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Tool to make a catalogue from the folder and files I have on a harddisk?

So I have some terabytes worth of video and pictures covering all sorts of motorsports events, as a way to show what is in my archive without actually sharing the files I am looking for a way build a sort of catalogue.

I hope I can explain this in a way that makes sense.

Nothing fancy with pictures or anything, essentially what I am looking for is to make a catalogue that show what I see when using Windows File Manager to browse to the folders and seeing the individual files listed. Ie. a way to put a DIR listing into a file where folders and subfolders can be opened and closed by the click of a mouse.

I could of course just do a DIR /S and put the result into a text file, except the result would not be very good for giving a good look into what is in my archive.

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  • SiliconStewSiliconStew Registered User regular
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  • BlindZenDriverBlindZenDriver Registered User regular

    Looks to be exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

    I'll be organizing my files a bit better and then I shall tools you suggested. From their description I think the snap2html one will be the one I 'll use.

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  • BlindZenDriverBlindZenDriver Registered User regular
    Now I have tried out the Snap2html tool on my collection and I am impressed. The tool does what I was looking for, it scans the folder I point it to and created a HTML file that holds and allows for easy browsing the whole structure.

    My collection consists of 80.000+ files distributed in a folders tree of close to 1.500 folders, so I was worried it might be to much however Snap2html handled it without any issues. Essentially you start the tool, point it to where it is to scan, choose between a few options and the specify where you want the result and within a few seconds you have a HTML file that is the catalogue - in my case the resulting HTML file was around 3 MB in size and while big it is no issue for the browsers I have tried.

    Bones heal, glory is forever.
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