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ARGs @ PAX East

wreckeurwreckeur Registered User regular
Hey! So the gaming group that I am part of are kicking around the idea of maybe trying to do a little ARG at PAX East 2022. I know other groups have done something similar in the past and I'm wondering if any of you fine folks have 1) RAN an ARG at PAX or 2) PARTICIPATED in any of the ARGs at PAX. How did you do it? How were the results" What would you have done different?

Our gaming group is loosely modeled after a secret society. Our primary gaming focus is on Call of Cthulhu and the group members play characters that are society members to solve the cases, etc. However, IRL the "society" participates in things like #ExtraLife where we streamed a bunch of our games for charity and things like that. While CoC is our main focus, we also play D&D, Savage Worlds, Paranoia, and TONS of board games. This year we are planning to expand and do more online gaming sessions and try to grow the group.

We are open to any ideas and tips. Thanks!

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