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PAX Unplugged 2021 Pine Box Entertainment Plans

LappLapp CEOPine Box EntertainmentRegistered User new member
Howdy folks! Pine Box will be at PAX Unplugged showing off Doomtown, the upcoming 7th Sea card game, and our original 5E Campaign Setting. Our full schedule is here:

December 9th: Thursday @6pm: Pine Box Social
Board & Brew 6pm-10pm (3200 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104)
Lobby after: Hilton Garden Inn (1100 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107)
Join the Pine Box team for some games of Doomtown, talk about Weird West Edition, and check out a preview of two demo decks from the upcoming 7th Sea: City of Five Sails game!

December 10th: Friday @12pm-3pm: Doomtown Casual & Beginners Tournament
Pine Box Entertainment welcomes you to PAX Unplugged 2021 for an open play / learn to play environment for players new and old to the land of the Weird West in the world of Deadlands, celebrating the new edition of this beloved card game. Please join our great community for a few rounds of casual play or learn to play Doomtown for the first time! All players will receive promotional items for participation! Registration for this event will open at 9AM on Friday, Dec 10th, at the Pine Box Entertainment booth in the Expo Hall.

December 10th: Friday @7pm-10pm: WakeSong Launch Party
Love City Brewing: 1023 Hamilton St, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Join us after hours to celebrate our first original RPG setting at a private party in the breweryhouse.

December 11th: Saturday @12pm-6pm: Constable Badge Showdown
Join Pine Box Entertainment for the final major round-up of 2021 as we epilogue the events that took place at our major Destination Event in Deadwood on August 21, 2021. The players participating will vote to affect the storyline of Jonah Essex’s posse as they encounter the legendary Night Train! Help shape the cards and fiction of the next Doomtown expansion and welcome the Doomtown tradition of Badge Events to PAX Unplugged! Registration for this event will open at 9AM on Friday, Dec 10th, at the Pine Box Entertainment booth in the Expo Hall.

December 11th: Saturday @7:30pm-10:30pm: Pine Box Social
Roy Pitz Barrel House: 990 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Join us for an after hours social gathering at Roy Pitz.

December 12th: Sunday @12pm-3pm: Savage Lands Series Round-Up
Doomtown players are invited to participate in a round-up using the Savage Lands Series organized play kits that were distributed in 2020 and on currently pending release events due to COVID-19 pandemic.

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