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Can't login via Patreon on new site

This is what I get when I try. Firefox, Win 11.



  • AldoAldo Hippo Hooray Registered User regular
    edited March 2022
    Same here Waterfox Win10. Earlier it did work, just had to tell Patreon that I allowed to view my public profile.

    Aldo on
  • MercadeMercade Registered User regular
    Update, I think it actually might be logged in, it just doesn't change the links. I'm not getting any ads, as per Club PA (no ad-blocker on, either), and when I click Sign Up, it takes me to my logged-in Patreon.


  • DJ EebsDJ Eebs Moderator, Administrator admin
    I believe we've sorted this problem out, but please check in if you're still having issues.

  • MercadeMercade Registered User regular
    DJ Eebs wrote: »
    I believe we've sorted this problem out, but please check in if you're still having issues.

    Confirming this has been working for the past 24 hours-ish. Thanks!

  • snarfedsnarfed Registered User regular
    I'm still seeing this. I joined Club PA on Patreon a week ago, and when I tried to log into and approved Patreon's prompt, I got a blue banner with "We cannot verify your Club PA membership. If you have signed up recently, please wait a while and try again." Same thing is still happening now.

    I've tried in a few different browsers, including a stock Chrome with no significant settings changes or plugins. Let me know if I can send any debugging info, console logs, etc!

  • snarfedsnarfed Registered User regular
    Now I no longer get the blue error banner, but logging in still doesn't work. After I approve the Patreon OAuth prompt, I get redirected back to the logged out home page.

    (Tested on both Firefox 99.0.1 and Chrome 100.0.4896.127 on macOS 12.3.)

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