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    DarkPrimusDarkPrimus Registered User regular
    I haven't watched S2 of Vinland Saga yet

    Ugly cried at the latest English volume of the manga though. Multiple times!

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    KanaKana Registered User regular
    Watamote's in kind of a weird spot. In some ways I really love what it's doing right now. OTOH goddamnit just pull the trigger on some of these relationships and antagonisms that have been getting built up for 60+ chapters already, good lord.

    Anyway what I'm digging with it right now is just that they're doing a really nice job of kinda writing that late stage of high school where sure everybody's friends but also everybody kinda sees the end of HS coming and are kiiinda ready to get away from a lot of their friends who theyve started to grow apart from. Like Mako has been the perpetual nice girl of the friend group for all of HS, the one who is just kind of expected to look after the needs of all her friends and yet her friends don't ever really look after her, and they're not even grateful to her because it's just what everyone expects of her. And then Mako got this mostly-secret crush on a friend of hers and instead of providing any help to her her friends are just a constant obstacle to her spending time with the person she wants to spend time with, and you can tell that Mako's really just about done with her friend group at this point. She used to like being the needed one and now she wants everyone to just fuck off.

    And it's just real impressive character writing that it's been such a clear arc for her to get there, with it being both really clear and yet never explicitly spelled out or explained to the audience.

    The problem is we get like 85% on these arcs and then it goes into stall mode while we wait for the series to wrap up. Tomoko and Asuka have basically stopped interacting because they're both so obviously into each other that they have nowhere else to go except to start dating, Minami keeps hanging out with Sachi even though she's Literally Satan, Ucchi's still not come out to her friends, Mako is probably not gonna blow up her friendships that are annoying her, nor is she gonna gonna blow up her relationship with her crush by being way overly clingy, even though it seems to be headed that way. I dunno if it's the writers afraid to slay their golden goose, or editorial who's not OK with anything more than queer subtext, or what, but it's gonna be a real shame if they end up hamstrung finishing this stuff up considering what a good deal they did putting it all together.

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    SixshotStrikerSixshotStriker Registered User regular
    For some reason the newest Vinland Saga on Netflix has no english subtitles. This is very irritating.

    I can't watch on Crunchyroll for various (aka stupid) reasons.

    Netflix fixed the problem! Why are there so many goddamn onions in here?!

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    Local H JayLocal H Jay Registered User regular
    Someone wanna post a new Gundam thread

    We have one, we're talking about stuff over there too, this is still a valid place to be discussing Gundam!

    Valid sure. If you count how many posts on the last like, ten pages are WfM spoiler posts, half of which people dance around spoilers outside of the tags as well and the other half are unmarked spoiler replies

    It's like 2/3rds of the posts for a given page. WfM seems popular enough to have its own thread, since the other Gundam thread seems decidedly more gunpla than anime focused

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    Local H JayLocal H Jay Registered User regular
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