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Strangeness on the main index?

thehomelymulethehomelymule Registered User regular
On the main forum index page, by the Monkey Den, under "last post", where it should say, "[time] by somebodyorother", it just says "[time] by" (with no name or link to a profile), and the "latest post" link goes here.


Edit: Well, okay. NOW it says me, but I swear there was a ghost!

thehomelymule on


  • bone daddybone daddy Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited December 2004

    We've been running a few tests. That was the result of one of them.

    bone daddy on
    Rogue helicopter?
    Ecoterrorism is actually the single largest terrorist threat at the moment. They don't usually kill people, but they blow up or set on fire very expensive things.
  • thehomelymulethehomelymule Registered User regular
    edited December 2004
    Oh thank god. I thought the forums as we knew them were over, consumed by rat-ghosts from Venus.

    thehomelymule on
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