shelves or rolled in tubes. Maybe like a skillshare class on how to hang shit on a wall so it doesn't look bad? Save me from hiring an interior decorator.

    Finally, do you make a thing? I'd like that thing! Stuff you created is primo.

    And hmm hmm are you a crazy person with money to burn? My PC is 8 years old and the entire core (MB, RAM, CPU, PSU) needs to be replaced with modern hardware at some point.

    Please please reach out to Bel and get suggestions. Thank you!

  • amateurhouramateurhour One day I'll be professionalhour The woods somewhere in TennesseeRegistered User regular
    Was this one of you? There was no card attached but someone sent me a propane knife making forge with tongs!

    Holy Shit you rock whoever you are and just got added to the knife list next year.



    More pics coming this weekend when I get a chance to put it together and to a burn in

    Thank you so much!

    Hahnsoo1Dark Raven XredxTuminSixJimBobtheMonkeyspool32Elvenshaebloodyroarxx
  • AtomikaAtomika Cinema Vampire (alleged) Trans 🏳️‍⚧️ SylvaniaRegistered User regular
    That’s me, baby 💕

    Merry Christmas

    It ain’t all quite done just yet 😘

  • amateurhouramateurhour One day I'll be professionalhour The woods somewhere in TennesseeRegistered User regular
    Atomika wrote: »
    That’s me, baby 💕

    Merry Christmas

    It ain’t all quite done just yet 😘

    Fuck Thor..... you really want the man that makes the hammers


    Thank you @Atomika I'm making you something cool with it.

    mRahmaniAtomikaSummaryJudgmentDark Raven XbloodyroarxxMazzyxElvenshae
  • redxredx I(x)=2(x)+1 whole numbersRegistered User regular
    Gifts get, from one Hahnsoo1?

    Pics to come.

    This machine kills threads.
    Hahnsoo1ElvenshaeDark Raven X
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