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With the way my career / industry is going, I have been looking for a way to branch out into a somewhat different direction lately. I've been looking into the Google UX Design Certificate course since they appear to have job placement services after the coursework. Still, since it's a subscription service I was hoping that I could get some opinions from people who have gone through the process (whether the UX course or similar training) about whether it's worth doing.

Would anyone here be willing to share their experience with it, and whether it helped them actually get a job after going through the courses?

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    Unfortunately I don't have experience with this specific course. I do have experience with 1) IT certifications and 2) Google online courses.

    From what I've read, Google certification courses are well-regarded. In general, having a certification or two on your resume absolutely will help in getting a job, but at the same time all IT jobs trend towards wanting you to have some job experience in the area you're applying for, so when it comes time for the job hunt you'll likely have to put in a lot of resumes before you find the company that will take you. However, I don't know how Google's supposed job placement service works, so maybe they do make it easier on you.

    Some jobs in IT aren't satisfied with what you put on your resume, with your certifications and education; they want you to have something up on say, github showing the actual work that you've done in this sphere. Someone who works in UX will need to verify this, but I believe UX jobs will want to have a portfolio of UX work that you've designed - preferably UX work you've done on a professional or semi-professional level (like maybe freelance work you do for a small business?)

    My experience with Google-designed courses is that they do a very good job of presenting the material. They're easy to follow and easier to retain than some other online courses I've tried. It'll definitely teach you the material you need for the certification.

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