The [Wrestling] Thread is Headed to Philadelphia!

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This jawn is going to have everything!
  • Gritty & The Phanatic finally taking home the WWE Tag Team Titles
  • The long awaited crossover of Miz & Mrs. and Parking Wars
  • "Local" shows all weekend, just a 2-hour drive out of Philadelphia
  • Mick Foley as Santa Claus, getting pelted by snowballs
  • DJ Hyde
  • Clean and reliable public transit lol just kidding, you're stuck on the BSL, enjoy the piss on your seat
  • The return of the Wrestlemania Rage Party
  • Seth Rollins in a Mummers costume
  • A Money in the Bank Greased Pole Match
  • Joel Embiid punching Sami Zayn in the face like he did to Lonzo Ball
  • ECW nostalgia that should remain in the past
  • The most storied and prestigious venue in wrestling: The Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ

Plus, a sneak peek at the theme song for Wrestlemania:

DJ Eebs on


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