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    Albino BunnyAlbino Bunny Jackie Registered User regular
    Working on the playtest for Marked Monsters by doing an example sheet for a player who wanted to just be The Violent Person.

    As much as I lament my google doc fu not being able to present the Malady section as a six shot revolver like I truly desire I'm actually happy with how it looks for a first pass, lazy sheet.

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    DrascinDrascin Registered User regular
    so I was thinking about a druid but their whole deal is the gross parts of nature. bugs, mushrooms, rotting, carrion birds. they're big into composting, decay exists as an extant form of life kinda shit.

    you can't have nature and just appreciate the pretty parts

    I believe there's like an entire sect of these guys in Eberron. They're not terribly popular, for some reason.

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    RanlinRanlin Oh gosh Registered User regular
    That's also kind of circle of spores druid's whole thing

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    ToxTox I kill threads he/himRegistered User regular
    I've managed to convince my player to not be a buff Human girl fighter and instead be a buff Earth Genasi girl fighter (skin like stone! Extra tough! Walks anywhere like a badass! We can keep looking for human art and just recolor their skin and add a few cracks in the face!). They don't even have to change their backstory! I feel pretty good about it.

    Is there something wrong with buff human girl fighters?

    Well yeah obviously

    Everyone knows fighters can't be humans

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    CruorCruor Registered User regular
    There's an eldritch knight I wanna play who is a buff half-orc, where the other half is earth genasi, so her tusks are lodestone. Also she's an unarmed fighter and her knuckles are reinforced with lodestone as well.

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