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Collecting C-Team Fan Art for Final Event [Details Inside]

TyranthesaurusTyranthesaurus Registered User new member
(Posting here as the Artist's Corner is a bit more visible, and it involves artists. Disclaimer: I am not one.)

Calling all C-Team fan artists!

We'd like to host a goodbye celebration for fan artists of Penny Arcade's "The C-Team", and prime of place goes to all the great content creators like you (yes, you). If you have a favorite art piece you've made over the years for the C-Team OR if you've been dying to create a final piece for everyone to see, please send it to us and it may be displayed in our montage!

We will be accepting submissions through here and over bunch of other socials (Twitter, Reddit, Discord) over the next few weeks, so you have plenty of time to crack out your pens, pencils, palettes, photoshops, and other material words that probably begin with the letter P that I can't think of right now.

Want to use post something here? Just remember to include your handle!

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