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  • Crippl3Crippl3 oh noRegistered User regular
    Hey I missed the Palmer Luckey thing earlier so pretend I posted this a while ago

    Not only is he being a dipshit to Austin on Twitter, he's arguing with people in the Giant Bomb subreddit and losing lmao:
    The mods even gave him a special flair:

    minor incident3cl1ps3CelloOdinOlivawDiarmuidgodmodeHappy Little MachineJayKaosShadowfireKristmas KthulhuTofystedethTheySlashThemCantideElvenshae
  • 3cl1ps33cl1ps3 I will build a labyrinth to house the cheese Registered User regular
    man Pooro really summed it up perfectly.

  • Munkus BeaverMunkus Beaver You don't have to attend every argument you are invited to. Philosophy: Stoicism. Politics: Democratic SocialistRegistered User, ClubPA regular
    Just to make sure everyone sees the best part of the image:

    Humor can be dissected as a frog can, but dies in the process.
  • Johnny ChopsockyJohnny Chopsocky Scootaloo! We have to cook! Grillin' HaysenburgersRegistered User regular
    David Cage is just out here living his dream of having players fuck corpses and robots and you all are being serious buzzkills.

    I thought his dream was assaulting a woman with short black hair.

    People can be about more than one thing.

    Well he's also into cheap racism.

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