The little crystal turtle [Pokémon] is pretty cute.



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    King RiptorKing Riptor Registered User regular
    Next raid is megumin, why would they make me wait for feraligator !?

    Megumin raids are the worst because she'll stall for ten turns then use self destruct

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    akjakakjak Thera Spooky GymRegistered User regular
    That was rad

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    cursedkingcursedking Registered User regular
    Would it be possible for someone to trade a girdur back and forth? It’s the last Pokémon I need for the kitikami dlc and you have to trade to get him, very frustrating!

    Types: Boom + Robo | Food: Sweet | Habitat: Plains
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    joshgotrojoshgotro Deviled Egg The Land of REAL CHILIRegistered User regular
    Who's got some spare time and a copy of Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee?

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