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  • JimBobtheMonkeyJimBobtheMonkey Registered User regular
    edited November 2021
    I'm gonna sign up for this again. I'll work on a wishlist post today, amazon link in sig. I need a good distraction this holiday season more than ever.
    Greetings Satan!

    A bit of basic info about me. I'm a guy,38. I live in a smallish town in central Kansas. I live on my own with just my cat.

    I mainly play PC games, but I haven't had much time this year to try anything new. I'm a big Warcraft fan but let my WoW subscription end over the summer. I have a PS4 that sees a bit of use, but haven't bought any games this year. My next gaming hardware purchase will either be a switch or some kind of VR. I don't plan on getting a new gen console any time soon.

    I like to tend to my garden and plants. Now that I have my own place I'm ramping up those efforts to improve my garden spaces and start plants inside and all that kinda jazz. I also enjoy woodworking and other crafty type things. I have a nice little shop now that I hope to put to good use. I even taught myself to use a sewing machine last year to make masks for friends and family. I spend way too much time watching tv so I'm kind of boring.

    My next biggest interest is football. For the NFL I watch the Chiefs mainly. I'm more interested in college football though, and Kansas State University most of all. I will appreciate anything that is purple.

    As I said above I just bought a new house. I've been living on my own since college so it isn't like I don't have THINGS, but I could always use more stuff to fill up the house and make it homier. Art, decorations, yard decorations, that kind of thing. I have a good assortment of tools, but am always looking for niche gadgets that I may only use a handful of times. I also cook for myself and am fairly handy in the kitchen. I like cookbooks and different seasonings and things.

    I've lived my whole life in Kansas, so I am always excited to get things from different regions and cultures.

    Again, purple.

    Hopefully that should be enough. Feel free to completely ignore everything I've said and take your own path.

    I mostly just copied my post from last year and edited a bit. I know my post history isn't exactly a wealth of knowledge so don't sweat it too hard.

    JimBobtheMonkey on
  • TonkkaTonkka Some one in the club tonight Has stolen my ideas.Registered User regular
    edited November 2021
    I've done this for so many years, but always afraid I fucked up the email.

    I'm being lazy, but not much has changed in the last year so, HERE WE GO SATAN

    Amazon wishlist:

    That being posted, if you can get things locally and use Amazon as more of a shopping list, that would be a gift unto itself.

    I am getting more and more in to design, so here's some books I want:

    I haven't gone and picked any up for a good long while, but I started buying enamel pins for my bag about a year ago:[tags]=prospect,newsletter&form_type=customer

    The collection on my bag so far:

    I also like cooking, and am recently vegetarian leaning ever so slightly vegan as time goes on. I'll add to this if I think of something else! HAIL SATAN.

    Tonkka on
    Steam: evilumpire T0NKKA#1588 PS4: T_0_N_N_K_A Twitter Art blog/Portfolio! Twitch?! HEY SATAN Shirts and such
  • BroloBrolo Broseidon Lord of the BroceanRegistered User regular

    please check to make sure your name is on the list! Send me a PM if you can't find yourself!

  • BroloBrolo Broseidon Lord of the BroceanRegistered User regular
    although someone did send me this mail, weirdly it ended up in my spam box:
    my dear

    I am Mrs freya amelia, a widow suffering from a long illness. I have some funds I inherited from my late husband, the sum of (US$ 18.5 Billion) my Doctor told me recently that I have serious sickness which is a cancer problem. What disturbs me most is my stroke sickness.
    Having known my condition, I decided to donate this fund to a good person that will utilize it the way I am going to instruct herein. I need a very honest and God fearing person who can claim this money and use it for Charity works, for orphanages, widows and also build schools for less privileges that will be named after my late husband if possible and to promote the word of God and the effort that the house of God is maintained. I do not want a situation where this money will be used in an ungodly manner.That's why I'm taking this decision. I'm not afraid of death so I know where I'm going. I accept this decision because I do not have any child who will inherit this money after I die. Please I want your sincere and urgent answer to know if you will be able to execute this project, and I will give you more information on how the fund will be transferred to your bank account.

    Mrs freya amelia

    ... and holy shit I'm fucking RICH. I don't even need to do good things anymore hahaha I'm rich fuck all of y'all if anything this money has made me more greedy and now I only want MORE like the byzantine emperors of old I am going to be worshipped and glorified with golden idols in my honor and you, you peasants, will send your gifts to ME ALONE, I am your GOD now or I will SCOURGE you from my planet AHAHAHAHAHAA CHRISTMAS IS CANCELED IT IS THE SEASON OF BROLO NOW

    XaquinElvenshaeRomanian My EscutcheonIloveslimesTonkka#pipeLost SalientBucketmanCelloSlacker71MNC DoverKoopahTroopah
  • NaphtaliNaphtali Hazy + Flow SeaRegistered User regular
    my dear

    I am Mrs freya amelia, a widow suffering from a long illness.



    Steam | Nintendo ID: Naphtali | Wish List
    BroloNoggincj iwakuraBucketmanSlacker71MNC DoverKoopahTroopah
  • PsykomaPsykoma Registered User regular
    edited December 2021
    Hello Internet,

    I would like to sign up for this again. I will save this post for my wishlist details.

    Hello Satan,

    I hope you had a nice year. Plenty of things to do and such.

    I'm a 34 year old woman in Canada, currently looking for work and aiming to be moving to a different city for that work. I have a cat. Her name is Omen and she's adorable.

    I've been doing a fuckton of diamond dot artwork things in the past year (pretty much all posted in the arts and crafts thread), and would love another one, especially if you're able to get a Mass Effect or Dragon Age themed one.
    Video games are great, I have a PS4, Gen 1 Switch, and a pretty decent/good PC, which is where I spend most of my time playing games.
    I also have an Oculus Quest 2 but I really haven't gotten into that too much.
    Most of my entertainment comes from Star Wars, Mass Effect, and Achievement Hunter. I haven't been reading much but last year my Satan sent me Uprooted and Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik, and those were both excellent. If you know of any other smaller authors of principally fantasy works, even Vaginal Fantasy style would be great, or any smaller authors from your region that'd be very cool as well.

    Amazon wishlist:
    Etsy Wishlist:
    There's not much on there yet, but I will be adding things, odds are good they're going to be Mass Effect themed.

    In terms of sizes you could ask an imp for specifications, but generally it'll be like a 2xl.


    Hello Satan,

    I'm really sorry I was so late getting back to this.
    For video games, RPG style are my favourites, AC Odyssey/Valhalla are great, as well as ME & DAI.
    Some additional information: My Steam, I've updated some items on my Etsy wishlist, still looking for more.
    I'm sorry I'm difficult :(

    Psykoma on
  • BroloBrolo Broseidon Lord of the BroceanRegistered User regular
    Please have all wishlists filled out by midnight tonight. Then the reaping shall begin.

  • PinfeldorfPinfeldorf Yeah ZestRegistered User regular
    I'm just gonna use the same wishlist I used last year, since the gift I got last year was perfect it means the wishlist was perfect.
    I have been a very medium boy this year, again. I am a new homeowner and have two big dumb beautiful dogs who love attention and treats, and don't give a shit about toys for the most part. I like cooking, and have a big enough kitchen for weird (but useful!) shit (gadgets, really kitchy storage bins, tubs or serving platters are surefire hits. I have a carved wooden kraken charcuterie board that I adore). I have a 3D printer, but haven't even set it up yet, because I don't really have a good setup for it yet. I know there are some ancillary tools that will make things much easier for it (like I think a Dremel is in my future) that I just don't even know exist. I like Legos and videogames, though there hasn't been much in the videogame department for me too recently. I started taking college courses this semester and will likely continue doing so for 4 or 5 years, though I haven't had any in-person classes yet. I have a very bizarrely shaped body, so generally speaking, any clothes you get for me won't fit, so they'd need to be one size fits all things (hats, gloves, etc.). I like goofy shit, I love handmade arts and crafts because each piece has personality, and I have way more bare wall space than I would like. My house is set to a lot of coral and teal, some gold (not real gold, like a marigold yellow), and my furniture is charcoal grey or as close to it as I can get. I'm gradually making headway on getting everything out of my garage and into the house, but need both interior shelving and shelving for in the garage once things are done, and haven't even begun to look at that kind of stuff.
    As far as food goes, I've been doing a pretty good job of losing weight, so I'm trying to cut as much sugar and excess carbs out of my diet as I can. My yard is very sparse as far as decorations, and it's another thing on my list of changes I want to make. Not much in the way of plants will grow here, though some herbs and peppers can do well, and I now have access to a hose bib on the front of my house to set up a timer for that kind of thing.
    Sorry if this is kind of directionless, but it's kind of intentional. Most of the time, if I know something exists and I want it, I'll just buy it. I'm looking to get a gift that is something I didn't know I wanted.

  • LasbrookLasbrook It takes a lot to make a stew When it comes to me and youRegistered User regular
    Hail, Satan

    We made it!
    So here's the part where I ramble about myself, I'm a 38 year old white dude living in Texas and kinda growing more and more enamored with the idea of leaving for colder climes or even another country somehow. I'm a 3x in shirts, or a 2x if you want to try and help give me the motivation to start working out again. I'm super late to it but I finally picked up a quarantine hobby and got a little bit into synthesizers, I got a Korg Minilogue XD and a Volca FM and an audio interface but I don't work from home and work has been very busy for most of the year so I haven't done much more than noodle around and try to figure out how the hell to work a DAW. So some sort of lessons or guide on how to synth good or piano scales might be cool. On a similar bent, I've been realizing that I have less of an interest in my job as we move more and more into cloud computing and think I'm a lot more into computer hardware and learning electronics? I've got a breadboard/arduino deal and a soldering iron on my wishlist to that effect. I don't think I'm ready for a soldering iron yet in this journey and I also need to find a fume extractor that doesn't have bad reviews because I do live in an apartment.

    Other than that as I continue to not go outside due to Texas being Texas I've been getting even more into video games and model kit building(primarily focused on gundams/giant robots). I've got a MiSTer and have gotten a retrotink(not the 5x sadly) and fancy component cables so I can have my PS2 and the OG Xbox hooked up to a modern TV. Don't have a gamecube to complete that whole generation, and despite never owning one a part of me wants a Saturn. I've got a list of retro games I'm looking for linked in my gifthero list. As for modern stuff I have a switch, PS4, a Series X and a pretty good PC still. I'm not really looking for a PS5 until Spiderman 2 comes out. I'm not really much of a board game or tabletop person.
    I'm kind of always looking for new music to get into, I found out John Carpenter puts out albums this year and that was my big discovery. Some of my favorite bands are The Protomen, Daft Punk, Justice, Gorillaz, I'm big into the Silent Hill and Cowboy Bebop soundtracks. So if you've got something you're big into you think I might be send it my way. I don't read as much as I should but I'm big into sci-fi or cyberpunk if you similarly feel there's something I must read. I have a kindle if you don't want to do physical.

    As far as food stuff goes I don't really have any restrictions, except I'm kind of lactose intolerant? But as far as baked goods and the like go butter is low lactose so don't worry about it. I am mostly caffeine free by choice but still have it here and there if that matters. My alcohol tolerance is gone but I still enjoy a good bourbon or whiskey.

    If you can make things or art I am always down for that.

    I think that's about it, good ramble if I say so myself.

  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
    Naphtali wrote: »
    my dear

    I am Mrs freya amelia, a widow suffering from a long illness.



    Best read while listening to

  • BroloBrolo Broseidon Lord of the BroceanRegistered User regular
    edited November 2021
    Sign ups are closed! Partners will be matched over the next few days.

    Please have any placeholder wishlist posts filled in, I will be contacting those of you who did not fill yours in.

    Brolo on
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  • lonelyahavalonelyahava Call me Ahava ~~She/Her~~ Move to New ZealandRegistered User regular
  • HobnailHobnail Registered User regular
    edited November 2021
    I have confused satans and saints

    Hobnail on
  • XaquinXaquin Right behind you!Registered User regular
    edited November 2021
    post redacted

    but I'll still send someone toenails I guess if they want it

    Xaquin on
  • BroloBrolo Broseidon Lord of the BroceanRegistered User regular
    Hobnail wrote: »
    I have confused satans and saints

    Hob did you sign up?

    I don't have an entry from you, but if you're gonna join can you send an email into [email protected] post-haste?

  • HobnailHobnail Registered User regular
    No I am terribly sorry I meant to sign up for the saints please ignore and/or terminate me

  • DrZiplockDrZiplock Registered User regular
    If you happen to become my Satan give me like...a day to fill out this post as a wishlist. I've been traveling a bunch lately and while there is an amazon wishlist and one from last year I'd like to be able to speak directly to you, dark lord. I shall make and link a post asap.

    "zip, i dunno what it is about you, but there's something very cat-like about your face. i can't really place it. you'd make a good mountain lion." Hail, Satan! Satans Post
  • RadiationRadiation Registered User regular
    edited November 2021
    Oh god! I've been kicking wishlist post down the road and I need to fix that!
    Hey santa/satan! Cheers to you and I hope you are having a good holiday season so far.
    I've had a amazon wishlist, but trying to move away from amazon where possible.
    I have a wife, and daughter(high school age). My daughter is super into Marvel stuff (we all are, but it's her big thing currently).
    I have a PS4 and switch and PC for gaming. Switch mostly collects dust (though we dont have as many games as we probably should have for it like smash bros or zelda), and the PS4 gets occasional use. I'm hoping for a Horizon Forbidden West version of the PS5 because the first game was so goddamn good. I've been into FF14, but mostly playing on my own.
    I make things! Sometimes they are kinda cool. My daughter crochets, and I think my wife is about to start trying. I bring that up because my wife and daughter are cool, and I'm sure they'd be down for some gifts! I have a CNC and a 3d printer.
    We all like coffee, and soap, and local stuff!
    Wife is gluten free, daughter and I eat gluten.

    I don't really know what else to give you for suggestions. I'm sorry! I'll try and think of more later.
    Edit: OH! I've started doing D&D online with friends, but am looking to do in person group. Some fancy dice are something I've been looking at.

    Radiation on
    PSN: jfrofl
  • LalaboxLalabox Registered User regular
    had to update my wishlist last minute bc i just found a book id been looking for for a while

  • Goose!Goose! That's me, honey Show me the way home, honeyRegistered User regular
    I have consciously skipped this year and I will miss it, but all the love to you people who do this. You're all rad. Gift a little harder on my behalf

    #pipeBrovid HasselsmofJaysonFourBroloThe Zombie PenguinXaquinBucketmanSlacker71HobnailRomanian My EscutcheonKoopahTroopahAntoshka
  • lonelyahavalonelyahava Call me Ahava ~~She/Her~~ Move to New ZealandRegistered User regular
  • PinfeldorfPinfeldorf Yeah ZestRegistered User regular
    Are you participating this year, hava, or imping it up again?

  • lonelyahavalonelyahava Call me Ahava ~~She/Her~~ Move to New ZealandRegistered User regular
  • XaquinXaquin Right behind you!Registered User regular
    mwahahaha indeed!

    a hearty mwahahaha I'll add!



  • PinfeldorfPinfeldorf Yeah ZestRegistered User regular
    I've got my Acog aligned on my gifting bazooka, and have been assigned a target. Now I just need some ammunition.

  • TonkkaTonkka Some one in the club tonight Has stolen my ideas.Registered User regular
    Oh no, I still need to get that post done. Hail Satan it will be done soon!

    Steam: evilumpire T0NKKA#1588 PS4: T_0_N_N_K_A Twitter Art blog/Portfolio! Twitch?! HEY SATAN Shirts and such
  • OkamiOkami On the internet nobody knows you're a dog. Nobody. Land of Ports, OreganoRegistered User regular
    Damn! I missed the deadline by two days. Thanks back injury :(

  • PinfeldorfPinfeldorf Yeah ZestRegistered User regular
    Back injuries are the gifts that keep on giving.

  • CelloCello Registered User regular

    Gonna be a fun one this year

    3DS Friend Code: 0216-0898-6512
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  • OkamiOkami On the internet nobody knows you're a dog. Nobody. Land of Ports, OreganoRegistered User regular
    Too bad it didn't come with a receipt, I want to return this one for a back that works please.

  • PinfeldorfPinfeldorf Yeah ZestRegistered User regular
    Okami wrote: »
    Too bad it didn't come with a receipt, I want to return this one for a back that works please.

    No givesies backsies.

  • DrZiplockDrZiplock Registered User regular
    edited November 2021
    oh shit oh shit - Sorry for the delay, Satan!

    First up, thank you for being the best dark lord of the underworld that you can be. An even bigger thank you for agreeing to participate in this. Just know that anything that you deem me worthy to receive will be greatly appreciated. Though since we've been asked to provide some kind of post and list here you go -

    I'm currently in the early stages of refitting and rehabbing a 38' sailboat that when done I'll be moving aboard and sailing off on. Her name is Respira. That said, a lot of things that you might see on my wishlist are probably related to this rather large project. Tools, things for making life living on a boat easier, etc. It's a small space so functionality of anything I bring on is key...but there is always room for fun stuff. Know any small board games that you'd recommend? Maybe a piece of hiking/camping/sailing gear that you've gone out into the world with and can't live without? Bring it on!

    When not working (in the video game industry...I have a gaming PC that I do most of my playing on, but also a PS4 and Xbone), I REALLY like to cook. I'm pretty particular about the gear I use to do so, but could use a good instant read thermometer. I've been eyeballing these tongs, slotted spoon, and wooden bowls for a bit now. That said - maybe there is a favorite recipe that you'd like to share? A spice or ingredient that is local to you? I will absolutely cook/use it and share the results!

    Lemmie hit you with some highlights:

    Do you cook or make art? Hell yes, that's awesome and I'd love that. Nothing with peanuts though, please. It won't kill me, but my tummy would get not at all comfortable.
    Is your area known for something and you want to share it and the story around it? I'm all for it.
    I travel to find good wine (red) and whiskey. Anything to do with either of those is aces.
    LEGO is the shiiiiiiiiit. But I limit myself to only ships because otherwise things would get out of control.
    Tea rules, coffee drools.

    I'd also be perfectly thrilled if you just wanted to make a donation to an organization like the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, or King Street Cats in Alexandria, VA. It's where I got my two boys from 15+ years ago. They're awesome, orange, and if you gifted things to them and not me they'd love it and gloat appropriately.

    Oh...and just about everything on the amazon list can be gotten elsewhere, so do with that info what you will. I am in full throated support of shopping local and craft style places.

    Anything else, just send an imp my way.

    Hugs and kisses, Satan. You're the best.

    DrZiplock on
    "zip, i dunno what it is about you, but there's something very cat-like about your face. i can't really place it. you'd make a good mountain lion." Hail, Satan! Satans Post
  • initiatefailureinitiatefailure Registered User regular
    I bought two games on the ps store Black Friday. I assume it will be the last games I purchase this year for gifting safety purposes.

  • LasbrookLasbrook It takes a lot to make a stew When it comes to me and youRegistered User regular
    Similarly, today’s been a shitty day and there’s a sale so I bought myself monkey ball, I will avoid doing something like this in the future, apologies.

  • XaquinXaquin Right behind you!Registered User regular
    I happen to know that your satan purchased you two monkey balls and is now disappointed!

  • QuickSnapQuickSnap Professional Beard Grower Registered User regular
    edited November 2021
    Hey Satan. I wanted to apologize for the delay in posting my letter to you. I've been dealing with some personal family stuff the last few days, and that has kept me unnecessarily distracted and away from my computer. I have updated my original post with my requisite material hope. Sorry to be a bother, and again, my apologies for the delay.


    QuickSnap on
  • BroloBrolo Broseidon Lord of the BroceanRegistered User regular
    Okay, I believe everyone should have a match now! If you signed up, and don't have a match, please send me a PM!

  • XaquinXaquin Right behind you!Registered User regular
    Phase 1 is away!

  • LalaboxLalabox Registered User regular
    ok, so my match dm took a bit of time to reach me, but hahahahahahahaha this is such good news

  • NogginNoggin Registered User regular
    Oooo man, I am getting… ideas. :twisted:

    Battletag: Noggin#1936
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