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From PAX South to PAX West or East?

SirUberNoobPwnrSirUberNoobPwnr Registered User regular
Hi Friends,

I am one of the many people that had our heart broken by PAX when they announced South will not be returning. I have been going to South/San Antonio for 5 years. I love the PAX convention. I am looking to replace my annual trip to South with either West or East. Does anyone have preference/opinion on which one better? Thanks for the feedback, peeps.



  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    edited November 17
    If you've never been to either, I would maybe try to do East one year and West the next and see how you feel about it. They are both *very* big shows in comparison to South... very different in the look and feel.

    East has a distinct advantage (to me) in having everything inside of one giant convention center, similar to South. However, West being in the middle of a very walk-able area of Seattle has its own charm even though the show is split up between a convention center and a bunch of hotels... and nothing quite beats the experience of Acquisitions Inc at Benaroya Hall if you enjoy Acq Inc (though the Acq Inc experience at East is also good!).

    zerzhul on
  • SirUberNoobPwnrSirUberNoobPwnr Registered User regular
    Awesome, this is great info. I was considering doing both to get an idea of which one will be better for me. I love the Boston area. I have never been to Seattle. One of the things I love about San Antonio is the city itself and the Riverwalk. I want to be in an awesome (food, drinks, bars, clubs) area when I go to one of these two events. I travel to these for both the convention and the city.

  • PavioPavio Registered User regular
    I'm sad I only went to South once! But as for a comparison, I have enjoyed both East (gone twice) and West (many times). I also enjoy the city exploration parts of each. I can't even say one is better than the other, though for me I have family that goes to West so that helps and is why I usually go there. But there's a ton to see and do in each city, and I absolutely love doing the Freedom Trail in Boston. Both places have a great list of things to do so I agree with Zerzhul, try them both out when you can.


  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    edited November 19
    I've been fortunate enough to go to both many times. After the first two unplugged shows, I found myself not willing to do four shows a year in the US anymore. Each of south, east, and west took turns as the one I skipped in a given year.

    It's funny, right after I had declared to my friend group that East was the "worst" PAX if I had to rank them, I went to an East and had the best PAX I'd had in many years. They're good PAXen, Brent. ^_^

    zerzhul on
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