Off loading some Pins...

RaynerRayner Brisbane, AustraliaRegistered User regular
Hi all,
I have a few extra pins that I would like to trade at PAX Aus this year, I haven't collected in ages, and I'm not going to get back into it, only getting the ones I like.

Anyway, Here are the Extra Pins I have:
  • PAX Aus 2015 Set
  • PAX Aus 2016 Set
  • PAX Aus 2015 LE
  • PAX Aus 2016 LE
  • NYE 2015 LE
  • Penny Arcade 15th Anniversary LE
  • Merch 2015
  • Merch 2014
  • PAX Prime 2015 Tycho
  • PAX Prime 2015 Gabe
  • Tyche
  • Splatter Frank
  • Splatter Charles
  • Hanna LE

If you are interested let me know, The sets will be used for the Trade board if no one wants to trade for them.
I'm only looking to trade at PAX Aus, not send them, sorry.

Some pins in my collection are also up for trade but it depends on what they are and what you have to trade. My Pinnypal Lanyard is up to date.
Again, some of my collection is a No go for trading, and I do have some grail pins I want to get. (Like the KI Logo, KI Fight stick, Jago, Overwatch logo, and N7)

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