milesdeepmilesdeep Registered User new member
Hi again!

Hoping to sign up for a Pokemon Pin. Let me know when things are good and I can send you money like last time.



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    DragonDragon Registered User regular
    Hello! I shall be at East and will have LOTS of time on my hands, will be able to proxy for anyone. Just text me 4074149330

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    SilverspudSilverspud Registered User regular
    edited March 21
    Anyone willing to grab a spare code for me for Marvel Snap's PAX East goodies? It can be received at the 20th Anniversary Prize Station for free.


    -Edit: Got a code from a generous proxy in attendance. Thanks!

    Silverspud on
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    GrantzillaGrantzilla Registered User new member
    If anyone is able to grab me a code for Marvel Snap, I would be eternally grateful!

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    MNC DoverMNC Dover Full-time Voice Actor Kirkland, WARegistered User regular
    I too, would love a Marvel Snap code. Thanks!

    Need a voice actor? Hire me at bengrayVO.com
    Legends of Runeterra: MNCdover #moc
    Switch ID: MNC Dover SW-1154-3107-1051
    Steam ID
    Twitch Page
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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    This thread was created about pinny proxies, not random swag asks. Pinny proxies have been a thing for awhile but making threads/posts to explicitly ask for game codes has been verboten for a very long time.

    If you want to trade swag with other attendees, go for it, but please do not make threads/posts requesting game codes.

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