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[D&D ?E] The Vastness Beyond - Drossmire



  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
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    "Mask of Evil-Eyed Gruush"

    "A simple mask of carved wood, adorned lovingly with wolves' ears, sharpened stones for teeth, and a rather diverse beard of human hair woven into the chin.

    The aristocrat's widow described the shadowy creature's loping gait and obscene grin , but nothing seemed to frighten her so much as the eyes which lay within: one blue-within-blue, one a sickly yellow hue, all signs of the Beast"

    Evil-Eyed Gruush:
    Name: Evil-Eyed Gruush
    Class/Level: Rogue 3
    Background: Assassin
    Player Name: mrpaku
    Race: ?
    Alignment: ?
    AC: ?
    Initiative: +2
    Speed: 30 ft.
    HP: 29/29
    Hit Dice: d8

    Proficiency: +2

    Strength: 14 (+2)
    Dexterity: 15 (+2)
    Charisma: 12 (+1)
    Intelligence: 13 (+1)
    Wisdom: 8 (-1)
    Constitution: 10 (+0)

    Passive Perception: 9

    Rogue Abilities: Expertise (Investigation, Thieves Tools); Sneak Attack (2d6); Thieves Cant; Cunning Action; Assasinate; Expertise (Disguise Kit, Poisoner's Kit)

    +Acrobatics: +2 (+2)
    Animal Handling: -1
    Arcana: +1
    Athletics: +2
    Deception: +1
    History: +1
    Insight: -1
    Intimidation: +1
    ++Investigation: +1 (+2+2)
    Medicine: +1
    Nature: +1
    Perception: -1
    + Performance: +1 (+2)
    Persuasion: +1
    Religion: +1
    Sleight of Hand: +2
    +Stealth:.+2 (+2)
    Survival: -1

    Equipment: 140gp; x2 Bone-Hewn Daggers; x16 arrows; Burglar's Pack (1,750 ball bearings; 7 pitons; 1 1/3 flask of oil; 4 days rations; 1/2 Water Flask) Thieves Tools; Hide Armor; Rapier; Patrolman’s Half-Cloak; Navigator's Tools

    Crafting Items:
    2 x two-headed dragonflies
    4 x Ethel’s snowdrop flowers
    2 x lavender bundles
    2 x stevia leaf bundles

    Appearance: Carries himself (usually) crouched or on all fours. Thin and wiry. Wild in appearance, but surprisingly well groomed, considering. A long crop of brilliant orange hair tumbles over the mask in spikes that obscure the eyeholes beneath, but those who look closely will see one sparkling blue eye, and one pale yellow eye. The face beneath remains unseen...

    ...Visually, Gruush has Bowie-eyes, the build and hair of Sting from the 84' "Dune", currently dresses like a "Man of the Wilds", and he carries himself like Amarant from Final Fantasy 9 (fist-over-fist, Gorilla-style)...

    Personality: Creepy in a general sense. Forbodingly quiet. Stares too long at you, when he isn't being completely avoidant of interacting. Listens carefully to everything, but speaks his thoughts only when pressed. Always happy to have task to do, rather than have people look at/notice him. Wary in general of being in a group, but smart enough to follow a good leader with their head on their shoulders, or at least hide among the safety of others (for what little time it buys him...) Obsesses over minute details, but seems strangely/purposefully oblivious to the obvious

    Unique Item: Gonna buck the trend here on rolling for my trinket, guys! Looked over every single item, and even though there's *several* gems on there for a Rogue-Assassin, once I saw the Patrolman’s Half-Cloak, I fell in love! Skulking across battlements seems like this guy's bread and butter

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    kime wrote: »
    Rolling two 1's already, off to a fabulous start :D

    Better to roll them now...

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    The trailing stars without their reins hang their heads blindly
    For the Crown Eternal, as the world, rest’d upon our sovereign’s brow
    ’Til shattered, flung to bitter winds of terrifying war.

    Across the night-black paths, through the ghost-cold fog
    Once the first and brightest homeland
    Now, a prison for our greatest triumphs
    Now, lost in ever lasting bloodshed
    Now, with true nobility bereft…

    Dread blades dare to claim the title of Enthroned
    In vain ambition, arms outstretched beneath the sky
    Found succour in glorious, resplendent power long since forsaken!

    Ye usurpers, cursed to fight
    Ye invaders of this sacred, dying Vastness
    Beyond your lowly comprehension
    Will you raise arms for the sake of that which is Radiant?
    Or bring about the sweet silence of the Void?

    Well, that seems suitable vague and majestic. For those of you that haven’t quite finished your character you still have plenty of time, you could even make your first post while you polish them up.

    The cold still clutches to your bones. It took what might have been a moment, or an eternity, to pass through the fog. At the corner of your eye you swore you saw the march of many; warriors, mages, pilgrims, fiends, from many lands, of all bloodlines. The ground underfoot became damp first, then sloped until you were forced to hop down stone ledges and grip dead shoots for purchase as the ground gave way to a sudden sheerness.

    You landed in a valley as light rain danced across verdant foliage. Dawn comes. To your back the fog had receded some miles away. You could not see your homeland on the horizon, no distant smoke trails nor familiar flags billowing in the breeze. Your feet are bloodying aching. How long was that journey across the fog?

    Before you are unfamiliar faces in two kinds; the living, cold and alert, and shambling remnants of… surely they were never mortals such as you?


    The way back is gone, too sheer to climb in these conditions.


    For now, the creatures shuffling through the tall, damp wild grass pay you no mind, save one, whose head tilts gently beneath their weathered helm. You see only that they are things as described in books about the fabled undead, but for the record, they’re not all the same monster, and you have no foreknowledge of their actual capabilities.


    This armoured brute is sat upon a rocky outcrop, looking utterly defeated. This is difficult terrain.

    If not for these stark jolts to your senses, the valley is a fair old place. Chalk cliffs, a few willow trees, puddles in the dirt, dragonflies in the bushes—nature. As you explore, you’ll no doubt uncover something worthy of your daring. Like, a chest maybe? You like chests right?

    What do you do now, usurpers?


    Solomon! What do you know of the undead?

    Kirina! Why has that brutish knight sat alone atop the outcrop?

    Arthur! What do you know of the undead?

    Gruush! Why is it wise to trick these people into working with you?

    Simon! What terrible creature did you swear you saw but a moment ago, now vanished?

    To the other hero who crossed the fog… What question would you ask the world, if only you could?


    For now, the player tokens on the board are:
    Green eye = Gruush, played by @mrpaku
    Purple ring = Arthur, played by @AustinP0027
    Yellow hat = Simon, played by @nightmarenny
    Blue star = Kirina, played by @kime
    Red hand = Solomon, played by @Zomro
    Pink lightning = a mysterious figure, played by @fadingathedges

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    His feet were tired, that was a fact, but still, Arthur couldn't help but smile a bit as the fog cleared. He had done it, he had crossed over just like the books had said he would. He had studied them endlessly, noting each passage, each hint, following their instruction precisely. And for that, he had been rewarded. He was now inside the Beyond. He could still hear the voice of the old mage in the library, calling him a fool as he poured over books about the Beyond, trying to scare him away. Arthur had a purpose, however, and he wouldn't be deterred from it.

    It took the wizard a moment to gather himself to truly look around. He counted six others here, ones who were alive and clearly separate from the undead, potential allies. But it was the undead that drew his attention further. They ambled around, not appearing to be paying attention to the living who had invaded their world. Arthur wondered how long the others had been here, or if some of them might have just crossed over like he had.

    As he watching carefully, he was drawn back to the books he had read. Undead in the Beyond came in all shapes and size. There were vague descriptions, but none of the authors had managed to draw any actual pictures. The traits were easily identifiable, however, clear visible indications of undeath, likely hostile though Arthur was now curious what would set them off. Most writing spoke of slow moving, but powerful creatures, but hinted that others might have other abilities. It wasn't the most helpful book in terms of preparing him for the real thing, but it did give him a picture to work with, creatures to be avoided where possible, and destroyed if absolutely necessary.

    For now, Arthur was content to watch the scene unfold in front of him, observing both the living and undead with the same mix of curiosity and suspicion.

    Squishy wizard is happy to stay back and not make the first move

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  • fadingathedgesfadingathedges Registered User regular
    For years, Alzav had hidden himself among the inquisitors that hunted his kind: people with arcane power screaming in their blood. The history, the why, the apology for it were all lost to time. They're dangerous, they're aberrations, they're the source of all that is profane. Select the pretext that best suits your politics.

    The Order sought, found, and then hunted down people with magic that it could not control by limiting the power that it granted them. A grand partnership of crown, tower, and temple, it was good at what it did. So was Alzav. He passed himself as a wizard of the Order, slaying many of his own kind before the light of recognition in their eyes could make it's way to the rattle of their dying breath. He observed, he learned, he survived. It was not enough.

    The meteor came from the Vast Beyond. It was the only thing ever known to have come through. When Alzav lifted the object from its place in the vault, he heard it: the echoing call from the other side, traveling hundreds of miles in a whisper that he could hear in the shivering amber coral in his hands. This was the path he had waited for, and he would follow it to salvation or damnation. He took the Calcified meteor and set out for the gates of fog in the mountains.

    They stalked him all the way to the portal. Those that survived the fell away in fear at the end, before the shimmering gate of golden mist.

    "I would ask you why," he murmured into the fog, "do you send us dreams of this place? Or did our dreams create you?"

    Alzav raises his hand, and touches the gate.


    Sorcerer sheet will go here

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    The journey had been long, passing through the fog felt like a lifetime. Solomon remembers many a time marching until his feet felt as though they would fall off, but this was definitely the longest march he'd done. He feels the cold in his bones and it makes his joints ache. Solomon surveys the area, taking note of the armored figure upon the rocky outcrop. Even though the figure seems to carry themselves in defeat and despondence, Solomon still recognizes a warrior.

    Is it the armored one that took notice of us, or was it one of the shambling creatures?

    Solomon's gaze moves to the shambling creatures. He'd heard stories about undead, but they were mostly old soldier tales. Superstitious tales of those buried in battle not yet realizing their time had ended, emerging from the cold earth to continue their wars. Though possibly meant as a way to scare greenhorn recruits, Solomon always felt that the stories were quite sad. Death is the end, or so it should be, the final rest. To be denied that rest, to be unliving but not truly dead, it does not seem right. Is this the fate of all who come to this place?

    Solomon isn't trained in Religion, so a lot of what he may know is hearsay and superstition.

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular

    Absolutely the knight on the outcrop. He’s barely moved, but he’s having a look at all of you. He reminds you of an old guard dog. The rest of the undead are standing about or leaning against the white cliffs.

  • fadingathedgesfadingathedges Registered User regular
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    To clarify - there is no aggression here? I mean it looks and smells like a battlemap but maybe the big guy also just might be depressed?

    Alzav remains very, very still. He reaches out with his mind to the large figure among the stones: Hello. Are you of this place?

    Geth roll 1d20+4 for Stealth

    Alzav speaks Giant, if he is appropriately sized that I think that might be the right path I can try that.

    Later edit: If he responds coherently, Alzav would follow up with an introduction, and who are you / what can you tell me about this place.

    1d20+4 15 [1d20=11]

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  • kimekime Queen of Blades Registered User regular
    How did you make the map? It's cool looking....

    The Knight is clearly different than the rest of these shambling creatures. Alone, aware, unmoving (save for the tilt of its head). It could be a source of knowledge and guidance... or another blockade to overcome. Of a more immediate concern to Kirina, though, would be the crouched and masked figure just in front of her. There was no one traveling ahead of her through the fog, she's sure of that, but here this living person stands. She can't see its face, but the general demeanor is... abnormal. This is not the type of person she's used to dealing with.

    What would she notice about Gruush right now, watching him carefully? Is he doing anything now besides just generally looking creepy? :P

    Also, Kirina's just gonna have Vigilant Blessing on herself constantly until/unless she trusts any of these people. (Advantage on Initiative rolls.) ID: kime#1822
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    So...the ancient map he'd stolen from the Royal Vault had been the genuine article after all. They would never be able to follow him now, not here. With the Heir dead upon his chamberpot ,and his Killer successfully fled, the Kingdom would fall into utter disrepair. Just as his employer, (and his eventual betrayer), had intended all along.

    Yes, had he not by chance read of the secret tunnel, that endless walk through the dark in the hills past Cotter's Last Retreat, the army of killers his employer had hired to silence him in kind would have eventually overwhelmed. His still-tender leg was proof enough of that.

    Gruush searched his feelings, but instead of gratitude or elation at his good luck, he simply felt numb. Once more, he had escaped his destined fate. Once more, he had been made to leave the place of his home with the sight of fire and pitchforks, made never to return. Once more, he found himself in strange and uncertain circumstances, forced to start over almost from scratch.


    Gruush walked a long while through the sleet and cold, daydreaming as the grey mist curled around him, a gnawing but formless regret and uncertainty haunting his thoughts. So deep was his stupor that he hadn't even noticed that the fog had begun to clear, or the sudden, inexplicable strangers standing in the valley all around him. He came out of his reverie slowly, like one emerging from a deep, deep sleep.

    Taking in the gaggle around the hill, he nearly stumbles right into the path of the tall woman. Gruush, becoming all at once self conscious, hikes the Mask up more securely over his face, and pulls the cloak a little tighter around his shoulders. Hunched over and rocking nervously, the man strokes the beard upon the chin of the mask, touching it with the tenderness of a beloved animal. The action seems to calm him, and he finally looks over (but not directly up) at the robed woman.

    With a strangely lilting tone, the hunched figured addresses the tall newcomer from behind the sharpened, gray teeth of the mask. "Stranger-in-a-strange-land?" After a beat, he adds hopefully, "Looking-for-a-hired-hand?"

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    mrpaku wrote: »
    Taking in the gaggle around the hill, he nearly stumbles right into the path of the tall woman. Gruush, becoming all at once self conscious, hikes the Mask up more securely over his face, and pulls the cloak a little tighter around his shoulders. Hunched over and rocking nervously, the man strokes the beard upon the chin of the mask, touching it with the tenderness of a beloved animal. The action seems to calm him, and he finally looks over (but not directly up) at the robed woman.

    With a strangely lilting tone, the hunched figured addresses the tall newcomer from behind the sharpened, gray teeth of the mask. "Stranger-in-a-strange-land?" After a beat, he adds hopefully, "Looking-for-a-hired-hand?"

    "Oh, umm..." This wasn't exactly the introduction Kirina was expecting. The figure seems lot less menacing than she had initially feared. His attitude was, in some ways, reminiscent of people she'd seen before, on the streets or looking for aid. "I don't have much coin to spare. We could trade in stories, perhaps? Or favors? Do you know where we are now, or how to get to a place of shelter?" If the masked figure was here for some time already, then he surely knew a place to stay. You couldn't live here long without some semblance of sanctuary.

    Kirina walks slowly up to the stranger, keeping her back to the wall (and thus the lonely Knight also in the background of her vision). On the off-chance the masked stranger turns hostile, she'd rather not be quite so backed into a corner. Whatever path she took through the fog to get here, it's a quick dead-end now.

    Side note, I figured out how to do custom stuff in Dndbeyond, so ta da, a sharable character sheet! ID: kime#1822
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    Simon took a moment to regain his baring as waves of nausea and vertigo struck. When his eyes finally regained their focus he regarded the world around him with disappointment. Yes, he knew what had become of the Vastness Beyond, but but knowing a thing and seeing a thing were very different. Auntie Hildegarde had always described the Vastness the way it used to be. The majesty and decadence of an empire at the very climax of its power. Had part of him, a terribly foolish part indeed, expected the Vastness from before the shattered crown? He couldn't help speaking aloud although he knew it marked him a fool.

    "Is this all there is?"

    He stared out through the eyeholes of his traditional Wytch-Knight helm at the armored undead. Was it now looking at him? He couldn't tell for sure. The helm had been crafted from Hildegarde's extensive notes. How accurate had it been? Would the ancient creature recognize him for what he was? Best to make sure. He pulled out his oldest possession, a gift from old Hildegarde herself, his flag of the Knights of the Cerulean Rose. He was fuzzy on the details, Hildegarde had trouble recalling specifics in her old age, but he knew that the Knights of the Cerulean Rose and his order had some relation.

    He waved the flag above his head and addressed the armored undead. "Well met, friend. Your loyalty and honor know no equal. Generations come and go and even now you guard the entrance to your home. Even going to far as to deny yourself the embrace of the grave. Truly remarkable".

    He walked forward a bit to get a better look at the undead but stopped hard and short when he heard a roar. For a moment his ear very blown out. As if some giant lizard monster had been right next to him unleashing a terrible bellow. Then it was gone and his hearing returned to normal. Did he see wings beating in the distance? No, just more hallucinations, surely.

    As he walked towards the armored undead he passed an extremely young man. "Unarmored... mage?" he spoke to himself although at a volume that the boy had surely heard him.

    Spent half the day convinced that the forum was down. I guess it was just my phone. Whoops. I would also be very interested to hear how you made the map. Very interesting look.

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    Solomon's thoughts are interrupted as the others speak. He'd noticed them before, but hadn't given much thought to them until now. The masked individual is speaking with the woman on the other side of the clearing. A person wearing a... unique helmet addresses the lone warrior in the middle of the outcrop and then passed a young man. He is so young. Barely a man grown and yet he finds himself in this place. Is it the brashness of youth that has brought him here, or has some tragedy befallen the boy?

    Well, at least they don't seem hostile. Perhaps they could be allies? The masked man carries himself like a scoundrel, but whatever crimes he may have committed don't really matter now. Considering what I've had to do, I'm in no place to judge another. All of our pasts are now just memories that lie back beyond the thick fog. It would be much easier for us all to fulfill whatever our goals may be with others to watch our backs.

    Solomon approaches the helmeted man and the young man. "If he's not a spellcaster then he's painfully ill equipped to be here" Solomon calls out. He looks to the young man, "But I'm sure you're quite capable, young one. After all, you found your way here." Solomon smiles. "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Solomon Felhand." Though he is facing these two, Solomon still keeps his gaze turned over his shoulder, trying to keep an eye on the armored warrior in the center. Solomon's instinct tells him that it is dangerous, even as motionless as it is.

    Since we're using italics for OOC talk, I'll put what Solomon thinks to himself in bold

    For those who look upon him, Solomon is a tall middle aged man with black hair that's tied back and a full beard with a handlebar mustache (I believe that's the correct term for what's on the art I picked). His armor is worn but well maintained. He carries a large sword in hand, but not at the ready, just held for transport. He stands tall and proud, but there's something in his posture that seems like he stands with a heavy weight over him.

    I looked up some images of carrying two-handed swords. A greatsword is obviously too large to carry at the hip and strapping it to one's back isn't really practical. So he just carries it with the guard of the sword over the shoulder. Image below

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    Sorry for the wait gang, I think the forum was down? I couldn’t get on it at any rate.


    The air is tense. A battle could unfold here, but if you keep your distance you’re all but certain you could pick your way through this valley unharmed.

    That knight is larger than any man, so let’s roll with it.

    You hear a heavy breath rattle through the helm of the worn out knight. He stands, unsure of your position.

    “You… speak the language of the punished enemy… kin of giants… my duty has long ended.”, he rasps.

    There is a barb to his words, but he hasn’t taken a fighting stance. He has either chosen not to answer your first question, or is too overcome from hearing Giant spoken to him.

    “This land is… unwanted, for the stars do not align it so… none Enthroned claim it, thus great Fenwing holds court… and I am…”, he trails off.

    Crouched in the tall grass as you are, he has completely lost track of you. If things go south he won’t target you.

    Gruush & Kirina

    From your current position you can make out two thin passages to a clearing. Within this clearing is a crudely built wooden platform, so old it is covered in vines and moss. You distinctly hear a waterfall nearby.

    Both of you make a Perception check for more detail!


    The knight turned ever so slightly at Simon’s approach, a glinting pebble tumbling down to the tall grass. One of the vacant undead moans as you pass, momentarily drawn to your movement, but far from hostile.

    “Rose? A blue rose… Such a rose as this…”, his voice trembled, then became cold, “I am forsook by thee. These serfs do well enough! I cannot command one such as you, yet still, leave! Begone! Away!”

    The knight hefts their ball and chain, striking the rock at their feet. Elsewhere, to the north, an undead shuffles and hits the grass with a crooked staff in mimicry, sharing misplaced anger.

    Moments later, the knight turns again to look directly at Arthur, as if he had just arrived. He lets the chain fall softly through his hands, until the ball is laid to rest. The same undead to the north continues to swipe at grass and passing dragonflies, snapping out half-thoughts and barks.

    Evidently, he is not associated with the Knights of the Cerulean Rose.


    That knight is clearly not all there, though far more lucid than the other undead.

    Make a Insight check regarding the worn out knight!

    I just drew the map in an app called Procreate. The tokens are on another layer so I can lasso them and pull them around, if need be. It doesn’t have to be a battle map… but it can be.


    A dragonfly passes by your nose, then dives into a bush flowering with papery, yellow petals.

    Make a Nature check, if you care to.

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  • nightmarennynightmarenny Registered User regular
    "Away?" thought Simon aloud. He did that a lot. "surely he knows we can't? None return from this place. Perhaps he just wants us away from this plot of land? Hrm." He continued at no one in particular. Putting his flag away he continued moving forward. Where was he to go? Where would she go? All that time studying and he still knew so little. Vague names and descriptions. The Catacombs? The Twinned Gardens? He paused in mid-step and mid-thought. Suddenly he remembered Solomon and the boy, and turned around a bit too fast. Had he startled them?

    He put his hand to his chest and spoke with a tongue clearly unaccustomed to speaking to other people. "Simon" came a husky slurred voice that slightly echoed off his helm. "Apologies, my manners have never been a fine example of knightly form. Perhaps we should leave this most loyal of defenders to his duty and make proper introductions?"

    To those around him Simon might appear dangerous. At the very least he is off-putting. His odd helm pokes out like a birds beak made of metal turning his speech into an echoing mess. His clothes are well made but fray in disrepair. He walks with a slight limp and moves with a jagged unpredictability.

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
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    A slightly updated map.


    Your movement is purely narrative for now, don’t worry too much about the map, but I would be precise in your description if you’re going anywhere near that particularly active undead. Feel free to ask questions about what you can see. I’ll give you an honest answer.

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  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    It is unlikely I’ll be about to reply for the next 8 hours while I work, unless the issues with the forum are fixed. In days to come I’ll be able to increase the game’s pace as I’ll be active the same times you guys are, more or less.

    In the mean time, flickers of the future.


  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Arthur's caution seemed like the right course of action at first, but the behavior of the other living in this place seemed to run counter to that. They moved about freely, even throwing out greetings to each other and the large knight standing up ahead. An offhand comment from someone wearing a strange helm, followed by another with black hair who introduced themselves as Solomon. The young wizard was used to comments on his age, his entire life had been people underestimating him because of it. Still, it wouldn't do to be rude. "Hello Solomon. I am Arthur Lightbelly. Pleasure to meet you."

    He opened his mouth to continue, but the large knight they were semi-assembled before spoke instead. Arthur tried paying attention, he really did, but his eyes were caught by a dragonfly that passed by, diving into a nearby bush. Pulling out his notebook and quill, he whispers under his breath "Fascinating!"

    Geth, roll 1d20+3 for Nature

    I didn't realize how much more often I check forums on mobile vs. desktop until they stopped working on mobile....

    1d20+3 22 [1d20=19]

  • kimekime Queen of Blades Registered User regular
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    @Endless_Serpents you can still browse the forums on a mobile device, you just have to request the desktop version. That's usually an option in the menu of your browser or similar. I'm doing it now. It's obnoxious, but works.

    Geth, roll 1d20+3 for Perception

    1d20+3 17 [1d20=14]

    kime on ID: kime#1822
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  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
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    Fascinating indeed, for that dragonfly has two conjoined heads sat well enough on its long body. One side of its body is a gleaming green, the other a dim gold.

    As the dragonfly rests upon a flower its dry petals begin to slowly crinkle to surround it. Thin, curved shoots silently turn and reach towards it. You are confident it will escape in time, yet still, the bush is reacting to life unnaturally. Snapping a particularly dry stem free you find it long hollow. The bush is undead.

    Quick study of surrounding plants reveals most are alive. Nevertheless, the mockery of life and death runs deep here.


    I just figured that out!

    Plainly the roughly made platform is a vantage point for an archer, as a weathered haft is stuck in the ground before it. It’s about ten feet off the ground and doesn’t go back very far before it hits a white cliff.

    There is a single, steady ladder lent against it.

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  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    "Incredible!" Arthur says aloud. "Even the bushes are undead here." He furiously scribbles this down in the book, filling two pages with notes and findings, blowing air for a moment to dry the ink, and then placing the stem he picked in between before closing the book.

    Looking up again, he realizes he had gotten distracted. Focus Arthur. "Oh, uh, right. So..." he address the two who were nearby and maybe listening. "What do we think about all of them? That is, the living ones? Travelers like you and I obviously, but maybe we should all find our way to safety before that thing decides it doesn't approve of us being here?"

  • ZomroZomro Registered User regular
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    "That was my idea as well, young Arthur" Soloman says. "As the legends say, this land is full of dangers that defy mortal ken. 'Twould be wise to find companions to survive in this place." As Solomon speaks, he notices Arthur's examinations and the glee with which he carries them out. The boy is spirited. A refreshing sight to see.

    "Perhaps I might be able to aid you in your investigations. I have a... sense for these things". Solomon opens his senses to the area around him, feeling for the unnatural forces that surround them.

    I use Divine Sense. Until my next turn (so a short amount of time), I know the location of any celestial, fiend or undead within 60ft as long as it's not in total cover. I know the type of creature, but no other identifying info (example, I'll know a creature is undead but not what kind it is). Solomon will share whatever he detects with Arthur.

    Geth roll 1d20+3 for Insight on Mysterious Knight

    1d20+3 7 [1d20=4]

    Zomro on
  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular

    You see a flash of two skeletal figures in rags rising from the earth, a third undead, much like those nearby, clings to an old chest partly submerged in a puddle. The three willow tree nearest the knight is undead; who knows if it can lash out or if that is simply its sorry state. Besides this you are aware of all the undead visible on the map—there’s none in hiding within range of your Divine Sense.

    The sense is fleeting, but you also think that the mood of the old knight directly affects the other dead. He’s confused, mulling over what he’s heard so far. Should he come to some ill conclusion, battle will ensue. Time is short. You know nothing about him otherwise.

  • kimekime Queen of Blades Registered User regular
    Would Kirina have heard the Knight speak before? She also speaks Giant. ID: kime#1822
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  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    kime wrote: »
    Would Kirina have heard the Knight speak before? She also speaks Giant.

    Yes, he replied aloud.

  • kimekime Queen of Blades Registered User regular
    kime wrote: »
    Would Kirina have heard the Knight speak before? She also speaks Giant.

    Yes, he replied aloud.

    Good to know! But now that I reread it I'm not sure how Kirina would respond so uhhhh let's see if anything else happens first and I'll just file that away as "interesting info" ID: kime#1822
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  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    The towering knight hobbles 5 feet south, steadying himself as he prepares to descend the outcrop.

  • fadingathedgesfadingathedges Registered User regular
    Alzav takes note of the others who seem, like him, to be newcomers to this place. He again reaches out to the lumbering figure: I offer no insult. May I . . . May we pass through this place?

    Keeping an eye on the newly agitated undead, Alzav spares a glance to the others while he awaits an answer. A knight, a warrior, and a boy in the distance. Two others nearby: a masked skulk, and . . . a woman of unknown provenance. Possibly dangerous, possibly a great ally in an unknown place. Azlav reaches out to her first. Kirina hears in her mind:

    Hello, fellow traveller. I am near. The only way forward is fraught, but it appears that is our shared road. Perhaps we should all travel [kzzzzssssshhhtttt! Message truncated!] together? You may reply to this message.

  • fadingathedgesfadingathedges Registered User regular
    If I can fit it into this "turn," for time's sake I'll do a scan of the area, checking out the angry undead and the center of the rubble as the giant leaves it.

    Geth roll 1d20+3 for Perception

    1d20+3 10 [1d20=7]

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular

    “We? Impossible.”, the knight grumbles.

    The knight stays on the outcrop, but the undead around him lurch and stamp, obviously distressed. Seems he thinks one of you is part of some group of giants, and another is a knight of a rival or superior order. The idea that you could all be together is too strange to believe. Whether he claims ownership of this valley is debatable too, so perhaps the question feels to him like a trick, to stir trouble.

    The undead nearest to Alzav has become enraged!

    You are out of time for questions. Where will you go now? Who will take the lead?

    …or would you rather set upon them first than leave such wretched behind?

    A chest awaits surrounded by three undead to the west, or an escape route shadowed by an archer’s platform to the north.

    What do you do?

  • kimekime Queen of Blades Registered User regular
    edited April 12
    The new enraged undead is.... this dude?


    I don't think Kirina would've put together quite yet that the telepathic person talking to her (Alzav) is probably the one irritating the Knight, otherwise she'd be much more annoyed :D ...

    Kirina responds mentally, <<Yes.... Although I had thought I'd be alone here, I'd rather not be... I don't know who or where you are, but it's time to leave. The lonely knight is losing patience.>>

    To the masked figure (Gruush), she says "I don't know how much there you are, but it's time to go. A deal can come later."

    Not sure how much time I have for stuff to do, so the next things she tries may get interrupted, just let me know.

    Kirina starts to run up north then west around the mound if she can. As she starts to move, she casts Guidance on herself just in case she needs to hide or sprint or whatever in the near future. No reason not to be prepared!

    Then if she still has an action's worth of time, Kirina preps a Toll the Dead for anything that comes to attack her... or Gruush.

    Edit: she'll run close to the wall if she can so as to not be flanked.

    kime on ID: kime#1822
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  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    edited April 12

    You got it! Save that Toll the Dead, focus on where you’re headed.

    Lacking organisation, the undead biting and flailing at the air are incapable of flanking you.

    You’re roughly 20 feet from the opening that leads to the archery platform and waterfall, with a single angry undead in the way. It is facing south, a crude stick in its bony hands. It’s shuffling towards those it can see to the south.

    If you intend to run by it’s back cleanly, make an Athletics check. If you creep through the grass, make a Stealth check, but this will mean you arrive after the rest of the party has moved.

    Endless_Serpents on
  • nightmarennynightmarenny Registered User regular
    edited April 12
    Simon nods in agreement to Arthur's suggestion. "The time quickly approaches where the choice whether to fight is made for us. Shall we go?"

    If Arthur or Solomon choose to relocate Simon will follow wherever. Otherwise he puts his hand on his sword in preparation

    nightmarenny on
  • kimekime Queen of Blades Registered User regular
    edited April 12

    You got it! Save that Toll the Dead, focus on where you’re headed.

    Lacking organisation, the undead biting and flailing at the air are incapable of flanking you.

    You’re roughly 20 feet from the opening that leads to the archery platform and waterfall, with a single angry undead in the way. It is facing south, a crude stick in its bony hands. It’s shuffling towards those it can see to the south.

    If you intend to run by it’s back cleanly, make an Athletics check. If you creep through the grass, make a Stealth check, but this will mean you arrive after the rest of the party has moved.

    Geth roll 1d20+2 for Athletics

    Edit: uh oh

    1d20+2 7 [1d20=5]

    kime on ID: kime#1822
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  • ZomroZomro Registered User regular
    edited April 12
    Was it just Kirina who saw the archer platform? I believe so, so I'll act as if Solomon doesn't immediately know it

    "I believe you're right" Solomon says to Simon. Solomon calls out, his voice bellows through the clearing. "To those who are alive here, battle may be thrust upon us. Rally to a defensible position, we can defend ourselves there!"

    Solomon readies his greatsword and looks to Arthur and Simon, "Head north and get past the undead. I'll cover the rear."

    Solomon will move along with Arthur and Simon but keep behind, to potentially protect them. Solomon would prioritize using any potential attack of opportunity to go after any undead that go after Arthur

    Zomro on
  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular

    The undead takes an unexpected step back just in time for you to shoulder barge them as you attempt to sprint by! You send it spinning into the dirt—it lays silent… you hop, turn back and jog backward for a second before continuing your run. Success? Momentarily. Then it starts screaming. In a fitful tantrum it punches the ground, then grips it’s stick to drive itself upward, chest heaving, jaw jutting out petulantly. It falls again, cracking what’s left of its nose on a rock.

    This undead is prone!

    Kirina, you have arrived safely before the archery platform. You’re not being shot at. Through gaps in the wood you can see the shadow of a body slumped and still. There’s a strong looking ladder up to it. A waterfall, not particularly wide or rapid, kicks up white water. A river no more than 10 feet deep in the middle meanders away from it.


    Let’s kick it old school this time.

    Roll for initiative!

    Geth roll 1d20 for Undead
    Geth roll 1d20 for Knight

    1d20 12 [1d20=12]
    1d20 10 [1d20=10]

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    The undead are roused to battle!


  • kimekime Queen of Blades Registered User regular
    edited April 12
    Not sure how to do advantage... I'll just roll twice this time. Also, hope you all were ready to fight :P

    Geth roll 1d20-1 for Initiative One
    Geth roll 1d20-1 for Initiative Two
    Geth roll 1d4 for Guidance

    Edit: So, 17 total?

    Initiative One:
    1d20-1 15 [1d20=16]
    Initiative Two:
    1d20-1 6 [1d20=7]
    1d4 2 [1d4=2]

    kime on ID: kime#1822
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