More annoyances

When opening a comic i only see about 1/3 rd of it and have to scroll down.. the comic (which is the main feature of your site) is prepended by:
A bunch of "tabs" that goes to acq inc.. pax.. childs play etc" (which I have never clicked)
Another ??? bunch of even bigger tabs forums.. comic.. blog.. etc.. that one is pretty useful but could be way smaller
Then comes the super huge AD.. ok I guess its something you need to make moneys so it can stay.
After that way too big title text
Then a couple of I dunno what.. SEO tags? Nothing I need to see, maybe good for searching?
Then the buttons which are super huge. And the "download comic" (never clicked) "buy comic as print" (never clicked) "share comic" (never clicked). these should be much better placed UNDER the comic as its very infrequently clicked buttons unless you have a very special fan base. Instead, the random comic button should be there, like basically every other webcomic.
Under the comic you can have whatever you like..

TLDR it would be very nice to actually be able to read the comic on my retina screen without having to scroll a lot.

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