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    You don't have to well actually someone's nostalgia. Much like dogs and baseball, there's no rules for it.

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    Sometimes it's nice to be in a physical space and pick up physical objects. There are some feelings you just can't replicate in a digital format.

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    webguy20 wrote: »
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    No streaming site out there can properly replicate the experience of walking around a video rental store, for many reasons but one that stands out to me is that while everything is organized by genre and they can have a wall with New and Featured Specials or whatever, the rental stores' inventory by and large is not curated to try and cater to you specifically, and that's actually a good thing when it comes to expanding people's media horizons!

    Sometimes you just went and wandered sections looking for shit that caught your eye. Can't replicate that with a screen.

    You definitely can? Go to a streaming service you've never used before, click on a genre tag and browse it, that's the same thing. This is a weird assertion, to me.

    You are describing something as being the same and I am telling you that my brain does not recognize it, primarily for the way Pooro described. It's different, it's visceral. It's the difference between wandering a library and coming across a book and looking at shit in a catalogue. They are completely foreign experiences within my brain and any attempt to try and say "No, they are" is trying to enforce your own world view in place of my own.

    It's the difference between seeing a tragedy on TV and seeing that tragedy up close and in person. It's different.

    This is why I've gotten back into vinyl and CD. There is something nice about physically flipping through the albums, maybe the title grabs my attention, or the artwork, and then actually having to pull it out, set up the turntable and play the music. Its more...present? Real? Its nice being able to handle these things with my hands. My setup does allow for streaming, and I do stream with it, but it really is not the same as having those tactile interactions with things.

    Shit, when doing legal research I would often go into a law library and look through physical documents. Because my brain processes and retains the information much better than when I am using search engine optimization techniques

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