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Blood on the Clocktower!

primalwulfprimalwulf Registered User regular
For those already familiar, we'll be hosting 'Clocktower games in First Look Saturday & Sunday from 7pm onwards.
First Look is on 6th floor of the convention center, in room 611 (and yes, it's open until midnight).

For those not familiar with Blood on the Clocktower, if you've played either Mafia or Werewolf before then you're already familiar with the overall structure.
Blood on the Clocktower takes such social deduction games to an all new level: each player is a character, and each character has an ability. Some abilities help the blue/Good team, and some abilities help the red/Evil team. Blue/Good team is trying to figure out which player is the Demon character and execute it, while Red/Evil team is doing everything they can to survive.

Come check it out and join us!

Feel free to follow up with questions, curiosities, etc. via this post and we'll follow up in-kind :)

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